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#6th episode

now i haven’t seens any post about this show and i don’t understand how no one’s talking about how amazing it is! not just about real life issues like arranged marriages, family pressure, love and hate and all the stuff. not to talk about lgbtq visibility: with a gay couple, a trans blogger and her lesbian girlfriend. i mean this show is amazing in every possible way! the storyline is awesome, the effects are great, the diversity of characters and backgrounds, the acting is great and holy crap we need to talk about the sex scene in the 6th episode! FOR LORD’S SAKE! how the fuck could they make something so intense, so strong, with so many persons in so many places and WHAT THE HECK! i lost it then. i was like “wait, what’s happening? they were two guys and now he’s with a girl? wait and now sex in the gym? WAIT in a fucking PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL? and there’s another GIRL? AND IT’S NOT OVER THERE COMES ANOTHER DUDE!!!!!!!” yeah i completely lost my mind during that episode! the show is amazing, it really is worth it you NEED to watch it and please, tell everyone about it it really needs to be spread!

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So… I been watching Madoka Magica and I understand why everyone says give it a chance at least up to episode 3, and you assholes knew why.

1st Episode: Me: “Just another magical girl show…”

2nd Episode: Me: “I’ll just watch this when i’m bored.”

3rd Episode: *Mami’s inspirational speech*  Me: “Typical magical girl show”

 Later in that 3rd Episode:  Me: “WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!”

5th Episode: Me: “A'ight I fucks with this show”

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Isn’t if unfair that Team A’s is labeled they won the voting line benefit of Seungyoon and Seunghoon? Being labeled they won because of them? Isn’t it unfair? I really don’t get it. Maybe i’m just overreacting, maybe not. But it’s kinda offending, you know? I’ve read some news about it here in tumblr, and i’m happy and sad, mixed emotions. I’m happy the. Won but seeing the title, meh.. It’s just.. I don’t know. I even tried to squeal, upon reading that Team A won, but i can’t cause my family is already asleep. XD But it’s just sad, tho. They’re saying that Team B’s weakness is vocals, well, Team A’s weakness is, many people says they’ll win because they have 2 members in their group who’s already known. Well, let’s just hope for the best.

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The Walking Dead is almost heading to the middle of it’s season and we can that there are still a lot of things to happen! Well, I must say that that little brat “Sophie” is driving me crazy not appearing.. I mean, she is holding the guys…

Anyway, I belive that the next sunday’s episode called “Secrets” will really bring us some nice things!

Right below there are a few parts of what will happen in the next episode:

1. "I’d say she’s ready for the advanced class.“

2. The episode’s title is not a misnomer - secrets come spilling out by the bucketload!

3. "You shoot like a damn girl!”

4. The episode begins with an example of animal cruelty.

5. "You’re old - you know things.“

6. Following Glenn and Maggie’s steamy session, another couple get jiggy this week!

7. "Don’t give me that gangster shit.”

8. Hershel has a few interesting theories about the walkers…

9. "Is there anything else I should know about?“

10. Dale has a keen eye - he may know more than he’s letting on!

That’s it, hope you enjoy!!

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Because all that sap on dash earlier must watch 6th episode of Digimon Tamers ( jap dub eng sub or ger dub) I saw that one in German like… 50 times? don’t remember. why in German? well I had RTL II when was premiere of this season in Germany. 6th episode was showed on Friday. spend almost all weekend rewatching. That was 9 years ago. And I was older than typical digimon fan even then.

I am just weird like that. oh well…. Hello YT with your subbed episode…

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