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elkian13 minutes ago
No one thinks pirates are cool for preying on tiny fishing boats run by one or two people.
Pirates are cool when they take down HUGE SHINY GALLEONS run by either the government or some big-name trader, liberating goods (depicted as giant treasure chests full of gold being hoarded by those already drowning in wealth) that were probably ill-gotten to begin with. THAT鈥橲 the cool factor.
Yes this is about digital downloads
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sergeantsilver15 minutes ago
We鈥檙e going to get a Sam and Bucky flashback: Prediction Time
I made another weird 鈥渨hat if鈥 post earlier and I鈥檓 now predicting it鈥檚 going to happen in episode 6.
Bucky gets nightmares, we know that. He has difficulty sleeping in beds, specifically on mattresses. I think he may have had the same issue with the couch. Now I could be wrong and maybe the couch was fine, because a bed and couch are sort of different but we also didn鈥檛 see him on the floor, so he somehow was able to sleep on the couch at some point of the night.
If Bucky did get nightmares and had issues with falling asleep, then that means he probably stayed awake for a while or he鈥檚 a light sleeper and woke up naturally.
We know Sam woke up around dawn, because when Bucky walks over to help him in the engine room we get a shot of the sun rising. Sam was in deep focus and hardly acknowledged Bucky鈥檚 presence at first, so we can assume that he had been down there for a while.
Bucky鈥檚 smile on the couch was brought by Sarah鈥檚 kids playing with Sam鈥檚 shield and running when they got caught, but I think it may be connected to something else. He had just woken up and he had a droopy smile that people get when they鈥檙e sleepy. There鈥檚 a possibility that he could of been remembering something, perhaps something in a flashback we may see.
I鈥檓 also going to say now, even though I do think Sam and Bucky would be great couple, I鈥檓 not going to make this romantic or push that. I want to push a healthy and close friendship, because at the end of the day, romantic feelings or not they鈥檙e great together, this post focuses on their platonic friendship not a possible romantic one. And for a while, close platonic male relationships haven鈥檛 gotten the proper attention they need.
Since Sam woke up early and Bucky has difficulty sleeping and may have on the couch or just woke up naturally, I think they interacted and that it was definitely more than a simple greeting.
In this episode we see Sam and Bucky warming up to each other, opening up and we even see Bucky apologizing to Sam for failing to recognize his own privilege which was a great thing to see. Though a realization like that doesn鈥檛 just pop up out of nowhere. For most of the previous episodes, Bucky was set on blaming Sam for giving up the shield so him not only apologizing for that but also admitting to not seeing his own privilege tells us he clearly sat back and reflected on himself and really saw through Sam鈥檚 perspective.
I am becoming very sure that one of these happened when Sam was downstairs,
a) Bucky was struggling with falling/staying asleep and both opened up
The line 鈥淵ou still having nightmares?,鈥 can be used to hint towards this, because he said still, not asking if he ever had them. He knew.
b) Bucky was awake when Sam came downstairs and they casually talked until one pushed a boundary and they had a deep conversation
c) They both asked each other why the other was awake at such an early time and Sam started opening up about his feelings, causing Bucky to reflect on his own behavior
d) Sam asked Bucky if he could talk and hesitated, then Bucky comforted him and Sam really expressed his emotions, causing Bucky to sit back and reflect on his own behavior
or e) They had a quick awkward-filled conversation until the flood-gates opened up for one or both of them and a deep conversation happened
It could also be a combination of multiple scenarios, we don鈥檛 know yet
But Bucky鈥檚 droopy smile makes me think that he possibly thought back to the conversation and because Sarah鈥檚 kids playing with the shield were adorable, because after he smiles he looks deep in thought. After whatever scenario, Sam told him he was going to be down in the engine room. We didn鈥檛 get a scene where Sarah told Bucky where he was and it was very early, so she might have not even been up, how else would Bucky of known where he was? He seemed to know where Sam was, it didn鈥檛 look like he was searching for him.
Sam told Bucky where he was going to be, meaning they talked, leaving the possibility of a deep conversation that we鈥檙e going to see.
We also saw Bucky standing and staring at the rising sun, thinking again. He would be thinking about the conversation him and Sam had the night before and he seemed hesitant to go to Sam. That could be for any reason, maybe in scenario a, Bucky could of opened up about the nightmares in general but not gone into great detail and was thinking of a way to bring them up. Also, it鈥檚 possible Bucky started to see from Sam鈥檚 perspective after Sam opened up and recognized that he owed Sam an apology for the way he treated him. Whatever the right scenario is, since Bucky smiled immediately after he woke up, I鈥檓 assuming the conversation ended well.
Again, I鈥檝e made a few posts about this scene in particular. But there is a reason why Bucky was walking in slow motion and why Bucky and Sam had odd tension between them in the engine room. I believe it shows their level of comfort as friends and becoming closer, sometimes words aren鈥檛 needed. They felt comfortable around each other and the moment was something that didn鈥檛 need words, we as the audience had it sink in that now they care about each other.
They wanted us to focus on those scenes, they鈥檙e hinting that they mean something, which hints to a flashback.
We also saw Sam and Bucky hours later, still together and working on the boat again until Sarah kicked them out. It looked like the afternoon, meaning Sam and Bucky spent a good portion of that day together. They could of continued the conversation they had before, they could of addressed something that they didn鈥檛 before, it could be anything.
Also, Bucky goes back to Sam鈥檚 house in episode 6, we haven鈥檛 seen the scene where Sarah鈥檚 kids hang off Bucky鈥檚 arm yet. They didn鈥檛 just have a moment and let it go, this is them becoming friends and trusting each other.
I think we鈥檙e getting a flashback to Sam and Bucky getting closer, there鈥檚 a good chance.
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daredevildonnie17 minutes ago
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misskatherinewhite17 minutes ago
In der Arbeit total gehetzt! (Teil 8)
In der Arbeit total gehetzt! (Teil 8) Die eigentliche Frage ist doch sind wir von der Arbeit total gehetzt oder von unseren Hormonen.
(Kann bezahlte und unbezahlte Werbung enthalten) Die eigentliche Frage ist doch sind wir von der Arbeit total gehetzt oder von unseren Hormonen. Das Frauen Hormon geplatzt sind,聽 ist keine Kleinigkeit und definitiv kein Geheimnis. Manchmal stehen wir morgens auf und sind schon total genervt. Wir haben dann schon das Gef眉hl, dass wir zu viel gearbeitet haben, obwohl wir noch gar nicht鈥
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sagnaevi23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
/ like for a short starter! ( please specify muse! )
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asharkuwu25 minutes ago
I don鈥檛 think I should have high standards for this supergirl episode let鈥檚 see how it goes...
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angery-lesbian30 minutes ago
Hahawow Lena really said 鈥渇uk dem kids鈥 but like with a whole ass city
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libidomechanica32 minutes ago
Untitled # 8651
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that聽any聽thousand聽 Wilberforce:聽the聽
lace聽they聽lose聽her聽wear聽as聽 human聽feeling?
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d5-819434 minutes ago
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Are you going to cry, again that you need me?
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indycar-series35 minutes ago
it should be illegal to have significant snowfall in april when you're not in the fucking mountains
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irisonthecliffside45 minutes ago
Head is itchy
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For the first time ever I鈥檓 glad I鈥檝e been under quarantine
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