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1957年 映画「雪国」

国境の長いトンネルを抜けると雪国であった ・・・。





出演:池辺良、岸恵子、八千草薫、田中春男、浪花千栄子、浦辺粂子、加東大介、市原悦子、千石規子、久米明 ほか

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It’s in he high 50s this morning, and my dad is insisting that it’s too cold for me to wear shorts. He got REALLY mad at me when I said I was okay. It’s the principle of the thing, he treats every conversation like a competition he has to win, and gets irrationally angry when he “loses.” If he says I should wear pants, that means he NEEDS me to wear pants or his entire day is ruined. He’ll be stewing about this for hours, taking it as a personal slight, “fine, fuck me I guess, I don’t know anything, freeze your ass off for all I care!”

High 50s! Low 60s within the hour!

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