#4'11 :P
otome-on-the-side · 9 months ago
Okay so I just can never get over the fact how big Diavolo is (just look at that massive body omg!! 😳) and how I badly want to be in his arms! 😆 Lol so can I have a fluff+nsfw scenario of him and MC? Just pure appreciation of Dia's body and just running hands through his skin and all that (I'm sorry 😂). Preferably with a fem reader with a much smaller body frame than he does. Tysm!!
Pairing: Diavolo/GN!reader
Tropes & TWs: body worship, praise, dom/sub dynamics 
You weren't going to lie; straddling Diavolo's lap like this was almost a dream come true. 
His thighs were just as thick and well toned as the rest of him. He was so big, and you so much smaller, that the position you were in spread your legs far apart; based on the way the prince was smiling at you, the steady weight of his hand on the small of your back, he was enjoying the fact.   
Resting your hands on his chest, it was satisfying to spread your fingers and squeeze, his ample pectorals spilling past your grasp. There was so much to grab, you couldn’t, and didn’t, dream of the demon prince being well in hand. The way Diavolo shuddered as you manhandled him was so... satisfying.  
His adam's-apple bobbed as he swallowed, his answer shaky. "Y-yes?" 
"Mind if I unbutton your shirt, baby?" 
Diavolo's response was instant. "Yes, please," he voice was a little breathless, his back arching ever so slightly, straining his shirt buttons. 
There was something wonderful about the fact that Diavolo loved having your hands on him; you were so much smaller than him, his hand able to fold over your own and completely cover it. 
And yet, here you were, popping his shirt open with ease, caressing his shoulders as you slid his shirt off of them. Reaching out and running your hands over smooth, golden skin, enjoying the way he tensed and leaned into your touch. You started lower, along his belt line, memorizing every dip and curve of his body before you gave what was due. 
It was so, so satisfying to finally be able to kiss his torso; Often bare in his demon form and yet, utterly untouchable. It was delightful running your hands over his skin- mouthing over it, kissing, sucking marks where touch alone made him tremble the most, was divine. 
Nothing was more satisfying than giving every stretch of skin the attention he deserved until you were breathless, pulling away from his skin with a pop. 
"You really wanted this, huh?" You ask, still awed and breathless, yet unable to keep yourself from teasing him. It would be difficult for you to be unaware of the effect you had on him- you could feel him twitching against your hip as you moved on his lap as you pleased.  
"Yes," He groaned, desperate and whiny already.
“My sweet prince,” You trail your hands up, up his chest and over his shoulders, caressing the sides of his neck as you cradled his jaw. Gazing into his champagne eyes, you can see his pupils blown wide with lust, hazy and unfocused. “Here you are, in all your glory, for me?” 
“All for you," he breathlessly murmured,  leaning into your touch, hands rising to slide over yours. His skin is heated, almost as if fire-warmed, and you find yourself all the more curious. You hum, pleased, sliding your hands out of his grasp to run your fingers through his hair, gently dragging your nails across his scalp as he sighs in contentment. “So sweet for me; Thank you for behaving so well, Diavolo.” 
It didn’t seem possible for the demon prince to become any more warm, and yet, heat painted his chest, neck, and the tips of his ears, and he found himself unable to speak past the lump in his throat.
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nekoanalysis · a month ago
my toxic trait is making all my inserts short as fuck to indulge in the fantasy of being a little insect tomboy whose big men can pick up over their head and then getting mad when someone irl implies i am anything below my tried and true 5'4
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trans-xianxian · 9 months ago
BEN UR 5’9?!?! I mean teehee would like to share some of that height 😳👉🏾👈🏾
Tumblr media
KAHSMKAMSN YES I was blessed with being average height.... tho I'm not sure I can share no one I know breaks 5'5 it would be unfair to pick favorites 😔
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strawberry--bride · 9 months ago
I feel like Sharon and Yuuma would get along really well. They're both passionate about food
Tumblr media
Yuma-kun...? Oh! I did hear that he’s growing this own strawberries! I’m definitely looking forward to trying those!
It’s just...
Tumblr media
He’s a little intimidating, you see? I’m a midget compared to him...
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spriteofwinter · a year ago
Tumblr media
Sareth and Ylith, a normal family.
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anon-v-official · a year ago
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yumenosakiacademy · a year ago
wait apparently ortho’s 148 cm but like. that’s only 4 cm away from 5 ft, which is abt how tall i am n was my height in high school what if ortho’s actually a 1st yr age-wise
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m00nsthet1c · 2 days ago
hello ! uhm I was wondering if you could make a one-shot/head canon like the 7ft one with bench trio except the reader is 4'11 so she's shorter than everyone else and its with tubbo,tommy,ranboo and Wilbur {as the chaperone} all separately and gn pronouns :) <3 btw can i be { 🌹 anon } its alr if not :)
"shower me with good times"
bench trio + wilbur with a friend who's 4'11
characters: tommyinnit, tubbo, ranboo, wilbur soot and aimsey genre: platonic pronouns: not mentioned format: headcanon
author's note: of course! welcome 🌹 anon! I hope you can enjoy your stay here <3 I do not know what a chaperone is so I do apologize for that, please criticize me if I've made them too out of character so I can improve in the future!
Tommyinnit He has a big ego, so good luck with that
Being your friend, he has the privilege to bully you. Although he knows when the line is crossed and will reassure you that ‘no! I don’t mean what I said just because of your height’
In the same rate, no one can make fun of your height besides him and him only. Sometimes he doesnt even allow ranboo or tubbo
He enjoys comparing height, whether he’s shorter or taller, and its a hobby of his to tiptoe so he looks higher even if he already looked so tall side by side with you
Likes to make tiktoks with you, except his camera angle is from above so you look twice shorter than before
If youre insecure with your height then he’ll gladly stop if you wish, he isnt a dick. He will stop if you ask, he wants to make sure that even you are laughing at his antics even if it was directed at you (like a golden retriever)
But if you dont really care, he shows no mercy at all. Will and can bring up your height in every conversation possible
“You keep dying in minecraft? Well maybe if you werent so short then–”
You killed him. (in minecraft ofc <3)
Whether you have the same personality or the opposite as him, he’ll make the friendship really chaotic somehow, and he doesn’t even try
Tubbo Big ego no. 2
FINALLY. He’s finally taller than someone
Like tommy, and like his friendship with aimsey. It’s very chaotic, whether you have the same energy as him or not
Likes to use you as a headrest, his ego boosts up to 100. Especially ESPECIALLY if youre older than him
He’s a sadist in a neutral good way. Likes to bully you and will most likely laugh if a friend of his makes fun of you too
He’s not very good with analyzing emotions but that doesn’t mean he isnt blind, will stop laughing if he sees how you react
will just text you if youre uncomfortable (since he most likely hates directly talking) and will stop if it crosses your boundaries
Much like tommy, will not laugh in the slightest when a stranger makes fun of you, he’s just gonna awkwardly stare until they leave. Will probably make a backhand comment of them
He doesnt bring up height all the time like tommy does
Most of because he doesnt really care much, he mostly does it to boost his humor up (or if he doesnt have any other comebacks to spill at you) height doesnt really make that much of a difference besides not reaching high places
Overall, he doesn’t care really. But if he feels like being a sadistic bitch. He’ll gladly do it
Ranboo Hes used to people being shorter than him
Not THAT short though
Will sometimes laugh with tubbo when he makes height jokes, will probably add more fuel to it
He’s turn into a mix of tubbo and wilbur when he went to england, I don’t think he’ll leave you that much mercy in his jokes
But it wasnt much of a difference when he was still in america, the only difference is that hes much much more open, and is not as scared in showing that as before
He’ll still be a caring friend though, he’ll help you reach for higher places and stuff, will probably joke about it once or twice afterwards
Theres times where he acts like an actual dad, and times where he acts like a 15 year old that had too much candy
He will gladly give you a piggy back ride if you want, like I said. A dad
Theres not much to say for him really, he’ll still treat you as any other close friend he has, he doesnt care how much of a difference your height is
He doesnt mind carrying shorter people, and youre not an exception to that. He’ll carry you if hes in the mood for it
Wilbur Probably thought you were a kid at first
Depends if you are or arent a kid, but he’ll treat you the same whether youre as old as him or way younger than him
Sees you as his sibling or kid, you choose
Likes to buy you stuff if he feels like it
Much like ranboo, likes to carry you if hes in the mood to
he likes to relentlessly tease you. He shows no mercy like tommy <3
he's had friends who are alot shorter than him, you being shorter than all of those friends doesnt make any difference because he still teases each and every one of you
will probably throw hands if someone else teases you-- moreso if he doesnt know who said person is. He thinks its rude of people to tease someone who isnt even considered a friend to begin with
he's all about protecting you, even if it causes you a bnch of suffering from his teasing about your height
he'll gladly grab things that are too high for you to reach, though if he feels like it he'll make you say please
him and tommy are chaotically worse in their own ways, wilbur just seems more neutrally calm
Aimsey well she's happy!
someone as short as her? hell yeah
she sees it as a win, so you two can break kneecaps together
people dont take you two all too seriously, with your heights and all--
cause it looks like baby siblings who didnt get their candy (im so sorry)
you both probably force taller people to get things for you, it just looks like it
someone makes fun of your height? dont worry! aimsey will find some way to turn the tables on them
you both are not safe from tubbo's antics, by antics I mean the constant teasing
what do you expect? he was the shortest in the friend group until you two came along!
hopefully you wont get too hurt of the group's antics, including aimseys, cause they definitely like to stir trouble in the most lighthearted manner that its quite hard to stay mad at them
they're a group of teenagers who like to be reckless but also try to make sure everyone is laughing and never left out, and you could never be happier than being around them all
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babydogfish · 3 years ago
i used to think there was nothing worse than being stuck behind someone walking less than like half your pace but ive discovered that there is one (1) thing worse, which is being stuck behind someone walking less than half your pace that is a full nine inches shorter than you so you have a clear and uninterrupted view over their head of all the space ahead of you that you could be savouring if you could only fucking walk normally
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jakeoettinger · 4 years ago
when i took my mom to the stars/oilers game a couple of weeks ago, after looch bumped into bish, the entire team hopped on him behind the net and her  response was that she understood why they would all fight one guy at once over knocking down bish because “look at that smile!” (they had shown a bish video about his journey to where he is now during intermission with a ton of smile footy) 
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quackisinnit · a year ago
Wilbur with Short s/o
Request: could you do a wilbur x reader who’s 5’1 please (she/her) short people gang where you at?? :p
Notes: i'd like to say im kinda tall, even if im 5'0😎 (im 4'11 but lets pretend im not</3) ALSO IM STILL GROWING SO YEAH
Warnings: none
As you know Wilbur is a giant
And with s/o thats 5'1??
The nicknames he would call you.
He'd call you 'shortie' 'midget'
Just all the short nick names
He's just joking obviously
Wilbur loves leaning on you
Your like an armrest to him
If your sitting with him on his chair while he edits, expect him to rest his chin on your head
If your standing and he's beside you, he's gonna rest his arm on your head or shoulder
You only allow Wilbur to tease you because you know its just a joke
But if it's with other people, you dont really like it because sometimes they go overboard and hurt your feelings
Wibur knows this and that's why he only calls you short or small in private
If someone says something like "you're so short!!" "you're a midget"
he's gonna hold you closer to him
and try to change the topic
Navigation | Reblogs are appreciated!<3
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gendermerchant · 22 days ago
I see you are hurt, and I get that. To be honest the 2nd ask was because I was worried the 1st was got eaten. But I wanted you to know my hight. Know this part of myself. I couldn't keep it hidden from you any longer. You deserve to now that I'm tall. However, this doesnt bring my shame, and it shouldn't bring you shame for liking. You haven't even considered that there are positives aspects to knowing someone tall. Being as tall as I am means that I can give you nice hugs and cuddles, if that is something you desire. (/p) Also, if it's any consolation, I have a horrible posture so I'm not usually very tall anyways.
[ ^^^ ranges from /j to /hj ]
- 🚪
if yr not careful im going to read into this way too hard . and also . after reading this about 10 times over , i've considered some things .
i don't completely take back what i said , but im ready to forgive you . i want you on my blog and in my inbox , and having this be so means accepting the fact that you are Tall. i ,, i appreciate you sharing with me this part of yourself , i understand now how much this might mean to you as it does me . we're in this together . also yes please cuddles mhm mhm mhm mhm :D yea thanks mmhm
is this what being in a drama show feels like ? my emotions are a whirlwind . one moment heartbreak , the next a blossoming love , and then after that idek :'D gendr time probs
also , if it's any consolation to you as well . i also have horrible posture . i sometimes shrink to 4'11" . yr still tall silly <\3
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moonlit-imagines · 3 days ago
QUEEN OF THE KINGDOM 👸👑✨💖 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You and your 5k subjects are absolutely killing it!!! I'm so sorry I spam you every time you post, but your ideas are pure gold!!! You seriously deserve all the love and support in the entire world!!! Though I wish your rules were read more.... anyways.... Know that I, and so many others, absolutely love and cherish all that you do and who you are!!! Youre an incredible writer and too funny for your own good, I love your lil personal posts 💕 Congratulations!!!! May I please request a ship from the Queen herself? Xoxoxo💜💖💜💖💜💖💜
Name: Enna 💕
Gender+Pronouns: Female, she/her
Sexuality: bisexual 💙💜💖
Fandom: MCU (I have seen everything, yes it is a problem 😋)
Relationship: Romantic! 🥰
Love Language: Quality time!!! 😌
Physical Traits: Unfortunately I'm 4'11" lol. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, freckles. Ten tattoos so far ;) and seven piercings! I've dyed my hair every color and had it every style you can imagine lol (am I going pink next? 100%!!). I exclusively wear black nail polish and wear lots of dark colors. I try to make it dark-academia-ish or witchy, but I'd wear pajamas everyday if I could!!
Personality Traits: I'm awfully shy 😳 and more sarcastic than I mean to be!!! That's the only thing anybody wrote about in my yearbook. I try to be as kind as possible, though I'm never sure if I actually am. I'm super introverted and absolutely love alone time. I don't have many friends, but the ones I do have I would do anything for. I have the habits of an old lady :) I love collecting lil trinkets and I'm too sentimental for my own good!! 💖 I've told every crush I've had that I liked them because I never expect anything from them, I just gotta get it out. Idk if that's good or bad? I suck at procrastinating and wait til the last minute for everything!!
Hobbies: I love to read/write!!! I like to cook and bake, but it's really no fun unless I can share it lol. I waste way too much time watching scary movies and can't get enough of them. I listen to true crime podcasts all day, everyday and could talk about them forever. I play animal crossing obsessively, but that's okay? And I try to journal every day, though it's mostly complaining about school or talking about how much I love certain authors/writing styles 😂
Likes+Dislikes: I love the beach, the rain, cold weather. Scary movies and anything Halloween! I love dystopian and horror fiction books more than anything. I visit my local art museum so much they know my name lmaoo. I love all kinds of art, though oil paintings are just too beautiful. My dude, I hate spiders. Like, it's pretty sad :P I'm petrified of them. I don't like heights either, but a good roller-coaster can change that. Public speaking will be the death of me I swear. I really dislike how louder/more extroverted tendencies are idolized and how STEM fields are seen as "safe" but humanities are "a waste of time".... (lol okay those are my most controversial opinions 😉)
Other Relevant Info: I'm an Englisj major, I write for the school newspaper, and I want to be either a writer or an English professor when I grow up!!
CHOICE NUMBER: 5.) The Beginning
*also!!! I know how taxing ships can be... they're super overwhelming especially when rules aren't being followed :/ so please take some time for yourself to relax!! I always get nervous requested ships because I never want to overwhelm anyone!!! 💜💖💜💖💜💖💜💖💜💖💜💖💜💖💜
ENNAAAAAA i love u so much my queen u really are the best. MWAH MWAH MWAH
i ship you with…
Tumblr media
Makkari has traveled the world round and round a thousand times over, yet she’s never been bored of the secrets it holds. However, she has been bored of waiting for her purpose to be fulfilled. One day, she took a stroll through the museum you frequent, and you caught her eye right away. You might have reminded her of someone, truthfully. But she just knew by the way that you looked at the pieces throughout the room that you had a deep appreciation for them. And if you liked this, she could only imagine how you’d feel about her collection. It might have been moving fast, but that was what she was all about. So she took a chance and tapped you on the shoulder.
5K Shipping Event!
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fandomclutterr · 8 months ago
Heya! Can I get an fnf matchup? Including the mods as well.
I'm a female who's barely reaching 4'11. I have long, black hair and tan skin, and I usually wear jackets and hoodies paired with jeans and converse. I don't wear skirts and dresses because I get uncomfortable wearing them.
I'm not very social, but once I warm up to someone, I usually start to get a bit more talkative and open up more. I was told once that I'm a very chill person, but I can get goofy from time to time. I'm also the type that clings to one person if I don't know anyone else in the room.
Zodiac + sexuality + personality type:
I'm a heterosexual Pisces, and an ISFP.
I get insecure about myself from time to time, and it would often lead to me beating myself up because of it. I would often get told that I should smile more because I unfortunately have a resting mean face, and that always spikes up my insecurities (Once I was told that someone thought I didn't like them because I looked grumpy, and I felt so bad). I also don't have great social skills, so I would often stay quiet or talk dryly which I'm also not happy about.
I also have mild social anxiety, so it's a bit of a struggle for me to meet up with people, especially with strangers. I also tend to keep to myself when I should ask for help because of that, so I'd often let my feelings build up until I have a breakdown, and that would cycle over and over again.
I listen to music on the daily, and I like singing, so I would often sing along to the lyrics if there are any.
I'm also an artist, so I try to draw every now and then when I'm not busy.
Who you wouldn't want to be matched with:
Monster. Maybe obvious as to why, maybe not-
Senpai, he just puts me off in a way, especially his dialogue before his second song. I'm also not much into his looks. (If I'm getting flamed for this, so be it-)
Gf's parents if you do them as well. I think they look pretty neat, I just don't think I can keep up with them.
The spooky boys- this should be obvious
Sorry if this is messy and/or lacking in any way. This is my first time asking for one of these-
Sorry for taking so long
My top matches for you are Hex and Bf!
Hex is just very supportive, I have no other way to say it. He's a lil frightening at first, like how often do you see a 6'9 robot walking around? I would damn near start crying. This dude is friends with Whitty, he really doesn't care how grumpy you look, so don't worry ab that around him. He has great social skills, so staying near him is probably the best idea.
R A P B A T T L E. Anyway, this lil man has no sense of danger or anything. He doesn't care if you look grumpy or not, he's just gonna cling to you anyway. He probably wouldn't say much ab you're insecurities, but he would totally let you vent to him. You're all on your own at first with getting used to him tbh. This dude does not relax
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oswildin · 5 months ago
Hello! I'm Rayssa. She/Her, Brazilian, brunette with short curly dark brown hair and chocolate eyes, 150cm (4'11"), not particularly curvy, small, frail. ♈, 22 y/o, INFJ, 4w5, proud pansexual queer, but my main weaknesses are older men, muscles, chubbiness, tall people and long haired men. I am quiet, artistic, creative and anxious. I tend to be kind of crazy, affectionate, funny, sarcastic and passionate, specially when I'm with friends and family. I don't like being under pressure and I can be very defensive and stubborn when I'm feeling threatened. I love animals, specially canines and birds. I'm finishing my graduation in Psychology. My hobbies are watching movies, shows and anime, playing games, drawing and reading. My favorite writer is Poe. I am a perfectionist and I'm often worried about what others think of me. Rock and indie are my favorite genres of music.
My favorite Marvel movie is Thor: Ragnarok (it's so funny it gives me comfort, basically). And my favorite songs are Principia from Emicida, a Brazilian musician, and Streets from Doja Cat.
And one of my favorite quotes is "What if grief, if not love persevering?". What can I say? The quote and the whole WandaVision show helped me a lot through the stage of grief I was going through by the beginning of the year.
Well, that's it! Thank you, luv!
I ship you with… Loki Laufeyson!
Things Loki loves about you:
• Your humour and wit. That’s something he looks for in a partner, even without knowing it. He needs someone to match his own wit.
• He’s shy and silent around you at first, considering you were studying psychology, he didn’t want you analysing him, so kept quiet.
• You noticed he was almost avoiding you at this point, so you made a point to approach him. ‘I don’t bite you know. Don’t worry, I’m off the clock.’
• After that he decided not to hold back, doing his usual tough guy act, leaving you unphased by his antics
• He would often try to push your buttons, causing you to be defensive, which would result in an argument of some sorts
• Truth be told, Loki loved it, finally someone who could match him
• Everyone seeing how blatant the tension was between the two of you
• You accidentally going too far and analysing Loki openly to him, which over stepped the line. Loki didn’t raise his voice, just left, leaving you feeling guilty.
• You quickly went after him, apologising when he opens up to you. ‘Everything you said was right. I do what I do, because it’s all I know how to do.’
• After that, you both understood each other a little more. You began getting closer and closer.
• He loves that spark of craziness in you, your compassion and sarcasm. A match for him indeed.
Your BFF: Thor - In fact thinking about it Thor was the first person to greet you, and that probably also made Loki a little hostile against you at first… But either way, you and Thor hit it off. He was so friendly and bright, he instantly made you feel comfortable. Him teasing you about Loki (and visa versa with Loki) whilst also shipping it.
Tumblr media
Your Theme Song:
Tumblr media
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ushizaki-urumi · 5 months ago
For the character ask, can you tell us how you feel about Marisa?
favorite thing about them
She's SO charismatic in her own way, like she's just so silly and everyone knows it's genuine so they all fall in love with her
least favorite thing about them
i??? honestly p much like everything about her?? I guess maybe she's a little annoying? but that's endearing
favorite line
"I meant shoot and I'll move!!!"
Her and Reimu, honestly? can anything be so obvious? They've been best friends since the beginning
Again, her and Reimu, nothing could be more obvious
even though I personally think Marisa can't be held down by a relationship, I know her heart belongs to Reimu alone
nOTP: her and rinnosuke [barf emoji], please, I see them as like, family basically
random headcanon:
girl be legit short, like 4'11, girl is shorter than me and that says a lot
but like, she's short so she's closer to hell so that makes sense as to why she's like that
unpopular opinion
even though she's great I'd prefer less merch, i just want merch of newer characters
song i associate with them
can I shift back to my 10yo self and link marisa stole the precious thing
favorite picture of them
I don't save pictures of her typically so I don't have one sorry
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nostuntmanneeded · 3 months ago
This deuxmoi was very detailed. They call her short pretty blonde and puts girlfriend (gf) abbreviated with a question mark (?), but cb is with faded rust colored hair, not blonde and most paid articles call cb blonde and only one called her from natural honey lora because he doesn't say right away he's his girlfriend and also says sebastian still has tommy lee's rockin hair. This deuxmoi was cb and his team that sent it.
I don't know how true this is, but it's Deuxmoi so you have to take everything they post with a grain of salt.
The one thing I noticed is that the person who spotted them said she was short. I don't know Alejandra's exact height, but it seems like she's taller than most girls. (But that could be just me because I'm 4'11".)
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clearsky · 10 months ago
My Top Comfort Characters/Kins and My Main HCs For Them
(Note, not all my kins/comfort characters are on here, just the ones I have more than 5 hcs for)
CW: Korekiyo Shinguji (DRV3), Himiko Yumeno (DRV3), Shinsou Hitoshi (BNHA), Kyoko Kirigiri (THH), Tsuyu Asui (BNHA), Entrapta (Spop), Ibuki Mioda (SDR2), Celestia Ludenberg (THH), Funtime Foxy (FNAF), Peril (WOF)
Korekiyo Shinguji (DRV3)
He/They pronouns
Chains and loose accessories are for stimming
Likes the feeling of silk and cotton
Can't stand the feeling of anything rough or bumpy
He likes collecting small trinkets and the bones of small mammals
Can't stand anything salty. He'll eat it but he certainly won't enjoy it
Dating Rantaro
Can flirt, but only if he doesn't try
Petnames are a hell yea
Gets sunburnt really easily
Group dates with Celesnaegiri and Ikuzono
Can't cook for s h i t
Had a scene kid phase in middle school
Went to the same middle school as Celeste and Maki
Knew them when Celeste went through her "I'm not like other girls" phase and Maki was a Band Kid™
Himiko Yumeno (DRV3)
She/Her pronouns
Can force herself to fall asleep within seconds regardless of where she is
100% forces herself to fall asleep when she doesn't wanna listen/talk to someone
Himiko/Angie/Tenko relationship. I'm calling them the Traffic Light Trio
She likes taking naps in the forest
She prefers enclosed/tight spaces more than open ones
Has several hundred stress balls and squishies laying around
She overheats easy
Shinsou Hitoshi (BNHA)
Questioning his gender, but goes by any pronouns
Knows he's Asexual, at least
Has no clue what his romantic orientation is though
The kind of person to carry treats in his pocket just in case he runs into a cat
Will stop to pet literally every cat he comes across
Great at reading people
Doesn't talk unless it's 100% needed
Hangs with Tokoyami, Jirou, and Denki most often
Aizawa has 100% unofficially adopted him
Fosters kittens
Not a big fan of physical touch
He is 100% in the bakusquad. Anyone who says he's in the Dekusquad is a c o w a r d
He and Tsuyu vibe
Knows a bunch of random facts
Dark humour? Dark humour
*skates backwards into his therapist's room slowly sipping from an absurdly huge cup of coffee* Candice you're not gonna BELIEVE the shit I just went through
In case I forgot to mention it, he skates
Kyoko Kirigiri (THH)
Bi with female preference
Burns go up to her shoulders/collarbone/chest
Prefers to just listen as opposed to saying anything
Knows a ton of random trivia about everyone else in her class
She keeps a notebook she fills with all the trivia
Doesn't celebrate her birthday. She just doesn't see the point of it
Doesn't hate sugar/sweets, but if given the choice she would choose literally everything else
Cuts her own hair
A cat person
Permanent dark circles
T-Tall 😳
Like,,, 6'1 at LEAST
Only person taller than her is Yasuhiro (6'3)
Canon no longer exist
Ahahaha healthy life habits? What are those?
Can't handle horror games
She's the kind of person you'd go to if you needed to rant but didn't want any advice
Polyamourous yo
She's a dom yall are just scared to admit it
Tsuyu Asui (BNHA)
They go by They/Them
They and Ochaco are dating
They like to hang with Shinsou
Which mainly just means the two sitting in one of their dorms in near total silence doing whatever
Can speak English and French as well as Japanese
Learned English from cartoons
Picked up French bc they thought it'd be fun
Prefers to stay neutral in the whole Bakusquad / Dekusquad thing
They're invited to all outings/events by/for both squads
They like puns
They're a dumbass but willingly, and for fun
Like "someone says they like dark humour and they'll turn off the lights before telling a joke" kind dumbass for fun
Great at poker
Likes Disney Movies
Very touchy once you get close enough
Not in a sexual way, just likes physical contact
Especially fond of piggyback rides and cuddles
Extreme fear of needles
Entrapta (She-Ra)
She/Her or It/Its
Doesn't bother trying to figure out whether she's cis, trans, nonbinary, or what
Was AMAB though
Short as fuck (4'7)
Strong as fuck though
Cuddle game strong
Physical touch is a fuck yes
Piggyback rides
Anything where she's touching someone is wonderful in her book
As long as she's the one that initiates it
Anyone else touching her without her permission makes her freak
Prefers being high up
Makes it harder for anyone to sneak up on her
An ace at video games
When it comes to sexuality she just says she's Questioning
Ibuki Mioda (SDR2)
Any pronouns + Pup/Pupself + It/Its
No idea what their gender is otherwise
Biromantic Asexual
Just likes sexual jokes
Gets distracted easily
Has severe hearing problems
She's plays her instruments as loud as possible, with the amp right next to her, without ANY ear protection
It's caused some damage
She talks so loud bc she has no idea how loud is considered acceptable
Wears hearings aids most of the time
Several piercings and tattoos
Likes hearing things jingle
She has a bracelet with a few bells hanging from it
She'll shake it whenever she's bored
LOVES hair accessories
Ribbons are a particular favourite
Occasionally she'll hang little charms from her hair "horns"
The kind of person who never takes any pills/medicine bc she keeps forgetting she has to
Frequently uses emojis
Skates everywhere but she isn't very good at it
She keeps crashing into everything
Has broken every bone in her body at least 3 times
Most of which was bc she keeps trying to kick in doors and skating down the stairs
Celestia Ludenberg (THH)
Any pronouns, mainly goes by She/They
Bi, 70:30
Collects mini hand sanitizers and can tabs
Has single handedly gotten Mario Kart, Mario Party, Monopoly, Uno, and Clue banned a grand total of 17 times (and counting)
The kind of person to purposefully target someone regardless of what game was being played
Favourite victim is Byakuya (bc he gets so upset about it and she finds that hilarious)
Mains Waluigi
Has several banned Twitter accounts bc whenever she's bored she'll start discourse on purpose
Hangs with Korekiyo, Ibuki, Byakuya, Yasuhiro, and Leon most often
It's a weird friend group but everyone's sorta gotten used to it
She and Byakuya gamble together occasionally
She tries to avoid it bc he'll willingly blow his entire fortune in an attempt to beat her
Can't stand the feeling of water
Mainly bc she can't swim for shit
Horror movies? Hates them
Gets flustered super easily
Taka is her twin brother
Kotoko, Kokichi, and Gundham are their half siblings (Same father)
Peko and Toko are their cousins
She sucks ass at go fish
Fuck canon she's 4'11 now
C h u b b y
Once she gets comfortable enough with herself she dyes her hair in the peekaboo style
Either black and red or black and blonde
Haven't decided yet
I'll be doing Celesnaegiri hcs as a seperate post but I just feel it's important for you to know that she expresses her affection verbally and is a very touchy person
Went to middle school with Maki and Korekiyo
Has horrible eyesight
She wears contacts most of the time but she always puts off buying more
After the 5th or so time she ended up blindly stumbling around a week after her contacts ran out Kyoko convinced her to buy glasses as well
Religious accessories yo
Like chokers and dangly earrings with crosses and pentagrams and shit
Likes wearing wacky earrings
Can run and do all sorts of tricks in heels
She and Mukuro are exes yo
Keeps her hair short so it's easier to manage
Hair never gets longer than her shoulders if she can help it
She seems like the kind of person who'd keep her bangs grown past her eyes regardless of how frustrating or inconvenient it is
She's a sub yall just don't wanna admit it
Funtime Foxy (FNAF)
I'm going on the record to say this
Funtime Foxy is genderfluid and that is that
Goes by Funtime
Any pronouns, They/Them most commonly
Plays music (keyboard and guitar mainly)
They and Funtime Freddy (Freds) mainly play with the kids
Freds mainly tells stories with Bonbon while Funtime more so plays one-on-one
Has nicknames for everyone
Circus Baby - Ringleader
Ballora - Bells
Funtime Freddy - Partner
Bon Bon - Bun
Peril (WOF)
I like both Nonbinary She/They Peril and Mtf She/Her Peril
They're both such good concepts
She's a lesbian, Harold
She only had a crush on Clay bc he was pretty much everything she was supposed to like in a guy
Gimme a moment while I force all my mental disorders onto this poor child
Autistic, Anxiety (Social anxiety, mainly, but she has most types), Adhd, PTSD
I'd like to reiterate yet again that She's a lesbian
Sunny and Glory were her gay awakening
Peril in Book 1: Damn, Sunny and Glory sure are pretty. Anyone would be lucky to date them. Clay would probably go for them over me. He would be stupid if he didn't. I myself would willingly date them over someone like me. They're just so pretty :(
Peril waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of arc 2: WAIT-
Rarepair alert but Peril/Sora
Peril meeting Sora: "Hmmm She's attractive. I would love to date her. Too bad I'm straight and in love with her brother lmao :P"
Peril, a mere month later, waiting for Ruby to leave Jade Mountain, pacing in her cave, running face first into a wall: WAIT-
I remember reading this one amazing story where Sora taught Peril to read/write and Peril found out she set off the bomb and comforted her/convinced her her run so that's canon now
Btw if anyone can remember what that story was called/what platform it was on and could tell me I'd appreciate it very much
I'd even be willing to draw a character of your's or make you an icon or something
I usually don't accept requests bc I get burnt out easy but this is a special case
She runs into Sora again sometime between the beginning of TOP and the end
I like to imagine she just goes wandering around
Anyway she confesses like a mere few minutes after running into her again bc Peril is just subtle like that
The actual confession takes 15 minutes and the entire time Sora is just sitting here like "👁👄👁 sure"
Bam Peril/Sora
Peril plans to keep it a secret for a little while longer but she spends 3 seconds around Clay and pretty much blurts it out
Clay, who wasn't even aware that Peril was a lesbian, is just "👁👄👁"
I wanna say Clay doesn't know what a lesbian is but in my canon Sunny is a lesbian so Starflight has already told him
Anyway he's super supportive
From that point Peril is sorta open about her sexuality?
Like, she gives Clay permission to tell the rest of the D.O.D bc she isn't about to risk being in front of them when they hear the news
(When Sunny starts actively seeking her out as a hang out buddy and Tsunami, Glory, and Starflight appear to tolerate her presence just a bit more afterwards she pretends she isn't confused by the change)
She's pink, white, and blue bc I said so
If you look at a certain angle in the right lighting her eyes, mouth, fire, and under her scales all look purple
But her fire is normally white and blue bc I said so
Also she pale as fuck bc in my canon their fire just sorta burns their colour away
You know how you leave something outside for too long and it gets sunbleached? Where it gets all washed out?
Like that but more extreme
By the age of 10-12 firescale dragons are just white with pale eyes
That's right not even the eyes are safe
Ram horns :P
I'm also fond of Peril/Sunny
Or maybe Peril/Sora/Sunny
But Peril/Sora is the main thing
On the topic of that bringing in my hc that if one sib in a sib group is fire resistant all of them are
She,,, She can change her scale colour
But only slightly and only if her emotions are strong enough
Bc I don't give a fuck about Darkstalker's scroll we were robbed of hybrid Peril
Unfortunately all of Peril's emotions are strong
Rainwing ruff along her head and neck
It's like a hood
It's mainly smoothed to her sides but when she's startled it flares out
Y'all will know what those look like as soon as I get off my ass :P
She,,, She can mimic bird cries
Hates the summer
She has more than enough body heat already and the outside is just hot enough to add on and make her feel sick
She can somewhat control her heat but most of the time it's based on her emotions
It can go from standing-in-the-middle-of-a-burning-building-cant-see-your-nose-smoke-is-so-thick heat (Strong emotion) to Hey-thats-a-nice-cozy-campfire heat (Calm/"weak" emotion/Sleeping)
I'm just gonna make a different post with all my Peril hcs cuz there isnt enough room for all of them here
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arquitecturadelanada · 3 months ago
HI !! omg i'm excited to see what's in store for week four :D how are you ?? i hope you've been well and enjoying yourself <3
hmm i think i'll have to request a haikyuu matchup , preferably male this time . i'm a 4'11" shortie with glasses , brown eyes and black hair that's long-ish & fluffy it gets messy since i never tie it up . i have a petite rectangular body shape , kinda pale and you can spot my moles (there's a pair of them on my neck and i joke that it's a vampire bite) nothing too significant ab my appearance since i'm p average , i just look tired all the time LOL
i'm pretty comfy with wearing almost anything BUT revealing clothing even short skirts/shorts , so like nothing sexy ykyk .
my favorite halloween costume was prolly dressing up as a ravenclaw student from harry potter , i had the whole look , the vest the tie even the cloak and a wand !! i really enjoy your events , looking forward to everyone's costume party matchups :0
— 🎮
oh! i'm doing great thanks, how about you? ٩(๑❛ꇴ❛๑)و btw, last anon also picked their ravenclaw outfit as their favorite costume!!! i think that's a cool coincidence ♡
Tumblr media
costume partner ↦ tōru oikawa
costume idea ↦ ripley and the xenomorph from alien this is one of my dream costumes, ngl. i think iwaizumi would dare oikawa to go as an alien (thinking his best friend wouldn't do it) but oikawa would actually love the idea and commit to it 100%. the height difference would really bring out the concept!
Tumblr media
・゚🕸halloween special event: open! read the rules here and feel free to send requests!! 🕸・゚
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mod-komaru-blog · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
4'11 huh?
Let me just..
Tumblr media
You're so small and I love you/p
- Mod Komaru
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