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you've been rôle playing as an employed person lately
i have a job
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Visualization Idea for Methods - Interview at the Café
It's been a while friends, but here's a new visualization method. As always do whatever makes you comfy to get ready, and remember this can be used for awake and asleep methods.
To begin, count to ten. In between each count, breathe and affirm. When you inhale, open your eyes, and when you exhale close them. When they're closed affirm, and count right before you open them. For these ten breaths, affirm primarily about conditions of your method, safety affirmations if you will. Things like "even if I move I will shift." Or "Regardless of my doubts I will shift."
Repeat this process at least twice more. The second set of affirmations should be focused on the journey, and the third should be focused on anything else you'd like. Repeat Initiative affirmations and counting until you feel ready. When you do feel ready, try to imagine a character from your Dr asking you if you're ready to begin.
Answer them that you are, and imagine a coffee shop setting. Picture the smells or the sounds, everything you can. Next, imagine answering interview like questions about your DR self. Do this until you feel ready to shift. Once you are, try to imagine them telling you that it's time to go. Affirm heavily as you leave the presence of the coffee shop.
Try to imagine darkness now, as if you're in your DR bed. Repeat the counting and affirming process from the beginning, but this time without opening your eyes. This time is also different in affirming, as you should use ending affirmations. Things like "I have shifted" or "Despite my doubts I am in my DR." Do this until you're ready to fall asleep, or until you're ready to open your eyes.
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th0ughts-0n-paper · 2 months ago
555: change.
A lot has happened,
and I’m feeling overwhelmed.
Every one keeps saying it’s for the best,
and I can see the good
but I can’t feel it.
All I can do is hope for the process of change to continue;
to closing one door,
and opening a new one.
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‘Twas the night before traveling ✈️
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Y’all gonna call me corny for this one
So I was listening to my playlist on shuffle and closer to my dreams came on and as I was listening to it I kept replying this part back and I was like why do I keep playing this part back? And I realized that same part lands on 1:11.. y’all what’s the universe trying to tell me.
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5:55 angel number! 😇
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Some cool random leaf ninja protecting the village
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5:55 has been showing up in the last couple of days. Apparently, in numerology, it indicates a massive change. Fuck knows I need one.
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Skinny grey jeans, vape pen, laying in bed all day day [•]
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“Man there’s just so much music. It’s like swimming in the sea of marshmallows.”
“It’s not good to have some gig like that on your record. They were just trying to hang me. The trouble with all the people I know is they think it’s really funny so they think it’s true. And people who don’t like me want to believe it because it’s an incarnation of everything they consider evil; so I get hung both ways.
Every witness they had was either a policeman or someone who worked for the city.I guess what they say about lambs to the slaughter is true, they don’t feel a thing.
We had over 300 people who were willing to testify.
People began calling the police station saying
“why was this allowed to go on and why wasn’t the person arrested?”
The trial went on for two months.
I really needed the weekend to rest up..:it was quite an ordeal.
I think it was really a lifestyle that they were going after, I just kind of stepped into a hornets nest.
I think the people reading in the paper seeing a distorted version Caused the climate of hysteria . I wasted a lot of time and energy on that, About a year and a half of a….gnawing disquiet about it.
I guess it was a valuable experience because before the trial
I had a very unrealistic schoolgirl attitude about the American judicial system (like how can someone who is now a lawyer get away with this shit) and now my eyes have been opened up a bit.
There were black guys down there who would go on before I would go on… It took about five minutes and they get 20 years in jail. If I didn’t have unlimited funds to keep fighting my case I’d be in jail right now for like three years.
If you’ve got money, you generally don’t go to jail.
I wouldn’t have wanted to defend myself because I would’ve blown it for sure. It’s not as easy as it looks.
I didn’t have to testify but we thought it would be a good thing for the jury to see what I was like.
I saw half of it but I was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t sit through the rest of it. It just hit too close to home, it made me edgy.
I think people enjoy being in crowds, it gives them a feeling of PowerAnd security in a strange way.
If they’re around hundreds of people who are like them, it kind of reinforces their trip.It’s just a big focus for everyone’s attention. You have to have an excuse to mob together, you can’t just… otherwise it would just be… What would you call that? An idealized riot I guess.
It has something to do with the swarming Theory..the idea that an insect or animal ..The population start stripping the food supply… The animalsOr insects swarm together… It’s a way of communicating…….And working out a solution or signaling their awareness…In nature, a balance is worked out.
For example in New York or any of the big cities, you feel crowded,Psychologically crowded and physically crowded, People are getting very neurotic and paranoid.
I think in art…especially in film people are trying to confirm their own existence.Things seem real more if you can take a photograph, or create a semblance on screen.
They have no real control over events or their own lives.
Something is controlling it… But the closest they ever get to it is the television set.
I enjoy any reaction I can get. Just to get people to think.
I never thought an audience should be as passive as they’ve become.
You want people to see that they just sat dutifully through it from beginning to end.
It’s up to you to close your eyes anytime you want. Get up and walk out for 5 minutes, and that makes an entirely different movie.
It turned out to be very prophetic several years later. I had no idea when I was writing it that that was what I was doing, but that’s what it turned into. The book is a lot about the feeling of powerlessnessAnd helplessness that people have in the face of reality.
I’m glad I made it. It will be a good document of that era. “
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True story
Breathe in
As we begin
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