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Okay y’all, it’s a really really special day! In case you couldn’t tell by the picture today the blog hit 500 followers. We are so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you and we are so happy that you have all taken time out of your days to read and view our content!

In addition to this we have an announcement! @9dl has officially joined the team, as you could likely tell by the picture. She is an incredible artist and creator and has helped us expand our universe even more!! In addition to this, @dill-musette has officially moved into a co-writer position alongside myself! The last fic-Tears of an Angel, was primarily written by them and Cecil and I will go forward writing the future fics together!!

Once again, thank you for your support, your encouragement, your questions, and everything that you all do. We cherish all of you and hope that our small community will continue to glow and flourish!

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Oh my goodness oh my goodness we’ve hit 500 followers! Y’all are insane!!! Thanks so much for supporting this blog, I’m so happy that we can share these experiences together. When I started this blog I thought I would be talking into the void but holy cow!! You’ve blown my expectations out of the water. Happy studying, and if someone hasn’t told you they love you today, well I’m telling you now ✨💗☕️

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UMM!! 500!! OF YALL?! following me!! oK thats awesome.

Sorry for not postin the last two days, Ive been working on the gifts for yall lol and Im trying to make sure I’ll tag everything appropriately.


To celebrate, I will be uploading two sim dumps- one will be a girl sim dump, the other a boy sim dump! Expect to see some sim posts on your dash!! :)

also did yall know tumblr mobile had a thing where u cpuld edit ur photos??? i didnt know lmao. not like ive been on this cursed site since i was 13 or something lmao

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I have reached 500 followers on @.ask-aphicelandics surprisingly even though I have not been active! Although I have been active in other accounts and you guys still support me there to reach up to 100 followers. So I thought why not do a small little art raffle to thank everyone.


4th Friday October to 11th Friday October


You must be following me! New followers are also welcomed, of course! This includes my other blogs too.

Reblogs, likes and replies count as entries. Does this make sense? I am unsure.

Please keep your ask box or messages open so that I can contact you. If you do not reply in 24 hours, your prize with me with someone else.

Winners would be choose from a random generator.

Giveaway blogs do not count

No Mecha or Ponies. I can only draw the minimum of slight NSFW like them wearing a swimsuit or something like that. Gore will be handled with the minimum too ( Meaning, there could be cuts and the sorts but no intestines or organs etc etc. ). While, I can only draw bust up Furries.


First Prize: Full body Flat Coloured / Line-less art with 2 Characters max.


Second Prize: Flat Coloured Chibi ( 2 Chibis ) with Plain or Simple background or Coloured / Line-less Icon


Third Prize: Quickly Coloured Chibi

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“That was a bad Idea Thomas”


[[Hey guys!! Y’all get a treat bc guess what!!


we hit 500 followers over my hiatus!! I’m really excited about this uwu thank you all for being just so dang understanding and even just following bc this means a lot to me!

Go follow this meg blog btw!! They’re wonderfull and I’m love them!]]

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While I’m between projects now, I’ll remind myself that I have some gifting to do in the near future! Maybe this time I’ll put up some things from my DA collection for a giveaway (like that hard in hightown book or my dorian plushie).

Thank you so much!!! Ahh, I love having you around. Consider this as a hug from me to you. Feel free to chat whenever, too!

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Headcanon that when Annabeth and Percy first became friends, they became pen pals and sent each other a bunch of letters during the school year. Years later, and they never stopped.

(I reached 500 followers the other day!! And since lunaparr​ asked for fluff a while back, have a fluffy fic as thanks.)

- - - - -

It started with a postcard.

“Percy, honey, you have mail." 

Percy looked up, not entirely sure if he’d heard his mom correctly. He never got mail that wasn’t the school telling his mom he’d flunked or blown something up again. He wasn’t exactly the most popular kid around, and the few friends he did manage to keep (A.K.A. Grover) weren’t the type to send letters. 

But his mom was looking expectantly at him from the kitchen counter, holding something out towards him. He took the mail from his mom. 

It was a postcard with the picture of a great white shark in an aquarium. Percy flipped the postcard over, and his dyslexia stopped acting up enough for him to decipher the name of the sender: Annabeth Chase. On the other side, she wrote: What’s up, Seaweed Brain?

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