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#5 headcanon au night

How about some Jackeal? In a skyfactory au?

The good couple! <3 

1. At the Beginning of Creation, they were The Pair. Ryan as the Creator made Jack and Geoff together in one fell swoop to be Ying and Yang. Jack was the God of Plants and Geoff was God of Animals and they were to co-exist as the Gods of Life Itself. And in the Beginning, that was true. Geoff’s animals would feed and grow on the wheat that Jack carefully tended, slowly working together in the dirt that was painstakingly crafted by the then-God of Earth, Gavin. They would slave away together on the same plot of land in the Oasis. Their work was mimicked on the World Below, and as they harvested and their animals flourished, so did the Earth’s.

2. As technology advanced and mantles and God-hood’s shifted around, their relationship gets strained. Jack embraces the technologies that Ryan has Created, using the machinery to produce more plants faster and faster. His simple earthen garden becomes almost a laboratory. Geoff and Jack fight constantly about this, Geoff blaming Jack for not tending to his plants the way he should be, with care and love. Jack blames Geoff for being ‘simple’ and for not upgrading with the times. It’s a rough period.

3. Sometimes, on a warm sunny day in the Oasis, Geoff and Jack will skip work for the day and lay out in the field behind Geoff’s farm. It’s warm and soothing and they take the day to just look up at the clouds that float all around them, letting the breeze flow through their hair and holding hands as they doze under the warm light of the sun. When the sun goes down, sometimes the others join them and they all stargaze together.

4. Despite hating the beasts, Geoff is extremely proud of Jack when he manages to raise a dragon and hatch it. It was similar to the process with his chickens and animals are his domain. To see the joy in Jack’s eyes when he rattles away about his baby dragon is almost enough to forget the creature would eat his precious chickens if given half a chance. 

5. In the Beginning, they would steal kisses behind ears of corn, giggling like rotten little schoolchildren and not the Gods they were. Later, when relationships were more defined, they made themselves a little cottage out of wood and thatch. They moved in together in a snug little home and spent many lazy nights wrapped in one another’s arms. They may be Gods, after all, but there was no denying the very human desires of the flesh.

I love these boys. So sweet. Sky factory AU!

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Fahc Ramwood? <3

Ohhh… Ramwood’s a good one, Kays, I love me some Ramwood.

1. Ryan was the one Geoff had to court the longest to join the crew. He was the cities’ biggest ghost and it took a very long time to even track him down enough to get a message to him, let alone to convince him to join. It took an arduous, painstaking year and for a while Geoff was certain Ryan was just playing hard to get just to be a piece of shit. When really Ryan wanted to make sure that Geoff wouldn’t be like previous bosses, using and abusing and discarding him like all the others. It was a long, painful process that ended with another year of Ryan wearing his mask and going by The Vagabond, but when he finally got Ryan to crack and show them his face and his smile, Geoff though this heart was going to melt from joy.

2. Ryan will bring Geoff gifts. Not dead bodies or anything equally as vulgar as some people may assume the Vagabond will give, but real, genuine gifts. He plays it off as something simple, like a gorgeous watch or a nice pair of shoes, but it’s really a way of showing Geoff that he appreciates the stolidity of his place in the crew and that he’s loyal to Geoff entirely.

3. Speaking of loyalty, Geoff revels in the idea that he can fully control the Vagabond. It’s a game he likes to play in front of particularly belligerent client. He’ll speak with them personally instead of sending Gavin and he’ll take Ryan with him. Only the two of them because that’s all they need to scare the man into compliance. The mystery of Ramsey, all black mustache and shiny shoes, with the lurking presence of the Vagabond over his right hand shoulder. All Ramsey needs to do is snap his finger and the Vagabond will kill every other person in that room. A simple shake of his head will stop the man mid-act. Rumor has it that if Ramsey twirled his finger, the Vagabond will roll over like a dog. Normally it would be assumed that Ryan would despise these rumors, but he spreads most of them himself. He likes it to be known who in this world can call the Vagabond to heel. 

4. After a particuarlly busy day, Geoff will get headaches. Ryan knows pressure points and is a pretty damn good massusist. He’ll lay the other out on the bed and gently work the stress out of his muscles. Geoff always is a pile of relaxed puddy after the work. Sometimes Geoff will try to return the favor after a long, physical day for Ryan, sprawled out on the bed, but he’s not as good. Ryan appreciates the effort all the same.

5. If Ryan ever gets hurt, Geoff sees red. There are stories of Ramsey ordering the destruction of entire warehouses, the elimination of entire crews, for one wrong shot connecting on the skin of the Vagabond. The anger of Ramsey is something to fear at any time, but if you hurt his dog, woe betide you. The only thing awaiting you is misery. If god forbid anyone killed the Vagabond….. the only thing this city would see for weeks is the main streets running thickly red with blood and a man standing in the stream with the corpses of those who dared to take Ryan from him.

Ramwood is one of my fav ships, by far. Such a good one.

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Supernatural au or immortal FAHC au

I love your name, friend, I just have to say. I too want a horse in a jacket. I’m going for supernatural AU!

1. Ryan fucking adores messing with the others, especially when they don’t know vampire customs and they had just formed the little coven or group or whatever it is. Geoff makes pasta one night and he eats it, which shocks everyone. Ryan at first thinks it’s that he’s eating food instead of blood and explains that just because he gets his nutrients from blood it doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy human food, but it’s more because Geoff had put four cloves of garlic into that sauce and holy shit you should be dead. Just for shits and giggles, Ryan falls to the floor and pretends to start convulsing. He waits until Michael was about to magic down lightning to restart his long dead heart before he jumps up and assures them it was just a joke. No one talks to him for a week.

2. Geoff sometimes spends sleepless nights terrified that the Hunters will come. He grew up with the Hunters, was indoctrinated in their ways, and lived his life with them until he was told to kill a little Fae named Gavin. Instead he made a bond with the little demon and found out that ruling the city of sin with his band of supernatural demons was far more effective than killing Supernaturals (especially when Humans were the worst monsters). He knows that the Hunters have far more sophisticated ways of sniffing out supernaturals and spends long nights terrified that someone will take his boys away from him.

3. Los Santos has somewhat become the Haven for Lost Supernaturals. Geoff doesn’t really understand how this happened, nor does any of the other Fakes, but they don’t deny it either. So long as the Supernaturals don’t pick fights or go against Fake authority, they’re allowed to stay unheeded. They have created quite the army of Supernaturals in the city, including Succubus Trevor Collins who acts as a secondary frontman in Gavin’s absence, a shapeshifting people eater (who @shadeofazmeinya knows the real name of) Alfredo Collins who acts as their sniper when he’s not eating people, a fucking Satyr Matthew Bragg who hacks, a phoenix glamored as a human named Lindsay Jones, etc. 

4. Jeremy’s Wolf only somewhat knows and respects the others on the crew as Pack. It won’t kill them instantly when it scents them and more or less respects Geoff’s authority as Alpha because it knows Jeremy does. But when it’s out on the full moon, none of them can stop its rampage. It will kill and eat and run and do whatever it wants to do until the sun comes up and leaves an exhausted, starving Jeremy naked somewhere. It’s up to the other crew members to make sure he stays in the woods above Chillad and doesn’t attract any undue attention. (It really likes the taste of hikers.)

5. Gavin can’t be anywhere near iron. It burns his skin so bad just being near it will start him blistering. His skin will peel and it’s extremely, extremely painful. That’s common knowledge. What’s not is that Michael is attempting to develop a salve from ingredients he found in the world of the Fae to put on wounds Gavin gets from iron (purposeful or accidental - sometimes iron can be in things that aren’t expected). It’s not fool-proof, but it’s on its way and hopefully will keep their little Golden Fae boy safe.

Hope this was fun! I love this AU, I want to write more in it soon.

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