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#50s fashion

Things From The 1930s-1950s We Should Totally Bring Back

♡:: Loose pin curls as seen on old Hollywood beauties such as Veronica Lake, Vivien Leigh, Rita Hayworth, Diana Dors, and Lauren Bacall.

♡:: Intricately decorated hats worn to the side of one’s head.

♡:: Fur stoles like the ones worn by Marilyn Monroe to the premiere of How To Marry A Millionaire.

♡:: The casual wearing of satin and lace gloves to formal events and hell— informal ones, too.

♡:: The use of British phrases and words by Americans— such as mustn’t and fancy.

♡:: The iconic Chanel tweed suits that fell out of the average population’s fashion long ago.

♡:: The teaching of the Transatlantic accent in schools.

♡:: Suits with jackets that had thin, but defining shoulder pads— as seen on the likes of Lauren Bacall in To Have And To Have Not.

♡:: Noir red lipstick.

♡:: Witty hints towards sexual innuendo as opposed to the blatant, boring overtness heard in songs and on television. Word play is so much more exciting.

♡:: Going out for tea.

♡:: Evening gowns.

Things From The 1930s-1950s We Should Leave Behind

♡:: Freakin’ racism.

♡:: Wife beating. And the infamous “wife beater” tanks.

♡:: Pancaking foundation and concealer on.

♡:: Hideous patterns that can be seen on your great-grandmother’s carpeting and curtains.

♡:: Attaching suspenders to high-waisted pants.

♡:: Sexism.

♡:: Plucking the ever-loving crap out of one’s eyebrows.

♡:: Separating your eyelashes with a tiny pin.

♡:: Whitewashing in movies— and in general, for that matter.

♡:: Propeller beanies that make you look like an infant birthed by peasants from the olden days.

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