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calumxkisses · 8 months ago
Heather | c.h.
pairing: calum hood x reader
genre: angst
warnings: none
summary: - request: I got an idea for a fic: cal dating the reader to make someone jelous ✋😩 I wanna make myself cry. You can end it fluff or angst.
a/n: do people even read these? i hope you enjoy the pain :)
you should read this while listening to: heather by conan gray and/or traitor by olivia rodrigo.
The warm air completely envelops you as soon as you enter the house, the temperature is much higher than the autumn cold that accompanied you on your way up there. Taking a taxi would have been much easier, you would have saved yourself from the cold you’ll get, but the temperatures are still tolerable and you want to take advantage of these last warm days before the winter cold.
The music is loud as you walk down the main corridor looking around for familiar faces, you remove your coat while admiring the beautiful handmade decorations and while trying to find your way around the majestic house: it’s wonderful but mysterious as a labyrinth; the house is made of wood inside, huge boards decorate the ceiling with geometric shapes and the colored party lights reflects on the clothes of the guests. Everyone is dressed in white, whether it is a long dress or a shirt, the theme is very clear and in contrast with the dark colors of the house.
As soon as you arrive in the hall, in the distance, you see the figure of your boyfriend. His tanned skin brings out the light color of his shirt as he frantically moves his hands in an attempt to make Andy understand something. His hair, curly as ever, falls on his face in front of his eyes but he is too engaged in the conversation to move it. Next to him, a female figure is sitting on the sofa and her heels lie at the foot of the armchair, while her bare feet are crossed.
It doesn't take him long to turn around and notice you, like he feels like you are there. His lips hint at a smile as he turns completely in your direction. His rings reflect the colored lights as he raises his hand to shake it, miming a “hi” with his lips.
You smile back as the music stops playing for a second and the butterflies in your stomach start their own concert at the sight of him standing there and looking at you.
Calum steps towards you, cupping your face in his warm hands as soon as he’s in front of you and pressing his soft lips down onto yours.
The room starts spinning as you feel his tongue against yours, his lips pressing onto yours in a kiss that could make time stop.
You feel his stubble tickle your skin, his thumb stroking your cheek softly.
When you finally pull away to catch your breath, you notice his eyes scanning the room, looking for something, a space where to breathe maybe, and you take his hand in yours, holding it tightly to reassure him. Crowded places have never been his favorite place to be, his anxiety gets higher when there's too many people around him and your presence always seems to make him feel better.
“Let’s go grab a drink, love.” He whispers into your ear, moving a tuft of hair behind it and kissing briefly your neck. A small moan leaves your mouth and Calum smiles at you pleased before going towards the bar.
This house looks like a club from how many people are here and you need to be careful to not bump into anybody while you walk to the kitchen. You’ve never enjoyed this kind of parties, too many people gathered in a small place, too many judging eyes and not enough room to breathe, but having your friends always by your side makes everything more tolerable and fun, knowing that they’ve your back and are ready to dance all night with you.
Luke is standing close to the table, he’s holding an empty red cup as he squeezes you in a quick hug before handing Calum a cup.
“Oh, I missed you.” Crystal approaches with open arms before holding you in a thigh hug. You haven't seen your friends for two days and it seems like an eternity has passed. There is such a close bond between you, such a deep relationship based on love, trust and all your adventures.
It's funny to think that, just a few years ago, you were desperate at the idea that you would have spent your life alone, without friends. You remember the way you used to hide under the sheets, in the dark of your bedroom, and spent your school nights watching youtube videos about friendships, with your heart breaking with each frame and the tears slowly running down your face, while you thought about what you could have done to not deserve such a life.
A feeling so maliconic, a period of your life so dark that, every time a memory of one of those nights resurfaces in your mind, your chest still hurts for a few seconds.
But now, as you make your way back to the living room, surrounded by the laughter of your friends, by their stares to see if anyone is left behind as they make sure they get enough chairs for everyone, your heart is beating normally again, and the pain of many years ago is just an unpleasant memory, a pain you went through to get to the wonderful moment of your life where you are now.
Your father always used to repeat: “One day you will laugh about all this pain.” as he held you tightly in his arms and kissed you in your hair, wiping every tear that fell during those terrible nights. You remember the way you rolled your eyes at him as you thought about how stupid and false those words were, how you were convinced that there was no light for you at the end of the dark tunnel you were passing through.
Still, if there's one good thing old age brings, it's wisdom, and your dad, as funny and playful as he was, was smart and serious enough to tell you the truth. And, as Calum tells you to sit on his lap to make room for the others, you mentally make a note to call your dad to thank him for giving you such a great lesson and, maybe, to ask him to give you some more life lessons while you help him fix whatever machine broke in your parent’s house.
Your friends, Calum, they saved you.
As you sit on your boyfriend's lap and lean against his chest, crossing your legs and placing your head on his shoulder, the world seems to stop and everything seems to be in the right place. In the chaos of the party, you feel in absolute peace, almost like you’re in heaven or, at least, that’s how you imagine it.
His hand moves up and down your bare leg as he laughs at a joke made by Michael. His other hand rests on your side, surrounding your back, and no other place, not even that beach house or that apartment in your favorite city that you dream of so much, will ever make you feel at home like this situation and these people.
The group is sitting in a circle, there are people who have only recently joined it and there are those who have been part of it for a lifetime, but you blindly trust each of them with your whole life. You know that they will always take care of you - like you do of them - and that they will always be close to you. Especially the guy who is holding you tight, as his scent invades your nostrils and his body warms yours during this autumn evening.
You gently kiss his cheek as you listen to Luke telling how rehearsals went over the week. Everyone is focused on listening carefully, but Calum is distracted looking around, not paying attention to the way your brows move in a questioning look. A strange sensation goes through your body, an occurrence that has happened often lately, but you swallow the lump in your throat as you try to push the anxiety out of your mind.
Two hours seem to pass in a flash as your laughter echoes in the room, almost surpassing the volume of the music. Your glasses are almost empty but your smiles are not the result of alcohol, but of embarrassing situations and stories that ended badly. You are still sitting on your boyfriend's lap as your hand holds Crystal's hand, sitting next to you. It’s a habit you have shared for some time, you love to hold each other’s hand for the simple pleasure of always feeling connected, a habit that reassures the both of you of the presence of the other.
Calum's thumb still gently strokes your leg as he’s lost in thoughts, staring up in front of him with his mind elsewhere. He participated in a few stories and his laugh warmed your heart a few times but, like every time there are many people around you, he disassociated himself from some conversations and took a few minutes to calm down, taking deep breaths and closing in on himself, only to be able to laugh again at some stupid joke a few moments later.
You know how much he needs these little moments for him and, as much as your heart tightens to see him so lost, you know you will be ready to be his light in the darkness he crosses.
The smiles of all your friends make you feel at home, that feeling of belonging to something great, unique. The kind of feeling you get when it's raining and cold outside, but you're indoors, with a blanket over your shoulders and your favourite hot tea in your hands. It's stormy outside, but you're safe with them, in their half-closed eyes and full cheeks.
Everyone's smile, except Ashton's. His lips stopped curving up about an hour into the conversation, and the gleeful expression that often distinguishes him has been replaced by a grim, pouting face, with the tips of the eyebrows down and the jaw set, while the wrinkle on his forehead becomes more and more present.He has been looking intently in your direction and, for a moment, every time you meet his gaze, you feel like you are being pierced by a dagger, which goes straight through your heart.
“Is everything alright, Ash?” you dare to ask, moving your body in his direction and whispering to not make anyone worry. Something in him clicks, because his eyes return to look intently into yours before getting up in a click, silencing and scaring everyone.
“Calum, I need to speak to you urgently. Come with me.” He demands aloud, starting to walk towards the stairs and going upstairs, without looking back and trusting to be followed by his best friend.
Everyone looks at Calum with confused faces and questioning expressions, as you stand up to be able to move aside and to let him go. He shrugs, confused like everyone else, before following Ashton upstairs. Crystal squeezes your hand a little bit harder, but you turn to her shaking your head to let her know that you’re not aware of what is happening just like them.
Everything happens so fast that your heart skips a beat as your hands start shaking a little.
“I should probably go see what's going on, just to see if they're okay.” Your voice shakes as you arrange your shoulder bag next to your coat, on the couch, and grab the glass for one sip, hoping that it gives you some courage. Michael nods a ‘yes’ before looking at Luke, a look that seems to hide more than just confusion.
With the bottom of the glass still a little full and with your heart in your throat, you head upstairs, being careful not to trip on the stairs with your heels, holding your free hand on the handrail. The stairs seem endless to you, while in your head you think about everything you did that could have angered Ashton.
Did you greet him when you arrived or did you forget? Did you say something you shouldn't have or were you silent when you should have said something? Your whole life seems to pass you by as you search for a possible cause for his behavior.
You hear commotion in the first room of the corridor, just next to the stairs. The door is almost closed but you can see the figure of your boyfriend from the crack left open on the door. Their behavior is so strange that you wait a moment before opening, taking a deep breath while looking for the right words to say. Just as you are about to open the door, a familiar voice begins to speak.
“What’s wrong?”
“You need to stop, Calum.” Ashton says looking at his friend straight in his eyes. The tone of his voice is harsh as he runs a hand through his hair.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Calum replies, but the way he moves around the room shows that he knows exactly what the conversation is going to be about.
You know full well that eavesdropping is wrong but the feeling in your stomach tells you to stay, your heart beats fast and you feel a concrete block on your stomach. Your hands are shaking wildly now and you place the glass slowly and gently on the ground to avoid making any noise and being caught.
“She doesn't deserve this. You'll break her heart.” Ashton leans on the dresser and crosses his arms in front of him. He has his back to you but you can see the reflection of his face in the mirror in front of the door, on the other side of the room. A short laugh comes out of Calum's mouth as he stops in his footsteps.
You quickly realize that Ashton was not looking badly at you - he was looking behind you, at Calum. Yet, it doesn’t make you feel any better, even worse, if that’s possible. Why is he so mad?
“You don't know what you're talking about, Ash. I really like her.” Your boyfriend turns to the door so he can look at his friend in the eyes as he leans against the wall. His gaze is hard and an indecipherable expression makes its way across his face. You move slightly away from the door, hoping you haven't been seen.
“Who? Your girlfriend or Heather? You're not as smart as you think, you've been looking at her the whole night! We arrived hours early just so you could talk and stay alone with her.” Ashton raises his voice as his face turns red with anger. Calum stands up, surprised by his best friend's words, and looks down at his feet.
Your heart sinks in hearing that name spoken and instinctively you put a hand on your heart. If hearing them talk felt wrong before, you're too part of the conversation now to stop eavesdropping.
Your worst nightmare and your biggest dream. An angel who came down to earth, she seems to have been carved by God himself and has a personality that could change the whole world. She’s everything a person wants to be, her body has the right curves, she has the right ideals and a style that makes models envious. She joined the group only a year ago, but she became part of the family in a short time.
She has always been kind to you, she was close to you in the dark times and she always made sure to include you in everything, helping you when you were in trouble. And as grateful as you are to have her by your side, you can't help but be jealous of her.
She has everyone wrapped around her finger, she just needs to snap her fingers and the entire world is at her feet. It wouldn't be a problem if, among all those people, there wasn’t also Calum.
Your love story began almost a year ago, a love you had felt for years, but that he only reciprocated nearly eleven months ago. It was unexpected, a date between two friends that ended with the kiss of your dreams. A nightly picnic on the hill overlooking all of Los Angeles, with the lights of the city as a backdrop and the melody of an old album playing in the car behind you as a soundtrack.
His face was illuminated by the light of the moon and his eyes shone with a light of their own, his smiling lips were surrounded by stains of sauce and his hand, the one not occupied by food, was holding yours tightly. Your cell phones were abandoned in the car and everything would have been even more perfect if bugs hadn't started invading your space. And a couple of laughs and ran later, his lips leaned against yours and the butterflies in your stomach started flying around, sending your head on tilt and your body shaking.
Sierra told you, a few days prior the night of your dreams, that he had a crush on Heather, but from the way he held you that night, you knew it wasn't true; there was no way his heart belonged to someone else, not when his eyes looked at you full of love and his arms hugged you so tightly, like they were built to hold you, just you.
You changed completely after you started dating, his habits became your habits and his world became your world.
You were no longer you, you were a new, happier, version of yourself.
Still, Heather was still in his head. Her opinion was important to him, as was her presence at every party. She was always around, dates or concerts, there was no way to have a sigh of relief. But Calum had reassured you multiple times, with his gestures and words, that he loved only you, that his heart was yours and that there was no reason to worry. She was always there, as was your boyfriend's love for you.
So what is Ashton talking about?
“Shut up.” That's all Calum says.
Why doesn't he tell Ashton he's wrong? Why did her name cause that reaction on his face?
“Do you think we can't see it? Cal, your heart beats only for Heather. Whatever you do, you always look around to make sure she is watching you. The way you kiss your girlfriend but worry that Heather is looking at you, the words you use, your body language always aimed at her. We are not blind or stupid, everyone has noticed it,” Ashton takes a deep sigh and gets up from the dresser, walking towards his best friend.
Your head starts spinning as Ashton's words make their way inside of you. The corridor walls get narrower and the darkness seems to suck you in, but you hold on to that little hope that Calum will defend you, that he'll say it's a lie and that you weren't that blind.
“Everyone except the girl who is sitting on the sofa downstairs and is impatiently waiting for the boyfriend she is madly in love with to come back to her.” He finishes the sentence and Calum turns back to him. The last words must have hit him deeply, as his eyebrows droop in a somber expression and his eyes lose their brilliance.
“I told Heather that I had feelings for her, that the way I looked at her was more than just a look between friends. But she knew that someone else had feelings for me and didn't want to interfere, she told me she had broken enough hearts and that someone else would have loved me in a better way,” Calum begins to tell as he frantically moves his hands to calm his anxiety. He paces back and forth around the room and doesn't dare to lift his eyes off the floor.
Ashton leans back against the dresser again as his ears listen carefully to every single word and his heart aches for the girl downstairs, unaware that you are only a few feet away and that your heart is getting stabbed with every word.
“And when I found out who had feelings for me, I thought that if I was with her, I would have made Heather jealous to the point that she would have changed her mind and would have loved me. And before I knew it, the situation got out of hand. I just wanted to be with Heather, but I needed to make her jealous and to let her know that she was losing me.”
The world seems to collapse on you as his words completely destroy your heart and every piece of it. He used you, he used your heart full of love as a game, as a tool to make the girl of his dreams jealous. Every kiss, every caress, every sweet word, was just a way to reach an end that was not yours. All your sacrifices, all the pieces of you that you gave him, all your love, it was all in vain.
He didn't care how you felt, how your sky got bluer and your days shone brighter since he came into your life. He only cared if Heather's days were darkening and if her heart was aching for him. You looked at him with eyes full of love and joy, but his eyes looked at her, in all her perfection.
In your head there seems to be a jackhammer as every single moment of your relationship passes before your eyes, in this new light you notice how naive you have been, how everyone had noticed this staged show and how stupid you were for not noticing anything. His gaze was always turned towards her, for better or for worse, when his heart was beating hard or not beating at all.
And as the walls tighten around you and your body loses all its energy, your lungs can’t breathe and you know there is nothing good left for you anymore.
You try to move but moving your legs seems impossible, the floor is sucking you in and in a burst you move backwards, hitting the glass next to you and making it fall to the ground, causing a small noise that echoes in the silence of your pain.
Less than a second later, the door to the room in front of you swings open and Ashton looks at you in surprise, before awareness makes its way into him and his eyes fill with pity towards you. The only thing you can look at, though, is Calum, the way his mouth opens wide and the way his heart seems to stop for a moment. He tries to say something, but his lips don't make a sound before, with eyes full of tears, you run away from there.
You almost stumble on the stairs, but you need to get out as soon as possible. Luke tries to talk to you, before the words get stuck in his throat as he sees who is running behind you. You grab the bag and the coat you threw on the sofa and storm outside. It doesn't take long for Luke to understand, a look in your eyes and he knows the truth is out and the pain they were trying to protect you from has reached you.
Everyone gets up and follows you outside, they don't know what to do but standing still isn't the solution, not when their friend's heart is so badly broken.
Even strangers follow you outside, so much hustle and bustle seems much more interesting than any song playing at that moment.
The night appears to be darker than usual as gray clouds cover the few stars in the sky. The cold hits your body violently, freezing the tears that are running down your face. Your head, your legs, your chest, everything seems to ache as you toss your things to the ground and put your hands on your face, before running them with a furious motion through your hair, hoping to relieve the seething anger in your veins.
How could you be so stupid?
How could you not see the way his gaze was lost in Heather's eyes?
How did you not notice anything?
But above all, with what courage did he lie to you?
How courageously did he sleep with you while he thought of her?
With what courage did he say he loved you while his heart belonged to her?
As you search for even a shred of meaning in everything that has happened, his voice makes its way into your ears and, for the first time, instead of feeling the warmth of home, you only hear the loud crack of breaking walls.
“I’m so sorry.”
You don't know what to do as you turn to him. You want to scream, cry, break everything. Your arms annoy you as you move them desperately, trying to relieve the pain, as your nails get into the palms of your hands. You grit your teeth as you try to find the strength to speak.
“You’re sorry? Sorry is not going to fix everything. You broke my heart, Calum. You played with my feelings. Are you happy now?” You scream as tears keep running down your face, your hands move up and down your arms, trying to give yourself some kind of comfort.
Calum's face expresses the pain he's feeling, but it's nothing compared to what he's done. He can see what he has caused from your eyes, now dull and disappointed, and he would like to be able to go back and avoid involving you in his little show to win the person he thought he loved.
He takes a step forward to try to calm you down, to tell you that he is sorry and that he will do anything to help you get over the pain he has caused you, but the way you walk back before his foot even touches the ground makes him realize that no word, no hug and no touch from him will help you, not anymore.
“Please, let me explain.” He whispers in a broken voice, reaching out and trying to have any kind of contact.
“Let you explain? I think you made it clear enough in there. You clearly said you used me to get to someone else. I don't think you can be any clearer than that.” Your voice has calmed down but is still very loud. A nervous smile forms on your face as you shake your head in disbelief, hoping it's all a bad joke.
You look behind him and you notice everyone's eyes on you, their looks are sad to see you so fragile and suffering and you don't know which humiliation is worse, if it was being used by the boy you loved or the looks full of pity from everyone those who knew, but who preferred to keep quiet and let you hurt yourself.
Heather is there, in front of you, a few meters away, her eyes don’t stop looking at you even for a second and a mix of emotions makes its way into your body as you see her there. You want to hate her, you want to run to her and scream at her for being so damn perfect, beautiful and loved by Calum.
But it's not her fault, you know you can't get mad at her if you're not what he wants. What is her fault? To exist? You can't condemn her for just being human.
She has always been kind to you, her intentions were never bad and, even though she might have feelings for him, she never put herself in the middle of the relationship.
You can’t blame her, Calum made a mistake, not her. And the thought of that hurts you even more.
Someone in the crowd yells “It's his loss!” but you know that he didn’t lose anything, maybe he even gained something, the possibility of being with her without having you around. But to you, it feels like you’ve lost your whole world. You lost all the kiss you shared, all the hands you’ve ever held and all the pieces of you you’ve given him.
“Have you ever loved me at some point? Or was it all completely fake?” You dare to ask, trying to find something positive, an excuse for loving him, certainty of not having wasted all of yourself all this time.
“I’m so sorry.” He answers, he’s too cowardly to say ‘no’, as tears fall down his face and a brief laughter comes out of your mouth in the irony of seeing him sad, after all he has done.
You can't do anything else but pick up the pieces of your broken heart and get as far away as possible from him, from everything that reminds you of the love you thought you shared.
“I don’t want your apology or your sympathy,” You say, pulling your hair behind your ears and running a hand under your eyes, removing the poured mascara and trying to get back to a decent look, to when your heart was intact, to when you were happy and to when a coward had not yet humiliated you.
You reach down to pick up the bag you threw and bite your lip to try to avoid crying again.
You will let it go once you get home, you’ll throw yourself under the covers and let go of all the pain, just like you used to do when you were younger and maybe, even after all this time, your father will come home to hold you again.
And in a few weeks, the world will turn again for you too and the pain will become less and less, until it disappears.
For now, however, you will have to pretend that you have the strength to go on, you will have to pretend that all this has touched you only partially, that his absence will not hurt so much.
Calum doesn't move as you walk towards the garden gate, everyone's gaze is locked on him, but you know he won't do anything to stop you. He doesn't deserve a second chance, he doesn't deserve to stop and apologize one last time.
Part of you hopes that he will have the opportunity to taste his own medicine, but deep down, as much as it hurts to admit it, you still love him and you wouldn’t want to see him suffer, you would never want something similar to happen to him, because his heart, the one you hate so much, does not deserve it.
What makes you even more angry is that you still love him. You hate the way you still feel butterflies walking past him and you hate even more the fact that a part of you hopes that tomorrow morning he will come home to apologize, bringing you your favorite breakfast and trying to remedy the pain he caused. But it won't happen, and all you can do is just go back to the old you, a part of you that no longer exists.
“I just want myself back.” That’s all you whisper and you know he has heard it. You turn around to look at him one last time and you see him looking back at you. The same pair of eyes where you used to find hope, now make you feel lost.
As the gate closes behind you, you start to feel like a broken record; the love you shared seems like your favorite song, the one you’ve listened to for so long that you can’t put on repeat anymore because, even though it gave you so much, you can’t help but feel nostalgic over a taste you don’t have anymore, a person you’re not anymore and, for as much as you want to listen to it again, you can do nothing but hate it as soon as the first notes start playing, crying at the sound that once made you feel so loved.
You loved Calum with your whole heart, you have fallen asleep to the sound of his voice many nights, you have put your hand through is hair so many times and you’ve learned all his favorite things, but you can’t help but feeling nauseous as you think about him, at the deep of his eyes - the one you used to get lost in, and at the smile that brightened his face - and your days.
Rain starts to fall down all around you, wetting your clothes and making a mess on your face, and you let every single drop running drown your face and body, hoping to remove all the traces of his love - or whatever it actually was - from you.
In seven years, all the cells of your body will be new and every piece of him that he gave you will be definitely gone, and your breaks a little more at the thought of it.
“And the tears come streaming down your face when you lose something you can’t replace. When you love someone but it goes to waste, could it be worse?”
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i will never shut up about IT
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5 Seconds of Summer - Red Desert
Requested by @reddesert-healourblues 💕
Hope you like these 🌸🌅
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5 Seconds Of Summer
Calum Hood
Smut One shots
Too Pretty 4.1k  Plus!Size Reader
Cal wants to go swimming but the you are nervous about everyone seeing your body, a man catcalls you and Cal gets protective and takes you home to prove how beautiful you are
Feel the Bass  2.1k  
Calum is practicing bass and the vibrations are getting to you
Insecurish  2.9k
You are having some self doubt when you walk in on Cal watching a show filled with gorgeous girls, and is to distracted to respond to you
Sand, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, and a Ring 4.3k
You and Calum go for a hike to the beach and have a picnic, Calum has a hard time keeping his hands to himself with you in your bathing suit and more
Bad Day 2.3k Plus!Size Reader
Your having a bad day and Cal makes it so much better
Damn Thighs 1.7k Plus!Size Reader
Your thighs rubbing together cause your pants to tear, Cal starts out all sweet and loving but when you get to dinner his demeanor changes
A Suit Without A Tie 2k
Calum in a suit but his tie is being put to another useWarnings: Pure Filth, Overstimulation, Bondage
One More Time 2k
Cal has been trying to convince you to let him do overstimulation on you for ages, after a hectic schedule has prevented the two of you from being together you decide to go for it.
Loving On You Has No Time Or Place 1.7k
Cal gets really into it at an award show and needs an outlet!
Look At Yourself 2.2k
Pretty much just Cal smut with him taking you in front of a mirror
Love Me Like That Based on Love Me Like That by Ella Mai
Possessive and Rough 2.1k
What Changed? 5.5k Plus!Size Reader
Calum returned from tour and is being standoffish, it gets to the point where you question whether of not he loves you anymore
Cum and Cookie Dough 2.8k
Late night baking and sex adventures with Cal!
I’m In-charge Tonight 1.7k
Cal has been teading you like a lil bitch and you take charge.
Fluff One shots
Cal Pal Cuddles 1.2k Plus!Size Reader
You and Cal have a post sex cuddle that might just make your teeth rot from sweetness
Can You Love Me? 1.4k
Cal and you met years ago at a party and bonded over your hatred of love but he changes your mind, can you change his?
If Thats What Being Real Is 1.5k
You and Cal are best friends but when yo admit your feelings he pushes you away, months later at a bar can the two of you reconcile?
Luke Hemmings
Fluff One shots
I Miss You 1.3k
You have been missing Luke and text him while he is at the studio, after receiving the text he decides to surprise you
Smut One Shots
Hold My Sea Glass Please 1.8k
Beach day with Luke leads to a competition and car sex
1.4k I mean…the title says it all
Ashton Irwin
New Girl Plus!Size Reader
Wedding Cake Stress
3 a.m. Phone Calls
Make It Up To You
Mad Couch Sex
That Fucking Black Silk Shirt
Angst to Fluff
All Boys
How You Sleep
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luke hemmings icons
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Luke Hemmings
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this sequence of photos
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ashton irwin comforting the reader on her period pls
Chocolate - Ashton Irwin
Summary - Ashton isn’t always completely clueless when it comes to women
Warnings - periods, fluff, food, reader being a lil moody, little swear words (crap, etc), dadbod!ash bc we love that
Authors notes - requests and anons are open ❤️
You didn’t bother telling Ash that you were on your period when he came over early in the morning. It was pretty evident in the way you were dressed; one of his T-shirt’s and the loosest pair of shorts you could find.
“I brought chocolate,” he offered, pushing a plastic bag towards you on the coffee table. You glared at him from your horizontal position on the sofa, “I- uh- I noted down dates and stuff, just so that I would be here when- you know,”
You were so tempted to make a sarcastic comment just to see him squirm but he looked so cute, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly with a blush staining his cheeks.
“Come here, you goofball,” you opened your arms and gestured for him to give you a cuddle. Ashton shrugged happily and trudged over to you. He seemed perfectly content to cover you in kisses.
“Is there anything you want me to do? I can make you a fresh hot water bottle if you need me to,” Ashton knew better than to assume what you wanted, he was smart like that. Settling down to the side of you, he allowed himself to be completely malleable to your desires.
“Just want cuddles, please? You’re freakishly warm and your big ass hands are really comforting,” you manoeuvred him so that you were spooning, his body encasing yours and left hand covering the expanse of your lower abdomen.
Contentedly, he drew small circles on your belly and smoothed kisses down your neck, “can I brush your hair?”
“Okay fine, but if you pull my hair then I’ll hit you,” it didn’t take much convincing at all, seeing as you were totally smitten for Ashton and everything he did. Blindly, you fumbled about the coffee table in search of your paddle brush and handed it to him.
“I’ll be gentle, princess,” he assured, sittling both of you up so you were in between his legs and facing the television. He gathered all of your hair behind your shoulders and started brushing the ends.
“Why don’t you have some chocolate, princess? Got dark chocolate ‘cos I read somewhere that it helps with cramps,” without looking, you knew that he had the most adorable smile on his face.
You reached forward and opened the packet of goodies. Ashton had clearly remembered all of your favourites, along with his and the new dark chocolate that he’d suggested. You contemplated ignoring Ashton in favour of munching on a Wagon Wheel but you did value his opinion. Plus, who could ignore someone with a face like that? So, you reached for a packet of Bourneville dark chocolate buttons and started on those.
“How are they, angel?” He asked from behind you, working the hairbrush gently through your hair still. “You can tell me if you don’t like them I can-“
“Oh fucking hell, these are bloody amazing,” practically moaning, the deep rich flavour of the chocolate that spread across your tongue, “you’ve gotta try this,”
You fished around the packet for a few seconds before producing a piece of chocolate and dangling it in front of Ash as an offering.
“No, baby,” he gently moved your hand away and finished combing your hair, “they’re just for you, okay? Special treats just for you,”
You whined pitifully at that, “but they’re so tasty! You have to, at least one, pretty please?”
Finally relenting, he allowed you to feed him the bittersweet candy, encasing his lips around your fingers, “fuck, that is really tasty. But they’re yours, pretty girl,”
You wanted to argue with him, claim that he deserved them more because he got them for you but it was likely a futile battle to fight. They were helping with the cramps, though, so you humoured him.
“Can we watch tv now? Y’know, now you’ve finished fondling my hair,” you joked, flopping back down on the sofa.
“Whatever the princess wants,” he moved to lie down next to you but you laid a hand on his chest to stop him. He raised an eyebrow in question.
“Take your shirt off,” you demanded. His facial expression told you that he needed an explanation, “you’re freakishly warm and I’m bloody freezing so take off your shirt ‘cos I need skin on skin contact,”
“If you wanna see me shirtless all you have to do is ask,” he smirked, pulling the Oasis shirt over his head and throwing it across the room.
After minimal struggle, you ended up lying down on top of a shirtless Ashton Irwin, hands splayed across his chest as he pressed kisses to your cheek and forehead.
“Love you bubba,” you grinned up at him, “even when I’m a moody bitch,”
“You’re not a moody bitch,” he laughed through your rain of kisses you’d started on his cheeks and forehead, “most of the time you’re not, sometimes you’re unbearable but I love you all the same,”
“Well I love you more,”
“Not a chance,”
“Dude, I literally have blood gushing from my vagina and I have the strength to say I love you, don’t ever question me again,”
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5sosdrfluke · 6 months ago
ChristmasSOS (Plus Size Series) (Calum)
I've been feeling like doing more plus size blurbs and concepts because it's been a long ass time, and representation ya know?
Tumblr media
Around the holidays, Calum came to life. He loved the baking, decorating, lights, and most of all, you. He met you at one of his shows and he loved the way your outfit hugged your curves. He thought you were the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen.
Now, three years later, he was still just as in love with your curves as ever and couldn't get enough of your love.
He watched from his side of the bed while you shimmied out of the beautiful red dress you wore to the band Christmas Eve party. His eyes trailed over the rolls and curves and marks that graced your body and a smile played on his lips. He loved this time of the day. When you undressed and changed into more comfortable clothes. He loved especially when you'd only wear a very baggy shirt. It drove his imagination wild.
"Cal?", you asked, snapping him out of his inappropriate thoughts.
"Hmm?", he hummed softly, pushing the idea of you settled on his hips out of his head.
"Do you think I was overdressed at the party? None of the other girlfriends were dressed as fancy."
Calum scoffed and sat all the way up, ready to drop some truths. "Angel, you looked absolutely gorgeous. That red was so stunning on you. You were definitely not overdressed. Perfectly dressed is how I would put it."
You smiled at your boyfriend as you slipped into more comfy clothes. "You're just saying that because you're dating me."
Calum then proceeded to maneuver himself off of the bed and avoided nearly falling on his face. Once he composed himself, he made his way over to you and grasped at your full hips. "Even if we weren't dating, I would think you looked breathtaking. I mean it."
Your heart melted and you gave yourself over to the feeling of his warm hands on you. "Thank you, Cal."
He hummed in appreciation and trailed soft kisses from your cheek all the way down your neck. His lips were always so soft and hot against your skin and always gave you goosebumps. His hands skimmed over your stomach and waist and landed on your hips with a gentle squeeze. "You're stunning, love."
You met his dark eyes with yours and blushed at the way he was already staring. His lips crashed into yours and he swept you up into the bed and made love to you through the night.
The next morning, you woke to the sun shining through the bedroom window. As your eyes opened, you remembered the love from the night before and smiled. Calum's large hands all over your skin. His lips against your neck as he gave you ecstasy. The way his voice rasped with moans.
Calum's muscular arm pulled you closer and his lips found their way to your forehead. "Morning darlin'," he grumbled sleepily, "Merry Christmas."
You beamed up at him and brushed some curls away from his face. "Merry Christmas, sweetheart."
He sighed happily and hugged your plush body against him, stroking the soft skin on your back. It had taken some time for you to get used to him touching the parts of you that weren't your favorite, but he was so gentle and loved every part of you. Fat rolls, cellulite, stretch marks, and stomach included.
"Last night was the best Christmas present I've ever gotten," He breathed.
"What? Sex? We've had sex a lot baby," You giggled.
"The sex was a bonus," he murmured, "I meant being with you is the best present." His fingers danced across the small of your back.
You glanced up at his eyes and knew he meant it. "Calum."
Calum left a light kiss on your lips and pressed his forehead to yours. "I mean it, Y/N. You make me so happy. I'm incredibly lucky to love you." He reached for something in the drawer of his bedside table and made sure to keep an arm around you.
He pulled out a small black box and took a deep breath. "Y/N?"
Your heart began to pound out of your chest. "Calum?"
"You mean so much to me. I fell for you so hard and I continue to every day. Being with you has made me strive to be a better man, pun intended, and I want to be the best man I can be for you. I want you by my side when I'm old and throwing prunes at Ashton in the retirement home. I want to be the one at the end of the aisle waiting for you. I love you so much, Y/N. Will you marry me?"
Your breath hitched as he opened up the box to reveal a beautiful opal ring. "Yes. Calum, yes!" You cried and threw your arms around his neck.
He breathed out a sigh of relief and buried his face into your neck and gripped at your chubby waist. "Never mind. This is the best Christmas present I've ever gotten."
(It's been a hot minute since I did a concept series! Who should I write about next? I definitely want to write about all of the guys. -Kenzie xx)
ChristmasSOS Concept Week
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Yes I love Boybands. Boybands are good. I love men entertaining me. Yes boys sing and dance a bit for me and look dorky and cute and I might fall truly, madly, deeply, foolishly completely in love with you.
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cloud-playlists · a year ago
Here’s a playlist for if you’re feeling unloved or if you’ve had bad luck in relationships (familial or platonic or romantic etc) and you’re wondering if the problem is you or if you’re thinking that no one will ever love you because of your trauma
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is very sweet
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sylveqs · 4 months ago
the line "Wildflower, fingertips on me, i can feel them still" in "kill my time" makes me feel things
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lyrical-locks · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
5 Seconds of Summer - COMPLETE MESS
Requested by @reddesert-healourblues 🏵
Hope you like these 🌙💙
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
for reals tho
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Calum Hood
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Luke Hemmings icons
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Tumblr media
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