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#4 ever <3

So, in a weird turn of events, I am out of guardian scrolls. And apparently so is the AH.
I’ve been watching the marketplace for a few hours and they haven’t stocked yet, so now I’m just looking to buy them from someone.

Message me on fr (Jessymetal #15056) if you’re willing to sell me one! I’ll pay gems or treasure!

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Ugh im so glad I have a reasonable reason to decline doing any holiday-ing this year. When I told my boyfriend that I was relieved I wouldnt have to go home this year as this always creates drama (the drama being created by me finally after many years insisting on sane boundaries and basic rules of politeness and everyone overreacting like I shot their cat), he told me that to solve the drama this year he had planned to invite them over.

Invite them. Into my home. For xmas.

Dear lord that is WORSE.

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Really love it when I stick up for a new coworker that I see getting picked on a lot and find out that they were talking shit behind my back and trying to cause drama with me the entire time.

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watching that dolly parton goes undercover vid and i always forget that she’s from knoxville and that dollywood is a thing and people from all over come to it lol i have never been to disney but i’ve been to dollywood 4 times and it’s crazy that it’s like… a well known thing

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ah yes my specialty. losing nights worrying about an essay, staying up to 3 am the night before because I can’t go to sleep until it’s done but not actually getting anything done before I succumb to warm cozy blankets, then waking up and immediately knocking out the essay in 2.5 hours finishing an hour before it’s due

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lol just found a thorn in my leg thats been there since yesterday 

#im an alert individual, #im kind of a dumbass im like hm i could go around all these pricker bushes but nah its faster to go thru them. oh why am i bleeding lol, #connor talks, #thats such a specific emotion lol just taking your chances sprinting through the bush really fast, #looking at ur arms and having that split second YEAH i beat nature and then suddenly there are red lines rapidly appearing, #have i mentioned im stupid? yah i do this shit a lot, #im always like oh no how could this have happened! i only ran thru a plant adorned by inch long spikes, #raspberry canes do not fuck around in these woods lol theyll tear your ass up, #oh man i cant wait for next summers raspberries... theyre the best, #OH and i found a mulberry tree this year, #i couldnt reach most of them but i have a plan this year lol, #(i'll give you a hint- its climbing tha fuckin tree), #oughhhh i want to LEAVE this house, #i miss the berries... wish there were some apple trees out here too, #i need to be close to some sort of fruit source at least 3 out of the 4 seasons, #oh now i really want mulberries lol but you cant exactly get those fuckers at the store, #also have i. have i mentioned im dumb, #i hardly ever check if theyre mulberries before i just fucking eat them off trees, #listen. if i die thats my business okay, #if its raspberry shaped i find its usually okay, #if its a little round red berry? NO do not eat, #its either yew or birdberries and neither are edible, #lol welcome to connor's forest knowledge i know what i know by making so many mistakes, #im just gonna muse about plants to forget i am currently inside my home dont mind me, #WAIT MY CATNIP! oh hell yes i'll go harvest it and be like oh sorry its just secret catnip stuff u dont get it i have to stay out here, #heeheehheehoo leaf time
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dont you hate it when your brain dreams of the perfect partner and perfect relationship but then somethings happens where you can’t find each other and you spend the rest of the dream trying to find them in any way you can so you just have really restless sleep for a few hours until you finally wake up?

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one of my friend was complaining about not seing their family in 1 years bc of covid and like,,,, I’ve never seen all my family together lmao go complain to someone else

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Why is it that men are incapable of paying a compliment to people without making it a comparison or competition? I’m not just talking about the usual “you’re not like other girls” pick up line shit.

I’m talking about fathers to their kids like “I know you can do this better than anyone else” like you’re not complimenting my intelligence you are insulting someone else’s. Especially when that someone else just means an unnamed sibling.

Sometimes it’s even their own selves like “you’re going to go far, you’re so much smarter than your dad” and that’s not helpful either because all it does is instill this competitive drive that forces us to devalue others or ourselves based on arbitrary ideas of success and honestly I blame capitalism.

I’m going to go far. Period.

I can do this. Period.

I dont need to use the struggles of other people to make myself feel driven and successful and intelligent and the fact that so many parents subconsciously force that idea on their kids explains way too much about this generation.

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