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dnd is a good game
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dungeon-strugglers · 15 hours ago
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✨New item!✨ Pack Hunter Talisman  Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement by a druid) 
While wearing this talisman, when you use your wild shape ability to turn into a beast, you gain 5 temporary hit points for each allied creature within 30 feet of you, to a maximum of 20 temporary hit points. These temporary hit points disappear when you revert back to your normal form.
Tob’e could feel the power of his pack as he transformed into a hulking dire wolf. Their presence emboldened him, gave him strength. He let out a piercing howl, the hunt was on.
- 🖌🎨 Like our work? Consider supporting us on Patreon and gain access to the hi-resolution art for over 150 magic items, item cards and card packs, beautiful creature art and stat blocks, monthly setting pdfs with narrative hooks and unique lore, and vote for the content you want to see!🧙‍♂️
📜 Credit. Art and design by us: the Dungeon Strugglers. Please credit us if you repost elsewhere.
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rustymaps · a day ago
Hovertree Village grab on Patreon
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fartmaster900 · a day ago
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my silly gal
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monsterfactoryfanfic · 2 months ago
Hey if you’re into TTRPGs at all, or really wanna help trans youth in Texas, I highly recommend checking out this bundle on itchio! You can get nearly 500 games, tools, and supplements, a nearly $3000 value, for FIVE DOLLARS! Please consider donating to a great cause and getting a ridiculous amount of games!!!!!
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lonemapper · 6 days ago
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Dead Titan Pass - Battlemap - 32х44
Download the full resolution image of this map at my Patreon, as well as alternate overcast, sunny, night, rain, autumn and winter variations!
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clock-heart · 29 days ago
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dnd commission
her name is verta
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kroovv · a month ago
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A lil robot 🤖✨
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kobolds-top-hat · 8 months ago
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which half is which varies constantly
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homebrew-a-la-traumaverse · 3 months ago
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So it turns out classes are hard. I might get that milestone celebration finished at some point eventually.
Anyway, here's the Siren race. Because sea elves and water genasi sometimes don't quite scratch that itch. Maybe you want to play up the charming seductress, drawing men in like an angler fish. Or maybe you just want to be a watery tart tossing swords at people.
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vaults-n-wyverns · a year ago
Things I Include In My D&D Games That My Players Don't Know About
If they hold a wooden bowl and walk into a locked door, they'll phase through it like it's Skyrim
If they attempt to jump backwards up a set of stairs, with a high enough dex roll, they will launch up the stairs, through the roof, and into the upper atmosphere
There is an Anti-Tarrasque.
Trolls have 12 different blood colors, with only 2 existing in aquatic troll varieties.
If they enter a new area fast enough, they can catch the birds flying without moving anywhere.
Trees DON'T make sounds when they fall and no one's around, there's just no one around that can prove that
Lazer guns exist, they're just shy
If you get knocked prone on a sloped surface, there is a 1% chance of clipping into the terrain
There's a 1% chance of the textures in someone's face not loading correctly
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dungeon-strugglers · 2 days ago
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Dungeon Strugglers' Urban Item Pack: Volume III is now out on the Roll20 Marketplace!
Unlock the treasure hoard of the urban cityscape!
This pack contains 10 beautifully illustrated, mechanically balanced and deftly written items for Dungeons and Dragons: 5th Edition. This body of work adds unique and interesting flavor to any campaign, and enhances the experience for your players to discover as they explore the crowded streets and back-alleys of your world!
Contents of this pack:
10 ready-to-use items and their accompanying hi-res art, mechanics and lore.
Metadata tagging, a table of contents and notes on usage for painless setup.
Unidentified & Identified versions of all Item Handouts.
The Prismatic Parliament Set - a menagerie of equipment from the City of Colors!
You can find the Urban Item Pack: Volume 3 here, or by searching on the Roll20 Marketplace.
All of our Roll20 wares can be found on our publisher page here. - 🖌🎨 Like our work? Consider supporting us on Patreon and gain access to the hi-resolution art for over 145 magic items, item cards and card packs, beautiful monster art and stat blocks, monthly setting pdfs with narrative hooks and unique lore, and vote for the content you want to see!🧙‍♂️
📜 Credit. Art and design by us: the Dungeon Strugglers. Please credit us if you repost elsewhere.
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strifesolution · 9 months ago
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a gift for the love y'all have given to my minecraft inspired d&d items... some items inspired by various MCYT series! these were super super fun
note: all of these items are artifacts, meaning they're one of a kind, and the implications of their origins are in the description. this means if you choose to use any of them, it's up to you how you'd balance them, deciding what level a player could get them at and how rare they are. i am also not a DM, so if your players create any game breaking strats, don't blame me! images are edited stock images lol.
under the cut is the item's source material and a little explanation of my choices in making them
Red Winter Axe: The renamed enchanted Diamond Axe from 3rd Life Ren had Martyn kill him with. Went with cold damage for the Winter part, and Fiends and Undead as being Red Life players. The "ally gains advantage against your killer" feature is inspired by how Martyn reacts to Scar killing Ren.
Twin Compasses: Tommy and Tubbo's lodestone compasses from Dream SMP. The use of the word "Willing" is to prevent them being used on tracking foes or anything of the sort, both parties must want the link to be created. The planes part is a bit finicky, but hopefully it would work.
Time King's Pocketwatch: A reference to Bdoubleo's season 8 of Hermitcraft so far. Mechanus is the plane of order and has a clockwork theme going on. The Sleep spell feature is a reference to his consistency with sleeping through the night. I'm aware clocks don't exist in "canon" d&d, but it makes sense that they would. The cross-planes time telling ability would be most useful for a player in the Feywild.
Miniature Tower of Vitality: Essentially Achievement Hunter's Tower of Pimps, specifically in YDYD season 2. This is the one I'm most uncertain about, considering how useful these spells are. Tried to balance it with still needing the components. Would probably be best for a party medium level party with no main healer.
The Enderbane: ...Who's name and basic description is directly lifted from The Blackrock Chronicle and a post on Rythian's tumblr. Another one who's balancing I'm uncertain about, but I figured it works for a high risk high reward thing, dragons aren't melee'd often...The level of exhaustion is just some flavor inspired by Rythian feeling pain when he holds it in canon.
Wings of the Crowfather: Philza. Must I explain more? Mumza is the Raven Queen here, it fits oddly well.
Sapphire of Sacrifice: The sapphire Lalna gifts Nano in Flux Buddies, which she gives back to him at the end of the series before dying killing Mother. Another high risk high reward item that'd require strategy to be most effective.
The Widow's Wreath: Scott Smajor's skin in 3rd Life. On the higher level side. Darn, now I'm sad over Flower Husbands again...
Bow of Balance: Another direct name, Jordan's bow from Mianite. Ianite is the goddess of balance, hence only neutral alignments. Fiends and Celestials are meant to be representative of Dianite and Mianite.
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the-antifascist-guild · 8 months ago
Also while i'm here; go play something besides 5e. Broaden your horizons. Try something new. Hell, even older editions of D&D would be good. Try Basic/Expert, try AD&D- learn about THAC0 and exploration turns. Just do something besides 5e and see what other games have to offer, you might find a new favorite system.
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brewerssupplies · 5 months ago
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Hello! This isn’t a new class but I don’t think I ever actually posted it here, or at least I haven’t posted it in a long time! May I present: the Runekeeper! A new type of caster that focuses on casting runes, the more they understand a rune the more effects they are able to produce from it! Due to Tumblr’s ten image limit I was only able to include the first two pages of the runes, the rest are in the PDF. Hope you enjoy!
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samarzart · 4 months ago
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an npc from my campaign. she's a river spirit trying to stop the dam being built that would dry her up
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mariejacquelyn · a month ago
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"The Crushing Deep"
I've been playing with posting polished but unpainted dice! That way you can customize them by picking your own number color. What would you put on these?
You can find these on my Etsy <3
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cocoshomebrew · a month ago
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Why sell your soul to an unknowable horror from another dimension when you could sell it to capitalism instead?
This subclass will turn your warlock into a master of manipulation, a master beguiler who, armed with their company-mandated suit and tie, is capable of befriending anyone they reckon they can squeeze some money out of. In your quest to rise through the corporate hierarchy, you'll gain the ability to contact clients from afar and even learn their deep dark secrets, all while being supported by a caring board of executives who definitely have your best interests at heart. Mondays, am I right?
Here's the link to my patreon if you want to see more of my content or want to support me in making it.
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kroovv · a month ago
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When the angel's rage
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lunar-eclipse-bunnies · 4 months ago
Long time dm here: 12+ years of experience. Here's some tips:
Relax. You got this.
It isn't all on you. DnD is cooperative before anything else. I like to think of my role as being like a video game console: I'm there to provide a physics engine and lay down a scenario, but that doesn't work unless my players help out by buying into the scenario and accepting the way I run those physics. If anyone at the table is throwing off the vibe, your job is to remind them that they need to cooperate or it won't be fun.
On that note, communicate with your players. Communicate frequently and make sure you talk over any problems anyone has, and also call out when people are being awesome.
Your favorite home brewed item, mechanic, or monster is going to break the game. No, not that one that you've suspected of wrongdoing for months. That one is going to be comically underpowered. I'm talking about the clever mythology reference that neatly explains why your favorite region is as cool as it is. Yeah, that. It'll let a level 3 barbarian become immortal or something. When this happens, calmly inform your players that this was a mistake and the game will be much better if Gregnagax The Oaken-Thewed can't suplex the tarrasque.
Seriously, you will need the phrase "that effect is unbalanced, so we won't be using it."
You will need the table of damage by severity and level. It's on page 249 of the DMG. It is absurdly useful. Anytime you need to improvise damage, this chart is useful.
Print out your monster and npc Stat blocks. Flipping through the books in combat sucks.
Your campaign will go off the rails. Your plans will be destroyed so badly you don't even recognize them. This is normal. After the damage is done, consider how the people in your world will react to what just happened. Congratulations, that is the plot of your next session.
Remember to keep play fresh. Spice up combat heavy areas with cool lore moments, throw social encounters into clue gathering, make the mayor a very silly person, let the stablehand whistle all the damn time. This is especially helpful if you're including mysteries or politics, since vibrant worlds can make allegiances and deceptions less obvious.
You are not Matt Mercer. Matt Mercer has a whole production team behind him, years of experience, and a party of professional actors. I love the DnD Renaissance, but it can make a dm feel really inadequate. This is a game of basements, rickety chairs, old dining room tables, and improvised miniatures. I promise that you will feel silly for your first couple of sessions. That's okay. You'll hit your groove, and it'll be fun tabletop evenings, not professional quality polished narrative and character arcs. Those silly low-budget moments are the best sign that you're doing it right.
Most campaigns are confined to one or two tiers of play. Levels 3-to-10 is common. Campaigns to level 20 take years, and I've never been in one or run one that got all the way there. You'll spend a lot of time doing shorter campaigns, one shots and the like. If you manage to play to level 20, great, but be ready to accept that you might not. Campaigns fall apart because people have busy lives, and that's okay.
And finally: relax. You got this.
i shaking this is extremely helpful thank you?? /gen
i never realized it before but the game console analogy is very helpful and also very true!! all the (good) dms i've had have always been very good at painting pictures of what's going on/explaining how the world works and if anything, i want my world to be really colorful! and i want my players to enjoy playing in it
thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!!! very much appreciated by this babey dm <:)
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