#3:10 to Yuma
365filmsbyauroranocte · 11 days ago
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3:10 to Yuma (Delmer Daves, 1957)
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taxidrivers · 3 months ago
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cinema of 2007 + westerns
-> no country for old men (dir. joel & ethan coen) / the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford (dir. andrew dominik) / 3:10 to yuma (dir. james mangold) / there will be blood (dir. paul thomas anderson)
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littledozerdraws · 9 months ago
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Ben Wade and Dan Evans characters studies now available on Patreon  🚂🏜⏱
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scenesandscreens · 4 months ago
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3:10 to Yuma (2007)
Director - James Mangold, Cinematography - Phedon Papamichael
"Sometimes a man has to be big enough to see how small he is."
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your-lovers-and-drifters · 13 days ago
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3:10 to Yuma, 1957 (dir. Delmar Daves) 
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sourstiless · 5 months ago
no one on twitter appreciates my humor :/
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midnightcowboy1969 · 6 months ago
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3:10 to Yuma (1957), dir. Delmer Daves
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woman-with-no-name · 2 months ago
Making sure that one of you wears beige and the other one black.
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christianbalefanatic · 9 months ago
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Christian Bale as Dan Evans in 3:10 to Yuma (2007) dir. James Mangold
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littlemisspascal · 5 months ago
Christian Bale | Me, Myself & I
Watch on Youtube
(warning: blood, violence, guns)
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coldmorte · a year ago
Don’t mind me! I’m just crying over gay cowboys
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365filmsbyauroranocte · 11 days ago
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3:10 to Yuma (Delmer Daves, 1957)  
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Healing – Ben Wade (Part 1 / 2)
Pairing: Ben Wade x fem!reader
Warnings: blood and injuries, violence, sexual references
Words: 3226
Series Navigation: @harrypotter-onering-masterlist (on the first post as I publish part 2)
Do not repost my work on other sites or platforms.
Your father being a doctor meant that he often brought home people he tended to because they were in a really bad shape. Or ranchers that drove herds and got injured on the way and had nowhere to go. But you would have never expected him to bring home an outlaw. And none other than the infamous Ben Wade on top of that. You speculated if he took him in because he had promised a handsome reward or because he knew that Ben Wade’s gang would get revenge if something happened to their leader. Of course you were told to stay away from the patient and you listened to your father but two days after his arrival, you were alone at home and picking herbs for dinner outside. When you wanted to return inside, you saw the outlaw leaning against the doorframe and watching you.
“Stay away from me” you said, your voice trembling more than you had hoped and you gripped the knife you had used to cut the herbs tighter “I have a knife”
“No need to worry Ma’am” he stepped aside and while he still was in the doorframe you now had room to enter next to him. But you hesitated “I jus’ wanted to see where everyone went to” only now it dawned on you. You were alone with that man. That criminal. And the next house was about five minutes away.
“I… we’re visiting a neighbor and she said she needed some herbs, so I went back home to get her some” you lied, proud of having found a way to get away from him. He gave a nod and stepped outside.
“How far is it? You do live in the middle of nowhere it seems”
“Five minutes” you said and considered if you could outpace him if you just started running. He came closer and offered you his arm, making you give him a glare “What is that supposed to mean?”
“I’ll accompany you a bit. Don’t think you should be out there alone. t’s dangerous” you snorted with laughter.
“Are you really trying to tell me it’s dangerous out there? I’ve lived here since I was five. I know this place and all. I don’t need or want your protection. Besides you are hurt and should better get back to bed”
“Your father said being active would do me good. ‘sides you not scared I’d go and rob your house when y’all are gone?”
“Better the house than me”
“Do you at least have something to protect yourself?”
“My knife” you said
“A knife won’t do you no good if someone’s got a gun out there”
“Well, all they could rob me off are those herbs and I don’t think anyone takes the effort to rob someone of their herbs” with that you started walking away, not caring what he was doing.
“I’ll let your father know”
“Know what?” you made the mistake to stop and turn back to him.
“That you’re gone. I know you haven’t gone visiting a neighbor with him. I know your father went to town. But I don’t think he knows you’re leaving. Leaving ‘cause of me”
“I know you and if you think I’m going to stay in the house with you when no one is around, you are gravely mistaken”
“If you know me you also know I don’t hurt women” of course you had heard about that. One day, your friends in town and you had even discussed that they had heard he could be something of a gentleman. “’Sides, I still need your father’s care. I hurt you, I’m on my own. Worse, actually. So it’s in my own interest to make sure you’re fine” you snorted again
“Like accompanying and protecting me on a five minute walk?” he chuckled and you thought about it “Alright, fine. I’m staying but I warn you…”
“You still got your knife, I know” not giving him a look, you marched past him and entered the house, putting the herbs on the kitchen counter. To your surprise, Ben Wade didn’t return to his room but sat down at the table instead. You suggested he was true about his word, so who cared if he sat there? It wasn’t like you had to talk to him or something. “That your book?” well, you shouldn’t count your chickens before they are hatched.
“Yeah” you replied, taking out a pot
“Good one?”
“I haven’t finished it but yes”
“You need help with something?”
“No. And stop talking to me”
“Just one last thing. Would you had me that charcoal over there?” your eyes wandered to where he pointed and finding he could not do anything dangerous with it, you gave it to him, hoping you’d now have your peace to cook. “It just occurred to me…” he drawled a couple of minutes later and you crunched the sage in your hand with more force than necessary “We weren’t properly introduced”
“There was no reason to, I already knew you”
“Nah. You heard of me. Not all the stories are true”
“Oh, so you didn’t burn down a whole town in Northern Arizona some time ago?”
“A house. And ‘t was Charlie who set it on fire” you grunted
“But you surely gave the order”
“No. Told him to scare the guy a lil’.”
“Well, you still didn’t do anything about the fire”
“And what d’you think I should have done? Tell the Marshal and let him arrest me as well?”
“However or what happened you approved of what he did and found it okay”
“It got me what I wanted. So why bother?” you let out a deep breath
“Why am I even talking to you?” he chuckled
“’Cause I have that effect on ladies” you whipped around
“Let me get one thing… Oi, what are you doing to my book?!” you went over to him and snatched your book away, in which he had been scribbling. Only now you saw that he had been drawing. You, standing at the kitchen counter. It wasn’t done yet but you had to admit it looked good. All of a sudden you didn’t know what to think or feel. You were mad that he was drawing in your book. Felt both flattered and offended he drew you without asking. But you had not imagined him to be a man who draws. That well on top of all. He got up and was at your side.
“You know, I think I now like the book better. Now that it’s got something interesting and beautiful inside”
“Stop that” you muttered and stepped away and for some reason you wanted to tear the page out but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Not because there was text on it, it only was the first page with the title. Because you felt like you would regret it.
“Will you at least let me finish it so it does you justice?”
“You know what?” you spat and held the book back to him “Do what you want, I don’t care. Just be quiet and leave me alone. I’m not one of those other women you forced to share a bed with you” instead of taking the book he leant closer, whispering in your ear
“I’ve never had to force ‘em. They came willingly” you were ready to push him away but he already leant back and took the book, brushing his fingers against yours. He returned to the chair, leaving you standing there for a moment in confusion.
Your father took longer with his patient in town than you thought, so once the meal was done, you demanded your book back, handed the outlaw a piece of paper instead and went outside to read. Exasperation hit you when he joined you on the small bench on the porch, stretching himself.
“Are you still trying to protect me?” he chuckled.
“There are wild animals out here, you know?” he leaned back against the wall and let out a grunt of pain. His hand went to his side.
“Are you alright?”
“I thought you didn’t wanna talk”
“Right. Don’t answer the question”
“So you don’t even care how I’m doing?”
“A bad attitude considering your father’s a doc”
“Usually his patients aren’t outlaws” he just gave you a grin and when he removed his hand you saw the fresh bloodstain on his shirt “Oh that doesn’t look good. Maybe the wound opened again” you got up “Come”
“You do care”
“I’m just trying to help. Don’t think my father would like it if I let his patient die” he got up and followed you inside to the room your father used to treat patients, where Ben Wade currently resided. “Sit down and take the shirt off”
“Ah, you said you weren’t one of the women I take to bed” you gave him a glare and searched your father’s tools before you turned back to him, seeing how he struggled to take off the bandage around his waist.
“Let me help” almost slapping his hands away and undid it yourself, then examining the wound after you had wiped away some of the blood
“Do you even know what you’re doing?”
“My father taught me some stuff. Not all show their kids how to kill”
“He taught me how to bury people”
“See, you tore open the stitching. I hope you’re happy now. You should have stayed in bed”
“I was being lonely” he pouted, making you shake your head as you returned to your father’s shelf and took out something to stich the wound up again.
“Lie down, on your side. And hold still”
“Or what? You gonna stab me with your needle?”
“You bet I will” you muttered wiping up some more blood so you could see better. “What kind of wound is it even? Doesn’t look like it’s been a bullet”
“A knife” you could almost hear the grin in his voice.
“And you said a knife was useless” you found yourself chuckling
“Didn’t say it’s useless. Just that a gun’s better. Guy who did this to me’s off worse”
“Okay. Good point” he went silent as you got to work and although he tried not to let you know, you knew he was hurting “We’ll be done soon” you promised and hurried with the last four stitches. “There. Now we need to bandage it again. Sit up” since you couldn’t find another one you took the one he had before and after you put some cream on a clean part you placed it over the wound and started to bind it around his abdomen.
“(Y/N)” you almost jumped with fright and turned around to see your father standing in the doorframe “What in God’s name are you doing? Get away from my daughter, Mr. Wade”
“I-I…” you stammered “I have to finish that first”
“I said get away from him! He is dangerous”
“I know. But he walked around a little. Then he broke down because of a wound that opened again. I had to fix it. I just wanted to help” the outlaw gave you a surprised look and you quickly fixed the bandage in place. “I gotta go” you quietly told him before you slipped off the cot and left the room without looking back. Your father followed, closing the door. He came over to you and took hold of your arms.
“Didn’t I tell you to stay away from him?”
“Yes father but I couldn’t just leave him like that. Hurt”
“Has he done something to you?”
“No. Of course not. Or I wouldn’t have cared” you nodded your head towards the table “I prepared us dinner”
Soon after dinner, your father excused himself and went to bed. You finished cleaning the kitchen and then decided to give Ben Wade some of the leftover food. So you spooned a part of it in a bowl, placed a spoon in it and carried it to his room. When you got no answer for your knock, you slowly opened the door and saw that he was sleeping. Quietly, you tiptoed to the nightstand and placed the bowl on it before checking his water jug which was empty. Deciding to fill it too, you got ready to leave when your glance fell onto the outlaw again. For some reason you suddenly had troubles believing he was such a ruthless, dangerous man who had killed dozens of people. Right now he just looked peaceful and… soft.
“I know you’re staring” you jumped back and almost dropped the jug
“You’re awake”
“If you live like me you learn to be aware of your surroundings” he sat up.
“I uh… brought you some food. And wanted to get you some more water”
“Then the staring held you up” you snorted “Thank you”
“It’s nothing”
“Not just for that. For what you did earlier. You lied to your father. ‘Bout me”
“I didn’t do it for you. I wanted to evade his lecture I’d have gotten if I had told him the truth”
“And now you’re not scared he’s gonna find you here?”
“Nah. He’s asleep”
“You said that like you’re not planning on leaving”
“I never said that” what could you possibly want in there and more importantly, with the outlaw? “I should get you more water”
Of course you had treated wounds before and you didn’t know why the one you had stitched up got infected this time. Not that your father, or Ben Wade for that matter, blamed you but you felt guilty and bad about it. A part of you even felt sorry for the outlaw because he now was suffering more because you had messed up your job. Luckily, it was getting better two days later and his fever went down. But that was when other problems arose; that evening, as you had dinner with your father, three men bolted into the house. Your father got up but before he could do something, one of the men shot at him.
“Where is he?” although you wanted nothing more than to jump up and see how your father was because he had gotten hit, you didn’t dare to leave your chair.
“Where is who?”
“Ben Wade” your mouth went dry. You didn’t know the men; they weren’t from town and so surely not some kind of posse that came to arrest him. Besides, such men also wouldn’t just shoot someone. No, you were pretty sure they were some of Wade’s men.
“I… uh…. he…” you stammered unable to get a word out in fear
“Yes?” one asked in a mocking tone. The one that had shot, the blond one, came over and struck you across the head with his gun.
“I don’t like asking twice” with a shocked gasp, your hand came to your hurting temple. The outlaw probably had a short temper because he grabbed you by the collar and yanked you up, the chair falling to the floor.
“Let her go, Charlie” you dared a glance to the side. Your patient had left the room and was standing in the doorframe.
“Boss” this Charlie seemed relieved and let go of you. “Let’s go”
“I don’t think they’ll let me leave yet, Charlie” feeling wobbly on your legs, you supported yourself against the table “You alright, Miss?”
“Yeah” you agreed and felt relief when your father sat up, holding his shoulder.
“He needs time to heal more. It got infected. You shouldn’t…” again Charlie turned to you, hitting you across the face from the other side now
“What did you do to him?” well, it seemed someone was angry you messed up. Hoping it would make him leave you alone, you let yourself fall to the ground. But Charlie seemed far from done and stepped on your hand, making you whimper in pain
“That’s enough. Get away from her. Get out!” at least you now understood how people thought Ben Wade was dangerous. At least his voice sounded like he’d burst with anger any moment.
“You sure, boss?”
“Do as I say. Come back in a week” you didn’t dare to look up but the pressure on your fingers was gone and you heard boots scuffling and then the door slammed shut. There was a hand on your arm and you were pulled up “Are you still good?” you couldn’t help but smile
“I’m fine” you whispered “But my father got shot. He needs help” giving a small nod, Ben Wade helped you up, and after you had thrown a short look on your father’s wound, he helped you getting him to his bedroom. You left to get some tools to take the bullet out and returned.
“Well here goes nothing. I never took out a bullet” you told your father, who only let out a groan but smiled.
“Do you need help?” you turned to him, eyeing the outlaw skeptically “What? I do know how to take out bullets. Isn’t my first shot-wound, you know”
“Okay” you agreed.
As it seemed, tending to your father had been tedious for his patient. Well, you figured he was more of your patient now, now that your father needed time to heal as well. So you led Ben Wade back to his room and started wiping the sweat off his brow. To your surprise he pulled you on the cot beside him but since it was more comfortable to work, you said nothing. Not even when he leant the side of his head against your collarbone and let out a sigh. He probably just was tired, surely getting up and being on his feet for almost an hour had worn him out.
“There” you said putting the cloth away “You should sleep a little”
“How’s your head?” he lifted his own head and sat up to have a look at your temples where you had been hit.
“I’m fine. Just a scratch and a forming bruise” there had been some blood on the left side but you had wiped that off already.
“You sure?” he gently traced his first two fingers over that spot, probably the bruise as already becoming visible
“Yes. You need some rest. And my injuries are just basic. Will be a bit sore but nothing more”
“I never wanted him to hit you. Especially not on my account”
“It’s not your fault. And you stopped him” he gave a nod and you felt his lips against your temple. You froze and didn’t know how to react. He pulled back a little and pushed a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “I should get going. Clear the table and get you some dinner too” he gave an absent nod and his hand trailed down to yours, the one Charlie had stepped on and gave it a gentle squeeze.
That night you lay awake for some time, your thoughts coming back and back to the outlaw and what had occurred between you that evening. Well, what wondered you most was why you had let him touch you in such a way... Why you had not pushed him away or left earlier. But you promised yourself to just avoid him from now on, as your father had told you. To only see him when you had to.
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amyatdorsia · 9 months ago
an hommage to the gayest character christian bale ever played and of course he's a cowboy
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merci-pour-le-venin22 · 7 months ago
Ben Wade literally looked at Dan and said "DILF"
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waitingformy-fanfiction · 8 months ago
What is it about putting Christian Bale in a cowboy hat that turns him into a raging bisexual?
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cinemaocd · 2 months ago
YES please rewatch 3:10 to Yuma, it's streaming on HBO Max if you have that and it is a very fun time.
I don't have HBO max but the boy has been wanting more westerns after watching Ballad of Buster Scruggs last week-end...Maybe tonight! I will set G to downloading!
It would be interesting to compare it to the original, which is pretty gay as well, IIRC...
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sourstiless · 8 months ago
if i had a nickel for every time christian bale played a bisexual cowboy, i’d have two nickels, which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice
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unamused-kookaburra · 12 months ago
Fellas, is it gay to have more chemistry with an outlaw you volunteered to escort to a prison transport train than with your own wife?
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christianbalefanatic · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Christian Bale as Dan Evans in 3:10 to Yuma (2007) dir. James Mangold
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