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#5sos imagines

Previous Parts: Part 1 | Part 2

           The cool, salty rim of the glass remained pressed against Odessa’s lips as she watched the boys. Ashton’s drums were set a few feet in front of the stool, with Michael, Luke, and Calum all standing in front with their own instruments, playing beautiful songs that they had written on their own. She was kind of blown away, sitting on the backyard couch as she listened to them perform under the blanket of the night sky, the stars glittering above them and the blue hue of the pool lights only adding on to the blissful atmosphere Odessa had easily gotten lost in.

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i’m sorry this took so long but i love these two dorks i hope you enjoy their very weird first date

part one

starstruck : the first date

When Calum received a text from their manager with her phone number attached, he couldn’t help but smile and tell the boys. It had been a few days since they’d all met at the pre screening of the movie, Calum and his bandmates were in the studio, trying to come up with a song for the movie that went along with the storyline and message. Calum’s excitement almost made him forget to save the number, his fingers quickly typing your name under the contact information. The boys teased him, of course they had, they hadn’t seen Calum get so flustered meeting another celebrity in a while. It wasn’t until after they all went their separate ways for the night that Calum had decided to send her a text message, telling her that it had been a pleasure to meet her and that he was truly a huge fan of her work.

Text messages moved to phone calls and those led to Facetimes. Most of the time they started off with Calum on the couch of his living room, Duke laying on his lap as he chatted with her about his day, giving her little sneak peaks of the song whenever he could. Sometimes she’d call him in the middle of the day, asking for advice on what to have for lunch, her talking about a funny story from the set of the latest project she was working on as she would stir whatever she was making for lunch that day.

A couple weeks after their first meeting, Calum decided to take the jump and ask her out on a date. They’d been going on mini dates already, at least that’s what he had considered their Facetime calls were, practice date, where he could get to know her more, become her friend if that’s all they were meant to be. Calum decided that next time they talked, he was going to ask her out on a proper date, see her in person for the first time since that day at the production studio. What Calum didn’t expect as he sat down in his office to work on going through some of the emails that Ashton was bugging him to answer was for her picture to pop up on his phone, his laptop also alerting him on the incoming call.

“Hey! Are you busy tonight?” she asked him happily as she saw his face pop up on the screen. She hadn’t given him the chance to answer before she held up a set of tickets, “The studio is holding this party tonight, I wanted to know if you wanted to go? I know it’s very last minute but I was so busy this week it slipped my mind until my PA asked me what I was wearing and I…will you come with me please? I promise it’ll be fun and if you get bored we can just ditch it and go to that vegetarian place you told me by the pier?” she rushed out, trying her best to convince him to go with her.

Most of the time she went alone, never really wanting to drag someone to events that she found boring. The rooms filled with executives who wanted to know how much money they would make off of the latest release or the other actors trying to mooch off the directors for new roles. She usually only sayed for an hour or so, claiming she had an early night in order to get back to work, which usually meant she’d go back to her apartment and watch whatever seemed interesting on Netflix. But she knew things would be different if Calum went along. She’d have someone to talk to about something other than movies and acting, she’d probably laugh at him losing his mind over the other actors at the event.

“I’d love to go with you, what time should I pick you up?” Calum’s voice rang out of her speaker, a smile on his face.

A few hours later, they were both sitting in Calum’s car. The party long forgotten as they both shared some pad see ew, it had been her idea to leave the party early, Calum could’ve spent all night there listening to everyone talk about movie production and the movie magic. But she had been distracted for most of the party, watching as Calum’s eyes lit up with every new corner of the party that they explored. She knew that he loved movies, so it was no surprise when he couldn’t help but ask her about everything and everyone there, smiling politely as people would come up to them to start conversations with her. After about an hour or so of talking, she took Calum’s hand in hers, the small gesture causing both of them to blush, leading him over to where they’d park his car.

“I didn’t think anyone else liked vegetarian pad see ew.” Calum chuckled, looking over at her as he parked the car once they’d gotten to the look out spot. “The boys always pad thai which is still good but,” he shrugged, “This is definitely superior to any other dish.” he laughed. He was nervous, which meant he couldn’t shut up no matter how hard he tried to. They’d talked pretty much everyday at this point, but being next to her in the car alone was different than texting or calling her on the phone, this was more personal, he couldn’t hide himself away if he blushed at something she’d said to him or when he realized he’d been staring at her for too long.

“Are you kidding me? I have loved it ever since you told me about it.” she said happily as she looked at him happily, “I ordered from that one place, you told me about, it’s so amazing! You always have good recommendations, one of the things I like about you.” she admitted, her cheeks flushing as she realized what’d she told the boy with the curls.

Calum really wished he could hide away from her, the blush in his cheeks giving away the fact that he felt the same for her, “Would this…would this be considered a date?” Calum asked quietly as he looked out of the windshield, his eyes meeting the moon as he took a sip of his lemonade. “I…I’d like to think so at least.” he mumbled as he turned his head to look back at her.

Her eyes widened a bit as she listened to him, a smile on her face as she nodded. “I think so too.” she smiled, her hand reaching out to hold his, “You’re a very important person to me, you know?” she mumbled quietly, “You’re always interested in what I have to say, even if it’s something small. You never judge me when I talk about the mistakes I’ve made. You always make me smile, even when you’re judging my dog.” she laughed quietly and looked down at their hands, his ring clad fingers overpowering her hands. She’d never been good at expressing her own feelings, playing a character was easier than being able to say what she truly felt. But with Calum, she felt safe with Calum. He was warmth and deep conversations, he was late nights and iced coffees, he was Calum. One second he was a ball of laughter, soft hoodies and squishy cheeks and then in a blink of an eye he was a rockstar, a bass line running through his veins and his name heard throughout a crowd of thousands of people.

Calum’s smile was bigger than he ever thought possible. If someone would’ve told him a couple months ago that he’d be sitting in his car looking out at the city lights on a date with her, the woman he’d watched on the screen for years, he would’ve thought they were crazy. But the world had a funny way of working out, he realized as he looked down at their joined hands, his thumb running over her knuckles. “You’re very important to me too, you have been, for a long time.” he nodded, “I just, I didn’t know how to tell you. I’m not the best at this…the whole relationship thing. I…last time I got hurt so bad I didn’t leave my place for weeks, Ashton had to come and make sure I wasn’t passed out next to a bottle every morning.” he sighed, “And I…I don’t want to lose you over a mistake I make or…” he frowned, shrugging a bit and looking back up at her.

“Calum, you know I would never make you or I rush into anything we’re not prepared for. Remember that roller skating party all of us went to? Where you stood with me on the kid’s side because I was too afraid to join everyone?” she asked softly, both of them laughing at the memory of her gripping the wall in fear as little kids skated with ease around her. “That’s how we are, we support each other, through the scary parts and the pretend scary parts.” she nodded, “If you want to just stay friends, then friends it is. But I…I like you Calum. And I know you know that I’ll never hurt you. That I would never do anything close to what she did to you.” she said quietly, her eyes meeting his for the first time since he’d spoken in the car.

“Don’t think first dates are meant to be this deep, huh?” he chuckled quietly and pulled his bottom lip between his lips. “Gonna have to make it up to you with the next one. Gonna have to do better when I ask you again.” he nodded and rubbed the back of her hand. Calum saw the smile on her face, saw the twinkle in her eyes as she laughed and shook her head.

“Technically I asked you out…” she teased, laughing quietly as she brought their hands up and pressed her lips to the back of his, “Still waiting for you to ask me out on a date, Hood.” And Calum did, he asked her out on one date to the museum, and then another to the aquarium, and another on a road trip. Every date ending with them both sitting on the hood of his car, looking up at the stars.

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i know i’m pretty ia atm and i’m really sorry about that. i’m currently working on a luke oneshot that should be up in a bit but currently my heart belongs to supporting the black lives matter movement and keeping up with whats happening at protests on twitter.

to all my black people out there - i’m sorry this world isn’t fair to you. you deserve so much more and i love you so so so much. you’re strong, you’re beautfil and you’re valid!!! even though terrible privileged white people are being so cruel to you, i want you to know that you’re so much more than that and even though i’m not black and i’ll never be able to comprehend how you guys feel, my heart is broken and i’m fighting with and for you. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!

in case you have any requests, message me any time!! i will probably write some headcanons while working on my one shot so this blog doesn’t die completely so if you have any topic you wanna read about, hit me up!! i love all of you. thanks for your support, your likes and your follows, it means so much <3

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Hello, I am back with a little blurb, I’ll make a part II if its requested enough! This blurb is heavily based on the song : Angela by the Lumineers which i reccomend listening to get the feel of this whole thing 

Either way here it is

She opened her eyes to meet the dark room, the constant turning and uncomfortableness finally getting to her as the summer heat grazed her skin. Her belly was big and uncomfortable anyway she laid. She sighed as she sat up, her hands found their way to her stomach. “You’re not going to let mummy sleep tonight, are you?” she hoisted herself up and off the uncomfortable bed. The quiet snores of her boyfriend sounded through the room as the smell of alcohol stank up the air.

He had been out as he usually did, and she stayed home alone like most nights. Like most nights she felt lonely, stuck and numb. But tonight, was going to be different, she told herself. Tonight, she was the last straw, she was done with him. She was done with his abrasive and demanding behaviour. Her feet felt tired and her legs ached as she made her way to the bathroom. The light illuminated her features as hurt as eyes as she stared at herself in the mirror.

“Not tonight.” she whispered, her hands still cradling her bump. She knew her baby was almost here; she knew her baby didn’t deserve a father like him or a future like hers.

She had made her mind up, turned off the light and walked ever so slowly out of the dark stuffy room. Leaving the man, she once knew behind her, alone in the misery she’d left behind.

His car keys laid on the kitchen table and without a second thought she grabbed them and made her way to the huge front door which has stopped her from leaving many times, the regret always sinking in before she could even touch the handle.

But not tonight.

She slipped on her converse and opened the door. The cool breeze amidst the summer night caressed her cheeks, the night was inviting her to leave, to run.

The future laid in front of her, the only important thing being the little girl slowly growing inside. Stealing all the love she’s ever had to give but no one that wanted to receive it. Everyone but him.

A smile cracked across her lips as she finally had a plan, a very sudden and rushed plan, she knew that, but a plan was a plan, nonetheless.

She rushed to the old tanned coloured car, unlocking it and slipping onto the driver’s seat, her belly almost being squished in the process. “We’re leaving today Ophelia. Today is the day my darling. We’re gonna go be happy.” she muttered to her baby girl and received a kick in return. “Yeah, I knew you’d like that too.”

She pulled her seat back to comfortably fit her and her huge bump and pulled the ratty seat belt in place.

She took a deep breath and turned the engine on, the roaring of it shaking the whole car, the flimsy half opened windows vibrating as she slowly backed out of her driveway.

Two hours it was, two hours to his house. She drove through the peaceful night, the smell of the trees and breeze filling the car and replacing the horrid cigarette smell that stuck to the seats.

She bobbed her head to the quiet music in the background as for the first time in ages her shoulders didn’t feel heavy anymore. They felt free and light, the constant abuse not weighing her down anymore.

Her destination approached and the closer she got the worst her belly hurt, but it didn’t feel like a kick or a movement. It felt like it always felt every time she saw him. Butterflies.

The memory of his perfect smile and chubby cheeks popping in her thoughts brought a smile to her face. Last time she saw him though, his smile was nowhere to be seen instead tears streamed down his face as he told her to leave.

She knew she had hurt him, by choosing abuse over her friend who she had known since childhood, a friend she knew she loved more than a friend and now a year later of no words exchanged between the two she was showing up at his door begging for his forgiveness and understanding.

He was right when he told her he wasn’t right for her and although it hurt to admit she always knew he was. 3 a.m hit, and she had arrived. His house stood in front of her, but she couldn’t bring herself to move. What if he didn’t forgive her? What if she was too late? Maybe he was happy with somebody else. Maybe he had moved on and didn’t think twice about her.

She breathed in deeply and pushed the car door open, slowly shutting it behind her.

The way to Calum’s front porch felt long, even longer than the drive there, the butterflies she felt in her stomach took over and turned her whole body numb.

She pushed herself up the stairs and with great difficulty she finally made it up to his door. Her hand was rolled into a fist by her side, ready to knock, her braveness quivering and suddenly she felt like she shouldn’t be here, it felt like she should be anywhere but here, but she came way too far to just simply walk away again.

She sealed her eyes shut regaining her confidence and finally her fist connected with the door. Seconds turned to minutes as she stared at the closed wooden door.

 Maybe he moved.

Or it’s late and he won’t answer the door

Or he doesn’t care

 Her thoughts were a mess and louder than she wanted to admit, tears threatening to spill as she made up all the crazy possible scenarios in her head. Suddenly a noise from the inside jolted her out of her messy thoughts. The door slowly opened to reveal a shirtless Calum with shaggy hair and sleepy eyes.


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A//N: Haven’t got very much to say this time which makes a change! So… yeah… here’s chapter 3! Enjoy!!


Summary: Eloise Gray and Calum Hood, not two people you would ever think to put together. What started as a ploy for power turned into a romance, resulting in the realisation that loving your enemy may not be such a bad thing after all.

Previous Chapters: Prologue / Chapter 1 / Chapter 2

Word Count: 9.2k

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A/N: This was meant to be split up into 3 parts but it’s like 5.3k words long which, if you know me, is kinda short for me lmao dkjgndfjk so i just decided to put it all together. This idea kind of came to me at like 3 in the morning which is when i started writing it so like…..yeah enjoy hehe

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notes: okay so we have some angst and you probably will cry reading this and i am so sorry
warnings: minor character deaths, the angst in the aftermath, mentions of violence, a smidge of a fluff.
word count: 4.1k

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part one, part two


          The roar of the bike was the dead giveaway—to Michelle—of who had just arrived, but she opened the door once the engine had been killed and practically flew at Ashton to greet him. 

“Since you showed up on the bike, you’re fairly confident?” Michelle teased as she greeted Ashton with a kiss. He laughed.

“Cal is about to pull up with the truck. Luke is riding shotgun and Michael is on his bike with them. I might’ve tore ahead once I knew where I was.” He grinned cheekily. Almost as if to compound his words, a jeep pulled up, the roar of a bike following.

“Next time you wanna fuckin’ tear off, at least tell me where the fuck you’re heading! It’s a good job that I knew where her place was.” Calum snapped as he stepped out of the jeep.

“Sorry.” The grin on Ashton’s face was anything but.

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A//N: I decided to start posting some of my stuff here and see how things go. This is a project I started back in 2017, and I unfortunately lost inspiration with, but then rekindled earlier this year and rewrote the entire thing. 

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I am enjoying working on it. It isn’t the best but I’m using it as a learning curve. So, please forgive my terrible grammar! 

Feedback is greatly appreciated btw! Just be kind plz! 


Summary: Eloise Gray and Calum Hood, not two people you would ever think to put together. What started as a ploy for power turned into a romance, resulting in the realisation that loving your enemy may not be such a bad thing after all.

Word Count: 6.5k

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Previous Part: Part 1

One of the biggest changes from teaching in a small town in Nevada to a high school in Los Angeles was the technology. It wasn’t that Odessa was technologically challenged—she was aware of most of the software the school used and was able to get around it pretty well. But Monday was proving to be a challenge as her computer kept crashing, preventing her slideshow from appearing on the Smart Board, and Odessa had been trying her best not to get flustered in front of the ninth and tenth graders even as they tried to help her out. It only made her feel worse when she failed to remember a couple of their names.

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i hope you know you inspired me to go out for a drive and blast wildflower, anon, it was truly magical 😊

wildflower - i hear you calling out my name

Calum glanced over at her, a smile on his lips as he saw her in the middle of the crowd. She was singing along to whatever song was playing, her hips swaying along to the music as the people around her joined in. Her hair was falling onto her face, her smile illuminating the room as the lyrics fell from her lips. They’d only been at the party that the band had decided to throw for an hour or so, but the dance floor had been calling her name as soon as they walked into the venue that had been rented out. After she had greeted everyone, she had disappeared from Calum’s side and found her way over to the dance floor with a drink in her hand. Not that Calum had minded, he enjoyed watching her dance much more than he enjoyed dancing himself. He loved seeing her get lost in the music, looking as carefree as ever while she spun around to the beat.

The music was loud, thumping through the floor of the venue, the smell of perfume mixing with sweat and alcohol. Calum was leaning against the bar, trying to listen to Ashton talk about the newest single and something about fulfillment and being the best person you could become to some friends. He couldn’t hold back the chuckle that fell from his lips when he heard the beginning of Wildflower playing over the speakers, his own voice blasting out through the venue as people around them cheered. The rest of the guys grinned and made their way over to the dance floor to celebrate the success of the song, Calum joining them as he scanned the crowd for her. His eyes landed on hers, the grin on her face matching his as she sang along to the song. She made her way over to him, taking both of his hands in hers as she danced. She was addicting to watch, her hips swaying along to the beat of the song, the way her hands forced Calum to dance along with her. The smile never leaving his face, not even when she let go of his hands and spun around to dance along with everyone else.

When the chorus hit, he couldn’t help but laugh as he saw her recreating the tik tok dance that had been going around ever since the song was released. Calum shook his head, his laughs being heard in the video he was recording of her and Michael who were attempting to do the dance, both of them off beat and out of sync with each other. Calum couldn’t help but record them, his heart swelling as he saw how well she got along with his best friends. Her face was flushed, leaning against Michael as she realized that Calum had been recording them, both of them out of breath from trying their best to dance and sing at the top of their lungs.

And watching her, Calum finally understood what Ashton meant when he talked about how he wanted everyone in the band to be fulfilled when they went to bed at night. Standing in the crowd of their release party, he was in awe of her and her love. He knew that being with her, having her support the band in every way she could, being able to show her everything that was him, that’s all Calum could wish for himself. He blossomed with her, he felt like he had found a piece of him that he didn’t know was missing. She was his wildflower and there wasn’t anything better that he could ask for.

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In which Ashton meets you for a promised coffee in the afternoon and you end up lost in his world of the record shop until the moon begins to shine.

Word Count: 1k

previous part - collision

Copyright © 2020 calpops. All rights reserved. This original work is not allowed to be reposted by anyone else on any platform in any format (translations included).

<< >>

Late afternoon brings Ashton to the bakery across the street from his record store. The sun sits behind the line of buildings and the sky tinges with a glow that summers past white clouds. Ashton is all grins and bounding steps as he crosses the street and opens the bakery door. He spots his friend and Calum’s new romantic interest behind the counter and gives them both a small wave which they reciprocate in kind. Ashton doesn’t need words to order; Michael is well aware of his usual and sets to work on fulfilling it. But Ashton doesn’t head for the table he usually does or linger at the corner of the counter so he can make a quick pick up and escape back to Music Mayhem. This time his sights are set on you tucked into a booth with a book in your hold and wandering eyes searching for his. He breaks into a quick pace and nearly throws himself into the booth after you find him and give him a smile and inviting nod.

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Calum is thriving during quarantine. He is taking time for himself and spending time with duke and Roy. He is so happy and giggly in most interviews and open and honest about even small things such as podcasts. I just love to see my baby thriving and taking much needed time for himself 💕

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Summary: You’ve been dating Luke for almost a year but he has yet to meet your parents and your sister’s wedding is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Warnings: none

Requested: Yes by an anon

Word Count: 1103

A/N: I had this written but then I had this idea and I thought it worked better so here it is enjoy it and levae a comment if you like and anon idk if this is what you wanted but I hope you do enjoy it.


You and Luke had been dating for almost 10 months now but he hasn’t had the opportunity of meeting your parents yet and neither have you. However, the opportunity of him meeting your parents came when you found the invitation to your sister’s wedding in the mail.
“Luke” you softly spoke, catching his attention “can I talk to you?”
“Yeah princess what’s up?” he put his guitar to side on the seat next to him on the couch.
“My sister’s getting married and I’d mean the world to me if you go as my plus one”
“You want me to meet your parents at your sister’s wedding?” he asked with eyes wide open “are you sure it’s a good idea?” He was feeling the nervousness growing inside of him.
“Well we can arrive a few days earlier” you offered a solution to the reaction your boyfriend had “You can even meet my parents before the rehearsal dinner and the rest of my family at the wedding and everyone will be relaxed because it’s a party after all”
“Ok” he gave in with a sigh “when are we leaving?”
“In two weeks!” you smiled not bothering into hiding your excitement making Luke laugh he thought it was the cutest thing “I’ll RSVP my sister right now”
You left the living room as fast as you could leaving Luke alone again. Maybe it was time already he has caught you talking to your parents about him several times now and he was pretty sure you have caught him talking to his parents about you but still, he couldn’t help the insecurities that came with meeting your parents what if they thought he wasn’t good enough because he had to go on tour almost every year leaving you alone for big periods or what if they just didn’t like him for no particular reason.
“They’re gonna love you Luke relax” you said bringing him back from the thoughts that for two weeks have been haunting and terrifying him.
“I know it’s just…meeting the parents is something you do way before the 10 months mark” you gave him a squeeze to his hand he almost forgot he was holding it as he had a lost expression looking at the entrance of the hotel’s restaurant where the wedding was meant to be held.
“Hey if we are going to last this is a step we have to make and I don’t know I-I thought this relationship was getting more serious and I…” Luke interrupted her words with a soft kiss. He saw a future with you and with that without noticing you gave him the safeness he needed to continue with this day.
“Alright let’s do it” Luke sighed finally entering the restaurant.
“Table for Y/L/N I believe they are expecting us” you said.
“Yes! This way please” they guy at the entrance of the restaurant guided you to the table where your parents were waiting for you two.
“Mom! I’ve missed you” you exclaimed as you hugged her tight.

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A/N: So I caved and decided to post part 1 of this fic. The way I wrote Calum in this is different than the way I’ve written him in the past, I think–as in he’s just a little honey in this LMAO. I hope y’all enjoy!!! 

The microwave in the teacher’s lounge was sparkling clean, and Odessa took that as good of a sign as any. The one in the high school she’d taught at in Nevada had never been clean, no one ever having the decency to clean up after their mess—and Odessa refused to do it, given that it looked as nasty on her first day there as it did on her last. It was why she always brought cold lunches from home so she wouldn’t be subjected to such filth. But this microwave was spotless, and Odessa had no qualms in placing her small bowl of spinach and chicken pasta to heat up during her lunch break.

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Watch and Learn (C.H)

Category: M

Word Count: 2.2K

Summary: Calum and you are enjoying your breakfast, but Calum’s still hungry. Oh and you get some visitors.

A/N: So I’ve re-fallen in love with the 5sos boys and I want to express myself through the art of fanfiction again. Had this idea and wanted to get it down! Enjoy some smutty smut smut.!


Originally posted by ghostofmashton

It was the best start to the weekend that you could imagine, dancing around the kitchen in fluffy socks and an oversized tee as you cooked breakfast at 11am. 

Calum sat at the kitchen island on his phone, occasionally laughing at your dance moves. You knew the boys were coming around that afternoon and wanted to give Cal a decent meal before he got whisked away with the lads. You set the plate in front of him and he pulled you towards him by the front of your tshirt, pulling you in for a gentle kiss. 

“Thank you for the food, you’re too good to me kitten.” His words are mumbled against your lips and your cheeks glow red as you smile against his kiss. You weren’t a housewife by any means but you did love how grateful Cal was when you did things like this. 

You both ate, casual conversation filling the room as you laugh together. You patter towards the fridge, looking for some juice as Calum clears the table. You hear the plates drop into the sink as you stretch your body out lazily, your tee lifting to show a pair of mint green lacy undies underneath.

You hear a choked breath behind you and grin, feeling his eyes on you. You make a show of it and bend lower to reach the juice on the bottom shelf. 

You feel a hand on your hip pulling your lower half against the front of his as his other hand pulls on your shoulder before sliding round your neck to pull your face back for a kiss. It’s a sloppy wet kiss and you can feel your stomach tighten as his hand tangles in your fluffy bed hair, giving it a small tug. You both pull away for air, panting slightly. 

“You liked your breakfast then?” You tease, grinding your backside against his growing bulge in his shorts.

He laughs, nuzzling his lips onto the skin where your neck and shoulder meet. You whine softly, the contact of his mouth sending direct heat to your core. 

“You know, I think I’m still hungry.” His words register and you tilt your head back on his shoulder as his mouth roams your neck. He starts to walk backwards, his lips still attached to your neck as the fridge door swings shut. You definitely weren’t thinking about juice anymore.

His hands hold your hips and turn you around, his hands sliding down to your thighs and picking you up, placing you down on the island.

“You know our bedroom is down the corridor right?” Your words come out husky and you blush, your body betraying you by revealing just how turned on you are.

“I’m well aware of that Y/N, it’s still too far. Plus this is where I eat right?” He winks at you and you smirk, biting your lower lip. His hands slide up your thighs, hooking his pointer and middle fingers in the waistline of your underwear and pulling them down, quirking an eyebrow at you to get you to raise your hips - not that you needed any encouragement. He leans down and kisses your knee, slowly trailing his mouth up your thigh, leaving little nips and kisses along your skin. His other hand pushes your other knee to widen your legs, pushing the tee out of the way so that you are on full display.

“Cal please.” Your eyes meet his and you plead with him. You run your tongue over your suddenly dry bottom lip and his eyes follow the movement, a grin on his face. 

“I like it when you beg, baby.” He leans up and kisses you softly, his tongue running over your lip as he brings a hand up. He presses his thumb onto your chin to open your mouth, his tongue pushing against yours in a hot wet kiss.

“Please cal, I need you to kiss me.” You mumble against his lips and he chuckles darkly, his free hand gripping your thigh so tightly you know a bruise will form.

“Where kitten? Here?” His lips kiss along your jawline softly. 

“No,” your voice is a barely there whisper.

“Here?” His lips travel across your sensitive neck and one of your hands tangle in his hair, guiding his mouth against your neck.

“No.” The word comes out in a gasp as he sucks the skin of your neck, biting it softly before smoothing his tongue over in gentle licks.

He mouths your skin, dipping his head to your braless boobs, mouthing over the t-shirt on the pebbled nipples that can be seen through the material. His mouth carries on, skipping where you need him to suck on the skin of your thigh. 

“Cal,” You whine out his name, your legs spreading wider over the edge of the counter, your hips jutting forward slightly. 

“Beg.” Your cheeks blush dark as you look down at the plump mouth of the man between your thighs. 

“Please baby. Please, I just need you to- Oh god Cal please I need it so bad.” Your words are feverish, your eyes dark and your lips swollen and pink from his kisses. Your cheeks are blushed pink and all Calum can think about is making you cry from pleasure.

“You’re such a fucking good girl.” His words make you gasp before you choke out a breath, Calum’s tongue having swiped from your hot soaked entrance all the way up to your throbbing clit in a wet hot lick.

“Fuck,” You shout, your fingers gripping his hair to keep him in place, his lips curling around your bud and sucking as hard as he physically can. You’re so sensitive that this makes you throw your head back and whine loudly. He flattens his tongue, repeatedly licking your nub in such a speed that you grind your hips up against his face.

He groans against you, the sound vibrating against your plump dripping skin. One of his hands slides underneath the tee up to your chest, his fingers searching a swollen nipple which he pinches - hard. You cry out, vaguely aware of the sound of a click of metal in the distance. You grip Calum by the hair, about to ask him to stop when he slides two fingers roughly inside you and curls them up to find your g-spot.

You choke out a sob, writhing against the intense stimulation of wet slippery tongue and the rough fucking of his fingers. 

“Oh fuck Cal.” You cry, rocking both away from and closer to the intense sensations.

“Oh fuck indeed.” A low gravelly voice whispers from the left of you and you open your eyes to see Luke, Michael and Ashton staring from the kitchen doorway. You squeal, pushing at Calum’s head as hard as you can trying to get him to stop. “Cal you need to fucking stop, the boys are here.” Both of your hands go to his shoulders, trying to push him away to no avail, your arms going weak as he sucks hard on your clit again and you half moan half sob at the feeling.

He pulls his mouth away but keeps his fingers thrusting inside you, as deep and as forceful as he can make it. “Y/N they’ve been stood there for a over minute already. I think you knew they were there, you heard the door open didn’t you? I want them to watch you come undone, to see how much of a good girl you are.”

You blush a deep red as your eyes go over the boys. Ashton’s watching your mouth, his eyes darkening at how plump your bottom lip is from biting it to hold in your moans. Michael’s watching Calum’s fingers, his tongue running over his bottom lip as he adjusts himself, his cheeks slightly pink. Luke’s looking into your eyes, his eyes darker then you’ve ever seen them, a smirk on his lips.

“Yeah Y/N,” Luke’s words are a dark drawl and the combination of him looking into your eyes and Calum’s fingers plowing into you are making your stomach feel tight and your legs tremble. “Be a good girl.”

You whimper loudly at his words, your eyes looking to Calum and finding a twinkle in his eyes and a grin on his mouth, his chin shining in the midday sun. 

He keeps eye contact with you as he lowers his mouth to your core again, blowing cool air onto your heated and soaked skin. He removes his fingers, holding them up so the boys can see how they’re coated in your wetness. Three groans meet your ears as he raises the fingers to your lips and you open, sucking on them hard as Calum closes his mouth over you, licking up and down your folds. You moan around his fingers, sucking them like they’re Calum’s cock - though not nearly as satisfying. He removes his fingers and uses them to spread your legs wider.

You can’t help but flicker your eyes to the boys, watching as they intensely stare at the sight of you getting pleasured. 

“Does it feel good Y/N?” Michael’s words are husky, he adjusts the jumper he’s wearing, feeling heated. You make eye contact with him just as Calum speeds up the movements of his tongue, his fingers entering you again as he feels you clench, a sign that you’re close.

“So damn good… I’m so fucking close,” you whimper out the words, Michael audibly gulping as he adjusts himself again. 

“This is the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen,” Ashton’s grinning like a fool, openly palming himself as he walks further into the room and leans against the fridge, straining to get a better view. You don’t have the chance to feel shy, your orgasm creeping closer. 

“C-cal. I’m gonna-” A sob racks through you as Calum pulls away from you, his breathing laboured and his lips swollen and extra pink. “Why? W-why did you stop?” 

“I want you to beg for it. You don’t need to cum. You want to.” His voice is lower than ever and you can see how turned on he is. “Beg for it kitten.”

You turn your head to look at the boys and they’re all looking at you expectantly. Calum starts kissing your thighs again, closer to your core and then moving back. Your pussy is clenching around the air, desperate for release. You close your eyes and the words flow out of your mouth in a desperate sob.

“Please, god, Cal I can’t wait anymore. Please baby make me cum, I need it so bad. I’m your good girl, I’ve been so good please.” Your words are full of need and you tug on Calum’s hair hard, knowing full well he will probably have a headache later.

You suck in a gasping breath ready to beg again when Luke’s voice registers in your head.

“Let her come Calum.” His words mirrored Callum’s actions as he sucks your clit and slams a slap against your thigh and your hips lift off the counter, a silent scream coming from your lips. Your body writhes slightly as your body goes through the motions. Calum keeps his mouth on you, licking up the juices gushing from your hot centre. 

After the initial orgasm asides you lay still, your breaths coming out in short pants, your thighs trembling. Calum uses his thumbs to circle your skin, the motion calming as he helps you back down to earth.

The room is silent, only the sounds of heathy breathing present until your barely there whisper fills the space. “I don’t know if I can look you guys in the eye again.” 

The four boys chuckle and you feel redness tinge your already flushed face as you cover your eyes with your arm.

“Y/N babe, it’s harder for us,” Ashton laughs, “Everytime we look at your face we’re going to get a hard-on.” This makes you laugh and you lean up on your shoulders at Calum who’s grinning at you, his eyes shining. You smile back, feeling tired but extremely satisfied.

“Dude you have two bathrooms yeah?” Michael points down at his pants and you giggle, understanding his meaning.

“Mate I have three, the two mains and there’s an en-suite in the master.” Calum’s voice is full of mirth and he points towards your bedroom. “Guy’s I think we scrap this meeting and watch a movie, I think this one needs some down time.” He ruffles your hair before pulling you in for a sweet kiss. 

“I will only sit on the couch with you four if you don’t discuss what you just saw.” Your words come out as shy but there’s a shine in your eyes that the boys like.

“Does that mean we can’t watch again?” Luke’s words sound teasing but the look in your eye tells you that he would definitely be up for a second viewing.

You slide off the counter, holding yourself up as the headrush you have subsides before walking to the fridge, pushing Ashton out of the way teasingly and grabbing yourself the juice you had gone to get over an hour ago.

“Now now,” you murmur softly, a shy smile on your lips. You grab Cal’s hand and head towards the lounge, pushing past Michael and Luke slowly. “I never said that.”

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Ah to be the person to be able to feed Calum french fries 🥺

Oh my god, that’d be so cute. You guys probably would’ve had a day of running errands, both of you two lazy to get up off the couch to make dinner. Leading you guys both to order delivery and you’re watching some movie that one of his friends recommended, not really paying much attention to the screen but instead looking over at Calum as he poked your cheek with yet another french fry laughing as you opened your mouth to take the fry. And he’d probably say something cheesy like “best fries for the best girl” and he’d laugh because you obviously rolled your eyes at him. and you’d feed him the short fries as a joke and he’d kiss your fingertips everytime you fed him one, a chuckle leaving his lips.

And when he finds the supreme fry, like the fries to end all fried at the bottom of the carton he pokes your cheek and smiles as he watches you look up from your phone that had distracted you from the movie. And he’d smile as he put one end of the fry in your open mouth and say, “Last one, baby girl,” before he put the other end in his mouth. You’d giggled because Calum is literally the cutest boyfriend ever and you can’t believe you have movie moments in your life. Like you never expected to have your life feel like a movie at times but then Calum came. And when your lips meet in the middle of the dumb french fry, you can’t help but laugh against his lips because he’s the love of your life and makes you feel like you’re finally the main character in your own movie even with something as small as french fries during movie night.

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