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homebrew-a-la-traumaverse · 4 months ago
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So it turns out classes are hard. I might get that milestone celebration finished at some point eventually.
Anyway, here's the Siren race. Because sea elves and water genasi sometimes don't quite scratch that itch. Maybe you want to play up the charming seductress, drawing men in like an angler fish. Or maybe you just want to be a watery tart tossing swords at people.
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nerdandtie · 21 days ago
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Looking to support queer created media this pride month? Why not try listening to a queer hosted Actual Play podcast? Or heck, why not try two of them!
The Nerd & Tie Podcast Network is home to both "Let's Be Legendary" and "Stormwood & Associates."
Let's Be Legendary is a D&D 5th Ed podcast which takes place in a Weird West setting where Talia and Seline discover what it means to be in a relationship, all the while seeking revenge and learning the truth of their pasts.
Find More at http://www.nerdandtie.com/legendary/
Stormwood & Associates uses Super Awesome Action Heroes (a roleplaying system based on action movies) with the Fantasy Rules expansion. The show follows members of the titular Stormwood & Associates - a private investigation, security, and federally licensed magic users agency.
Find More at http://www.nerdandtie.com/stormwood/
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trashkingshomebrew · a year ago
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Revising an older insectoid race, the Makari, now known as the Lepikari (Mothfolk in common tongue). A race of beautiful, moth-like humanoids connected via an emotional hivemind, straight from the Broodmother’s Tome. I hope you like bugs.
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ayzrules · a year ago
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✧ ACE OF ANGELS: an automated 5e DND sheet
PRICE TO USE: a reblog! If you like this template, you can also leave a tip via  link in sideblog bio <333
Google Sheet designed to do (most) of the calculations for your DND character, while also being aesthetically pleasing ;D. Includes an OVERVIEW, EXPANDED PROFILE, and SPELLBOOK page/sheet (previews for expanded profile & spellbook under the cut!)
If you have suggestions, requests, or catch anything to adjust, feel free to message me directly <3 <3 <3!! Please like & reblog if using <3
Detailed instructions on basic inputting and homebrew/custom inputs
Automated script to quickly customize background colors & fonts (instructions for this in BEFORE YOU BEGIN section)
Feats grouped by race and level in EXPANDED PROFILE, with the option to expand/hide detailed information boxes/notes (see preview under the cut)
Spell slots that can be expanded into full spell cards - information fills in automatically
'Figure’ or ‘image’ layouts both available in OVERVIEW and EXPANDED PROFILE
Built-in dice roller for optional use
Sources used: 5e Tools, DND Beyond, friends (including @flowers-for-mars​​ , @perringwrites) !! Full credits listed in sheet
Use the source link OR you can find the direct link on my sideblog here
File > Make a Copy to save to your Google Drive!
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dingobait · 12 days ago
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Makita- the Auto Gnome Artificer Rogue. A literal accessory to crime. A thief’s toolbox who got left behind with the other luggage on a sinking ship and realised they were not designed for fighting so they need to upgrade themselves. (Ended up with 1hp in their first fight when their only offensive spell was shocking grasp- luckily they were able to use their first kill as a literal shield and avoided a TPK)
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darkelfdice · a year ago
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The newest Planar Infusion dice: Antique Gold with alternating layers of blue and green prismatic glitter.
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dungeonsandself-loathing · 11 months ago
Druid: I don't even know how to explain why my character speaks Celestial.
DM: I do.
The Party:
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oldschoolfrp · a year ago
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This news dropped a few days ago during a busy con weekend but it’s worth highlighting -- Goodman Games has purchased the ownership rights to Jennell Jaquays’ Dark Tower, one of her most famous 3rd party AD&D adventures from 1979, formerly owned by Judges Guild.  Goodman Games had published various versions of Dark Tower under license in the past but subsequently had severed ties with the current owner of Judges Guild.  This purchase allows Goodman to move forward with new Dark Tower projects with no further ties to JG’s current owner, and coincides with the announcement of new 5e and DCC conversions with cover art by Sanjulián:
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transtaurusgrace · a year ago
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Hey everyone! Introducing comic strip #1 of A Goblin's Horde of Tabletop Tips! This will hopefully be a weely series kf comics explaining thingz about D&D to help new players and teach veteran players extra tips!
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homebrew-a-la-traumaverse · 2 months ago
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The Swordmage. These elementally-attuned warriors weave arcane magic alongside fire-forged steel, raining waves of destruction from the windswept skies to the depths of the earth.
Despite the existence of Artificers, Bladesingers, Eldritch Knights, Bladesingers, and so many more sword-slinging caster subclasses, there's long been an itch for something a bit closer to the fantasy of an arcane swordsman, wielding mastery of spells and swords in equal measure. And it shows! There's been a million iterations of Spellblades and Maguses. So we can have one more. As a treat.
There's too many images, too much artwork, too much Swordmage to fit into one post. So there's links in the document itself. In the reblogs.
Only 500 followers late for the 1000 follower special! Here's to many more.
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dm-clockwork-dragon · a year ago
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Time for a trip to the magic pet store: Here is a preview of what will be
Clockwork Dragon’s Guide to Arcane Familiars
Familiars have always been an exciting prospect for me, but 5e’s handling of them is... well, lackluster at best. To that end, I took it upon myself to retool the familiar system and provide a suitable myriad of options for people seeking to keep and train a tiny magical companion.This supplement is still in progress, and likely needs quite a bit of play testing. The final release will have a total of 100 familiars, but quite honestly, I am burnt out on familiars, and want to work on another project for while, so for now please enjoy 13 new Feats, and the first 50 familiars in this extended preview.
 As a major notice on this bit of brew: the guide to familiars is still a work in progress, and I’m still in the process not only of adding new familiars, but also sourcing all of the artwork. I don’t do any of my own art, and I always try to credit that artwork back to the original creator. The final published release of this document will contain citations and sourcing for all artwork, but as ths is only meant to be a WIP preview so you all know what I have been working on, much of that is still missing, and will be updated as I work through it.
Preview images above are low resolution, and does not contain all 50 familiars. For the latest high-resolution PDF, as well as a whole host of other work I have done, check out this handy dropbox link. And be sure to tell me what you think!
If you like what I do and want to support me or just generally help out, Check out my Patreon page, or throw some coin at me through Paypal.me. If you wanna just come say hi on my Discord, that’s great too!  
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serenityinmist · 2 years ago
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trashkingshomebrew · a year ago
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Embrace the arcane with the Oath of the Weave, or at least my take on an old homebrew favorite. 2nd Revision. 
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prinsomnia · a year ago
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contributed more art for #SinaUna, and this time its about the kataw 🌊✨ thanks again, @seersword for all the guidance on this one!
Sina Una is a wonderful D&D book led by Filipino creatives, check it out and pre-order it here! 👉 https://bit.ly/2AAiRxX
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translunaryanimus · 13 days ago
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Number 7 lesgooooo!!! Lorocale the Champion Fighter. Dino with a hand tail because I think that's fun and constitutes good character design.
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thecryptidgm · 26 days ago
So I've played D&D for roughly six years (though I'll say that since covid the campaign I was in kinda came to a halt) but regardless a few years of playing as a player. I tried DMing once about 3ish years ago before the big panorama doing Strahd (maybe not the best first time DM campaign 😅 my players all died after only a few sessions) and I've DMd a single one shot once. Other than that being a player is what I've done and where I'm comfortable. But lately I decided I wanted to take on a new challenge. I've had so many ideas for a world I wanted to create. A campaign that encourages exploration!
See as a player sure I wanna stop the BBEG but honestly the best moments have been in those random side tangent adventures along the way. So the campaign I've created and am still working on as we go is entirely based around that. Just those random meaningful side adventures no one big story. Players can do what they want and go where they please.
I also love collectibles in games so I've sprinkled in some interesting collectible things as well throughout the world.
Of course while I'm doing a lot on my own my lovely fiancé (and my first GM) has been helping me balance mechanics and create some homebrew monsters, and I've gotten some useful unofficial books from great creators with more experience than me, and I've spent a ridiculous amount of time in all the reddits finding inspiration and cool things to implement as I go and I'm forever grateful for all of it.
As we go I'll post about the adventures the players go on, neat things I learn about, advice I wish I knew sooner or end up learning later, some of the homebrew stuff we make, map progress as I tackle what seems like the impossible adventure of making my continent map XD, and more...
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vulkarihub · 11 months ago
Card Games
The following games are played using a Playing Card Set, so if a player has proficiency with playing cards, they may add their proficiency bonus.
The result of these games are still determined with dice rolls so no actual playing cards needed.
King’s Bluff
First popularized by the ruling class and then simplified by the common folk, this game has become one of the best well known, and immensely popular, which has led to it being enjoyed throughout the land.
Players - Minimum of 2                                                                            Betting - Players throw coins into the pot before drawing any cards. Every round after they have the choice to raise, call/match, or fold, after drawing cards, betting continues until all bets are equal. Winner takes the pot.
This game has three rounds, in the first round the characters draw three cards - roll 3d6s, which they keep hidden. In the first or second round, a player may reroll one of their hidden dice, they can only do this once per game and they must take the new roll. In the second round they draw a card - roll a d6, the result of this roll is shown. the third round is the same as the second, a 5th d6 is rolled, i.e. drawing a card, and its result is shown along with the the result of the second round.
At the end of the three rounds everyone shows their hands, they player with the highest hand wins.
Winning Hands (lowest to highest): A pair, two pair, three of a kind, low straight (1-5), high straight (2-6), full house (a pair and three of a kind), four of a kind, five of a kind.
Traveler’s Triad
A game common amongst caravans, and with it’s popularity amongst merchants and mercenaries alike, has led to a group of players to be found in almost every bar and inn.
Players - Minimum of 2                                                                                    Betting -  Players throw coins into the pot before drawing any cards. Every round after they have the choice to raise, call/match, or fold, after drawing cards, betting continues until all bets are equal. Winner takes the pot.
This game is played in three rounds, in the first round each player draws a card - rolls a d12, the result is hidden. Then in the second they draw again, this time rolling a d8, and again hiding the result. Finally in the third round, they draw their final card, each rolling a d6, and keeping their hand hidden until all betting is finished.
Once finished all players show their hand with the highest total winning, the highest score one can get is a 26, but the best hand one can get is the Traveler’s Triad, which is a one on each dice (1, 1, and 1).
12 Riders
Its origins have been long lost to time but yet this popular game has stood through it all, still hosting popularity by players in bars throughout the land.
Players - Minimum of 1 (against a dealer)                                                        Betting - This game is played against the house, with each establishment/dealer, setting the buy-in bet.
The overall objective of the game is to get a score of 12. Each player starts with two cards - 2d6s, which are ruled when all bets have been placed, the result of which they keep hidden. 
1s can be worth either one or ten points, otherwise points are equal to the number rolled on the dice. After the results are rolled, a player can hit - draw another card (roll a 3rd d6), or stay. The player may also chose to fold which result in them getting half their bet back. 
The total score is against the dealer, who shows their final hand, if the player has less then 12, but higher then the dealer, the get their bet back. If the player has 12, the player gets double their bet, and if the player has less then the dealer, or if the bust, get over 12, they lose their bet.
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hyliandude · a year ago
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D&D Homebrew Monsters
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transtaurusgrace · a year ago
"All I can give you is my loyalty, and I have great loyalty for you." Caleb and Veth's complicated relationship is absolutely my favorite. The insane amount of care and love they share on all levels is so sweet.
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God I love Critical Role. 🌟💛🌟
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ebonrabbit · 10 months ago
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myconids, ive been playing D&D.
random doodles.
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