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!!!!! I just wanted to say that I love your writing!! I was all over your ao3 about a week ago and haven’t stopped thinking of your stories since, and I’m pretty sure I read all your Rogue One fics! I love love love how you characterize Jyn, Cassian, and K2SO! It’s honestly so delightful and I’m devouring all your fics a second time round at a frightening rate! They’re honestly so wonderful!!!

I really can’t say how much a message like this means to me <333 I’m so happy you’re loving the fics, and that someone is still reading them, and they can matter and make a positive impact on people, and that the detail I put into those fics is still appreciated today. fandom is meant to be shared and to get feedback on my work years after some of those were posted - and for you to have read and reread so many of them?! - is truly a regenerative joy. thank you so much, and I hope you find even more things that bring you joy in this time <3


and may the force be with you ;)

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So if anyone wondered why I practically dropped off the face of the fandom planet in 2019, this is one of the reasons why. I am so excited to (finally) announce that I worked on this! My bby made its way from animatic to animation and it’s sofa. king. BEAUTIFUL. ;-;

Getting to officially work on a Star Wars thing is like a mini dream come true! I may not be great at art, but I still managed to work my way into something as neat as this <3

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Consider the song " Dead Girl Waking " from heathers with 59 :).Wether Stitchpunk or humanize do. 5 as Veronica and 9 as JD. If you know what happens in that song I just imagine it being like 5 being absolutely dine with everybody else and being like " 9 I need you~" just shdbdhdhd

Originally posted by tickinggears


I just love the imagery of 5 ‘snapping’ and bursting into 9′s room like “BABE YOU GOT A BIG STORM COMING~!”

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🏆 This is the Amazing Person Award 🏆 ✨💛 Once you are given this award you are supposed to paste it in the ask of eight different people, who, in your opinion, deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it is sweet to know someone thinks you're amazing inside and out 💛✨

aww, thank you nonny! this was a very nice message to come back to :)

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Masters of Austrian Economics #5: Murray N. Rothbard

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I won’t pretend I’ve always handled matters correctly when it comes to the CC fandom, nor will I pretend that I’ve unfortunately taken place in starting a lot of drama that was, well, not warranted (not the war on like…M///a//x//vi///d shippers, that was very warranted and I feel no shame there, but like…..I’ve said things about people that were really not okay and I have long since apologized to some of them for it. I was at fault, and it was the LEAST I could do to make it up to them). 

But to know that there are people in the fandom who still consider me an influence or inspirational really makes me smile. I’m glad that, for all my faults, I can still help people. At the end of the day, that’s really all that matters.

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