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The snow is pretty for sure. The cold’s not terribly enjoyable. But you stay huddled up, wrapped in too many layers to count, topped off with one of Calum’s beanies. He slipped it on your heard when you complained for the fourth time about your ears being cold. “Can’t complain now,” he laughs. 

“But your ears,” you protest. 

He grins lifting his hood. “Got ‘em covered.” His lips are cold when he kisses the end of your nose. He steps back, towards the guys as they call for him. Andy’s posed in front of them, ready to capture their antics in the snow. 

You get pulled into a few selfies with the girls, laughing as you pull silly faces and noting how red your noses are getting. Off to your left where the boys are you catch Luke screeching, “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!.”

The boys are laughing, Calum jumping in front of the camera in excitement. Their laughter echoes around you all. “Hey!” you call out, half jogging over. 

Calum notices the pout on your lips. You and Luke are close and you always stick up for him. “Uh oh, the big bad wolf,” Calum teases. 

“That’s my friend,” you counter, scooping up some snow. 

“Whoa, whoa,” Calum holds his hands up. “I’m sorry. We can talk about this.” He’s still giggling, clearly pleased with himself. So you toss the compacted but not quite fully sculpted ball at his chest and he takes it like it was a boulder. He staggers backwards and then falls into the snow. “You’ve wounded me!”

“Serves you right,” you say as you stalk over. He captures you by your ankle. It’s not a super firm grip but even as you try to step back you loose your balance just a little and end up falling on your butt. “Ow! I’ve wounded myself!” The entire crew laughs. 


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Desejaria acordar com amnésia. Meus amigos perguntam o porquê insisto em ficar em casa. As pequenas coisas estupidas, que corroem todas as memórias que nunca conseguimos escapar, nos fazem esquecer de todos os desejos que fizemos juntos, e até dos lugares que costumávamos ir. Os sonhos que deixamos para trás são como as fotos que você costumava mandar e eu insisto em as deixá-las viver no meu celular. Eu desejaria acordar com amnésia, e sentir como seria adormecer no teu ombro pela primeira vez novamente. Pensei se você se sentiria sozinha, mesmo com ele do seu lado. E eu apenas desejaria acordar com amnésia.

-Raul Medeiros

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One of the biggest changes from teaching in a small town in Nevada to a high school in Los Angeles was the technology. It wasn’t that Odessa was technologically challenged—she was aware of most of the software the school used and was able to get around it pretty well. But Monday was proving to be a challenge as her computer kept crashing, preventing her slideshow from appearing on the Smart Board, and Odessa had been trying her best not to get flustered in front of the ninth and tenth graders even as they tried to help her out. It only made her feel worse when she failed to remember a couple of their names.

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I love u sm thank u 🥺💕


“Saturdays,” you said, placing down the mixing bowl on the counter. Cal raised an eyebrow at you from across the island, leaning against it as his palms laid flat. “Is for the bakers.”

He laughed, even though your joke was definitely not funny, and came around the counter to help you, starting to gather everything you would need for the cupcake recipe you’ve had sitting on the counter all week. This was the one thing you had been looking forward to the most this week; Cal had promised to be your loyal assistant in your baking this weekend, so of course you were going to hold him to that today.

“Okay,” you stated firmly, picking up the recipe and giving it a quick read. “We’re starting with the dry ingredients.”

Cal raised an eyebrow again. “Can’t we just throw everything together at once?”

You shook your head, giving him a look like he just offered to slap you. He laughed. “Baker Hood,” you said, fake offense dripping from your tone. “How dare you!”

He continued to laugh as you started measuring out the flour, eventually letting Calum pour it in and mix it with the other ingredients.

The rest of your baking went like that, jokes and giggles being shared between you and the love of your life. It took you longer than it would have if you were on your own but you didn’t mind it; you just loved being with your best friend and lover.

However, you quickly hit a bump when you realized you were missing something.

“I don’t know if I have enough cupcake holders for this,” you said wearily, Cal pausing in his distribution of the batter as you chewed your bottom lip and did some quick math.

Cal only paused long enough to shrug. “Go big or go home,” he said, taking a bigger scoop of batter than he should have and dumping it into the next empty tin. You laughed, the sound making Cal smile widely as he continued.

When you calmed down you looked at him, maybe getting a bit too sappy. “I’m already home,” you said sweetly, Cal looking at you with a light blush on his cheeks.

He was smiling, love lining every line on his face as he leaned over and pulled you into a kiss, his hand on your waist. “Love you, petal,” he said sweetly, his lips moving against yours before he went back to what he was doing.

After filling a few more tins he scooped some batter on his finger and quickly wiped it on your nose, the feeling making you gasp as you quickly shoved his hand away.

“I’m gonna get you for that, Hood!”

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