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#365 days of duolingo

365 days of duolingo: days 2-3/365

march 27th, 2020

i’m slowly going totally stir-crazy and i’m trying to hold it together by drinking coffee from a beetlejuice teacup and practicing spanish. i didn’t make a duolingo post yesterday because i got called into work

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a few updates (march 24th, 2020)

i haven’t been active on tumblr for a few weeks, but i am going to be getting back into it now.

i did a duolingo plus free trial and downloaded my spanish lessons so that i could maintain my one year goal while i was on a backpacking trip for a week. for whatever reason, my streak still got ended even though i kept up with the lessons. so i will probably leave up the old posts tracking my progress, but i will be starting over soon. i took a break for a few days after i came back home (and my streak reset) because it was quite disheartening.

i am currently (still) on spring break as a result of the covid-19 pandemic and will go back to posting class-related things once we begin our online courses. however, i might still be less active while my courses are online, because any online assignments are things that i struggle with, so it will take more time and focus for me to get through it than traditional studying.

i’m hoping to make more original posts related to books or other personal projects like journaling and art. today im going to spend some time queuing others’ posts as well.

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