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dude, I got SO carried away writing these, like, fuck, they were supposed to be like 500 words each… and I’m almost sure they’re all around 1,3K… not sorry tho.

they’re my favourite band but only recently I came back to them (around the time CALM came out), because… idk why. I just didn’t hear from them. I’m glad to be here again. if you wanna know, I’m a Cal girl because his smile is ADORABLE and I play the bass too. so we match :)))))

I really liked the Michael one and I got reeeeeally emotional writing for Ash (and it shows) so ye, enjoy

ah, yeah,,,

I’m gonna make moodboards for them all very soon. stay tuned if that’s your cup of tea ;)

also, disclaimer:::::: I did NOT proofread this (a lot) and English ain’t my first language. if there are typos, lemme know and I’ll edit them out.

Warnings: I swear. a lot. but I think that’s it.

ok now I promise u can read it


Luke Hemmings (hemmo)

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hi everybody. i might sound crazy but i just had a dream where i watced a old instagram video of 5sos. i couldn’t find the video an i’m asking you. i don’t really remember the video as i watceh it long ago but i remember ashton wearing a hat and maybe black clothes and coming into the room and saying something like ‘’welcome to the our house/clubhouse irwin’’ and i remember his hair shining from the lighting. i hopee there is someone who knows this video or i am going to go crazy.

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Edit requests:

  • I do 5sos edits (obviously)
  • It can be the whole band, a ship,or just one guy, I do edits for the girls as well
  • You can dm me a photo of your choice or you can let me know if I can choose
  • Please tell me a specific aesthetic and a color, also feel free to tell me if you want an edit with more stuff or a simpler edit
  • It can be a nsfw edit
  • I do moodboards too 🥺 same rules apply, or you can request stuff like “boyfriend Luke” or “lazy day with cal”

You can send me an ask or a dm 🥺

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☯︎5sos carpool karaoke x Glitter☯︎

☕︎Terms of use☕︎

A new aesthetic wallpaper/lockscreen made by me✍︎

This creation belongs to me, pls don’t steal it. U r allowed to use it for your phone and share this post to your friends but pls don’t post it anywhere else.

All the love xx( ˘ ³˘)♥︎

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