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#3d animation
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And just for fun, here’s some WIPs of the Jolly Roger Bay scene from sketch and references to final piece!

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Core Project 4 - Animation & Performance, Week 3

I spent the last week polishing my animation and fixing some weird movements of the right leg and left hand. The final result is not perfect, but it looks much better than Week 2′s outcome. I believe that the character looks quite angry and threatening, and the lipsync turned out quite well. 

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5:16 AM

Missed the time because I was playing Clash of Clans 🤡…

Project is fully finished. Managed to do a 360 turnaround shot with all the bottles.

Now that I think about it I could do it much better. To make it flow well together. Should take a look at it and redo it.

Gotta finish the Python tutorial. 2h left.

Also managed to get a few progress clips of old projects like the speed drawing of Joker and the modelling of the Peterbilt.

There’s one I can’t find anywhere. It’s an animation I did with an AT AT in Blender. It’s on Instagram but I don’t have the file anymore… Wait …. I posted it from my phone… So I should have the file here?

Gotta check.

Can’t wait to start with the next project! Gonna be fucking awesome!

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Preview to animated short I am working on with Kimberly. #animation #evouniverse #3danimation #poserpro #superhero #artwork #digitalart #ArtistOnTwitter #animatedshort

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I wanted to make an ‘80s retro animation, but with an original concept and Tetris comes to my mind. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did while was modeling!

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Creando el movimiento e interacción de Vic y Javi <3

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Ge Nie & Six Sword Slaves (Miehun, Zhuanpo, Wangliang, Luanshen, Zhengang, Duanshui)

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Wave of Animation In Modern Marketing: A butterfly that has come out of cocoon and ready to fly…
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5:15 AM

First day of the month.

Two months of 2021 are already over. Time flies. Back in the day it used to be so slow. Now that I have so many things I want to do, it flies by in a second.

Finished the Nuke project yesterday. Gotta say it turned out good. If you look at the edges you can see how it’s not perfect but most people would probably not be looking at the edges.

Also finished S3 of TMNT 2012. I always watch an episode at lunch and dinner. Got 2 more seasons to go.

Gotta finish the Python tutorial. Didn’t do anything yesterday.

Once I’m done I’ll start with the next project. Modelling the Peterbilt.

That’s the plan for now.

While I model the Peterbilt I’ll practice programming on the side. There are websites where you can practice.

Should also start preparing the Internship applications.

I have the roto tests but I can also show the modelling stuff. The Game Art bottle is awesome and I’m gonna model a Corvette in the last module as well as a Peterbilt on my own so I should put it in the reel.

Can even put some Blender work in there… If I can still find the videos. Don’t know if they got deleted when my laptop died. They are on Instagram tough. Also the Animation module is next so I can use that too.

Just pretty much all the assignments.

If I’m going to use the Compositing assignment, I have to improve the color grading first.

Should start working on that reel.

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