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Evolution Of A Donut

Level 4: Setting the Scene

I decided to learn Blender by tackling the donut tutorial by BlenderGuru.

Putting together the scene now. Lots of fiddling with positions and the camera. A wall and table magically appear. We are now in an upscale donut shop that can afford marble counter tops and fine tableware.

Above, you see my final scene after some adjustments I explain below.

If you’re lazy, you’ll stop here:


But everything is so crisp and fake! That is where focal depth comes in. It tells you where to focus.

The coffee cup is another issue. It kind of looks like it is floating. Also, if you look really closely, the surface looks like it consists of worms. This last bit of weirdness can be solved by increasing the number of samples.

Keep tuned for the last level!

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I.. I made this.. Don’t hate it’s my first time 😅

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Added some miniscule details to my latest victorian table. Three more sculptural elements and materials for the velvet tabletop until finished.

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3D Yasha I made awhile ago.

I’m really proud of how this ended up looking and IT GOT INTO THE GALLERY AS WELL AND IM STILL STOKED ABOUT THAT

You can see other images + better resolution at my Artstation

And you can find me on twitter as well: @_jigjoy

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ALTAR.JPG, retrieved via a collection of Atari CDs hosted on

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