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#3 am mood

“Let me lick a lotta puss, when I throw that bottom up.. listen to the springs they squeak, and the head of the bed it breaks. I could eat you like a steak or bacon, oh girl that face you make, it drives me crazy.. come and come and come, I love a little fun, and I really hope I’m not the only one.”

3 am poetry to set the night ablaze - eUë

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I have a problem with 3 A.M. energy. I just don’t know what to do. Should I learn the poem or write the essay I’ve missed for a week now? Should I draw something for my best friend, whose birthday it is today? Should I do something productive instead of watching memes and not even laughing?

Nah, Ima go to sleep rn

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I bet jellyfish are so fucking smug about not having a spine or backbone. They just love seeing us suffer with our back pain, I just know it. Stupid jellyfish.

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3AM is truly the devil’s hour.

I cleaned out my Messenger inbox last night (or I guess early this morning). I was bored. My body clock is fucked up so there was no way I’d fall asleep before 4AM. Over the past two months, I was already able to clean out my emails–all three of them. I deleted those that I didn’t need anymore and archived things like certificates or my acceptance emails from universities I’ve applied for two years ago. Quarantine has been really boring and it’s not like I enjoy talking to people. Aside from student council announcements I send to our class chat, I’ve only probably talked to around 10 people outside my family for the past two months–not consistently though.

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I’m curled on the floor

Shaking and crying

Just from the thought of you

Yet, you’re the one I’m calling out to save me

You’re the one

You caused the tears and anxiety

Yet in this moment, you’re the only one I think can save me

You caused my panic

You caused everything

Yet, I can’t stop myself from believing you’re the one I need to save me at this time

So please

Help Me

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Mi problema es que nunca olvido, siempre recuerdo a cada persona que ha pasado en mi vida, aunque hayan sido como estrellas fugaces.

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i don’t mind existing and stuff but i’m not really contributing to the grand cosmic scheme and i’d like to be more than that and it gets me down ://

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