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#5seconds of summer

Originally posted by calumslush

A sharp, jolting pain in your stomach woke you up and you blink your eyes, trying to adjust to the dark room. The slow breathing of your boyfriend Calum beside you calms your racing mind for a minute, and you cuddle into his side, resting again. About an hour of tossing and turning later, the next stabbing pain rushes through your heavily pregnant stomach and you wince. Calum stirs, sitting up as his hand instinctively goes to your shoulder. “You okay, baby?”

“Yeah, I just-” you cut yourself off, placing a hand on your large bump.

As he switches on the bedside lamp, your eyes flicker to the already packed bag sitting by the door, full of all the supplies you would be taking to the hospital when the baby came. That was all Calum needed to see before snapping into action. Throwing the covers off his legs, he climbed into a pair of gray sweatpants and a t-shirt before offering you his hand. You take it, gladly accepting the help up. Calum helps you to quickly change into a comfy outfit (he’s VERY stressed and wants to get to the hospital asap) and leads you to his car, pulling the bag over his shoulder as he locks the house behind him. “You ready to have a baby?”


The sun has started to rise as you pull into the parking lot, and as Calum parks the car he can’t help but admire the dawn sun rays casting shadows over your face and neck. Running a hand through his messy hair, he nervously grasps your hand. You let out a shaky breath as you brace yourself, feeling a contraction coming on. You grip his hand tight, nails digging into the soft skin of his palm as tears prick your eyes with the pain. He’d never complain though. He already feels so bad you have to go through all the pain of bringing his child into the world and he knows all he can do is be there for you. “You got this, babe.” 

You nod. “I’m still betting it’s a girl.”

Calum grins and shakes his head. “Nah, no way. It’s definitely a little son in there.” 

You two had decided to wait to find out the gender of their baby naturally, and had spent the last eight months playfully arguing over who would guess it. 


Seventeen hours of pushing, yelling and pain that no amount of childbirth classes, books and articles could have ever prepared you for, the shrill cries of a baby brings even more tears to your already very wet eyes. The midwife smiles at the new parents. “Miss Y/L/N and Mr Hood, you have an absolutely gorgeous baby boy.”

A tear escapes Calum’s dark eyes as you give his hand a gentle squeeze. “A boy? Our son. Our son, babe!” he beams at you. The midwife offers to have Calum cut the umbilical cord and after it’s been clamped, he does so with shaking hands. The midwife places the crying bundle into your waiting arms and you stare down into your baby’s tiny face. “Hey little boy! Shh, shh hey, it’s your Mumma here! What’s all this crying about?” The baby quietens, lulled by the voice of his mum that he’s heard throughout all those months in the womb. He opens his steel blue eyes and stares up at you. 

“He’s absolutely beautiful, just like his mum” chokes Calum. You smile and shift over slightly on the hospital bed, wincing as your lower body was still throbbing. “Do you want to hold him?” 

Calum perches next to you on the bed and you pass the baby into his strong arms. He adjusts a bit, making sure he’s supporting baby’s head (those parenting classes he eagerly dragged you to all those months ago are coming in handy) and lets out a shaky breath. “Hiya baby, I’m your dad,” he whispers, gently stroking baby’s cheek. You rest your head on his shoulder, looking at your little family. “What are we going to name him? I know we discussed some names but I don’t think they’re entirely right for him, you know… “

Calum nods. “He needs something special. How about Miles?”

You smile. “Miles.” She says, mulling it over. 

“I saw it in one of those baby naming books, it means ‘soldier’.” Calum admits.

Your heart flutters and you nod. “Yeah, he looks like a Miles, doesn’t he?” You reach out to stroke the tiny dimple in his smooth baby cheek. 

“You should pick the middle name, love,” says Calum as he presses his lips ever so gently to your forehead.

“How about Owen? Miles Owen? That was one of the ideas we had earlier on, wasn’t it?”

Calum wraps an arm around you, still holding Miles close to his chest. “Miles Owen. He’s gonna break some hearts, you know.”


You and Calum were very worried about overwhelming Miles with too many visitors when he was so young, so it was a few days after you two were released from the hospital and settled into a routine at home that you decided it was time to introduce Miles to the rest of the boys. 

You sat on the sofa, holding Miles close to your chest as he woke up from his nap. Calum lay next to you, his head resting on your legs as he watched you cuddle your son. He felt as though his heart must be close to bursting with love for the two of you. 

The doorbell rang and Calum jumped up, eager to show his best friends his newest family member. 

You adjusted Miles in your arms as Calum led Ashton into the lounge, followed by Michael, then Luke and Sierra coming in last. “Hey guys,” you say. They all give you a small hug, careful of the tiny human in your arms. “So boys,” you start, “meet Miles Owen Hood.” 

The boys ooh and ahh, all captivated by the baby in your arms. “Can I hold him?” pipes up Luke from where he’s sitting on a lounge chair with Sierra next to him. 

You nod and stand up gingerly, placing your tiny bundle in Luke’s huge arms. Sierra moves the pale green, dinosaur-patterned swaddle blanket slightly so she has a better view of Mile’s face. “Well, aren’t you just the cutest little boy!” she croons. 

Luke pouts. “Cuter than me?”

Sierra reaches out to stroke the matching beanie on Mile’s head. “A million times cuter than anything!”

Miles is passed around between his uncles over the next half an hour, though when everyone’s had a cuddle Luke manages to get Miles back in his arms for another cuddle while you and Calum talk to the rest of the boys about how you’re coping as new parents. 

You and Calum share a look, you’ve decided it’s time to announce who the godparents of your baby will be. “So, you know how you guys are my best friends and all that shit?” says Calum, earning a small whack on the arm from you for swearing around your baby. 

He wraps an arm around your shoulders in response. 

“Mate, don’t start getting all mushy on us just because you’re a dad now!” laughs Michael. You snort along with Ashton and wait for Calum to continue. 

“Well, Y/N and I were thinking about it and we would love it if Luke and Sierra would be Miles’ godparents?”

Sierra inhales sharply and her eyes fill with happy tears, and Luke has the stupidest, biggest grin on his face you’ve ever seen in your entire life. “Of course! We’d be absolutely honoured, right babe?” cries Sierra, launching herself onto the sofa to hug you. 

Luke agrees, cuddling Miles closer to his chest. You spend the next hour snacking on food the boys brought over, chatting to Sierra as she asks a million and one questions about her godmother duties, and by the time you get Miles down to sleep and cuddle up with Calum for the few hours you’ll get until Miles wakes up for a feed, you really can’t think of any way your life could be more perfect.  💖

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Side note: tell me what you guys think?

Requested: yes

Prompt:  #31 “Is being high all the time worth losing everything?

Angst Prompt List | Send me one!

*Trigger warning*: Drug abuse


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The Sweetest Taste


AU Ice Cream Shop Featuring Cake for the 5sos fic event sponsored by @maluminspace and @h0tsos

Word Count: 5,979 (I’m a long winded bitch, oops)

CW: this is smut so 18+, NSFW etc. M/M and M/F oral as well as sexual situations and strong language from the outset and throughout.

Special thanks to @adoring-lrh for helping me edit this monstrosity.

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“I’m so bored,” Calum complained, leaning back against the counter. 

“Me too, but I have to train you how to close so you’re not leaving early,” you told him but you were just as bored as him. 

Your parents had recently expanded the family business by opening up a second Cali-Cone Dream location in the touristy “historic district” downtown. Your dad’s grandparents started the ice cream shop after moving to California from Missouri after World War 2.  They’d invested their life savings in the shop and helped build the boardwalk. You’d grown up in this shop, and since it was early in the season and still slow, it was up to you to train the new hires. It was a pain in the ass, but at least your parents weren’t breathing down your neck. 

“If you keep complaining I’ll make you clean the freezer. You’ll have shrinkage for a week,” you teased him. 

“Like you wouldn’t find a way to fix that,” he shot back, wiggling his dark eyebrows at you. 

Calum was the only new hire you liked. Jeremy was a kiss ass to your parents, Rico was boring, and Amanda was dumber than a bag of hammers. The smartest thing to come out of that girl’s mouth was her boyfriend’s dick. You’d already told your Mom it wasn’t going to work out when you’d asked her to cut lemons for tea and she came back with oranges. Calum, however, was funny, a quick learner, and great with customers, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous.

“How is it only 3 o clock? Can we play cards or something? If I stand here much longer I’m gonna keep eating ice cream, and this is supposed to be my hot girl summer,” he pouted before giving you a saucy wink. He was a total flirt and you weren’t complaining. Three weeks ago he’d barely said a word, but you two had become fast friends and he’d really come out of his shell. 

“I don’t think you have to worry about that,” you laughed.

 The dark blue, slightly too tight, uniform t-shirt accentuated his bulging biceps, broad chest, and golden brown tan. The Cali-Cone slogan, “The Thrill of the Taste” scrawled across his back in bright red letters kept giving you dirty thoughts. 

“We could close early, maybe show me another of your secret spots.” Calum leaned towards you with a smirk and you rolled your eyes.

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It took everything for him to let you leave. You’d been Luke’s best friend for years, and everyone considered the two of you to practically be siblings. He wasn’t sure when that changed for him, but it had and there was no going back. 

The way you threw your head back when you cracked up at his stupid jokes, the way you cried at movies you’d seen hundreds of times, the way you made lists and left crumpled bits of paper all over your apartment, Luke loved all of them. He loved every single part of you, deeply and fiercely, with every fiber of his being. 

You weren’t single when it happened, and while Luke hadn’t ever approved of your boyfriend, it shocked him at the violence he felt when that man mistreated you. He’d been relieved when you broke it off even though it killed him to watch you cry. He told himself that the pain you were experiencing from the break up was better than a lifetime of suffering in an unhappy relationship. Luke knew your ex always accused him of having feelings for you, and he didn’t want to be a creep and make a move while you were vulnerable so he held back. 

He went to yoga class with you and you sat next to him at the piano as he wrote songs. He didn’t know how you didn’t figure out the lyrics of love and longing were written for you. He’d dreamed about writing a love song for you that made you fall in love with him too.

When you’d gotten drunk and wound up in bed with your ex it had been Luke you turned to never suspecting how much it bothered him. You didn’t realize you deserved so much better even if it wasn’t with Luke. He made up his mind to confess, he was gonna take you for a walk in the park, bring some grapes so you could feed the ducks and lay it all out for you.

Three days later he was at your house with Calum playing Mario Kart with you and your sister. Your phone rang and you threw the controller down and ran out of the room to answer the call. When you came back there were tears streaming down your face but Luke had never seen you look happier. You were so excited you couldn’t speak just squeaking noises and happy sobs.

Your sister finally got it out of you, the phone call was from a design house offering you your dream job working with the House of Savoldi. Luke was thrilled for you even though it meant you’d be moving to New York. When he heard you’d have to move to Milan his world stopped.

He had to tell you he was happy for you, that you couldn’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime, you’d worked so hard for this, and you were gonna love Italy. Luke knew he couldn’t tell you now. He couldn’t risk your giving up your dreams, not for him. His life wasn’t stable enough, and he couldn’t ask you to wait for him, so he would wait for you. 

So here he was, watching you load your suitcases into your sister’s car. You were wiping away tears and Luke felt like he was breaking. When you hugged him he was amazed he didn’t shatter. The way you looked at him before you kissed his cheek and wiped his tears off his cheeks.

“Don’t you cry,” you scolded him. “Leaving my best friend is hard enough.” You hugged him again, “Love you Luke, come visit me when you come to Italy." 

"Love you too kid, take care of yourself,” he didn’t recognize his own voice.

You hugged Calum and then it was time to go. You got in your sister’s car waving goodbye, laughing and crying. Neither you or Luke had any idea about the note Calum stuck in your luggage that he’d fished out of Luke’s trash. 

Luke heard the car door slam and closed his eyes. He couldn’t watch. He knew when you got to Italy you’d start the life you’d always dreamed of. With a new career would come new friends and new loves, a new life that didn’t include him. His thoughts were bouncing around in his skull and his chest felt like it might cave in at any second.  He couldn’t watch you walk out of his life and not say a damn thing. 

Calum squeezed his hand and he squeezed back choking back a sob as he asked, “is it over yet?”

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Part 3!

   When you woke up the next day, you were tucked in bed with a cold washcloth stuck to your forehead. The first few blinks after waking up were spent trying to figure out where you were. You recognized the bed as your own, the room as your own, and sighed softly. The severe illness that covered you like a tight glove now left a dull pain in between your eyes and weakness in your body. You stretched, whimpering as your knees popped when you pulled yourself out of bed. 

    Deciding that you didn’t particularly care to see how horrible you looked after spending the night tossing and turning from the heat your body produced to kill the virus that had plagued you for the past few days, you bee-lined towards Sofia’s room. 

    Only Sofia wasn’t in her crib. Instead, she’d been sleeping peacefully on Calum’s chest; the snores that rumbled out of him acted as a calming lullaby for your daughter, you supposed. He was slightly slouched on the small, grey recliner in the corner of the room, though you knew the thin cushions were more for design than comfort. You also knew that when he sat up, his back would start aching. He looked as tired as you felt. Your guess: Sofia probably gave him hell while you were passed out. 

    Your steps were near silent as you padded into the room and leaned over Calum. His eyes snapped open when he felt Sofia being lifted. His grip on his daughter tightened but when he saw that you were the culprit trying to steal his baby, he loosed a breath. 

    “I got her,” you said, trying to reach for her again. This time he let go. “Why don’t you go home. You look beat.” 

    The bags and dark circles under his eyes were nothing compared to your almost-permanent ones, though you had to understand that he had never done this before. His shirt was shriveled and his hair was tossed in every direction. Like Sofia had tried to fight him, and won. By the slowness in his gaze, you knew he was utterly exhausted.

    “She was stubborn,” he said thickly, bracing his hands against the arm of the recliner to push himself up, groaning as his back straightened. “I thought you were the most stubborn person I had ever met.”
    “She’s a baby,” you said. “She’s going to be like that.” There was nothing but spitefulness in your words. You knew he had never done this before, never taken care of a child. His child. But the vulnerability he had exposed the night before did little to change your view on him. 

    He was a cheater. He would always be a cheater. 

    “I know but—” Calum scrubbed at his face. “I felt something last night. Holding her.” 

    You stalked out of the room with the snoozing child tucked into your arms, her cheek pressed against the curve of your shoulder. He followed after you, his footsteps heavy. 

    Calum reached out to you but you refused to look at him. “Please,” he said. 

    You spun on your heels with the kind of grace he’d never seen before. A nod of your head, and—

    “Thank you for doing what you did last night. For us. I appreciate it.” There was no sense in trying to avoid what happened between you. The tears both of you shed in grief of your failed relationship. But it was more than the broken vows that anchored you both down in a deep and dark pit of nothing but remorse and sorrow. It was about the life you had lost, plans for the future that were now a distance memory. It was more than the wedding rings and sharing a bed. Both of you grieved over the loss of yourselves, the love you had once believed in, the hope that had faded. 

    You had allowed him to point a gun at you and trusted him not to shoot. Not only did he pull the trigger but he pretended like he hadn’t held the gun in the first place. He fed you lies, instead; told you it would help the battle wound he had been responsible for. Meanwhile, you had been drowning. In yourself. In him. You had no idea until your lungs started to fail and you struggled to return to the surface. Except when you did, there was nothing of the woman you had once been before you met Calum. Nothing of the woman you had wanted to be for your daughter. 

    That woman had long since passed. And you realized that the moment he closed his fingers on the wedding ring he had given you all those years ago. You were a shell of that independent, wild spirit. You were nothing. 

    And now you had climbed up from rock bottom and made a decent living for yourself, slowly paying back your family in small increments. You had fought tooth and nail; put your blood, sweat, and tears on the line for the precious jewel who slept in your arms. 

    So, no. He wasn’t going to swoop in and pretend like everything was okay. You weren’t going to get tossed aside because he had unceremoniously walked right back into your life. Sofia was yours. Calum may have helped, but he made his choice. 

    “I meant what I said last night,” he said, breath almost raggad. “I want a relationship with Soph. I want to be there for her, she needs me—”

    You snarled. “She does not need you. She doesn’t know you.” you snapped a vicious finger towards him—careful not to disturb your daughter— and glared. “I didn’t need you when I was pregnant. I didn’t need you when I was at my lowest. I sure as hell don’t need you now.”

    He returned your glare as he said with equal quiet, “She does need me, you’re just too proud to admit it. Whether you like it or not, I’m her father and I’ve already spent a year not knowing her. I’ll be damned if I don’t at least try.”

    “I don’t like it,” tears pricked your eyes for what seemed like the millionth time as you muttered, “I don’t like that it’s you.” a warm tear slid down your cheek, landing on Sofia’s shoulder. “I don’t like that it’s you because you left me. I don’t like how you can just waltz back into my life and think that everything between us is going to be fine because of Sophia. It’s not.”

    “You think I don’t know that?” he dared to take a step closer to you, so close you shared breath. His presence always made your blood thrum, good and bad. He was a force in his own right which was probably why you always felt safe around him. Now… Now all you saw was a man who didn’t know what to do with himself; someone so overcome with guilt and responsibility and grief it drove him to insanity. “You think I don’t fucking hate myself for what I did to you? The amount of guilt I’ve carried with me for the past year was so astronomical Ashton had to step in. Do you honestly think— I just went about my life like I didn’t fucking care about you?”

    “You don’t care about me.”

    “Yes. I do.”

    You shook your head, closing your eyes to stop the sob clogging your throat. “You don’t,” you croaked. “If you cared about me you would never put yourself in a position to lose me. You made that decision all on your own.”

    You hated the pain that flickered in his beautiful eyes, the same exact eyes your daughter had. He said, “I’m not trying to ask for your forgiveness, okay? I know I won’t ever get that from you. But I want a relationship with my daughter. I need this relationship with her.”

    The grip you had on Sofia tightened as you contemplated. From what your clouded thoughts of judgment could let you see, you saw him as nothing but a lying bastard who hurt you. 

    And yet deep down you knew the kind of man he was, what he wanted to be seen as. Strong, determined, and intelligent. On the inside he was patient, loving, and gentle. On the contrary to the unjustifiable temptation he allowed himself to fall into, he was a good man. 

    Your eyes narrowed on him as you said, “Weekends. Only for a few hours, and you see her here. No taking her out unless I know.” 

Short-leashed. Strict. That’s what you wanted to be. Somehow you thought giving him little time with his daughter would make him give up and move on with his life; however, you knew the moment the morning sun hit his eyes and made them look like they were hand dipped in honey by God himself, he was elated.  

    “Great,” he smiled more to himself than you, and when his eyes traveled to the sleeping child it grew. “Saturday. I’ll come over around noon.”

    “Make it two, I have a meeting at noon.”

    He just looked at Sophia. “Fine, two it is.” 

    It was a foolish move on your part. 


    You were nervous the first day Calum had come over to visit Sophia. Letting your ex-husband back into your life was never something you planned on doing; you imagined going to your daughter’s performances, recitals, and graduations alone. Now that Calum practically begged to have a relationship with his daughter—who had been kept in the dark from him for over a year— you started to think of the awkwardness that came with having a child. If Calum really wanted a relationship with Sofia that would make things complicated. 

    Custody. Holidays. Sleepovers. Trips. Perhaps step-parents. 

    You had thought about stepping into the dating world again once Sophia met a certain age. Then again, all of your self-confidence shrunk into almost nothing the year that followed your pregnancy. Skinny, yet not. Full, yet not. You barely had the patience for hair and makeup, and nearly all of your clothes had spit up or some other kind of foreign stain. 

    Not only that, but Calum had walked into your life at the same time Sophia was supposed to be hitting the milestones of every child. Potty training. The Terrible-Twos. Talking more. For all you cared, Calum could think it wasn’t right for him and just leave. 

    But then he was on your doorstep again with a small bag in his hands. His grin that made his eyes crinkle formed on his lips as his attention caught on Sophia hiding behind some of your hair, despite its short length. 

    When Sophia didn’t reach out to him, Calum frowned slightly. 

    He had a lot to learn. You didn’t know if you were willing to share that kind of information. As selfish as it was, you wanted your daughter all to yourself. 

    “She’s shy around strangers,” you told him, lightly bouncing Sophia on your hip. 

    “I’m not a stranger, though.”

    “To her, you are.” It was the truth whether he wanted to accept it or not. “Come inside.”

    He shrugged his jacket off and set it atop one of the dining room chairs; the bag he brought over was set on the table. Something like hesitance flashed in his eyes as his hands reached towards her. “Can I?”

    Giving your daughter to Calum was something you were unfamiliar with. You were territorial and would do anything to keep your daughter safe, yet it somehow felt like second nature to hand her over to him. 

    Sophia began to fuss as Calum secured her body against the top half of his. She twisted in his grip, her tiny hands clamping towards you. A whimper left her lips when Calum tightened his hold on her to keep her from falling. 

    You sighed. “Be gentle,” you said, grabbing his hands to loosen them around Sophia’s legs. “She’s a baby, not a plastic doll.”

    “I know that.”

    You pursed your lips. “Calum, I don’t think you have ever taken care of a child. Just listen to me.”

    He knew you were right but chose not to say anything. Instead, he gazed at Sophia who was still trying to push herself away from him, her small hands bracing against his chest in protest. 

    “Mm—mama,” Sophia mumbled, tears welling in her eyes. You extended your hands out to take her, not missing Calum’s own downturned pout. 

    Sophia dug herself into your skin as you held her. “I told you,” you said. “You’re a stranger.”

    “She’s going to know me.”

    “What if she doesn’t want to?”

    By the silence that answered your question you knew he hadn’t thought about that yet.

    You brushed the bit of curls that had escaped Sophia’s ponytail, and said, “If you want a relationship with our daughter you have to realize that not everything is about you anymore. What you want doesn’t matter.”

    He had no words. Because he hadn’t thought of that alternative, hadn’t wanted to. To him, he was Sophia’s father and she was his daughter. It was simple. But it wasn’t. 

    “Then help me,” the words caught in his throat. “Help me be better, for her.”

    Calum rarely begged because the majority of the time everything was handed to him. He had the fame. He had the attention. He had the money and the friends and the connections. So this. He wanted this desperately enough to plead. 

    “I’ll help you,” you let yourself say, but then retorted, “Only because you look like a fool when you beg.”

    “Thank you.”

    You pushed Sophia upwards and offered a finger for her to grab. Then, you pulled her hand towards Calum. She threw him a dirty look that suggested she was not comfortable around him. You sidled your finger out of her grip and extended your hand towards his. His hand was clammy in yours as you intertwined your fingers together, pulling his hand towards Sophia. 

    “Daddy,” you told her slowly, though by the displeased expression she wore she still wasn’t impressed by the large man. “This is daddy.”

    When she reached between your hands you thought she was going to accept the new change. Until she used all the strength she could muster to tear your locked hands apart. 

    “No,” Sophia mumbled. Her brows creased as a deep frown set on her lips.

    You gave Calum a hopeless glance. “It’s only the first day. You guys just have to get familiar with each other.”

    In spite of the hurt you still harbored, you never thought Sophia would be so uncomfortable around him, especially since she slept so well when she was in his arms. You started to wonder if your deeply rooted hatred for him had somehow planted itself inside her. 

   You hoped that wasn’t the case. 

   “She hates me,” he said bluntly. 

   “Giving up so easily?” you dared to ask him, letting go of his sweaty hand, subtly wiping    yours on your jeans. 

   “No,” his response was immediate. “I just didn’t think it would be this hard to get along with my own kid.”

   You scoffed. “Believe me, she hated me for the first six months and I think she was trying to kill me during the pregnancy.”

   The fall of his tanned face made you look at him in question. “I wasn’t there,” he said quietly, gaze darting from you to Sophia. “I wasn’t there for any of it.”

   He wasn’t, but you wanted him to be. You wished that you were still together, happy and in love, taking care of your child. You wished he was there for you when you suffered with morning sickness and late night cravings. You wished he was there when all of your self-doubt crushed you under its stressful weight. 

   You wished you still loved him. 

   “Let’s go to the living room. You can try to bond with her there.” because if you had to stare into those sad, dark eyes for another second you were going to cry.

   Sophia wasn’t any less fussy when you sat her down with Calum. His back was leaned against the seat of the couch and you were sitting with your legs crossed, beside him. No matter how many times you tried to put her in his lap, to do anything with him, she just whined until you held her.

   For hours the both of you tried, and tried, and tried, until the sun started to set and Sophia was better off being put to bed. 

   You walked Calum to the door and tried to ignore the evident hurt in his tired face. 

   “That’s not what I thought it would be like,” he said as he ran a hand through his thick hair, stopping at the base of his neck. “She’s stubborn.”

   “It’s not easy, Calum,” you said, putting all of your weight on the door. “Kids are hard.”

   He nodded. At first you thought he was going to say that he couldn’t take the responsibility but he surprised you as he asked, “Could I come over again? Tomorrow or next weekend?”

   You studied him for a minute. Your eyes observed every line on his face, every mole and crinkle you had committed to memory years ago. He looked more rugged nowadays than the natural softness he had when you were married. You supposed the facial hair he was trying to grow out made him look a lot older than he was. And you wondered if he felt older. If the time spent apart affected him like it affected you. 

   “Sure. But I must tell you that she’s tougher than you would expect.”

   He smiled sadly. “Just like her mom.” You frowned. “Tomorrow at noon sound good?”

   You nodded and closed the door behind him, blinking when you finally acknowledged the pace of your heartbeat. 


I gotta do these because I’m a mess @spicycal @caluhmhood @silenthearts @thesubtweeter they had to listen to my constant rambling about this. They too good to me. 🥺♥️🥴🤧😩

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“she is both hellfire and holy water, the flavour you taste depends on how you treat her”

It had been a love-hate relationship between them the entire time they’ve known one another. Nobody could explain, or pinpoint, the anger and hostility between Calum and Cherry every time they were together. At this point, their friends get concerned when there isn’t a passive-aggressive comment made or some type of glare exchanged. They met through mutual friends, who tried to set them up, saying they’re perfect for each other, leaving everyone astonished that something so perfect went so wrong.


Series warnings: Substances (alcohol & cigarettes), Anger (snappy comments), Smut

Series Masterlist

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