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#31 days of halloween
neo-hero · a month ago
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Hi Tumblr *nsa hugs*
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razzledazzlekitty95 · a month ago
slasher movies: let's make a psychotic barely human monster who kills for no reason so they can be really terrifying
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People who remake old movies:
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saracamerons · a month ago
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How’d you break the trance? I don’t know. Only true love can break a vampire’s trance. That’s what it was, wasn’t it Mom? That’s what it was. I love you guys more than anything. 
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epicnessqueen · 2 months ago
Base Yandere Pyramid Head Headcanons: Judgment (2nd Day Of Halloween) (Yandere) (Silent Hill)
[Hello My Sexy Readers And Welcome To The second day of Halloween challenge which is a more scary theme one shot scenarios and headcanons series getting update this is the second one and it has the one before this was SCP I hope that you all enjoyed that and this as well my sexies]
-Base Yandere Headcanons With Pyramid Head-
.He was based off the Executioners of Silent Hill
.He himself being a Executioner
.He is ruthless
.He is hard and cold and uncaring.
.And he falls for you.
.You get caught in silent hill and it is a place that takes all your sins and punishes you.
.May it be for murdering children or not being supportive 100 percent to your spouse in cancer.
.Your own guilt and self loathing and pain forms in the place and he is the judgment.
.The moment he saw you he knew he would judge you in a different way.
.It does not matter how far you run. Or where you hide.
.He will find you you there is no where you can hide from him.
.He will be the type to even cut off your leg to keep you from running, chaining you to the bed is not enough.
.He will be the type to punish you, the punishments leaning more so to sexual punishments.
.What he wants and says is what will happen
.Even if you made it out of Silent hill he would hunt you down and drag you back by your hair and you will NOT like how he punishes you for it.
.If someone was a rival for him?
.Simple, torture and death for them.
.Then fuck you to show you, you belong to him.
.He will try his form of taking care of you.
.Holding you close and stroking your hair.
.Making you feel good during love making
.In the end he will break you down and then he will treat you good.
.You learned your place and now he no longer has to use force or punishments.
.He can be affectionate at least in his way.
[YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS the second one is done, I hope you all enjoyed and stay sexy!]
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emswritingprompts · 2 months ago
tarotober 2021
it's almost october, and we know what that means; spooky season!
i was trying to come up with a really cool october writing prompt chalenge, and i was reminded of my love for tarot. thus, this was born! if you are unfamiliar with tarot meanings, they can be found on google, or, for a more fun twist, i suggest googling the cards in images and basing your story around what you see and personally interpret them as!
also, if this has been done before then i deeply apologize. i am in no way trying to copy others and their ideas or prompts.
you can complete these at any point in time. there is no due date, and you do not have to finish them all in october.
for this challenge, you can create original works, a series, or fanfictions! if you'd like, you can even participate as an artist of any kind!
when completing a work, please use the tag #emstarotober2021 so that i can check out your works. no other credit is necessary, although if you'd like to include it then feel free to!
if you have any questions, please send them to me in asks and i'll gladly answer them!
the fool
the magician
the high priestess
the empress
the emperor
the hierophant
the lovers
the chariot
the hermit
wheel of fortune
the hanged man
the devil
the tower
the star
the moon
the sun
the world
queen of swords
king of swords
queen of wands
king of wands
queen of pentacles
king of pentacles
queen of cups
king of cups
draw/pick your own cards (virtually or with your own deck) and use those to create a story.
as always, have fun!
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ryanmoody · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Cult Moody’s 31 Films for Halloween - Week 2
My yearly Halloween film selections to celebrate the holiday! These include horror, sci-fi, cult, B-Movie or Exploitation films I have never seen.
8. The Witch’s Mirror (1962)
9. The Night Walker (1964)
10. Strait-Jacket (1964)
11. The Andromeda Strain (1971)
12. Chosen Survivors (1974)
13. Shivers (1975)
14. Rabid (1977)
Part 1 -
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an-unlikely-poet · a month ago
October 31
The End
I’m going to howl now
all that is inside me shall burst through the chest
heaving for their last gasps of air
they know I have already forgotten about them
Always with the grand exits
and I’ll a allow it too
always a gracious host, willing or not
what is a person made of?
maybe spirits of all the incarnations of being human
most are forgotten
some will haunt forever
Happy Halloween
~an unlikely poet
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epicnessqueen · a month ago
Base Yandere Leatherface Headcanons: (22nd Day Of Halloween)
[Hello My Sexy Readers, I am here with a new chapter and this one is Thomas Hewitt Leatherface. This one is based off of various fanfictions and roleplays of him and may not be fully canon but how I see Thomas as again this is fanfiction and much different from if the movie was really this is if the fandom Thomas Hewitt is yandere! I will try and keep it as close to the source material!]
.Thomas was born in the meat packaging plant.
.His mother died in child birth and he was thrown in the dumpster for his deformities
.But a sweet woman Luda Mae found him and raised him as her own.
.Thomas never like the way he looked.
.And he was loyal to his family.
.He also is Mentally handicap. So much he killed the supervisor who had verbally and emotionally yelling at him.
.He worked at the meat packaging plant as a butcher and that where he killed the supervisor.
.He then learned because no one corrected this behavior and actually said it was okay cause he was killing for the family to help them. That this was okay.
.At least with his family.
.Now he was a killer
.That is when he met you a person passing through.
.You were kidnapped by the Hewitts and going to be killed.
.But something in you maybe it was your voice or the way you cried or the light shining in your eyes.
.He could not kill you and odd enough he grew protective of you.
.When Charlie tried and shoot you he punched charlie.
.In the end of this you were kept as Thomas property.
.Thomas though was very sweet to you. He washed you, clothed you, and fed you.
.Yes there were the times you would fight him and he had a panic attack. But in the end he took care of you.
.Stockholm Syndrome will happen. You will more so have compassion for him.
.He never lay a hand to you, and he made you smile sometimes, he also clearly needed you.
.One day the bedroom door he forgot to lock and you left only to help Luda Mae.
.You were fully gone and loyal to the Hewitt family no longer you saw yourself as a captive.
.Then it slowly became love.
.Thomas was just a sweet bean he really thought you two were dating.
.His mama raised a gentleman.
.You had a couple of scares when Thomas would be humping you in his sleep dreaming about you.
.But he is a gentleman and he would feel bad about doing such without your consent.
.You would eventually have to give him the sex talk and guide him through your guys first time.
.But he is a fast learner in how to make you feel good.
.Yeah he is not always the softest but he knows what makes you feel nice and when you praise him he lives for it.
.Just better hope you don't get pregnant as that be a whole other issue.
.He waves his hand around and motions that he loves you It is sweet.
[YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS another chapter done, I hope you all enjoyed and stay sexy everyone!]
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positivewlwvibes · a month ago
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Tumblr media
my gf and i are doing 31 days of Halloween again and yesterday we dressed up as Mia and Ethan Winters and no one I know plays the game so idk if they’ll appreciate the face blocking joke
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corruptcreatura · a month ago
Week Five of October
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Tumblr media
October 24th • Jessica Jones
October 25th • Eric Draven
October 26th • Jason Voorhees
October 27th • Sombra
October 28th • Malware
October 29th • Cassandra Dimitrescu
October 30th • Michael Myers
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