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Experiments in Kiwi… 
I have another of Cappy Thule’s Onion Demon that I am sort of working on…!

I haven’t had a day off yet so I only get an hour or two to be a person…

Kiwi belongs to @44insects !
Check out their art if you get a moment! 

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A Doodle of Kiwi, who belongs to @44insects .

I really liked their masked face and ruffles, in a recent drawing.

Trying out coloring on drawings, which… I am sort of new to, outside of pixels…

I feel pretty messy about it. There are filters that make it sort of smooth and pastel but I feel like that’s probably cheating…

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cappy-thule and 44insects draw some questionable shit like are we just gonna ignore the feeling of them being bronzecatworld adjacent and reblog their pictures cause they fit your shitty anime aesthetic

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