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humanmessofaperson · a month ago
Simu Liu did a tiktok about his name pronunciation and I found this comment
Tumblr media
This man is a fucking legend I don't give a shit about anyone else
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bloodstained-ballgowns · 2 months ago
No matter how you feel about Scarlett Johansson as a person, the fact is that with this claim, you should be supporting her in this case against Disney. It doesn’t matter that “she’s rich and she doesn’t need more money”, or whatever you think about the casting controversies. This is a legal breach of contract, that apparently meant she lost out on 50 MILLION DOLLARS. She is completely justified. And if she lost that much, how much did Florence possibly lose out on? Rachel and David? Anyone who’s acted in a Disney+ release, how much did they lose out on because the Mouse House are greedy fuckers who want 100% of the profits?
At the end of the day, it’s about Disney not thinking that because they’re a multi-billion dollar conglomerate they’re allowed to bully their actors into taking less than they were promised. It’s about protecting actors who are not white A-List Hollywood stars with the means to endlessly fund expensive lawyers from the same exploitation in the future. 
Until more information is released, I’m standing with Scarlett. You can’t really claim that you support professional women to demand what they’re worth and promised and then be like, “except her, she’s doing fine as is”. Even if her motivations were entirely selfish, or she doesn’t win, this case is so important. It’ll set a precedent for the industry going forward.
(maybe I’m mad that she’s destroying her own mcu legacy but i understand this was a bigger worry. also i’m a little confused because she just signed on to produce that Tower of Terror movie for Disney so is that now off? idk I just want everyone to be friends this fandom is never peaceful)
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womenkilling · 8 months ago
I miss the cinema. I miss expensive popcorn and sneaking in my own candy and finding the perfect spot with my loved ones and watching the trailers for new movies and being quiet for two whole hours with a bunch of strangers as we all get to experience the same thing at the same time :(
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buffskierights · 7 months ago
i made a quiz. it’s a good quiz. i spent 5 hours on this quiz. please take this quiz.
what your taste in men says about you
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shatteredsequel · 9 months ago
i think i’m going to become an unreliable narrator. if you see me obscuring the full truth or saying things that directly contradict each other, don’t worry about it.
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softieskywalker · 10 months ago
luke skywalker did nothing wrong, ever, in his entire life
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kryptidkae · 10 months ago
every day i think about how i accidentally outed myself in high school by showing my friends a sweet text from my “boyfriend” that read something along the lines of “good morning, i love you, i know you’re going to the beach with your friends today so be sure to wear sunscreen” and they thought that was too nice of a thing for a man to ever say to a romantic partner so they figured out that my “boyfriend” was a woman. the bar is in the earth’s core
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monsterjuicemangoloco · a year ago
no. yknow what? fuck you. *uncaramelizes your dansen *
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nerdexpress · 11 months ago
damn no wonder i used this place to cope in 2013 i forgot how fun this shit was
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jackiedaytona · 11 months ago
you guys could post literally anything about this supernatural finale and i would believe it
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250m · a year ago
carmelldansen but you're in a bunker underground while air raid sirens go off in the distance
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breekonofhope · 9 months ago
“my child is fine” your child retypes their keysmashes multiple times until it looks right
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unalaq · a year ago
i literally have so much respect for sokka like if i were travelling the world with three insanely powerful middle schoolers i would have gone insane.
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iconiczuko · a year ago
zuko got a redemption arc because he worked food service. dealing with Customers changed that bastard.
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