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andysambcrg · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA (2005 - ) but it’s just the memes
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aronarchy · a year ago
We also need to tell queer teens shit. Here’s a list. I’m tired
-you don’t need to lose ur virginity at whatever age
-you don’t need to date the only other queer kid in ur school
-queer people can b problematic. And abusive.
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bettaesthetic · a year ago
I love this cat. Like, I love him, but also, he’s stupid.
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ADHD be like: I need to do do this task before I go to bed. therefore I’ll stay up all night on my phone because I have no motivation to do the thing but I can’t go to bed unless I do it.
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yangaf · a year ago
ngl LOVE the idea that “catra” is just a nickname for her REAL name that adora busts out whenever the situation calls for it.
“Get out of the tree, Catra.”
“You’re not the boss of me, Adora.”
“Catrina. Get down, now.”
“... That was REALLY low.”
glimmer & bow: WHO,,????
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headspace-hotel · a year ago
why is it that whenever I am disillusioned with the world I go back to the epic of Gilgamesh
Tumblr media
“It is the story of their becoming human together.”
This is it. This is the oldest written literary work that we know of, and it’s a story of becoming human together.
This is a story about love, and it’s a story about death, and we told this story thousands of years ago, THOUSANDS of years. We have always, always, always been wrestling with this profoundly beautiful existence and with knowing one another, while knowing that we all will die and be forgotten.
We become human by loving, but we also become human by knowing death.
And I’m just sitting here touching other human beings, another human experience, from across millennia, feeling a bit more human too through it, and I am trying very hard not to cry.
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fraseris · 22 days ago
i like my art style. no i dont. yes i do. im lineless. im great at lineart. im bad at lineart. my hands are shaky. i cant do anatomy. i can do anatomy. i draw cartoons. i draw realism. im a painter. im an illustrator. i blend out colors. i use cell shading. i use the stabilizer. i dont use the stabilizer. i know my art style. i havent found my art style. how to find your art style. my hands are stable. im deficient in vitamins. ive been drawing for years. im a beginner. im intermediate. im a professional. i use layer blending. no i dont. i use 8 sketch layers. everything is on one layer. i like my art st
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fauxklore · 7 months ago
The top 5 is getting so much love. What's everyone's #6 song in their 2020 Spotify Wrapped? The song that almost made the cut...
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elenafishersps1 · a year ago
Something bad: *happens*
Me: ok. anyway *develops feelings for a video game character*
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janeyfoster · 11 months ago
Chadwick knew he had a limited amount of time left on this earth so he lived every single day to the fullest. He made five fantastic movies, brought a king to life on our screens, marched in the streets for the rights of so many people, and married the woman he loved. 
Don’t just remember Chadwick for the movies he made. Remember him for the incredible man that he was. Because he lived. He lived. 
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orderlyhouse · a year ago
today i’m thinking about this surreal moment in ‘gayle’ when she learns that her frenemy bonnie got an ipad and running up that hill by kate bush starts to play as she proceeds to rant
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