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shatteredsequel · 9 months ago
i think i’m going to become an unreliable narrator. if you see me obscuring the full truth or saying things that directly contradict each other, don’t worry about it.
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robotslenderman · 10 months ago
I can’t believe we’ve finally made it to December, thirty years after 2020 started
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unalaq · a year ago
i literally have so much respect for sokka like if i were travelling the world with three insanely powerful middle schoolers i would have gone insane.
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cottagewarlock · a year ago
you know what’s a good feeling? a real good feeling?
when sunbeams do this.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
that is all.
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you know how wealthy conservatives tend to proactively accuse other groups of the very sins they themselves are responsible for? shifting the blame before anyone’s even accused them?
and you know how they love to perpetuate that conspiracy theory of a small group of super-elites controlling the globe & media & brainwashing humanity with propaganda? but in their version the people responsible are jewish? aka another minority they love to blame things on?
so what if
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shirozora-draws · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
So, uh. Wow. Hi, new followers.
Just so you all know, I’m much more likely to toss up a messy late night “why are you procrastinating on your assignment WHY ARE YOU PROCRASTINATING ON YOUR ASSIGNMENT THAT’S DUE TOMORROW” scribblescrabble of lines and slapstick color than some semi-polished animated doodle. Just... fyi. 
Now that we’ve drastically lowered expectations, have an extremely messy late night keldabe kiss.
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stupid-dyke · 2 years ago
Remember when Love, Simon said „I‘m just like you. I have a big house in the suburbs, i drive a brand new car, and I have 3 friends who like hanging out with me. I‘m just like you, except, I’m gay.“ and I thought, buddy, I have nothing in common with you except being gay
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tyhplosion · 2 years ago
*spongebob narrator voice* ah.. zee mortifying ordeal of being known
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rjalker · a month ago
People who make 45k a year all by themselves are really fucking saying “if you can’t afford surprise emergency vet bills of over 2K dollars, you shouldn’t own a cat or a dog in the first place”
like okay just say you hate poor people lol.
Like bitch do you think if I needed emergency surgery I’d be able to afford it???? are you gonna tell me to just stop living????
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arobenrey · 3 months ago
The game is over. Benrey is dead. Tommy, Gordon, Coomer, and Bubby now have the freedom to live however they please, even if they don’t understand why they’re still alive. Tommy is staying in his father’s isolated pocket dimension house, memories of the game never letting him forget he’s just an AI trying to live as a person, while mourning his losses: the code that guided him everywhere, his old life (whether it was real or not), and the friend he helped kill... but he’s fine. Everything’s fine, and everyone’s gonna be happy, eventually. And life can only get better from here as he leaves his past behind.
[Fully written. Updates on Saturdays.]
new fic dropped y’all, let’s get it
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