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#7 months

Seven Months and a Lifetime to Go. Happy Anniversary, My Love.

Seven months ago, with a huge smile on my face, I asked you to be my girlfriend. I asked you if you wanted to be a drummers girlfriend. Cheesey, sure, but it won you over and that’s all that matters.

For months I had been in love with you, actually this month marks a year of me realizing I kinda had a crush on you. It also marks a year of me telling you to go on a date with another girl. Could I be any more Lesbian? I mean come on. Hopelessly falling for you over time without even realizing it was one of the best feelings. It was a beautiful process to realize I loved you, to see your name on my screen and smile even after weeks or months of not hearing from you. It seems like in seven months we’ve been through a lifetime worth of situations, and I love you all the more. Every single day. From arguments over literally loving each other so much that we can’t stand it, to nights of you exposing me to musicals, the good(Chicago ❤️) and the bad ones(Rocky Horror 🤢). I love talking about philosophy, history, social issues, and the differences between them all. I love listening to you rant about how much you hate Ronald Reagan and Henry VIII. I love hearing you call me baby and tell me you love me. Exploring Ancient Egypt and learning that the Pyramids in Origins really don’t live up to Athena’s statue in Odyssey in Assassins Creed. Everything that makes us, us, is amazing and beautiful. Somehow, with thousands of miles between us, you feel close because you never let me question if I’m loved or wanted. You make me feel held even if I’ve never felt you hold me. I don’t know how you do what you do to me, but I’ll never be able to tell you how grateful for everything you do, baby.

If you were to ask me why I fell for you, I’d have a hard time putting it all into words. All I can say is, when you look at me, to this day, it happens all over again. When those beautiful brown eyes meet with mine I can’t help but smile. My heart goes boom boom boom. I’ve never seen beauty like yours. It’s one that trancends anything strictly physical. You’re the essence of beautiful because all that you are is incredible and I find myself speechless when I see you. Your body is a work of art, and I can’t believe I get to call all of you mine. 🥺🤤

Loving you is my greatest joy. Knowing you is my favorite thing. Seven months of having you close has been the best thing I’ve ever known. I can’t wait for the rest of this canvas, baby.

I love you to the moon, babygirl. ❤️

Happy Anniversary, my beautiful girl. Smile for me when you read this. I love that smile. 😉


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Yes, share the news. Share links to petitions or ways to donate. Don’t stay silent.

But also don’t guilt people who need a break. The death and the riots alone are already a heavy topic but on top of a pandemic? Share information, please, but by God let people rest.

Remember: A chorus can hold a note for an impossibly long time because individual performers are allowed to take time to stop and breathe. Activism should be the same.

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The Scent of Him

10k words | 2 chapters | part 1 of 2


Like a magnet to metal, Steve’s whole world gets pulled down, closer. He slips out of his sandals, onto his knees, hands on either side of the pillow to keep him from crashing into it as he nearly jumps forward.

This is a place he never thought to be, never even could have imagined to experience, in Hargrove’s room, on his cheap, shitty mattress, fists closing around the sheets. He should stop; he really should go sit on the sofa instead, or go wait in the living room, pretend he never came to know such a strong scent, his strong scent, that he never reached a realization.

To realize this, this… this one thing, Nancy never could have given him, this one thing he never could have asked of her. Never would have asked of anyone. Could have gone all his life without this, blissfully unaware of something waiting to awaken inside, wanting to awaken. But now, slowly, the curtain to his subconscience pulled aside, slightly, just enough to give a bit more than a simple peek at what’s behind.

Enough for him to…

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