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Hello everyone. I hope you all are good, safe and well. I have not been able to be on tumblr for the past few days and weeks because so much has been going on and I’ve mostly been trying to focus so much more on my mental health and well-being. With this entire madness that’s going on around the world, I honestly send my deepest prayers to each and every one of you. Please stay at home and stay safe. Take care of yourself and of those who are around you. Be careful always and protect yourself and those around you. And always make sure to never forget about your mental health. I know sometimes, so much madness can feel like way too much. But, Never forget that God loves you and He’s always there beside you. Stay safe.


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It’s nearly five in the morning, I’m sitting on the floor blasting Wicked through my headphones, I just finished my fifth piece of toast (kinda surprised my parents didn’t come to investigate the sound of a toaster at four in the morning), I’ve just stopped scrolling through Pinterest posts on Sebastian Stan, and I don’t remember if I’ve slept tonight which means that I probably haven’t.

So yeah, pretty good night.

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Pase mi vida completa odiándome a mi misma creyendo siempre que nunca nadie ma amaría por ser yo pero cuando llega alguien siempre lo termino alejando por mis propias inseguridades, no puedo amar tranquila mi cabeza me lastima, YO me lastimo a veces me harto de mi y no se cómo huir, me gustaría tener la suerte que tienen mis amigas para encontrar pareja cada dos semanas, follar sin miedo ah cómo se ve tu cuerpo, sentir que aman cada parte de ti, que lo vuelvan loc@. El sentir asusta.

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Jamás me había desvelado hablando con alguien hasta las 5:00 de la mañana pero carajo… valió totalmente la pena que fuera con ella <3

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«I probudim se, al’ i dalje ostajem u košmaru,

U glavi slike što nikome ne bih posl'o

Slike koje nikad ne postanu samo prošlost

Slike iz detinjstva što prorezale su oštro

Slike kojim nikada neću da kažem zbogom »

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