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dungeon-strugglers · 13 days ago
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✨New item!✨ Razorpetal Longbow Weapon (longbow), rare
This bow is shaped from an enchanted flower. Embedded along its surface are hundreds of fragrant, razor-sharp petals.
As a bonus action while wielding the bow you can cause the petals to erupt into an airborne flurry that swirls around you for 1 minute. While the whirlwind of petals is active you have half cover and attacks with this bow deal an additional 1d4 slashing damage as petals fly alongside your arrows to slash at your targets. Additionally, if a creature touches you or hits you with a melee attack while this effect is active, it takes 1d4 slashing damage. The petals fall lifelessly to the ground at the end of the minute, if you drop the bow or if you fall unconscious. The bow cannot be used again this way until the petals regrow at dawn.
Shandra left the imprint of a kiss in scarlet red lipstick and a shower of petals on the bodies of her victims, each horrifically lacerated by ten thousand tiny blades.
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📜 Credit. Art and design by us: the Dungeon Strugglers. Please credit us if you repost elsewhere.
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witchfiresbrews · a month ago
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Updated Roguish Archetype: The Masquerader
Available on GMBinder Art by Julia Zhuravleva, Grafit Studio
You are a cunning social manipulator. Your focus is on people, your outward appearance, and the art of misdirection.  Trick your opponent into believing you to be their ally, then stab them in the back both literally and metaphorically with this devilish Rogue archetype!  Changelog:  - Features updated to reference a single Masquerader save DC - Deceptive Fighting reduced from 1 minute to single round, and limited to 30 feet. Upsides: now also prevents reactions, and attacking no longer ends the effect. - Gentle Twist changed from auto-crit to max damage, which is so much better - All other features rewritten to be simpler and less magical. They hav not changed drastically
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dmdepression · 3 days ago
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The Starborn, the Race that fell from the sky.
For more cool ad unique races join my Patreon today! Link in the repost and comments.
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rustymaps · a month ago
Redrock Village
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dnddiary · 2 months ago
Puzzles. Puzzles! PUZZLES!!!?!
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This one's a long one so I'm putting it under a read more after the first one.
I've compiled five examples of puzzles/environmental obstacles that I use in my dungeons that I haven't seen used elsewhere.
Immovable Rod ladder
This puzzle fits better at lower levels since higher level abilities/spells can easily circumvent the set-up.
What it looks like:
Your players enter a room with high, cathedral-esque ceilings that is empty except for a dais in the center and an exit carved high up into the far wall. The exit has no stairs or means of reaching it and how high it is placed in the wall can increase or decrease the difficulty of this puzzle.
On the dais in the center of the room is a small iron rod with a button/lever on one end. Hidden somewhere in the room is an identical rod (my preference is for under the dais, but hidden compartments in the wall would work too).
The puzzle:
Allow your players to enter the room and look around to their hearts content. The first step would be for them to identify the rod on the dais. Choose your favored method of identification. RAW requires an identify spell or taking a short rest while holding the item. For "famous" magical items I'll usually allow a Knowledge (Arcana) roll and I'm always open to good ol' experimentation.
What they have is an Immovable Rod
Tumblr media
This is an item that, when it's switch/button is toggled on, becomes fixed in place and can only be moved slightly with a DC 30 strength check or by applying 8000 lbs of pressure.
For some classes having this one rod would be enough to get them to the elevated exit with some creative thinking. If the door is low enough a mage hand spell could lift the rod with a rope attached, flip the switch (I'd allow mage hand to do this because the activation is simple and mechanical unlike activating other magical items), and allow characters to climb up with an athletics check. Likewise a familiar with hands or dexterous enough appendages could do the same. A druid would also be able to wild shape into a spider to reach the door. These are just a few of the direct examples and I'm a fan of puzzles with multiple solutions.
Now the hidden second rod would be for parties who either don't have classes who can perform these actions or don't have those actions as part of their skill set. For those scenarios a sufficient perception/investigation roll combo could reveal the hiding spot, with a Strength ability check for uncovering it.
Once they have the second rod they can be used to create a sort of ladder, activating/deactivating them as the player climbs through thin air to reach their destination.
Once your players solve the puzzle you just need to figure out what to do with the rods. One immovable rod, in a creative player's hands can be a lot of trouble for a DM while two can be sort of game breaking. I'd recommend treating them as temporary items that either turn to ash or become inert when removed from the room/upon completion of the dungeon, but if you want to give them one of the rods as a reward its a very fun piece of equipment as a player.
When to use:
This is better served in an early game. Once players have easier access to flying speeds or gear that might make it easier for them to scale the wall this puzzle becomes mostly useless. Additionally this puzzle will be more difficult for a party that is lacking a druid or a wizard.
Magic Rocks
Tumblr media
What it looks like:
Over the course of a dungeon have your players encounter spheres of crystal, large enough to fit in the palm of your hand. They can choose to take them or leave them, it's entirely up to them, but at the end of the dungeon is a massive door with sphere-shaped sockets set into it. Seems obvious, no? There's more to this than first appearances.
The puzzle:
Short answer is that your party needs to funnel magic, burning a single spell slot, into each of the spheres they find before placing them in the sockets.
How many spheres they need is up to the DM and how much of a resource drain you want this to be. I stick with four using the old Avatar style elements motif. This also lets me add color coded clues for the sphere's locations and purpose.
First step for your party is identifying the sphere and figuring out that it absorbs magic. I recommend an arcana check somewhere between 10 and 13 DC which yields a hint like this:
"You recognize the stone as a type of amber, but one that was cultivated in a Wizard's laboratory specifically to trap etheric energy. The stone feels light, hollow, and empty."
Once they figure out that they need to fill the spheres with one of their spells the next step is to have them place the spheres in the correct slots on the door before it will open.
When to use:
This puzzle, of course, requires a party with spellcasting abilities, preferably from more than one party member.
In my opinion the best puzzles will have an element of resource management to them, so that the party has to figure out how to proceed without draining all their resources. To avoid shenanigans with short/long rests this puzzle works better in a dungeon that includes some sense of urgency, i.e. the party is chasing a person of interest or attempting to stop some sort of ritual and the door is barring their way. If this isn't enough to deter them from attempting multiple rests and you don't want to make this easy, throw in a threat of ambush and have them find out that the crystals will only remain charged for around 4 hours before the magic disipates.
Ursula's grotto
Tumblr media
I actually had the pleasure of play-testing this one with a group. They found it to be a bit too easy so I've upped the difficulty a bit.
What it looks like:
The party comes across a flooded passageway that they must swim through. I recommend making this 10-feet wide/tall by about 30-feet long. This would mean a character without a swim speed can clear the channel in two rounds because swimming halves their movement speed, while a swim speed character can usually clear it in one. Either way, very low chance of drowning.
Along the floor of the passage is a thick bed of kelp. Roll for a DC 10 perception check and if any of your players pass it they see glints of metal and gold through the kelp bed.
If you're feeling generous tell them they spot decomposing remains too.
The puzzle:
Be prepared to keep track of time on this one because a big aspect is how long your players are spending underwater.
This is another opportunity cost for your players because as soon as they get close enough to investigate the promise of loot they find out the kelp bed has a persistent Entangle enchantment on it. Getting near enough to the passage floor results in the kelp grasping the player and requiring a Strength saving throw to break free. This difficulty should reflect the level of your players.
If a party doesn't think the loot is worth trying for then this one kinda fizzles. The "puzzle" aspect of this comes from them trying to figure out how to get the shinies without getting drowned.
I reward creative thinking for this one because theres a lot of room for interpretation but some of the ideas I like are below:
A bard, druid, or ranger can cast speak with plants as this spell specifically counters the Entangle spell.
Any spell that can freeze something solid or reduce speed can make the kelp easier to avoid.
Mage hand to pick up all the loot and bring it to the players (I'd rule that a familiar would also be grabbed by the kelp, though)
Shape water to either restrain the kelp or pull the loot up with a strong current
Just straight hacking at it with weapons though I'd make your players roll a Dexterity saving throw after each swing to represent them avoiding the kelp at the same time.
When to use:
This one is a lot of fun when flexing yours and your player's creativity so it's most rewarding with a group that thinks outside the box. Just remember to brush up on the rules for holding your breath because the threat of drowning is what makes this more of a puzzle and less a random encounter.
Lava Drop Loot Haul
Tumblr media
What it looks like:
Like I said, I think good puzzles are meant to exhaust your players, make them use some of their resources, and make sure they don't reach whatever big bad you have planned feeling fresh as a daisy.
As another opportunity cost puzzle this one is a simple setup. Your players enter a room with a pool of magma taking up a large portion of the room. Above the magma, suspended by a net, is a tantalizing collection of goodies. Maybe it was put there by some goblins trying to protect their stash, maybe the big bad is trying to get them to do something stupid. Either way your party has to decide if they want to spend the time, energy, and resources to retrieve the goods
The puzzle:
Not much going on here, you just have to decide how your players are going to get the loot down. I would recommend placing the net high enough that cantrips can't reach it and making your players have to spend some damn spell slots. Some possible solutions I've come up with are:
The fly spell
The spider climb spell
The find familiar spell (pact of chain warlock will have the easiest time here)
The telekinetic feat (if you have the ceiling low enough)
A druid wild shaping into a giant spider
Some combination of daring/stupid antics involving athletics checks, dumb luck, and the potential for some burn treatment
Again, points for originality, so try to say yes to your players as much as possible.
When to use:
Honestly this is just meant as a way to wear your party down as an alternative to combat. Your party's spells and abilities are resources and you should be creatively convincing them to be used for things other than 🌟murder✨. How valuable or useful you want the loot to be should play into your campaign type and your party's level.
Puzzle Door (shameless Skyward Sword Steal)
Tumblr media
What it looks like:
Well it looks like another door puzzle....I never claimed to be creative.
Your party comes up to a door with a complex locking mechanism. However it looks like a vital piece of the mechanism is damaged or missing. Without it the door will not open.
The puzzle:
Your party has to decide how they want to repair/replace this mechanism. With an Artificer in the party this one will make them feel ultra useful, but there's several other potential solutions for players if they're using other classes:
Use a perception roll to spot any junk or bits and pieces around the room that could be used to make a replacement, followed by an Intelligence check to try and figure out how to use it.
Shape water cantrip to create an ice copy of the piece.
Mending cantrip to repair any damage
Prestidigitation to create a copy of the missing piece, followed by a Dexterity roll to see if they're quick enough to use it before it disappears
When to use:
This one is fun for breaking up some monotony and to keep your party from progressing through a dungeon too fast. It's nonspecific enough that it can fit in all kinds of settings and I like keeping the outline for this one generic because, with a little tweaking, this one can potentially be recycled between dungeons. Just try not to reuse it too often, or you'll be accused of working for Capcom.
That's the long and short of it. I haven't been DMing for too terribly long so please let me know if you see any blatant/glaring errors.
If anyone thinks of ways to refine these or make them more devious I always love feedback.
Happy Gaming
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dunezday · 15 days ago
Way of The Closed Fist
Been working on this monk subclass for DnD 5e for a while, and I’m gonna be trying to post more subclasses, items, whatever I can come up with, and I hope it can find a place at some of your tables! 
This subclass was inspired by the martial-art of Muay Thai. I think monk could use more influences from real martial arts, while keeping in line with its fantasy. If you wanna deal some focused damage and rocket through the battlefield, and hell even transform?, then here’s the subclass for you!
Tumblr media
This thing has gone through tones of revisions, and I’m super happy with the version I ended up with!
Tumblr media
 11/05/2022: slight edit to the wording on the level 3 feature, to include unarmed strikes more clearly
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foundry-fabrications · a month ago
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Surprise post! Needed a quick break from my current project and had an itch to do something a little silly. So, many of you may know the Urayuli from a wonderful little game called Inscryption, but it is an actual creature from North American folklore. It's basically the Alaskan cousin of Bigfoot. Anyway, what made me want to make it has nothing to do with the creature itself, but something that happened to it during Markiplier's playthough of Inscryption that became a running joke, that being the almighty Flying Urayuli. I instantly fell in love with the silliness of it all and wanted to make it just for the Hell of it. Also fun fact, it has 7 hit dice and a +7 to hit, just like in the game. So now the unruly children in your games will fear the FLYING URAYULI!
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clericofsune · 8 months ago
What I Want From DnD 6e
Tumblr media
Wizards of the Cost has now put out two surveys for both the Races and Classes/Subclasses in the Players Handbook, which suggests they’re either gearing up for a Remastered Edition with updated rules and features, or they’re preparing for 6th Edition. Or perhaps like with 3rd Edition we’re about to get a 5.5 Edition. So, whether we get a 6th Edition, a 5.5 Edition, or just a remastered edition of the PHB, I wanted to air my larger scope desires moving forward. These are in no particular order, just my personal opinions, and I don’t need all of these fulfilled to be happy. These are just ideas I’m spit-balling.
A larger Spells Known List for Sorcerers: Sorcerers only get 15 spells total, while Wizards get 44. If Sorcerer and Wizard are supposed to be the quintesential pair of arcane mastery, it doesn’t look good when the Sorcerer has literally 1/4 the spells of the Wizard. Clerics, Druids, and even Paladins get more spells than the Sorcerer, and if you count Mystic Arcanums, then even the Warlock gets more spells than the Sorcerer. Whether they get Origin Spells or just larger spells known in general, these masters of the arcane need more spells. 
More Spell Slots for Warlocks: This is more of a personal grievance. The warlock is so limited that you are pretty much backed into a corner to rely on Eldritch Blast and discouraged from taking any spells that don’t deal damage. The only out is to play a blade pact warlock where your weapon attacks are a valid second option to casting spells or relying on Eldritch Blast. I think giving the Warlock spell slots equal to half their level rounded down or otherwise limiting the maximum amount to about 8-10 would at least relax the crushing grip that restrains the class as casters.
More Domains for Clerics: Clerics have one of the biggest subclass lists in the game, but look at the domains of 3.5e, and you’ll actually start to feel jealous over how few options we have in 5e. So many great options aren’t available, or are “covered” by an inadequate substitute. There’s no Ocean domain, but those gods are lumped into Tempest. A domain that has nothing to do with controlling water. Because flying and farting lightning bolts sounds like a power I would get from worshipping Umberlee. Likewise, every Love deity is crammed into either Life or Light, instead of just giving us a Charm Domain for them to rule over.
Additions to Cleric Domains: So, one thing that 3.5e has that 5e doesn’t is Evil, Good, Lawful, and Chaotic Domains, as well as Racial Domains. I don’t know how this could be implemented exactly, but finding a way to implement alignment or race into a cleric build when building your character would help each god feel different, even if it was in small ways. It should be different worshipping a Chaotic Evil god of the Sea vs a Neutral Good God of the Sea, or perhaps to see the difference between worshipping the Dwarvish god of Crafting vs the Elvish god of crafting. Doing this can make worshipping Sune different from worshipping Aphrodite, Veranestra, Luthic, or Iallanis, while also making the process of choosing your deity a more laborious choice, rather than slapping any random god into the slot. It’s a way to make who you choose as important as the character you’re building itself.
A Comprehensive Guide of Deities and Patrons: Similar to the Paladin,  I think Clerics and Warlocks would benefit from having a guide to different deities or patron options on an individual level with things like Tenants, unique features for following them, other kinds of boons or bonuses, what they ask of you or how to worship them, and what kinds of things they might want their Cleric or Warlock to do. By having this sort of thing, each individual patron or deity becomes more unique, and there’s a difference between worshipping Asmodeus, being his Warlock, both, or whatever. Even if you like playing as a Life Domain Cleric, serving Demeter would be different than worshipping Apollo. Same Domain, but different figure. Likewise, you could play three different Archfey Warlocks and each time serve a different master with an entirely different objective, boon, or pre-written story hook. Thus, adding more variety while also improving the roleplaying aspect that comes with playing a Cleric, Paladin, or Warlock. Sune might ask her followers to pay craftsmen to create instruments or artwork, while Freya might ask her followers to protect mankind from evil creatures, and Veranestra might delight in her clerics toying with the emotions of mortals. By making each patron or deity unique, it adds a layer to the roleplaying, and even gives non-clerics or warlocks an excuse to actually care about their setting’s pantheon.
Eliminating a Set Casting Stat: So this is likely to be an unpopular opinion, but set casting stats are a crutch when it comes to multiclassing. It’s very limiting, and you’re unlikely to see a Sorcerer/Monk because it requires too many stats and doesn’t leave enough room for other stats to matter. By eliminating a set casting stat, you open the door for a Bard/Cleric who worships the god of music, or a Druid/Paladin who swears an oath to the ancient guardians of the forest. It opens the door for more variety and customization.
Adding a Science Skill: There really should be a skill for knowing things like chemistry, physics, aliens, etc. and a broad-specs Science skill like Arcana for magical things seems about right. Obviously, it would be an Intelligence check.
Giving Player Characters a Trade: Another thing I found in 3.5e that we don’t have in 5e is an ability to invest time into improving on a skill or trade that can be monetized. Sewing, crafting, building, inventing, there’s a lot of room for player characters to have a trade from their backstory, but this seems to have been completely discarded for 5e, as there’s no real mechanics in place for owning your own business or crafting your own goods to sell, which leaves a lot of it to DMs having to make up rules if their players want to do this sort of stuff. Letting characters pick up a trade similar to a feat or gaining a trade from their background would benefit player customization, even on a smaller scale.
Making Players less reliant on the CON stat: This is a personal grievance. I hate that I can’t build a character without needing to invest in this stat. Any other stat can be a dump stat, but CON pretty much is not allowed to be. It wouldn’t matter if it mattered for skills, but it doesn’t. You just have to invest in it, or you’ll get very familiar with your settings’ version of the grim reaper very quickly. A high CON should just make you MORE tanky, but shouldn’t be mandatory to avoid dying. I’ve had many builds undermined by a need to focus on the HP stat that they couldn’t really do anything else.
More Elemental Spells: If you want to build a Fire or Cold damage character, you’ll be fine. Radiant and Necrotic have some variety. And Psychic has gotten more spells lately. But try to build a character with just Lightning spells or just Thunder or Force, and you’ll quickly realize that some elements get way more love than others. The WoTC team needs to really expand on elemental damaging spells to give players more variety with their options. Particularly with Lightning, Thunder, Force, Acid, and Poison damage spells, but even Psychic, Radiant, and Necrotic could still use more variety.
More Thematic Spells: Have you ever wanted to play as Poison Ivy only to realize there’s like 3 spells that actually attack people with plants? Or maybe you wanted to build a character that uses shadow powers, but the number of spells that use darkness or shadows are few and far between? I think DnD would benefit from adding more spells that fit into thematic groups, such as plant-based spells, shadow spells, telekinetic abilities, using fey, celestial, or fiend magic, elemental magic of water, earth, and air, etc. We recently got a lot of new spells for summoners, and that was great. So while it sucks they can only be summoned once at a time, it’s still an improvement over not having any summoning spells at all.
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paperanddice · 28 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sabertooth tigers roam the Winterbole, mid-level predators above many of the common beasts but avoiding the greater monstrous predators that also inhabit the forest. In the absolute furthest reaches however, rumors persist of great primal sabertooth tigers, hunting cats the size of elephants that can bring down young dragons and will appear to the greatest champions of the Tigerclaw clan to test them. The Tigerclaw claim that these are the children of Hunter of Winter, the primal spirit that granted Shadowfang its blessing so long ago, and to kill one of these primal tigers is a crime that will bring the full might of the Tigerclaw down upon the perpetrator. Any who can survive an encounter with a primal sabertooth gains the true respect of the Tigerclaw, and one who could tame such a creature without magic would be recognized as a leader and could rally the entire Tigerclaw to their side.
Originally from the 4e Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale. This post came out a week ago on my Patreon. If you want to get access to all my monster conversions early, as well as access to my premade adventures and other material I'm working on, consider backing me there!
5th Edition
Giant Sabertooth Tiger Huge beast, unaligned Armor Class 17 (natural armor) Hit Points 142 (15d12 + 45) Speed 40 ft., climb 20 ft. Str 20 (+5) Dex 20 (+5) Con 17 (+3) Int 3 (-4) Wis 17 (+3) Cha 11 (+0) Skills Acrobatics +8, Athletics +8, Perception +6, Stealth +8 Senses passive Perception 16 Languages - Challenge 8 (3900 XP) Keen Smell. The tiger has advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on smell. Pounce. If the tiger moves at least 20 feet straight toward a creature and then hits it with a claw attack on the same turn, that target must succeed on a DC 16 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone. If the target is prone, the tiger can make one bite attack against it as a bonus action. Actions Multiattack. The tiger makes two claw attacks. Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 16 (2d10+5) piercing damage and the target is grappled (escape DC 16). Until this grapple ends, the target is restrained and takes 5 (1d10) damage at the start of each of the tiger's turns, and the tiger can't bite another target. Claw. Melee Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 15 (3d6+5) slashing damage. On a critical hit, the target must make a DC 16 Strength saving throw or fall prone. Reactions Fierce Spirit (1/Short Rest). When the tiger is reduced to 0 hit points, before dying it can move up to half its speed and make a claw attack against a hostile creature, dealing an extra 14 (4d6) damage on a hit. If this attack reduces the target to 0 hit points, the tiger regains 20 hit points.
13th Age
Dire Sabertooth Tiger  Huge 5th level troop [beast]  Claw Swipe +10 vs. AC (2 attacks) - 17 damage Natural 14+: The target also takes 5 ongoing damage. Natural Even Hit or Miss: The tiger can make a bite attack if it is not already grabbing an enemy. [Special Trigger] Bite +10 vs. AC - 10 damage and the target is grabbed. Until this grab ends, the target takes 10 ongoing damage Go For The Kill +12 vs. PD - 50 damage. If this attack staggers the target, the tiger gains 10 temporary hit points. Miss: 25 damage. Limited Use: The tiger can only use this attack if it started its turn unengaged and moved to engage an enemy. Fierce Spirit: 1/battle when the tiger is reduced to 0 hit points, as an interrupt action it can pop free from all enemies and move to a nearby location, then make a go for the kill attack. If this attack reduces the target to 0 hit points, the tiger does not drop to 0 hit points and instead has 20 hit points. One Dire Feature. Pouncing Opportunity: When an enemy moves to engage the tiger while it is unengaged, it can meet the enemy halfway and make a go for the kill attack as an interrupt action before the target’s attack. AC 20 PD 19 MD 14 HP 200
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zigzagpunch · a year ago
Ideas to break the mold with your next D&D character.
Barbarian - Rather than be a screaming wall of beef, try a DEX based character. I’d love to see a Barbarian dual wielding light weapons instead of another half-orc with a greataxe/sword/hammer
Bard - Go to horny jail. Stop that. Just play a storyteller, or a con-artist, or a painter, or a wise and older teacher type.
Cleric - You’re automatically the mom of the group so why not embrace it? Cast your healing spells by licking your thumb and wiping your party members cheeks. Or give them forehead kisses and wish them luck on their first day of adventuring. Embarrass your party because they honestly can’t go on without you anyways
Druid - You don’t have to just be Radaghast the Brown.exe. Maybe your druid looks after a toxic swamp. Maybe they’re from a snow-covered mountain. Maybe they’re a street wise orphan who found out at a young age that the rats in the alley could speak to him, and he to them.
Fighter - This class isn’t as boring as you think. Have you ever seen a fighter use a bow? Try it, you won’t regret the power of an Arcane Archer. Or maybe dual Rapiers? Fighter is your chance to get the weird weapon combos out of your system. Also, Battle Master is severely underrated.
Monk - Ok. This one is personally going to be a character I play soon. Fat monk. Take advantage of the fact that your class features don’t care who you are or what you look like. Imagine your enemies surprise when the skinny little gnome punches like a truck. Or the hapless looking Tortle just runs straight up a sheer wall. Or the rotund and lumbering guy without any armour just dashes around like lightning. (Yes I DO main Bob in Tekken, shut up)
Paladin - I can’t believe how many people STILL think Paladins are the anti-fun police. The way you worship and play as a religious class is entirely up to you and your DM. Why not apply the stereotypes of another class to your Paladin? Maybe he’s the horny bard stand in. Or maybe he rages out pretty often.
Ranger - Everyone who plays 5e avoids this class because it's "underpowered" well, to that I say, underpowered chatacters are the most interesting. Try not worrying about a great build and focus on making the person inside the class the actual focus.
Rogue - Don’t be a criminal. Don’t even be just a guy who’s reeeeeealllly good at killing things. Sneak Attack is just a title, it’s not a combat style. Maybe you’re a great tactician, or maybe you’re an armourer’s apprentice so you know how to examine weak points. Maybe you’re a circus performer who’s fallen on hard times and turns to adventuring for money and survival. Don’t forget that Sneak works with ranged weapons
Sorcerer - This class is always described as “sexy spellcaster” but Charisma doesn’t always mean your character is physically attractive. You can have a forceful and charismatic personality in any body. Side note: fire isn’t the only type of damage in D&D
Warlock - Ah yes, the class with strings attached. This one takes some working with your DM but all I can say is don’t forget about your patron. Your relationship with them isn’t always a master/servant dynamic. Maybe you’re madly in love with them? Maybe they are always annoying you and nagging but you can’t exactly drop your agreement with them now. Or, perhaps, to paraphrase Travis Willingham; they need you more than you need them.
Wizard - Consider why you chose to become a wizard. Being one doesn’t happen by chance. You’re more than just a big brain. Are you sleazy and seeking to use spells to make life easier? Do you have ambitions on inventing a crazy new spell? I’d also love to see a Wizard with a high STR or CON score and just be a big beefy boi as well as being smart.
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dungeon-strugglers · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
✨New item!✨ Verdant Slip Armor (leather), very rare
This deep green vegan-leather armor is wreathed in living leaves. You have a +1 bonus to AC while wearing this armor and advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks made to hide in verdant terrain.
Once per day, you can use an action to cast the tree stride spell from the armor. When tree stride is cast using this armor, each time you emerge from a tree you have advantage on the first attack you make before the end of your turn.
Crafted by the elusive Treetop Tusslers, a gang of druidic highwaymen that fight to enrich the sylvan spirits that dwell in the forest. Anyone that steps foot on their turf best be ready for a tussle!
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📜 Credit. Art and design by us: the Dungeon Strugglers. Please credit us if you repost elsewhere.
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tentongeek · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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dmdepression · 3 months ago
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Become what monsters fear. Hunt what lies in the dark.
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New map shows on Patreon
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christowitch · 6 months ago
My friend Callie made my online dnd character Doctor Plague into a doll for me. I play an alchemist. I am sobbing. The small details are so amazing and I just AHHH
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raeynbowboi · 11 months ago
How to Play as Gwen Tennyson in DnD 5e
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Today, I’m building Gwen Tennyson from the Ben 10 franchise. Specifically, I’m building Gwen from the Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien era, as it altered the capacity of Gwen’s magic from the Original Series. These were also the last Ben 10 series I ever watched, so I don’t know much about her later counterparts due largely to hating the later art styles.
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Although Gwen looks human, she’s technically an alien energy being wrapped in a layer of skin. More specifically, she’s an Anodite, inheriting her powers from her grandmother, Verdona Tennyson. Gwen’s full Anodite form is capable of flight, which her base form cannot do, and she cannot stay in her Anodite form for long without risking never turning back to human. That sounds awfully similar to a Protector Aasimar, which causes her to glow with radiant energy, fly, and unleash more power when casting her spells. Thanks to Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, we can alter her stats to +2 INT, +1 WIS. She gains 60 feet of Darkvision, the Light cantrip, learns Celestial, resists Radiant and Necrotic damage, can heal with her touch, as well as the Radiant Soul feature.
For her background, Gwen is a member of the Plumbers, a secret organization that deals with alien threats to the Earth. That’d make her a Faction Agent for Insight to find aliens in disguise, and Arcana to know lore about aliens.
Gwen is neither rule-oriented or a rule-breaker, making her Neutral Good.
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Gwen’s primary thing a fight is to throw up a barrier or shield. While her magic is wide and varied, making her a good candidate for a Wizard, her shields and barriers are her go-to in combat. I did consider Sorcerer, as her ability to do magic originates from her Anodite ancestry, which would make her a Divine Soul Sorcerer, but Sorcerers have miniscule spell lists, and Gwen didn’t just get her magic. In the original series, Gwen had to study magic to learn it, and this is upheld in the Alien Force series. She has the capacity for magic as an Anodite, but has to study magic to hone her skills. Without study, she’d just be an alien in human skin. Her Arcane Ward can also act like her barriers, providing temporary cover but breaking when the Temporary HP runs out.
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BUILD School of Abjuration Wizard (20)
STATS STR 8 DEX 18 CON 14 INT 20 WIS 12 CHA 12
COMBAT INFO HP: 122 AC: 17 Speed: 30 feet Initiative: +4 Darkvision: 60 feet Passive Perception: 11
SKILLS Arcana (+11) History (+11) Insight (+7) Investigation (+11)
RESISTANCES Radiant Necrotic Spell Damage
FEATS Eldritch Adept
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C Blade Ward, Fire Bolt, Light, Mage Hand, Message 1 Detect Magic, False Life, Feather Fall, Jump, Magic Missile, Shield, Tenser’s Floating Disk, Thunderwave 2 Augury, Earthbind, Flaming Sphere, Hold Person, Levitate, Shatter 3 Clairvoyance, Counterspell, Dispel Magic, Fireball, Fly, Glyph of Warding, Lightning Bolt, Magic Circle, Protection from Energy, Sending 4 Dimension Door, Divination, Locate Creature, Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere 5 Bigby’s Hand, Hold Monster, Passwall, Scrying, Telekinesis, Wall of Force 6 Arcane Gate, Chain Lightning, Fizban’s Platinum Shield, Globe of Invulnerability, Investiture of Flame, Tasha’s Otherworldly Guise 7 Crown of Stars, Forecage 8 Telepathy 9 Invulnerability
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Abjuration Savant: Halve time and cost to copy Abjuration spells into your spell book. Arcane Recovery: Recover up to 10 spell slots of 5th level or lower on a short rest. Arcane Ward: When you cast an Abjuration spell, gain 45 temporary hit points. This ward lasts until it is depleted or you take a long rest. Healing Hands: Restore 20 HP with a touch once per long rest. Improved Abjuration: Add your proficiency bonus to Abjuration spells that require an ability check as part of casting the spell. Projected Ward: Your Arcane Ward can protect another creature within 30 feet of you. Radiant Soul: Gain a flying speed of 30 feet, and add radiant damage equal to your level to one instance of attack or spell damage per turn for a minute once per long rest. Signature Spells: Cast Counterspell and Protection from Energy once per long rest without using a spell slot. Spell Mastery: Cast Shield and Hold Person without using spell slots. Spell Resistance: Gwen has advantage on all spell saving throws, and resists all spell damage.
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While we can’t do everything Gwen can do, such as her platform staircases, we’ve done a pretty good job translating her abilities to DnD. Aliens are always a little sketchy in DnD since sci-fi and fantasy don’t tend to blend well, but then, Ben 10 as a series never was one to shy away from aliens and wizards existing in the same universe.
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foundry-fabrications · 8 months ago
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Hey all! Unbelievably excited for this one. Been a while since I've had a class here. I've been wanting to do a rework of my Mourner from the moment I started playing it. I pretty quickly figured out there were some major problems with its base mechanics and there were a few other little things I wanted to change as well. But the longer I played and the more I looked at it, the more I felt it was in desperate need of a complete overhaul as a whole.
But after months of playtesting and heavy revisions, the class is now in a VASTLY better place. I'm so incredibly happy with this overhaul and look forward to playing it more in the future. Interesting thing of note, this was always meant to be a conversion but this rework has made it even closer to the Unhallowed version than before, both mechanically and in spirit.
I was originally going to do a full changelog that details everything that's changed with this new version but I don't hate myself that much so I'll give y'all the highlights:
Most obviously is the aesthetic. I've learned how to do custom styles since the original and I think I picked a pretty damn fitting one. Also all the art is greyscale now to fit the theme better.
Saves and skills have been changed to be a little more fitting.
Death Trance has been overhauled. This was where things started going wrong when I first started playing the class. The basics were there but it wasn't very well written and it had a lot of problems.
Many of the features got rolled into one super-feature called Guild Training. It works like the Ranger additions from Tasha's; you get some stuff at 1st level and pick more things later on. This gives you some more flexibility in what abilities you get and is also how Unhallowed does its class features.
You can now use most of your abilities on creatures that aren't undead! This was a HUGE problem with the original and it made the whole class feel pretty underwhelming. I was trying to stick too hard to the original and I was a fool for doing so as the class suffered for it. Now, you can take some downtime to study a creature type, which then lets you use your stuff on creatures of the chosen type. SO much better than the old version.
Medium was rebuilt from the ground up to be, uh, not utterly fucking useless. No, seriously, I hate myself for writing the original medium. Not a single one of their abilities had any value whatsoever outside of very specific scenarios and they didn't fit D&D at all. Now, you get your Second Sight at 3rd and get to choose from an enormous list of powers as you level, most of which are either from Unhallowed, Libris Mortis, or Ghostwalk. It's got a whole new feel to it and WAY more utility. Of all the changes I've made this is the best one IMO.
Anyway, those are the big changes but EVERYTHING got touched up in some way at the very least. When I say overhaul, I mean it. Hope y'all love it as much as I did making it. This was truly a labor of love and I hope that it shows. Unhallowed is one of my favorite worlds and this has definitely become my favorite class to play as of late. Anyway, stay safe and don't forget to love each other.
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clericofsune · 6 months ago
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cy-lindric · a year ago
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Our grad film is finished which means now all I’m waiting for is to be able to play DnD again;; Here’s Mahault the sad oathbreaker paladin, whom I’ll be playing in a couple of months
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dungeon-strugglers · 18 days ago
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✨New item!✨ Scryer Beetle  Wondrous item, very rare 
This one-eyed beetle is about two inches long. Its shiny carapace seems to reflect an environment that does not match its surroundings.
If you use an action to eat the beetle, you’ll enter a hallucinatory trance for 10 minutes. During this trance you are unconscious and experience the effects of the scrying spell (DC 16). When you enter the trance, make a DC 13 Wisdom check. On a success you can choose your scrying target. You can attempt this check again during the trance to change your target each time until you fail. On a failure, if the target resists the spell, or if you have no desired target, you scry on a random creature or place for the rest of the duration. When scrying in this way, you see, hear, smell, feel, and taste from the senses of the target creature, or from the nearest living creature if you target a location. You can understand the languages of your target even when you normally cannot, and you have advantage on Wisdom (Insight) checks made to gauge their emotional state and intent. When the trance fades you gain a random personality trait from a creature you scryed on for the next 24 hours. The beetle tastes like a combination of random aspects from each environment you experienced during the trance. 
Belinder Wonderbug loves starting his day by munching a scryer beetle and experiencing life in someone else’s shoes. “The beetle knows the way man, but you gotta give it the reins. I’ve been all kinds of places, all kinds of people, and it’s never what you’d expect. Really puts things into perspective, y’know?”
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📜 Credit. Art and design by us: the Dungeon Strugglers. Please credit us if you repost elsewhere.
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