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#5sos imagine

a/n: I wrote this forever ago. I think It was suppose to be a 3 part series so if you want more, feel free to tell me lol. I never finished this but it’s enough to post…so yeah.

pairing: reader x luke hemmings

warnings: swearing, pet names(kittten, etc.), minor daddy kink, angst(?), smut(if you can even call it that.)

word count: idk, I’m too lazy to check, but maybe 1k?

-also I didn’t edit this too hard, so sorry for any mistakes.

creds to gif owner


“Cmon y/nnn.” Your best friend begs dragging your name out. You shake your head still under the mountain of blankets on your king sized bed. “Nope. You-know-who is going to be there.” You say, your eyes rolling at the thought of him. “Calum is really sweet y/n. Why don’t you just try to get to know him. Plus Luke will be thereeeeee.” She sings out the end. You get little butterflies at the mention of Luke’s name. You groan loudly as you roll out of your warm bed. What time are we leaving you mumble headed to your bathroom to shower. Y/B/F/N squeals and does a little dance. “We leave at 7.”

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Common Sense Pt. 2; Ashton Irwin

a/n: send requests!! I’m so fucking soft these days.

description: in which you hang out with Ashton and his friends before staying the night at said-simp’s house.


Originally posted by tothemoonmikey

You threw your head back, cackling louder than you thought you ever could as Calum ducked, mouth hanging open. He fell to his knees, but his eyes lit up when the marshmallow landed between his lips. You cheered, arms in the air, bouncing on your feet.

“Can you do another?” You breathed through your laughter.

He nodded, unable to say much of anything. Blindly, you reached a hand into the bag of marshmallows and gripped one between your already stick fingers. Calum titled back his head, parting his lips further to make room for another.

You chucked it at his face, your aim directly at his mouth. He ducked down to catch it because it had arched in the air. You cheered with him again, snorts coming from your vocal chords and nostrils. He laughed so hard, he fell to his knees and dropped marshmallow into his hand. You ran over to Calum, falling onto your knees next to him.

You heard footsteps near the living room and looked up, still laughing with a beat red face. Ashton sighed, grinning, placing his hands on his hips, “How are we supposed to make s’mores if you eat all of the marshmallows?”

You stood up, shuffling over to him with crossed arms. “You’re just jealous Calum’s better than you at catching them.”

“My mouths bigger,” Calum grumbled. He stood and passed the two of you to the kitchen so he could spit out the food in his mouth.

“Yeah, whatever,” Ashton called after him. “The fires going outside, if you two wanna join.”

You nodded, finally coming down from your laughter. Ashton intertwined his hand with yours.

“I’m glad you’re fitting in with everyone,” he remarked as you stepped closer to him.

You smiled up, “Me, too. I was super nervous an hour ago, and now I’m having the best time ever. Is Sierra still here?”

You asked the last question as you and Ashton made your way outside, Calum trialing along behind quietly. Ashton held open the door to his backyard for you and Cal, and you joined back at his side.

“Yeah, she’s over there with Luke,” he pointed across the pool, over towards the edge of the yard where there was a railing to guard a cliff overlooking the city.

She waved at you, and you took giddy steps over to her. “Hi!” She grinned, sitting up from Luke’s side. His arm slid down from her shoulders to her waist, lazily dropped over her.

You sat on the patio couch next to her, the hum of Luke, Michael, and Crystal talking in your ears along with crackling of the fire, crickets, and wind. Ashton and Calum trudged along behind, the older man plopping next to you as he carried on a conversation.

“So, you were going to tell me about your job?” Sierra prompted, urging you to strike up paragraphs of thoughts.

You did so; “Oh, right! Okay, so…”

You rambled on with Sierra for what felt like hours, but you knew it couldn’t have been more than fifteen minutes. Michael and Crystal has decided to slip away during the middle, saying goodbye with nice-to-meet-you’s and promises of tomorrow. Calum, who took up Michael’s spot in order to be closer to everyone, fell into conversing with Luke and Sierra.

You glanced over at Ashton, noticing his eyes were already on you. You were sitting side by side, hands conservatively to yourselves. You smiled up at him and moved closer to him. A chill ran down your spine and he noticed your want and need for his warmth.

Ashton wrapped an arm around your back, fingers curling around your shoulders. You nuzzled into his hold, your ear cupping the skin protecting his heart. You heard it thumping in time to the crickets, his voice echoing through your head.

“Need a coat?” He asked through a soft grin. You looked up at through your lashes and shook your head. “Let me know if you do. Are you having a good time?”

“The best,” you murmured, “everyone is so kind and welcoming. I’m excited to fit into your little family.”

“I’m so glad,” Ashton hesitantly pursed his lips before bending his neck to press a kiss to your forehead.

You blushed, skin on fire from the flames licking at the air in front of you and the flames burning your stomach and heart. You turned in Ashton’s arm, towards the group. He adjusted, wrapping both limbs around your torso. His hands rested on your stomach, stiff and nervous. You took one in your one, looping each finger together and holding loosely.

You jumped in as Calum said, “I can’t wait to go on tour again. I get so antsy just sitting at home.”

“Whats your favorite spot you’ve visited?” You asked, eyes flickering between the group of people.

“Japan,” he answered quickly. Your brows flicked up as if to say, “Really?” and he nodded. “Defintiley Japan. The food, the architecture, everything, is amazing.”

“I don’t know, I’d say Italy,” Luke cut in with a nod of approval from Sierra. “It’s so pretty and historical.”

“You seem to forget I’m single,” Calum flicked in his hands in a sarcastic motion.

“Ah, true,” Ashton added. “Anyway, I’d say Paris. It’s even prettier, the architecture and food is better, and it’s so romantic.”

“Is it really?” You glanced up at him in admiration.

“Really,” he nodded, grinning at you. “I’ve never been while in a relationship or anything, but you feel like you’re in love because of simply being there.”

“That sounds amazing,” you guffawed.

“Do you travel, [Y/N]?” Sierra said.

You shrugged, “Not really. I mean, I’ve been to a few places all over the country, but I’ve never left it. I don’t even have a passport.”

To them, not having a passport out of place because they were so used to it all.

You added, “It’s pretty lame, huh?”

You felt Ashton shake his head, “Not lame at all.”

“You’ll get out there,” Sierra spoke like it was a promise.

Calum and Luke agreed with nodding heads. The conversation flowed for another ten minutes before the three decided to call it a night.

You walked with Sierra to the door, making pinky promises through your words for lunch dates, swapping numbers right as Ashton went to close the door. When they were all gone, you were left with the ghost of a grinning smile.

Ashton was staring at you in affectionate amusement. When you turned to him, away from the door, he tilted his head. He reached for your hand, tugging you into him by the wrist. As if it were a muscle memory in your arms, you wrapped them around his shoulders, looking up at him.

“You’re so pretty,” he slowly leaned his forehead into yours, boring his hazel eyes into your own.

You felt your breath leave your lungs, your diaphragm refusing air because it was filled with paper hearts. You held your breath as his lips puckered slightly, as they fit themselves between your own and your eyes squeezed shut. He gripped your waist, fingers squeezing into your hips as his lips pressed harder.

He pulled away, the sound of kissing echoing between you. “Pretty.”

Your nose scrunched up from the joy you felt and you blushed. You pulled him into you, hugging him tight. “I really like you.”

“Me, too,” he agreed into your shoulder, kissing it lightly. “Are you ready for bed?”

You answered by pulling away and allowing him to guide you to his room. Ashton headed into the bathroom connected to it while you admired the master-sized bedroom. You started off in the corner by the door, lightly tracing your fingers over the simple decorations he had: A bookshelf, filled with anything from music theory books to mystery novels. Your smile quirked at the few titles you recognized, understanding just how well the two of you fit. You moved to the dresser against the window, noticing a door leading into a walk-in closet you didn’t feel like inspecting.

On the dresser were little emblems of Ashton: His cologne, the beautiful odor of sunshine and oranges you loved smelling on his tanned skin; a small plate decorated with gold and white features which held the rings he wore; his deodorant, sitting alongside his vintage camera he’d told you all about over text message. Next to that was, funny enough, a polaroid camera. You didn’t fail to notice the polaroids hung all over his room, on the fridge, framed in the living room. You carefully touched the leaf of his planet before your eyes flicked up the mirror above his dresser.

He was leaning against the door frame to the bathroom, changed into a pair of sweatpants and a black t shirt. His hands were stuffed in his pockets, glasses sitting firmly on the bridge of his nose, and his curls pushed back on his head, but still messy as before. You smiled at him through the mirror, biting onto your bottom lip in order to suppress screaming at him that he was adorable and attractive and you were definitely might be falling in love with him.

He grinned back, pushing himself off of the door to meet you in the middle of the room. His breath was minty, face shiny from cleanser. “Go ahead and do whatever you gotta do to get ready for bed.”

You chuckled, “Thanks for your permission.”

He rolled his eyes, playfully, and shrugged. “Well, i didn’t know if you felt awkward just walking into my bathroom.”

“I’ll only feel awkward if it smells bad, and-“ you moved past him moving into the said-room, “it doesn’t! Congrats, Ash, you’re cute and clean!”

He blushed, falling back onto his bed and moving to his side to look at you. “You know it, babe.”

You felt giddy at the nickname as you stepped back into his room. You unzipped your bag, fumbling around for your pajamas and bag of cleaning items. Once you had them, you moved back inside and softly shut the door.

You went through the motions of changing and used the toilet before washing your hands and stepping back into his room. Ashton was scrolling through his phone, now under the covers, but he looked up when he heard you. He put his phone on the charger and on his bedside table. The lights had been turned off, save for the lamp beside him.

You stuffed your things back in your bag and set it on the floor by the bathroom door. You moved to get into bed when you noticed Ashton’s eyes flick up and down your body.

You pursed your lips, feeling insecure under his gaze, “What?”

He reached for your hand and you took it. “You look so cute.”

“Thanks,” you squeezed his fingers in your own, a squeal emitting from your lips when he tugged you down beside him.

He moved so he was on top of you, giggles bubbling from your lips as he chuckled. His curls tickled your forehead, lips brushing over your own.

You pressed yourself up towards him and kissed him, impatient to wait for him to. He grudgingly pulled back and lay beside you. You hesitantly curled into his side, but he in tangled his legs in yours and pulled you tight.

“Goodnight, sweet girl,” he spoke as he turned off the lamp.

You replied, through deep red cheeks and butterflies spewing from your lips, “Goodnight, Ash.”

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A//N: I decided to start posting some of my stuff here and see how things go. This is a project I started back in 2017, and I unfortunately lost inspiration with, but then rekindled earlier this year and rewrote the entire thing. 

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I am enjoying working on it. It isn’t the best but I’m using it as a learning curve. So, please forgive my terrible grammar! 

Feedback is greatly appreciated btw! Just be kind plz! 


Summary: Eloise Gray and Calum Hood, not two people you would ever think to put together. What started as a ploy for power turned into a romance, resulting in the realisation that loving your enemy may not be such a bad thing after all.

Word Count: 6.5k

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Thanks! Someone else asked for 44 as well. 

Requesting for prompts is now closed!

38: “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” + 44: “If you die, I’m going to kill you.”

Enjoy my masterlist!

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Heights. The one of the few things that you weren’t a major fan of. 

It never seemed to be a thing that had come up before. That is until Calum mentions, while on the road, wants to create some crazy memories. It lands you in a brewery smashing a flight of beers together. It lands you sometimes eating various animals you normally wouldn’t have tried. And now it leaves you here. Staring up at a 120 feet bungee swing, and your knees are shaking. 

“If I die, I’m killing you. If you die, I’m reviving you and then I’m going to kill you again.”

Calum laughs. “You don’t have to do it.”

“Like hell I don’t. It’s just a a tree, right?” It’s just a tree. It’s just a tree. There’s rope and safety, there are people around who know what they’re doing. It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be okay. 

“So who’s going first?” the instructor asks, grinning. Against all better judgement, you offer to go first. The climb up gives you enough time to think about how fucking crazy this shit is. But you’re already half way up and what’s the point in putting in this much effort without seeing it all the way through. 

“You owe me, Calum!” you holler down, staring up at the partly cloudy sky. 

“I’ll get you all the ice cream you can handle!” he returns. 

Once you reach the top and stand on the branch, you try not to look down, just straight out. All you can see are the tops of other trees. It’s almost cinematic. “Okay,” the second instructor starts as they unclip and reclip gear. “Shuffle a little closer to the edge. And whenever you’re ready, just step off.”

You nod, feeling your throat quivering. “Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit,” you shake. You inhale once. Then twice. And then on the third cycle, on the out breath you step. There’s nothing to catch you. Your stomach jumps. Your heart is racing. You’re waiting for the rope to catch you and when it does, it’s like our snatched. You bounce up back toward the line of the top of the trees and then back you go. 

Your throat is nearly ripped to shreds when you finally get unclipped on the ground. You didn’t think you were screaming that hard. Calum’s phone is posed in his hands and you’re still shaking as you flip him off. “Your turn.” You take the phone with both hands to keep the footage from being too shaky. 

Calum’s climb is smoother than yours. Less stopping and starting. He gets to the top. And like a diver on the board for the 100th time, he takes the step. He screams, laughter turning up at the end of it and not before long he’s reaching the ground again, laughing. He takes one step towards you, and you can see it on his face. It’s bad. 

Calum leans over, hands on his knees. His face is almost white. Unfortunately, there goes the smoothies and toast from breakfast hours before covering dirt and twigs. You step over, carefully and catch him around the waist, seeing the sway in his weight. “Whoa, take a seat,” the first instructor warns, rushing over to help Calum sit on his butt. 

HIs phone is still going with a recording but you’re more concerned with Calum. Though you don’t want to be too overbearing. “I can’t believe it. You fainted straight into my arms. All for what? If you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Calum lifts his head, throwing up his middle finger. “Shut up.” He looks better, more color to his cheeks than before. 

“But seriously, are you okay?”

He nods. “Yeah, I’m okay.”

“How about I buy you all the ice cream you can eat? Or maybe some ginger ale?”

“Let’s start with ginger ale,” he laughs as he takes your extended hand. 


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okay okay one last question babes! i have a lot of drabbles to choose from that’re already in 2nd person. here’s titles & short descriptions. all are in the perspective of a female reader.

out of the blue (established relationship, random quarantine sex. loving boyfriend!cal)

open up (overstimulation…….. lol……. overstimulation! heavy on the giver vibes & a little body worship)

breathless (post-gym, long day, needing an outlet boyfriend!cal… maybe a hint of breeding kink here lmafkdsjfeiojklea)

reflections (post-argument that makes cal spend date night being a little.. como se dice.. passive aggressive… till you get home.)

full disclosure i might not even post them till tomorrow because i’m a highly critical asshole when it comes to my own writing boop

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Requesting for prompt request are now closed!

Enjoy my masterlist!

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**No one has my permission to repost, including translations. Copyright be-ready-when-i-say-go, 2020**


The snow is pretty for sure. The cold’s not terribly enjoyable. But you stay huddled up, wrapped in too many layers to count, topped off with one of Calum’s beanies. He slipped it on your heard when you complained for the fourth time about your ears being cold. “Can’t complain now,” he laughs. 

“But your ears,” you protest. 

He grins lifting his hood. “Got ‘em covered.” His lips are cold when he kisses the end of your nose. He steps back, towards the guys as they call for him. Andy’s posed in front of them, ready to capture their antics in the snow. 

You get pulled into a few selfies with the girls, laughing as you pull silly faces and noting how red your noses are getting. Off to your left where the boys are you catch Luke screeching, “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!.”

The boys are laughing, Calum jumping in front of the camera in excitement. Their laughter echoes around you all. “Hey!” you call out, half jogging over. 

Calum notices the pout on your lips. You and Luke are close and you always stick up for him. “Uh oh, the big bad wolf,” Calum teases. 

“That’s my friend,” you counter, scooping up some snow. 

“Whoa, whoa,” Calum holds his hands up. “I’m sorry. We can talk about this.” He’s still giggling, clearly pleased with himself. So you toss the compacted but not quite fully sculpted ball at his chest and he takes it like it was a boulder. He staggers backwards and then falls into the snow. “You’ve wounded me!”

“Serves you right,” you say as you stalk over. He captures you by your ankle. It’s not a super firm grip but even as you try to step back you loose your balance just a little and end up falling on your butt. “Ow! I’ve wounded myself!” The entire crew laughs. 


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Previous Part: Part 1

One of the biggest changes from teaching in a small town in Nevada to a high school in Los Angeles was the technology. It wasn’t that Odessa was technologically challenged—she was aware of most of the software the school used and was able to get around it pretty well. But Monday was proving to be a challenge as her computer kept crashing, preventing her slideshow from appearing on the Smart Board, and Odessa had been trying her best not to get flustered in front of the ninth and tenth graders even as they tried to help her out. It only made her feel worse when she failed to remember a couple of their names.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

Enjoy my masterlist!

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**No one has my permission to repost this, including translations. Copyright be-ready-when-i-say-go, 2020**

CW: Smut adjacent, 18+ please!

No specific gender, race, or sexuality. 


The front door closes, hard enough that you hear the rattle of the pictures on the walls from the kitchen. And you wait, a bowl of grapes in hand, against the counter with a smirk on your face. 

Calum drops his keys into the dish near by, pulling off jacket and hat. “I know you’re home,” he calls out. He also knows you sent him that video on purpose. Standing in front of the bedroom mirror, scantily cladded, grinning as your fingers tease your skin, up your thighs, and kneading at your own ass before it stops. 

You remain silent, the only sound of your teeth snapping the skin of the grape. and a slight slurp as you pull the juice that threatens to spill out of the side of your mouth back in. He shuffles into the kitchen and much to his dismay you’re robed. The big gray fluffy one that you like to wear when you want a cuddle or warmth but can’t find Calum or he’s busy at the moment. 


It’s one word and you know what he’s talking about. You can tell by the bulge forming in the front of his pants. His eyes are dark and his jaw is set tight. “I’m eating.”

You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

You shrug, pulling two more grapes off the bunch and then set the bowl down. You pop one in your mouth as you pull at the ties around your waist. It falls open. Calum drops his gaze, mouth watering, knowing that you’re practically bare underneath. 

And then he sees his empathy sweatshirt. “You little shit,” he chuckles. It’s dark, mostly humorless. He shuffles closer, watching you eat the last grape from your palm and then yanks the robe off and pulls up at the hem of the sweatshirt. 

There’s one of his shirt, the blue Maine one, and he groans. “How many fucking layers do you have one, sweet one? Because I’m really really not in the mood for games after that video.”

You simply shrug, kissing along his jaw. Your teeth graze the shell of his ear before his spine shakes at the wispy sound of your hushed voice. “Guess you’ll have to find you.”


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Thanks! I’m combining with the another request 29 from the same prompt list!

7: I almost lost you + 29: I thought you were dead

Enjoy my masterlist!

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***No one as my permission to repost this, including translations. Copyright, be-ready-when-i-say-go, 2020.***


The day feels somehow the longest and the shortest for him. One moment it’s 7 in the morning and there’s a bowl of oatmeal in his face and the next, with just a blink of his eye, he’s melting into the cushions of the couch in the studio. And his phone is telling him that it’s almost nine at night. He knows he has to call it quits soon. You went out to get drinks with some friends and needed him to pick you up. 

And it feels like the longest because it feels like hours as his fingers and mind fumble over chords and lyrics when in reality only minutes have ticked by. Truthfully, all he needed was just a reset to his day. Just crawl back into bed with you and curl up with Duke. He’d kiss you longer this time, ask for five more minutes two more times than he did. 

“Alright, well, I gotta head out.”

The guys mumble their goodbyes too and off, Calum goes, twirling keys around his fingers. The drive to the strip is smooth, where you’re probably sipping the night away on a glass of something. It might be alcohol, it might just be soda.  The last text from you mentioned that you were watching the water, the address attached. 

That was an hour ago. So while pulled up at a light, he calls. It rings for a minute or two and there’s no answer. He tries not to think too much about it. He lets it go for a minute before calling back again. There’s still no answer. A twinge of worry hits his gut. 

“What are you doing?” he mutters. He calls back again, inching closer and closer to the bar. “Pick up for me.”

No answer. 

Okay. Okay, he doesn’t need to loose his head. He can just backtrack. He’ll go to this bar and if you’re not there, we can try a few others on the block. He’s just worried. These are work friends and you trust them, but he doesn’t really know much about them. He doesn’t know for sure if they’d just leave you hanging. 

Parking, he grabs his phone and heads for the door. The crowd’s not too think for a Tuesday night. But still it somehow feels like more people that normal. Inside, it’s warm and smells like stale beer. He checks the bar first before floating around the outskirts of the dance floor, glancing over tables. Nothing. He heads to the outdoor patio. 

There are people. But one of them are you.  He can hear the crashing of the waves from here. He looks out to the water. This must be the view you were talking about. But where are you now? What the hell had you gotten into? He tries not to ponder the thought too long before taking another canvas of the interior. He’s slower this time. More meticulous this time around too. 

You’re still not on the dancefloor. Still not at the bar. He just left the back patio. So he heads for the door, pulling out his phone again. No texts, no calls. “C’mon.” He’s frustrated now. 

Throwing one more glance over his shoulder, he pushes into the wooden door and keeps out into the night. He can hear a group laughing and doesn’t think too much about them, focused on his phone. Until he hears a scream. Tires screeching and more concerned shouts follow it. 

And there’s you, teetering right at the edge of the curb. A car halted. A few people are grabbing at you, trying to pull you back from certain injury, potentially more.

Calum’s heart is in his ass. It’s honest to God quite possible that he shit it out too. Just right there onto the curb. He runs over, pushing shoulders and calling your name. All you do is giggle, clearly not sober. “HI, baby.”

“God,” he huffs, pulling you into his chest. “I almost lost you.” That’s not a thought he thought he’d ever have. Nor a sight he thought he’d ever see. You right on the brink of sure fatality. He can hear his own heartbeat, feel it thumping against the veins in his neck. Something sour raises up in his throat, acidic, and he knows it’s bile. Thankfully, he keeps it down and his stomach from coming up his throat. 

“Sorry. Sorry,” you say, not sure why he’s squeezing you so hard. Not sure why his voice sounds so tight. Had you done something wrong? You know that the car was scary, you’d admit that yourself. But it wasn’t that bad, was it?

“I tried calling like four times. I tried not to think the worst, almost thought you were dead. Or something. And then…” he lets the thought die though, not able to form the words to say and then almost seeing you get hit by a car. 

Your arms wrap around his leather cladded body. “I’m sorry.” It’s all you can say for the time being. The fog of alcohol is thick on your brain but you know for sure he’s distraught. “Let’s go home, yeah?” you ask, mouth half way covered by his broad shoulders encasing you. 

His face is buried into your neck but he nods. “Yeah.”

“I’ll be more mindful next time,” you say, after getting home and getting showered. Calum showers with you, his touch soft. Unlike normal, where he’s bound to slap your ass at least once. You’re burrowed into the sheets and his side, chin resting on his pec. 

“You’re okay now. It’s okay.”

You kiss his skin, eyes closing as your head settle onto his shoulders. “I’ll stay in bed tomorrow an extra twenty minutes in the morning.”


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Cuddling with Luke would include:

  • Luke is definitely the one in the band that would never say no to cuddling with you, and would want to all the time every day because he loves to be around you
  • Definitely Luke softly singing to you while you cuddle
  • It would be mostly impossible to not fall asleep cuddling Luke because we all know how cozy n warm he looks / is🥺
  • “No don’t move im comfy like this”
  • Petunia would always try and push her way between you guys but eventually settle for laying next to one of you
  • Luke would definitely be the type to cuddle while watching like disney movies or something 🥺
  • If you weren’t cuddling with Luke you would most likely be sitting on his lap etc because he would always wanna be close to you
  • You always felt extremely safe in Lukes presence no matter what
  • I feel like Luke would also do what I said for Cal where he would write songs and sing them to you while you cuddled so he could get your approval🥺
  • Luke definitely is also the type that if you tried to move he would just pull you closer because he would refuse to let you move
  • You and Luke would probably cuddle literally anywhere like if you’re at the studio with him, cuddle breaks, if you’re hanging out with him after a show, cuddle breaks
  • I just overall feel like Luke is the definition of Cuddly like have you seen the pics of him and Sierra or him and Petunia cuddling?!
  • “You can answer the phone later I don’t want you to move im comfy”
  • Imagine how warm he is too like- you’d just be cuddled up to him and not even need a blanket because his embrace is warm asf 🥺🥺🥺
  • Id do anything for this because omg🥺
  • I could also definitely see him playing his guitar for you while you laid next to him or even if you were laying on the couch or something I feel like he would get up and play piano for you because you loved to hear him sing
  • Last of all he’s definitely would be the type to just nonstop whisper adorable things into your ear like telling you how beautiful you are or how much he loves you etc🥺🥺


I can’t even express how much I want this in life🥺 My cuddling with Michael and masterlist will be posted later so stay tuned for those!

Any suggestions? Send them to my inbox and I will write them as soon as possible🖤

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Originally posted by ghostofmashton

so, i got this beautiful idea from an anon, and i really like it. and if you guys like it, i can make a whole series of dad!sos and dealing with their teenagers :) it’s mostly fluff, but with the slightest sprinkle of smut!! 

the house was packed. each of mine and ashton’s four kids had a few friends, along with the rest of the guys over. i wanted to have a quiet day, but hayden and hunter showed up to the house with their little “gang” after their soccer practice causing my daughters to get a little jealous and ended up asking me and ashton if it was alright if some of their friends could come over. having ashton wrapped around the girls’ fingers didn’t serve me much justice when he said yes right away. the twins, hayden and hunter, along with two of their friends were in the backyard kicking the soccer ball with calum. “hayden, if you kick the wall one more time you’ll be paying for the paint replacement!” i yelled from the upstairs porch. “sorry y/n! my fault!” calum shouted back.

our oldest daughter, kathleen and her friends were in the den, fawning over jj from outer banks. “honestly, bailey, i don’t get how you don’t think he’s attractive!” kathleen spoke. “he’s not my type at all! i’m more of a brunette type of girl, or black haired.” her friend replied. “can’t believe i have seven teenagers and two pre-teens running my house right now.” i sighed, taking a seat on ashton’s lap. “c’mon y/n, it’s not that bad, remember, we used to do this all the time when we were their age.” luke said, grabbing a beer from the cooler. “yeah, but back then it was just the five of us! and you, you need to be more strict with kathleen, she gets away with murder with you. same with eliza!” i said, pointing a finger at ashton. ashton put his hands up in defense, “they have their mothers charm, what can i say.”

the boys in the backyard got bored and went to the basement to play some video game, leaving the girls in kathleen’s room upstairs. ashton and the other three were in the den, reminiscing from their teenage years. “i still can’t believe you have three teenagers, and one ‘pre-teen’ ash. seems like yesterday that you and y/n were getting married.” michael said. “tell me about it, i knew having twins first would be hard, but hayden and hunter are always competing with each other. the other night, i overheard them talking about who has better game. plus, it doesn’t help that hunter and cassidy are dating, and some of the things that girl says makes me think.” ashton chuckled. “i doubt they’re virgins, mate.” calum mentioned. “yeah, you were what? sixteen? seventeen? and that was before you met y/n.” michael said.

i began making dinner, and of course, i went to go ask the girls if they wanted to stay. hunter and hayden’s friends always stayed no matter what, but kathleen’s friends never wanted to impose. i walked up to kathleen’s room, hearing the conversation about my husband more clearly. “kitty, your dad is hot. and he’s the drummer of the band, i don’t understand how you don’t think so! the twins look just like him!” cassidy exclaimed. “can we stop talking about my dad? it’s weird!” my daughter huffed. i finally knocked on the door and opened the door, “girls, would you like to stay for dinner? i’m making pepper steak over rice.” “are you sure, mrs. irwin?” “of course! i’ve made plenty, your designated seats are set if you’d like to head down.” i smiled.

the girls stood up and headed right downstairs, except kathleen. “mom? can i ask you something?” kathleen said, not leaving her spot on the bed. “of course, angel, what is it?” “so, i don’t know if you know this, but cass and bailey think that dad is, hot.” she cringed at the last part. i laughed softly and sat down next to her. “and, i know i want to find someone who can give me what you and dad have, but i’m just curious as to how you guys met.” she said.

i smiled at her, remembering what it was like being sixteen and wanting a relationship. “well, your dad and i knew each other in school, but it was at uncle luke’s eighteenth birthday party. he was very drunk and kept telling uncle luke that he was going to make me his girlfriend someday. and as the night went on we ended up talking outside of the party all night long, he gave me his number and then a few months later he asked me to be his girlfriend. then two years after that, he asked me to be his wife.” i said, smiling remembering how ashton was persistent on getting into my pants that night.

“luke, who is that over there?!” ashton, clearly drunk, yelled into his best friends ear.

“y/n, she’s friends with marie. why?”

“she’s hot. holy shit, i want that girl to have my kids!” he exclaimed.

ashton had come up to me later that night, asking if i wanted a drink and to talk on the porch. seeing ashton walk up to me was nerve-wracking. he had his natural sandy brown curly hair, red bandana tied around his forehead, and a muscle tee dressing his top.

“so, what’s a doll, like you, doing at this party?” he asked, taking quite a long inhale from the joint that was passing between us two.

“my best friend wanted me to come with her, she says i don’t go out enough.” i replied, taking the drug between my fingertips.

“well, now that i know that you, little girl, don’t party that much, we will change that.” he smirked.

“and how do you plan on doing that?”

“well, first, i will need your number, and two, every time i know of a party, you will come with me.”

“wait, dad was drunk?! you won’t even let me have more than like, one mike’s hard.” “believe it or not, kat, your father was a major party animal when we were your age. each time he texted me and told me to be ready by 10, i had to lie to nana and tell her i was sleeping over at aunt marie’s house.” “and aunt mimi covered for you?” she asked. “of course she did! she’s not my best friend, and your god mother for nothing, of course, she knew what your father and i were doing, but she always vouched for me.”

kathleen was a little shocked about how her father was a party animal, she always thought that i was too “pure” for parties. “i have another question, but, don’t get mad at me for asking.” she said, her nerves starting to show. i eyed her suspiciously, but of course, i was open to any questions she had about the early teenage years. “how old were you when you lost your virginity?” she blurted out. i was a little taken back at the question, not exactly sure how to answer. “i was sixteen.” i answered truthfully. “was it to dad?” “oh no, before i met your father, i was dating some football jock and lost it to him. your father and i didn’t have sex until the first party he took me to with him, i think i was either eighteen or nineteen.” partially lying since ashton and i had sex the night we met.

“really?!” she exclaimed, again. “really, i didn’t know what i wanted, but when it was with your father it was everything i wanted. why?” “the girls always say i need to have sex right now, i guess the same thing aunt mimi told you about you needing to get out more.” kathleen finally looks up at me. “baby, you do whatever feels right. you don’t need to rush into things, and if i’m honest, your first time is always shitty, no matter how romantic you make it. hell, i was in the back of this guys truck.” “ew, mom! i didn’t need to know that!” she says, her face in a twist of disgust. i laughed at her reaction. “okay, another thing, it’s not a question, but it’s tea*.” kathleen says. i laughed at how she used the twitter slang for an explanation.

“cassidy and hunter have sex.” she speaks. “you think i don’t know that? baby, i was your guys’ age once too, i know all the tricks there are, your father does too. they’re not exactly slick when they come up from the movie room.” i respond. “it’s gross. anyways, i have one last question.” “make it quick angel, everyone’s probably wondering why we haven’t come down yet.” “can i go on birth control? just to be safe if it does happen soon?” she asks. “sure, angel. i’ll make an appointment with the doctor this week so we can go and see what she says, alright?” kathleen put her hands around my neck, giving me a tight hug. “you’re the best mom!” “let’s go downstairs, i bet your dad is wondering what we’ve been spilling about.” once we finally made our way downstairs, everyone was already done with their meal. “and what were you two talking about up there?” hayden says. “none of your business. just needed to have mom explain some stuff to me.” kathleen smiled to me.


everyone had left, leaving each of the kids fast asleep in their rooms. “so, what were you and kat talking about for forty-five minutes, missy?” ashton asks. “her friends think you’re hot, ash.” i mumbled through spit and toothpaste. “i am pretty hot, aren’t i?” he says, taking a step back and checking himself out in the mirror in out bathroom. “alright, let’s take that ego down a notch.” i laughed. “but really, what were you talking about?” he pressed. “she asked how we met, so i told her. and then she asked me how old i was when i lost my virginity.” i answered, washing out the mix of spit and toothpaste from my mouth. “she asked you what now?” he asked, not sure if he heard it right. “she asked me when we had sex, babe.” “and did you tell her?” “i told her how i lost my virginity to joe, and then i, well kinda lied, and i told her that the first time you and i had sex was when you took me out to calum’s party. i was not going to tell our daughter how much you wanted to fuck me when we were on the porch smoking.” i said, walking to the bed. “hey, you wanted it just as bad as i did. god, that sex was so good.” he said, throwing his head back. “yeah yeah, it was okay. you came in like two minutes.” i giggled. “i couldn’t help it! if you were wearing something a little less slutty i could’ve held it.” he defended. “oh really? weren’t you the one who was calling me daddy’s little slut that night? or was it some other drummer?” i smirked.

he rolled his eyes, stripping of his shirt and pants before getting into bed. “anything else?” “hunter and cassidy have sex, and kathleen wants to get on birth control.” i said, turning to face him. “i fucking knew it! i heard the boys talking about how good their game was, plus with the way cassidy gets all shy after her and hunter come up from the basement, there’s no way they’re just watching movies.” he laughed. “as long as they’re safe, i don’t care.” i shrugged. “now hold on, i do not want teenagers having sex in my house!” he said, pulling me into his lap. “baby, we had sex all over both of our parents’ house, you really think you’re going to stop our kids from doing that?” i asked, running a hand through his freshly washed hair. “that’s not the point, they’re not even eighteen yet!” “ashton, we were sixteen when we both started having sex.” i reminded him.

he narrowed his eyes at me. “fine, but you’re gonna talk to the boys then, since you’re just giving out free sex ed lessons.” he said, hands roaming to my lower back. “you really think our two seventeen-year-old sons want their mother giving them a sex talk?” “alright, i’ll do it. but you’re gonna be the one to talk to eliza about it.” “oh my god, i don’t want to think about my baby having sex.” i said, putting my head in my hands. “not as fun when we’re talking about our youngest, huh?” “oh, i’m making kathleen an appointment with our doctor in the morning so she can tell her what birth control is gonna be the best for her,” i remembered.


the next morning i woke up with ashton’s arm slung over my stomach. i tried to wiggle out of his grip, but it was useless. “ash, let me go, i have to start breakfast.” i groaned. “no, just stay like this, they can have cereal.” he mumbled, pulling me closer. i turned to face him, admiring how groggy he always looked in the morning. my hands traced shaped on his skin, making him more relaxed into the king sized bed. “okay sleepy head, i really need to get up.” i said, lightly tapping his cheek. “i never get to have you to myself anymore.” ashton pouts, much like a kid who was getting scolded. “it was your choice to pump me full of four kids.” i told him. i finally was out of ashton’s grip and made my way to the bathroom. i slipped on my robe, and washed my face before going back into the bedroom. ashton sat up and beckoned me over. his hands rested on my hips, pulling me down into his lap. i could feel how hard he was under his boxers. “jesus, ash. are you really this hard at 9:45 in the morning.” i sighed, adjusting myself in his lap. “didn’t help that we were talking about sex last night, and we didn’t do it.” he said, rolling my hips into his. “better take care of that thing before you come downstairs.” i said, beginning to get up. “oh no, i’m going to fuck you. with the way you were back talking me last night, can’t let that slide, doll.” he husked.

i whined, lifting my hips to set my heat right onto his bulge. “make it quick,” i whispered. ashton wasted no time in pulling my panties to the side and taking his cock out.  i slowly sunk down onto his member, rocking my hips back and forth once the muscle was fully enclosed in my walls. “oh fuck, you’re always so warm and tight, baby.” ashton moaned, kissing my neck. i rocked my hips faster, already wanting to release all over him. “please, fuck me, i wanna cum.” i whimpered. ashton lifted my hips up, and began to thrust into me. i had to bite down on my finger, making sure not to wake up the house. “doing so well for me, baby. always a good girl for daddy.” he husked. my head was thrown back while ashton continued to thrust sloppily into me. “i’m gonna cum, please can i?” i asked. “go ahead, baby.” i wasted no time and released everything i had onto ashton’s cock. ashton pulled himself out of me, painting his abdomen white. “now, that is one hell of a way to wake up.”

i finally headed downstairs, kathleen and eliza already sitting on the couch. “good morning, girls. how’d you sleep?” i asked, kissing the top of their heads. “pretty good, yesterday tired me out.” eliza yawned. “alright, hunter and hayden kept me up till 2 in the morning playing one of their stupid games.” kathleen said. on queue, the twins made their way downstairs. “morning mom.” they yawned in unison. “morning boys, how’d you two sleep?” “fine, we have weights today with uncle cal and coach blake later today.” hayden said. “you two dickwads kept me up all night!” kathleen harshly said towards her brothers. “kitty! don’t say that word!” eliza said, giving her older sister a glare.

ashton finally made his way downstairs, looking bright as ever. “there are my girls!” he said, tackling kathleen and eliza on the couch. “ow! dad get off!” kathleen groaned. “what’s with you this morning, kat? did you sleep alright, or did you and mom have another gossip session i don’t know about.” ashton said, pulling eliza into his side. “hunter and hayden kept me awake.” she groaned, getting up from the coach. “it’s not our fault you’re a light sleeper!” hunter said. “alright, enough arguing! you boys need to be more considerate of your sister.” i said, hearing enough of pointless arguing. kathleen came up to me, sitting on top of the counter. “do you still want me to make that appointment?” i whispered to her, setting a bowl of fruit down. “yeah, i’d rather be safe than sorry.” she responded.

breakfast was finally ready, and everyone sat down and dug in. “so, kat, how are cassidy and bailey?” ashton asks, taking a bite of his waffle. “they’re, uh, good.” she answered vaguely. “spill any tea?” hayden mocks the use of her vocabulary. “shut up, and no, not like you would care.” kathleen said harshly. “calm down, baby. i know you’re tired, but you don’t need to take it out on your brothers.” i said to her. once everyone finished their breakfast, kathleen ran right back up to her room. eliza sat on the couch and turned on the tv. hayden and hunter were doing the dishes.

“mom?” hunter called out. “i’m in dad’s office!” i answered back. “is it alright if after weights i go to cassidy’s house?” he asks, scratching the back of his head. “sure! kat is gonna come with me to run errands, but i don’t mind.” “now hold on a minute, what are you and cassidy gonna be doing?” ashton asks. “ash!” i said, lightly slapping his arm. “uhh, she said she wanted to watch movies and order take out.” he answered back. “just watch movies?” ashton pressed. “what else would we do?” he asks, clearly clueless of what ashton is asking him. “sit down for a sec, we need to talk.” ashton says. “am i in trouble?” he asks me. “no baby, you’re not in trouble.” i said, running my hands through his hair. i didn’t know what to do in this situation, if i were suppose to leave and let ashton take on his role, or sit there awkwardly and listen to ashton lecture him on sex.

ashton sighed before starting, “hunter, your mother and i know that you and cassidy are having sex.” hunter’s eyes go wide when ashton finishes his sentence. “how do you know?” he asks, not denying it. “we were once your age too, bud. you’re not exactly secretive either.” ashton says. “are you being safe?” i ask. “of course we are! i’m not as dumb as hayden you know.” he says, slightly throwing his brother under the bus. “i told you, ash!” “is hayden having sex?” ashton asks, completely ignoring my comment of “i told you so”. “oh yeah, you know jenna? yeah, he’s been sleeping with her.” he says shamelessly. “y/n, go get hayden.” ashton says. “ash, they have to leave soon for weights.” i remind him.

i quickly walk to their room, knocking on the door. “hayden? your dad wants to talk to you.” i say, entering their room. “what? why?” he immediately asks. “just go the office, you’re not in trouble.” i tell him. “where’s hunter?” “getting the same lecture you’re about to get.” “what does that mean?” he was jumping with questions. it didn’t help that hayden had the most anxiety out of the four of them. i sigh, and decide to take this one myself. “okay, sit down.” i say, sitting on his bed and patting the spot next to me. “your father and i know that hunter and cassidy are having sex, and then hunter said that you and jenna are sleeping together.” i tell him. his face falls and becomes pale. 

“how do you know that?” he asks. “dad and i were once your age too, don’t you think i know all the tricks in the book?” i laughed lightly. “i’m sorry i didn’t tell you, mom. it’s just, weird.” he says. “it’s alright, hayden. i, frankly don’t care, i just wanna know you’re being safe.” i say, rubbing his back, easing his anxiety. “yes i’m being safe, well, okay not all the time.” he says truthfully. hayden looks up at me, “wait, you don’t care?” “no! i remember having to sneak around with your father, just ask uncle cal. all i wanna know is that you’re being smart.” “and this is why you’re my favorite parent, but don’t tell dad.” he says.

the boys leave for their training, and i go back down to the office. “how bad did you scare hunter?” i ask, shutting the door. “i didn’t scare him, doll. just wanted him to know that he needs to be safe, but i did tell him that i don’t want them here alone.” “ash, you gotta let them be teenagers. hayden looked like he was going to die when i told him we knew.” i said, putting my arms around his shoulders. “you know, none of those parenting books ever said how to talk to your kids about sex.” “i think you did a good job, baby. now, i have to go call the doctor for kat, i’ll probably take her out to lunch, and maybe go for a little shopping spree.” i kissed his cheek before walking out of his office.


“why can’t i come with you, mama?” eliza asks. “because petal, kitty just wants to be alone with me today. plus, you gotta keep daddy company.” i say, grabbing my keys from the pot. “lizzie, i promise that when mom and i get back we can do our nails and bake cookies, okay?” kathleen says, giving her sister a kiss on her forehead. eliza was a daddy’s girl at heart, but she did get jealous anytime kathleen stole her spotlight with me. “what am i suppose to do with daddy?” she asks, clearly wanting to come with us. “why don’t you and daddy go see a movie, and i’m sure you can convince him to take you out to get ice cream after.” kathleen suggests. her eyes light up and immediately go ask ashton if they can go to the movies, and of course he says yes.  

as soon as we get to the car, kathleen asks to drive. i forget that she needs to get her hours in before she can get her license. “so, did dad ask what we talked about yesterday?” she asks, carefully stopping at a stop sign before turning onto the road. “oh yeah, and let me tell you, he wasn’t thrilled when he heard that your brothers were having sex.” i tell her. “did you tell him what we’re doing?” i sighed before answering, “yes i did, but he’s okay with it. it doesn’t really concern him anyways, i’m your mother.” kathleen had always been self conscious talking to ashton about “girl stuff”. the first time she asked him to buy her tampons, he called me and asked me what type to get her.

we pull up to the doctors office, and head inside. “hi, we have an appointment with dr. heartly, last name irwin.” i tell the front desk lady. “of course, same address and insurance?” she asks. “yes ma’am.” “perfect, go ahead and take a seat, and she’ll be with you shortly.” kathleen goes to sit down and begins to fiddle with her fingers. “kathleen irwin?” one of the nurses call. kathleen and i stand up, and head back to one of the rooms. they take her height and weight before placing us in one of the rooms. “alright kathleen, just need to ask you some quick questions before dr. heartly comes in.” the nurse says. “last menstrual period?” “april 10th.” “any medication?” “no.” “sleeping at least eight hours and eating three meals a day?” “yes.”

this process goes on for a little bit longer before the nurse is done with her questions. “they ask so many questions.” she sighs. “just normal routine, baby.” i tell her. we wait about five more minutes before the doctor comes in. “y/n! so good to see you again. what brings you two in?” dr. heartly asks. “kathleen is wanting to get on birth control.” i answer. “gotcha, alright kathleen, do you know what type you want? there’s the pill, a bar that can be implanted into your arm, an IUD…” “uhm, what’s the most accurate one?” “they all are different, if you’re looking for something to take everyday, then i recommend the pill, but if you want something that is long term, i suggest an IUD.”

after a few minutes of more questions and kathleen explaining what she’s looking for, she finally decides on just getting the pill. “alright kathleen, you’re all set! your order has gone through and you can pick it up anytime after 1pm today.” the doctor says. “perfect, thank you!” she thanks the doctor. “alright missy, where do you want go to lunch?” i ask her. “chipotle.” she answered quickly. “just so you know, your hormones are going to be all over the place, since your body isn’t used to taking the pill. just try and be nice to your brothers.” i tell her.

the rest of the day i spoiled kathleen. no way in hell was i going to tell ashton how much money i spent on her, if anything i’d get in trouble. we picked up her prescription and headed home. “you don’t start taking it until your next period, remember that.” i say, handing kathleen the package.


“uncle cal, i have a question.” hayden said. “what’s up, kid?” he asked, watching him on the leg press. “was my dad a party animal when he was our age?” he asks, struggling to push the machine up. “oh yeah, a big one too. your mom came out with us all the time after the night ashton and her met.” he said. “you’re kidding! mom? no way, she doesn’t even let hayden and i drink that much!” hunter said, his voice strained from pulling himself up on the bar. “your mom was a bit crazy when we went out, there was a time that her and your dad got caught in one of the bar bathrooms having sex.” calum chuckled, remembering the memory like it was yesterday. “no way, mom?! she would never do that!” hayden spoke. “trust me, she was a teenager back then, plus since she’s younger than all of us, she wanted to do everything before she went to college, and she did.” “my mother, y/n, was a wild child?” hunter said, having the same shock that his brother did.

their whole session, calum told the twins about how ashton and i partied nearly every weekend. the twins were shocked, to say the least. i don’t know what they were expecting, knowing that their father and their uncles are in a very popular band, of course we were gonna party. “i can’t believe mom always told us she just hung out with aunt mimi and didn’t go out!” hayden told his brother. “your mom was anything, but innocent, bud. why don’t you ask her if you guys can have a little party this weekend, you guys are off for the week, so why not?” calum suggested. “do you think she’ll say yes?” hunter asks. “of course! she’s more of the chill parent, which i expected ashton to be, but no she really doesn’t care what you two do. but, i’d just say keep the alcohol on the lower side, maybe just get beer and if you wanna take shots, i suggest vodka.” calum said.

after the boys were done for the day, they headed home. “dude, i can’t believe mom used to be a wild child. it doesn’t seem like her at all!” hayden said, buckling his seatbelt. “what i can’t believe is that she knows about me and cass, like i was sure we would be careful when we would be in the basement.” hunter responded. “you guys are not quiet, hunter.” “shut up! you and jenna practically swallow each other when we all hang out.” he jabbed back at his brother. “at least you weren’t the one who heard mom and dad fucking this morning! you were snoring away while i had to hear dad moans.” “okay, can we stop talking about mom and dad having sex? i don’t wanna think about it.”

once they got home, they both headed right up to their room. “are you asking her, or am i?” hayden says, shaking his hair dry. “you do it! your moms favorite anyways.” hunter points to his brother. “fine, but you’re coming with me.” they walk downstairs and into the den where ashton and i were talking about our day. “mom? dad? we have a question to ask you.” hunter speaks first. ashton and i look at each other before looking back at the boys. hunter jabs his brother, causing him to move forward. “oh! right, uhh, we wanted to ask you if this weekend we could have a party. nothing big! just with the guys, and i guess if kat wants to invite some of her friends too.” he said.

“where? here?” ashton says. “yeah, we could be in the basement all night, and just hang out and play games.” hayden speaks. “are you going to be drinking at this party?” i ask, “cause if you are, i don’t want more than ten people, and everyone spends the night.” “now hold on, doll. where did you get this idea from?” ashton asks. “uncle cal was telling us about how you two liked to party, he also told us about that night you two got caught in the bar bathroom having sex.” they both said. “you’re fucking kidding! i knew letting calum train them would lead to this.” ashton sighs. “it’s not a big deal, ash. listen, boys, i’m fine with it, but i guess it’s up to your dad.” i say, turning the attention to ashton.

he looks at me for a second before speaking, “fine. but if i come down there and find that people are throwing up everywhere, you two will be cleaning it up while you have a hangover.” ashton says. “really?!” they both say. “why not, you guys need to learn how to hold your alcohol anyways, i’d rather it be here where we can watch you rather than when you two go off to college and get completely plastered.” i say. “do we need to buy you guys alcohol?” ashton asks. “yeah, just beer and vodka, uncle cal said we shouldn’t go too crazy.” hayden says. “alright, then. your dad and i will go out tomorrow while you two clean the entire basement, and go tell your sister she can have people over. i do not wanna hear any more fighting between you three.” i said.

the twins do some type of handshake before heading back to their room and to talk to kathleen. “i can’t believe i just agreed to that.” ashton sighs, shaking his head. “c’mon ash, it’ll be fine. you should be happy they asked instead of just sneaking around.” “well i am, and since when am i the bad guy? i’m suppose to be the fun parent!” he pouts, crossing his arms. “ever since you found out about your sons having sex, and our daughter wanting to get on birth control.” i remind him, laying my head on his lap. “you owe me tonight,” “whatever you say, daddy.”

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Calum knew it was probably the stupidest thing in the world to do. That, however, did not stop him from grabbing two off the shelf, making sure that he grabbed the one that included the arena as well and heading straight for checkout. He did remember the shampoo, styling gel, and the lip balm you sent him out to get. 

You stayed home, body aching and a little sleepy after a couple days of not sleeping well. Normally, you would’ve loved to go grocery shopping with Calum and running small errands. But you couldn’t get yourself together. Everything felt heavy. So Calum tucked you in, on the couch of course, with Duke under your arm and kissed your forehead, promising he wouldn’t forget anything on your list. 

And he hadn’t. He didn’t forget a single thing, though he definitely did add a thing, or two. 

When he returns home, you’re still laying on the couch, sleeping still. He lets you continue on, unloading the grocery, wiping them down and putting them away. But on the kitchen table still hits the white bag with the red targets decorating it and he can see the top of the giant box peeking out from even the biggest bag the woman behind the plastic divide had. 

Gently, after washing his hands and changing his clothes, he shakes your shoulder. “Baby, c’mon.”

You hum. “5 more minutes.”

“You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

“What?” you mumble, catching onto the hushed whisper. 

“I need you. To play beyblades. With me.”

Slowly, sitting up, you wipe the corner of your eyes. “I say this lovingly. But what the fuck are you on about?”

“I bought us some beyblades. We can versus each other.” He shrugs, hand settling on your knee over the fuzzy blanket. The fan is still oscillating as it blows cool air over the two of you. 

“What happened to the other ones? From the tour?”

“I think Michael called dibs. Please? I bought the big arena too.”

You shake your head, vision finally catching sight of the giant black and blue box on the table. With a shake of your head, you cup his cheeks, squishing them together. “You better thank the high heavens I fucking love you.”

He giggles before pushing up to kiss your lips. “I love you too. I get dibs on the orange one though!”


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Calum is thriving during quarantine. He is taking time for himself and spending time with duke and Roy. He is so happy and giggly in most interviews and open and honest about even small things such as podcasts. I just love to see my baby thriving and taking much needed time for himself 💕

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Calum never though he’d be a dad like this. But when it comes to his daughter, he’s always in her corner. Always and forever. 

What happens when you put together H’s love for angst+ Single!Dad Calum+ Coming Out?

This. This is the product. 

CW: Mentions of Death and health issues. Coming out. Some slight mentions of homophobia. Anxiety. 

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Calum shouldn’t have sat down. That is his mistake. He figures he wouldn’t fall asleep. Not this fast, of course. That will always be false hope. That will always be him giving himself too much credit. If he sat down too long without anything to do, especially in the comfy single seater, it would be game over for him. He has an hour before he has to pick up Ariyana from Elizabeth’s house. He dropped her off earlier in the afternoon and said he’d be back to get her before dinner time. 

And after running errands, first to get groceries, then take the dogs to the vet, and be home for the cable company, all Calum really wants is a nap. Just a quick one. That’s all it’ll be. Half an hour and then he can head out to get her. The both of them can decide what to get for dinner, if they’re going to cook or if they’ll give in and order a veggie pizza. There’s nothing like just sitting with a couple boxes of pizza and piling plates with maybe a slice too many and dancing from the counter to the kitchen table to keep any slice from sliding off. 

He feels his head fall forward on his neck and he snaps up. It takes him a moment, realizing he’s slumped down in the living room. Glancing up at the clock, he’s half an hour late. “Shit,” he exclaims, bolting up from the seat, grabbing his keys and wallet. The door is a slamming thud behind him and his keys jingle as he works to get the right one in his fingers.  

Inside the car, he pulls up Ari’s number and sets the phone into the hook on the air vent so he can drive and have both hands free. It rings and rings. Just as the back tires hit asphalt, she picks up. “Fell asleep again didn’t you, Dad?”

“I keep telling you that seat has some sort of magic in it. I’m on my way.”

She laughs. In the background, Calum can hear Elizabeth’s mother, her voice soft and sweet. “He’s on his way. Thanks, Mrs. Banks,” Ariyana says. “Want me to call in the veggie pizza?”

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