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366 Day Project

Day 366! Peregrine Falcon

Goodbye 2020; Hello 2021!

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366 Day Project

Day 362 : Black Scoter

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366 day project

Day 366 : not the atypical birby American Robyn

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Day 119 - Unboxing a Coronavirus Home Testing kit. (Because one of my housemate is a key worker, our house has been supplied with kits.)

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Again, Don’t Expect Human Too Much

Today i got news that shocked me at the time i read. I was opening Instagram and found news the one of speakers Santri Inspiration Center did sexual harassment.

I contacted my senior at high school immidiately to clarify. Sadly, my senior confirmed the news was right but now still in law process. IM, the initial of him, was being one of my favorite figure. Besides he’s santri who hafidz Al-Qur'an, he’s also a “Mapres” and known as progressive student at his university. He was abroad to many countries and got many achievement. He had being speakers on many seminars, talkshow, islamic discussion and most important, he’s the pride for his fellow santri-students.

Looking Religious Not Enough

I remember one year ago, when i met a person who known as leader a federation of university’s dakwah institution. First i knew him, he’s good person. He has santri background and he claimed hisself as a Nahdliyyin. I was so glad heard it because i thought i’ve found a new brother in those institution — although i wasn’t officially part of these institution. We became good friends.

Shortly, caused his kindness, I trusted him like i trust another people i’ve known for a long time before. Yah, who knows, for the reasons that i can’t understand till now, he slandered me — of course i didn’t know before what he did behind me at the time, i knew when my friends told me later what he said, all lies about me. I was mad.

Alhamdulillaah, my mom advised me to don’t build hell in my soul — it means i should forgive him. And i trying to forgive him. In another side, actually i should thank him. Because of what he did, i met right person to accompany me :)

From the stories of IM and my own experience, i got some lessons. First, we really can’t judge someone by their cover or just their circle. Not just because he/she in good circle means he/she’s good too. Second, just in God we can trust. Third, as Sayyidina Ali Karomallaahu Wajhah said, the most painful thing is feeling hope for humans. Wallaahu a'lam bisshowab.

Home, 30 April 2020

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Tidak Ada Standar Kebermanfaatan

Alhamdulillaah ramadhan ini aku melihat banyak orang berlomba-lomba berbuat kebaikan. Tentunya menjadi stimulus untukku ingin melakukan hal yang sama juga.

Tetapi setelah berkontemplasi, aku berpendapat bahwa untuk bermanfaat kita tidak harus melakukan hal yang sama. Beberapa teman-temanku termasuk ‘beliau’ beramai-ramai menggalang dana dsb untuk membantu penanganan covid-19 dan membantu warga yang terdampak.

Ramadhan ini aku memutuskan fokus di rumah sebagaimana yang aku tuliskan di wordpress-ku, mensyukuri nikmat dengan memanfaatkan sebaik-baiknya.

Ramadhan ini aku bilang ke ibu, urusan masak sahur dan buka serta segala urusan memasak aku yang take over *sombong banget ya ahaha

Selain itu aku juga fokus membantu mengajar di madrasah Diniyahnya ayah kandungku. Hal-hal lain, aku fokus menyelesaikan revisi skripsi ku agar bisa segera mendaftar yudisium.

Menurutku dengan saat ini aku terberkahi bisa berada di rumah aku akan menggunakan kesempatan ini sebaik-baiknya. By the way, rasa bersyukurku berlipat-lipat setelah aku membaca buku khutbah Jum'at terbitan PCNU Purworejo milik ayahku.

Dalam salah satu teks khutbah disebutkan, sebagian ulama berpendapat bahwa pahala atas amal kebaikan dan shadaqah dilipatkan dengan kelipatan tertentu. Pertama, dilipatgandakan 10x lipat apabila shadaqah ditujukan kepada orang faqir. Kedua, dilipatgandakan 70x lipat apabila ditujukan kepada kerabat dekat. Ketiga, dilipatgandakan 700x lipat apabila ditujukan kepada keluarga. Terakhir, dilipatkangandakan 7000x lipat apabila ditujukan kepada ahli ilmu dan orang yang sedang menuntut ilmu — Kyai dan para santri.

Atas dasar itu aku memutuskan untuk mengambil kebermanfaatan di rumah sebagai kewajiban dan menyunnahkan diri untuk bermanfaat di luar — sebisanya :)

Alhamdulillaah 'ala kulli haal 💕

25 April 2020 / 2 Ramadhan 1441 H

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Día 44/366.

No podemos esperar a entender lo que somos. Quizás podamos llegar a entender plenamente una flor o un insecto, pero jamás podremos entendernos del todo a nosotros mismos.

~Immanuel Kant.

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Día 43/366.

Necesito + amor propio.

Necesito valorarme.

Necesito quererme.

Me necesito.

Y eso está bien, no es egoísta.

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Día 43/366.

Necesito + amor propio.

Necesito valorarme.

Necesito quererme.

Me necesito.

Y eso está bien, no es egoísta.

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Day 13-14 of 366


14.01.2020 | Supreme Court of Justice in Austria

Yesterday has been very tiring for me – lots of work and studying. Nevertheless afterwards I went shopping and both some new cute stationery 😍 at the end of the day I watched “the last emperor” and ofc afterwards started to read about history of China. That was the main reason why I was late to work today..😅 You should never get too excited before going to sleep 😤

And today has been just a great day. Right now I am sitting in our uni cafeteria, waiting for my next class. Today we start with the history of private law.

In the morning I went to the library of Supreme Court - had to do conduct some legal research for my work. Luckily, our office is just two minutes away 😅 It was my first time in this amazing building with great history. What an atmosphere!

🎵 Aloe Blacc – The Man

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Day 12 of 366



«Always remember why you started»

My plan for the next week:

  • finish the outlines for the 1st part of the book (history of law)
  • start with the outlines for international law
  • prepare the chapters for the intensive course on history of private law
  • start slowly packing my things for moving out in the end of the month
  • start writing an essay for law review
  • finish the application (motivational letter) for ELSA Delegations
  • finish the complaint
  • visit my friends next weekend

Besides, I have to do lots of stuff at work this week 😄 I hope I will survive…

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Haiku 01/09/2020

The beautiful coast.

Skies of blue, gray, and soft rain.

A wonderful dream.

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