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#5sos fic rec

I have been shit about reblogging some of the amazing writers on here so hopefully I’ll remember to do this weekly and spread some love. Please feel free to send any recommendations or your favorite writers my way

The Devil Wears Kevlar (part 12) by @flannelpunkcalum

if you’re not reading this yet WTF not? You need to fix that right now…I’ll wait

Seriously, action, drama, suspense…this story has it all

Unravel by @sublimehood

CEO Calum…. let’s face it Calum in a business suit is a kink we all have.

Your Kind of Heaven Part 6 by @cal-puddies

This is my favorite Luke series at the moment. Depicts depression and anxiety but there’s a sweetness and strength to the relationship

Something Wicked by @angelbabylu

Vampire Luke…Jay is always so good and after the Easier music video I needed this.

Veiled Valor by @calpops

Pirate Captain Calum my lady. This was a fun read. Thanks to @itstheholls for sending it my way

Shameless self promotion plug Colour Me In part 9 Calum falls in love with a deaf woman

@kiiiimberlyriiiicker1995 @wildhearthood @cal-pal-cuddles @5sos-ficssmut

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oh my god pleASE write some sub!michael, it’s my favorite thing ever and there’s not much of it :// (also if you have any sub!michael fic recs that would be awesome!!) ❤️

IMMA!!!! But in the meantime here’s some of my favorite sub!michael fics and imagines! :)

Michael x Cis-Implied Woman!Reader

Michael x Cis-Implied Man!Reader

Michael x Trans Man!OC

Michael x Ashton

Michael x Calum

Michael x Luke

Michael x Ashton x Calum


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hiii suka bby how are you? hope evrything's good!! hey i was wondering could you rec me some nice ass 5sos fics? hope u have a great weekend xx

hey there darlin! Sorry this is late, but I definitely have a few! 

  • Change | outrrspacs (x)
  • Sudden Neighbours | bananashemmo (x)
  • Twilight!AU | pretendtobepunkrock (x)
  • Library Pictures | luke-blurbs (x)
  • Off of the Field | bxdlvckcharm (x)
  • I Hope I’m Still Your Favourite | whydoidithistomyself (x)
  • Merman!Calum | majorharry (x)
  • Go On, I Dare You | hawkeyeluke (x
  • 100 Sticky Notes | normalisthename (x
  • Flashlight | stillrunningbacktoyou (x)
  • Home | mabrook-habibi (x) [no longer a 5sos blog but this is still cute]
  • Coffee | ballerinahemmings (x) [can’t find that blogger anymore]
  • Roof Talks | 5secondsofteenwolf (x)

Honestly, this is only a fraction of the amazing fics and blurbs and stuff that I read everyday, I just don’t tag all of them and I don’t have a lot of time to go and find them all. But anything written by these writers are generally amazing! Maybe someday soon I’ll do another rec list ! Hope you like these; you have a great weekend too! Big Love xo 

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So, I finished reading the magic Muke fics you recommended and wow, I loved them all. Do you know of any other fics that are witch!5sos? :D

imma be real with you i dont actually know that much witch fics (if anyone knows any please rec me !!!!!) BUT i do know some great supernatural/kind of magic au’s that you should DEFINATELY read

unlikely lighthouses (malum)

The thing that’s messing with him is that it hadn’t felt like a dream. The details haven’t spun together as the day goes on, and the colours and voices and sensations hadn’t been off in any way. His room had looked exactly like he remembered it looking when he was a kid, and Calum had been even wearing the right pair of soccer shorts—the ones with the number “1” peeled off on one leg so that his right said “19” and the other just said “9”. It hadn’t felt like a dream; it had felt like a memory.

Michael may feel fucked up sometimes, but he knows that’s impossible. Obviously it’s impossible. He could never have forgotten something like that. He never propositioned Calum when they were fourteen.

(in the middle of the North American leg of the ROWYSO tour, Calum builds a friendship bracelet and Michael starts to have dreams of another version of them)

this totally counts as a magic au and isnt just me shoving this fic down the throat of anyone willing to listen to me for longer than five seconds iTS NOT (LISTEN I FUCKING LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH ITS SO FUCKING GOOD OH MY GOD IM GOING TO TATTOO THE ENTIRTY OF THIS ON MY ASS) on a more serious note, it has magical friendship bracelets and kind of alternate universes and ITS FUCKING AWESOME OH MY GOD GO READ THIS

in the jaws of the beast (ot4)

“You also drink blood now,” Luke points out.

“Like, exclusively,” Calum adds, looking down at the remnants of the hot dogs the rest of them had for lunch like he’s in mourning.

it has vampire!ashton! it has ot4! it has pining! honestly what more does a fic need? (the answer is nothing. absolutely nothing) SERIOUSLY THO THIS IS SO GOOD I FUCKING LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!!!

a little magical assitance (muke)

Luke has known for a while that there is someone in the school watching over him and performing silent spells on him so he doesn’t miss the bottom stair and land on his face or lean too far over a banister only to fall and break his neck. It took him longer than it probably should to work it out, and, actually, Luke doesn’t actually realise himself until Ashton points out bluntly that you can only do a trip-fall-sprawl without actually touching the floor a few times before it’s obvious someone has their wand pointed at you, and it’s not just Peeves being abnormally friendly.

*chants* hogwarts au! hogwarts au! hogwarts au! 

tell me something i don’t know (malum)

Sometimes, Calum hated his life.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he grumbled to himself as he sat upright, his phone flashing in his hand. “Dolphins? Fucking dolphins.”

He hauled himself out of bed and stomped angrily over to his closet to dig out his spare spandex. After a confusing run-in with Ashton’s boxers (he didn’t even live there, what the actual hell) he managed to wriggle into the neon yellow tights and bright green kevlar-reinforced leotard and pull halfway decent looking civvies (for three in the fucking morning, they’d take whatever he showed up in) over the top. As he dug out his keys and tried to find a good place to put his mobile that wasn’t in his underwear, he briefly wondered what the actual hell he’d done in a past life to make criminal dolphins an actual problem he had to deal with.

The world needed saving an awful lot more than necessary, in his opinion. Calum was mostly just grateful he was only responsible for Australia. Or, five times Calum kinda sorta hated his life as a superhero, and the one time he didn’t.

this. this. listen if one fic deserves to be in my top five of favorite fics of all time its this one. it’s been almost a year since its been published and i am still unable to exactly word how much i fucking LOVE this fic. its so good. ITS SO GOOD. if you read at least one fic of this list PROMISE ME ITS THIS ONE. this is like, this is my personal holy grail of malum fics tbh i freaking LOVE THIS SO MUCH

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I also have a weak spot for Muke + magic (since you posted a doc about it) but I haven't found anything like it so I'm so hype about this next fic !!!

ithank you so much anon!! this fic will be a tad more serious and more fairytale inspired and instead of Michael Luke will have magical powers BUT i hope you’ll like it just as much!!!

in the mean time, here are som magic!muke fics to keep you occupied:


Stepping over the collapsed door is a boy, must be around his age, got that bright spark in his blue eyes that spits outraged and unaffected seventeen with the broad shoulders and gloved hands of someone who’s lived far too much for his age. Michael looks at him and then he squints so the image comes into focus, even if it hurts his head to do so. He’s got something in his hands, and there’s fire coming from it. It’s a blow-torch.

or: michael’s only half-good, in a world where you’re either good or bad.

you probaby already know this one because despite the fact that it isnt finished yet its already a CLASSIC but just in fact you haven’t read it yet PLEASE DO ITS RLLY RLLY GOOD!!!!! it’s a LOT more gritty than my muke magic au but its sososososo freaking good!!!

trapped under your spell

Michael is fed up with his wings. The damn things had appeared one night a few months ago, and while he’s kind of okay with that, he’s not okay with how they change color everytime Michael dyes his hair. They’re supposed to be a window to your soul, not your hair, damn it. 

this is one of my favorite muke fics of all time and a huge inspiration for it’s all fun and games because there’s magic! ridiculous boys being ridiculous! muke! what more can a person want tbh. ALSO there’s sequel thats more cashton focused but rlly fucking cute

trick or treat

“Hypothetically speaking,” Michael says when he sits down on the couch.

this is p short but it’s cute magical out of controlness, so you should definatley read it :D

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Hi! Sorry to be a bother cause I know you just answered a recs thing, but you rec'ed a lot of people; do you have any more specific AU recs?

alright, buckle up motherfuckers, it’s about to get wild. 

(Note to all the people I’ve tagged: I’m sorry, since I think most of you were tagged in my original fic rec post, if this notification is annoying/redundant. I just love all your writing so… yeah, writer appreciation!!!!)

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