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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.

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#3 Out of 4

That post that’s like. Trans women all have cool cyberpunk hacker names. Trans men all have names that sound like drowned Victorian children. NB people all either have 3 letter names or noun names. Has fucking ruined me because every time. Every time I see somebody with a trans icon/ emoji in their bio or whatever the fuck. And I see their name. I’m just like yeah that sounds like a Victorian child alright. Every fucking time.

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He hugged Atem tight, worry furrowing his brow at the panicked state he was in. Yuugi then honored his request by putting his hands over Atem's ears, but not before softly soothing him. "It's okay, it's going to be okay. I'm here and I'll keep them away."

He’s still shaking. “I can still hear them. They’re watching me, trying to hurt me. They’ll say anything… Anything!!” A hand grips Yuugi’s shirt tightly, wanting to get a hold of anything solid. Anything to keep whatever voices were out there, trying to hurt him.

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@librosygatitos thank you and all the other 3 out of my 4 followers who are not  porn blogs to follow me. To be honest I were so suprised that you weren’t a porn blog that I had to make this post. 

And to that one porn blog, I still appreciate your support even though I don’t know if you are an bot or not.

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Shouldn’t the people that you trust the most be the reason behind your recovery? Shouldn’t they be your motivation and your helping hand? 

Or is it just me? Just me expecting too much from people, like I always do.

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I’m with two of my sisters and we just got free shots because we are all sisters

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“can you help me find a book i think its […]”

  • about artists??
  • blue
  • called… island something??? island is in the title?
  • i dont really know what it is about… ww2??

thank you for your faith in booksellers i really will try my best

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Welp, I guess I better do one too. You all can call be Skellie / Biowar / Whatever you associate me with in order to identify me.

I do art over on my blog SkellieDeer. I like robots, sci-fi stuff, masks, bones, fantasy. I’ll probably call you dude/dudette/man regardless of gender so there’s that.

I’m probably just going to contribute game-related things, maybe some book recommendations? Any anime/shows/books I’ve seen/watched/think yall might enjoy.

So, there’ll be that.


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