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lesbiandiaz · a day ago
hello! congrats on 700 followers!
💕+ one of them nuzzles their head into their lover’s chest, falling asleep, as their lover kisses them gently, wrapping their arms tighter around them OR "You're so golden" for ficlet <33
thank you for the prompt! i didn't follow it exactly, but i hope you like it!
Eddie is sick. He’s sick and he won’t admit it, and it’s driving Buck a little insane.
It started with a sniffle two days ago which Eddie insisted was ‘just allergies’. They’ve been together two years now, known each other for much longer, and Buck knows Eddie doesn’t have allergies. He also knows Eddie struggles to admit when he’s not feeling good, so he had let this one slide.
Now it’s two days later and Eddie is in bed with the flu, groaning and whining and shouting for Buck whenever he leaves the room.
Buck has been keeping up a steady supply of soup, water and meds. He’d like to be able to provide cuddles too, but Eddie is insistent he keeps his distance so he doesn’t get sick too. They’ve sent Chris to stay with Pepa for the week so he doesn’t catch it either.
Buck is just finishing washing the last of the dishes from this round of soup - abuela’s recipe, of course, when he hears Eddie shout for him. He sounds sad, so Buck quickly dries his hands and follows the sound of Eddie’s voice to their room.
“Eds? Are you good?” he asks, leaning against the doorframe. He can just make out the lump that is Eddie under the sheets and can hear faint sniffling too. When Eddie doesn’t respond, he makes his way to the bed, perches himself on the edge and reaches out to touch Eddie’s back.
“Hey, Eds, can you turn over for me?” He keeps his voice gentle. Eddie does move then, turns to face him and oh, he’s crying. “Hey hey hey, what’s going on, baby?” He moves his hand to Eddie’s hair, knowing the repetitive motion is relaxing for his boyfriend.
“I just feel awful” Eddie cries, “I’m so tired, and you’ve been doing everything and I just want to get better so I can see Chris again.”
Buck gets it, he misses Chris too, and knowing Eddie feels so sick on top of that makes his heart ache. “We’ll see him soon, right? We’re gonna get you feeling better and then he can come home.” That seems to calm Eddie some, because he knows rationally that Chris will only be gone another couple of days.
“Buck, do you- do you think you could hold me for a while?” Eddie sounds so small when he asks.
“Of course, always. Scooch over.” and then Buck is climbing into bed and pulling Eddie into his chest. Eddie settles immediately, nuzzles his face against the soft material of Buck’s shirt.
Buck holds Eddie until his breathing evens out and he’s fallen asleep, soft snores the only noise in the room. He presses his face into Eddie’s hair, kisses his head, and sure, he smells sick, but he also smells like Eddie.
He knows he’s risking getting sick himself, but getting to care for Eddie, getting to see him at his most vulnerable, to be trusted with that, is everything.
When he starts coughing later, he’ll let Eddie say ‘I told you so’ and he won’t even argue.
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i4junie · 2 months ago
700 followers special! ◠‿◠ 🍰
I want to thank each of the people who have supported me, because with just a "heart" it motivates me a lot to continue doing what I enjoy doing so much, I also want you to know that if you need my help for whatever it is, I will do everything. that I can to help you, you can count on me♡
𓍯 εїз my favorites blogs and very talented people:
@jisuite @t8kyoe @chwestv @sunmour @jooncakes @sun-kiwis @skiesl4ys @sidxrz @myeditslocks @stwbystuff @hanjisite @i4ryu @yenoir @abi-luv @soft-vibezz @geonwoir @parktinny @sourvie @bg-stuffs @howtpx @melliflavor @hoshvie @seul8caty @chittami @soocr @b-berry @vampiritas @da4wo0 @skydiveicons @isakkklj @chittaphoria @emailllll @sidxrz @rxckl3e @winte-ditsr @auraior @myllyta @i-ihobi @artsyeoll @megwliet @ohmyyshua @h-ui @aimi-yu @lily--web @ly0nartt @niniberry24 @yoojeongyeonnie
🧁to thank somehow i decided to make some psds, I really hope you like them and use them!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡⃕ not for sale psd | inspiration: @sunshinepsds
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡⃕ in heat psd | inspiration: @noirpsds
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡⃕ CYANIDE psd | inspiration: @miniepsds
here is the action i use in my moodboards
♡̴ 𓂂 i also made a couple of playlists, i really hope you like them!!♡
for you<3 calm cloudy
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shiggyscumrag · 27 days ago
I get butt hurt so easily bruh- I need to grow thicker skin...BUT PEOPLE CAN SUCK ASS FOR REAL SOMTIMES >:[
After another long day dealing with shitty people, you just wanna go home to Katsuki and have some snuggles to make yourself feel better. You need his presence to wash away all the negative energy you're still carrying around with you.
Sadly when you get home you see the apartment is empty. Letting out a deep sigh you decide you might as well eat your feelings away since the original plan didn't work. Changing into something comfortable you make your way to the kitchen to start cooking.
About an hour later your done and sitting on the couch satisfied with the wonderful meal you made yourself. Look Katsuki may be the chef of the house but your cooking wasn't half bad. Ever since you moved in together he's been teaching you new recipes and slowly you've improved over time. It was one of the things you did together.
To bad he's been so busy on patrol lately. Rising through the ranks quickly has made his schedule hectic to say the least. You both always made time for eachother though. You might not have been able to make and eat dinner together every night but that's okay. You were happy that he's able to pursue and excel in his dream. You were beyond proud of your boyfriend, and you made sure to show him whenever you could.
Cleaning up after yourself and starting on the dishes you hear the front door unlock and open. Turning you see your tired boyfriend walking towards you. With a smile you turned to speak "Welcome home love!" Placing a kiss on his cheek. "I already made dinner and ate, but I made you a plate. It's in the microwave, if you'd like it I can heat it up for you?" You asked. He huffed and sat down at the island, a clear indicator of two things.
1. Patrol was hell
2. He was hungry and needed affection
Smiling you got his food ready and plated it for him. Placing it nicely in front of him and a kiss to his forehead you go back to doing the dishes. As you lathered up the soap on your sponge wiping away some grime from the pan you used, you feel hands wrap around your waist and grip firmly into the meat of your hips. A small gasp of surprise coming from you as you turned and met Katsuki's crimson gaze.
"Over the counter, now." He said stern and cold. A shiver ran up your spine at his tone as his hands squeezed one last time before releasing his grip. Quickly you bent yourself face first over the counter, ass out and back arched slightly. He chuckled as he pressed his pelvis hard against your ass. Bending over he blew cold air agaisnt your ear. Writhing a underneath him you let out a small whine. He cleared his throat causing you to still. "Good girl, always knows how to be so quiet and obedient for me." A sudden harsh smack to your ass causes you to jump forward a little back. A small whimper coming from you. "When I agreed to eat, i wasn't talking about your cooking love." He paused gripping your ass hard, spreading them in the process. "I wanted this fat peice of ass in my hands, and especially on my face." A devious grin spread wide across his face.
Next thing you remember is you on the couch riding his face into the distant horizon. Tongue lapping at not one, but both of your holes. Making your legs shake and clamp around his face, slowly suffocating him. Katsuki never minded that though, drinking up the juices your spoiled cunt spilled out satisfying every craving he's ever had. Not to mention, it's way better than your cooking.
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v4mpyuri · a month ago
¡¡tysm for the 700 followers!!
Tumblr media
ִぬׂ🕸️ᨓ̟ Obrigado a Todos Por Mais Uma Conquista Aqui Do Blog, Gente!!
꒰ׁ💭ׅ۫ ꞋꞌꞋ꒱᎓ Eu Estou Realmente Muito Muito Muito Feliz Mesmo Por Ter Alcançado Tudo Isso Com Todo O Meu Esforço ♡♡, Nesses Meses Que Passei Aqui Consegui Fazer Amizades E Até Encontrar Paixões. Como Eu Já Disse Uma Vez, Irei Guardar Todas As Memórias De Todos Dentro Do Meu Coração!!
꒰ׁ💭ׅ۫ ꞋꞌꞋ꒱᎓ Uma Coisa Caso Você Esteja Pensando Em Desistir Do Seu Blog Por Causa De Flop etc. Por Favor Nunca Desista!! Se Você Persistir Você Consegue. Mas Lembre, não se cobre tanto e sempre que achar que precise tire um descanso.
ׅ𔓕࣪ @sourvie @hwngmilkk @howtpx @lilly-locks @hey-bubllesoul @hey-blackpop @hey-blackberry @l0v3ly-kpoplocks @hi-jichu @cisn6s @yericoffe @niniberry23 @myeditslocks @kpop-locks @bg-stuffs @kiwibomb @kpop-hs @kpop-web @soft-ggstan @soft-ggstuff @megwliet @iseulgivoiryy @catzitos @wonyejisu @uvazita @s-eulg @s-eokj ♡♡
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laly-web · a month ago
Obrigada Mesmo Bebês. Não estou acreditando que tem mais de 700 pessoas me seguindo aqui no Tumblr.
Cara, isso é quase 1k e muita gente! Imagina 702 pessoas em uma sala? Eu acho que nem vai caber direito.
Eu estou planejando um especial pra vcs; aguardem!! <33
Tumblr media
@kim-arminha @chu-stuff @cake-psds @cisn6s @camyexe @chaeyweb @dreamiepsd @myeditslocks @gabiberry24 @hyngiiy @hey-fadinha-soft @c-erejitas @heyy-blackberry-deactivated2021 @hey-blackberry @iseulgivoiryy @joy-jinha @joyville @kpop-locks @kpop-web @lockxxscreen @lala-web-halloween @lady-ilya @lix-archive @lilly-locks @lipandy @lix-br0nwly @mykissedit @ninipurr @ryuicons @ryuvilie @ryusoftxs-archv @ryuzita @ryu-softxs-stuff @soft-blackpink @starreeveur @yericoffe @yelyahwilliams @você
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remuslupininskirts · a month ago
El's 700 follower celebration!
Tumblr media
i don't know why i haven't done one of these before but finally i'm doing one lmaoo, it will be open from 27th of august to the 2nd of september. i would also like to say that i just love all of you guys and i'm so thankful that i have managed to get to this point. anyway i hope you have fun if you wanna take part (obviously you don't have to)-
Tears For Fears- i'll tell you what i song i connect your @ to
Guns N' Roses- give me your favourite ship (wolfstar/perciver/merthur/wolfstarbucks/wolfbucks) i'll give you a fic recommendation
Led Zeppelin- send me a couple of sentences of what you look like and i will draw you how i imagine you look when i see your @ (moots only)
Ramones- i'll sketch what i relate your @ as when i see it
beastie boys- tell me what you are like and i will tell you the character i relate to you
the clash- tell me what you think when you see me on your feed and i will tell you what i think when i see you(moots only)
the rolling stones- send me truth or dare's (i'm not showing my face or anything like that though)
AC/DC- tell me about your favourite movies/series and i'll give you movie a few you should watch
queen- tell me your favourite bands and i'll give you one you should listen to
david bowie-tell me your favourite character and i will tell you what i think you are like
the kinks- rate my page
this is my old pinned post
I’m just gonna tag my moots here- @moony-likes-hot-choc @siriusblackinskirts @jamespotterinskirts @jeguluswhore @julie-sideblog @roonilwazlibweasley @goingthruphases @nightowlart @regulusblackinskirts @acciorxses @accio-regulus-black @remusblake @rachelthefanfictionwriter @velvetcloxds @depressed-barnes @robincantfunction @mira-cant-spell @el-imaskingforyourlefthand @percyweasleyspuff @impishtubist @i-do-random-things-do-not-ask @ceilu @mentalaboutyoutoo @beanster42 @wolf-bean42 @loonyloopylupin5 @the-aggressiveshipper @scarletwidowsimp @no-one-here-is-alive @killer-queen314 @secret-murmurs @wolf-stxr @theforestisspeaking @girlwithacrown @mayamoons @moonylovespoetry @lucianinsanity @a-bad-bi-bitch @loonylupinlovegood @mischiefhasbeenmanaged @remoony-lupin @wh0reforthemarauders @mirrorinthesky
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fandom-blackhole · 2 months ago
I'll See You in my Dreams- Soulmate AU
AN: First off, sorry I didn't have this up earlier, I went through so tough writer's block that is kicking my ass and my school year has begun so I had to focus on that for a bit. Second, I wanted to say, the next thing I write is probably going to be the next part for Merman!Din because I hit 100 kudos on the fic over on Ao3. Third, starting probably towards the end of this week, maybe Thursday or Friday, I am going to start character takeovers. I will make a post about who it will be and how long it will be around during the morning and reblog it throughout the day along with any disclaimers/rules. I am thinking this is something I can do during the weekends when I don't have classes and Im not writing. Love you all and I hope you enjoy this fic!
Pairing: Paz Vizsla x Reader
Words: 1K (sorry its short....)
Summary: What if you, someone from Earth, miraculously were soulmates to someone in a galaxy far, far away?
Warnings: descriptions of pains, sadness, yearning, soft love confessions and promises, unedited bc I am tired and just wanted to post this
The dreams, oh, the dreams….
They come and they never stop, always leaving wondering and wanting, aching.
You do not understand them, what they meant, if anything other than a manifestation of desires, but when he appears you feel like you are in another world, another galaxy all your own, made for you and him alone. He tells you you are his one, his only, and your heart soars with every small touch and smile. His whisper of your name, and promises sworn in a language so foreign, yet familiar after years of their whispered softness, cause you to feel like you're floating, like you are where you are meant to be, in this loving man's arms.
Only...each day as you wake, you come crashing down into the same disappointing reality, reminding yourself that he is not there, and he is only a cruel trick your mind plays upon you heart and soul each night, laughing as you wake to the same cold loneliness of day, ripped from the warmth of his arms that hold you each night. It had been like this since you could remember, even as you were a child he would appear in your dreams and ask if you wanted to play with him. He told you stories that his family, his culture taught him, the things that were even at that age obviously very important to him.nYou parents would praise you for your creativity when you repeated the stories to them. They never understood.
Your parents didn't understand why you never let go of this imaginary figure in your dreams. They couldn't comprehend why even after you grew away from the imaginary friend stage you still talked about the boy that simply did not exist to them.
The older you got, the more you realized that you wanted no one else but him. No one else could make you smile or laugh the way he could. No one else made you feel safe the way he did. No one could come close to making you feel cherished or content the way he did. No one could touch just how loved you felt each night when he gave you that shining smile, followed by an endearment in his sacred language- he had attempted to teach you a few basics at one point, but he only kept chuckling and teasing you softly as you tripped over the words he said so effortlessly.
It wasn’t until you were graduating high school and looking into colleges when it dawned on you how much you loved the man in your dreams. How you would never be happy with another, not knowing he was there, even if he was not real. You would never find anyone better than the boy you had watched grow into a man, than the person who listened to you talk endlessly about your life, the one you told all your secrets to never holding any information back because you knew he would never judge you. But this, this realization you kept to yourself, not wanting to share and find heartbreak from the one person you knew you would never be able to recover from.
So you pulled back slowly, never fully distancing yourself how could you, but you tried to never come too close, fearing the pain that would follow if you did. And you hated every second of it.
As you progressed through college, you both lamented your stresses to the other seeking comfort in just venting or just listening to the other’s voice. You were busy with school, stressing over finals and papers, while he was worried about his people, his covert who he was now lead and teach, he worried about the future generations as his people’s numbers kept diminishing.
Life and stresses seemed to take over and pass in rhythms. Soon you both found yourselves in a comfortable dance, but one that had each side aching for more but unable to ask for it.
By the time you graduated from school, on track already to work your dream job, you found yourself suddenly feeling hollow. A feeling that started showing up in dreams, a feeling that was only suppressed when you brushed against his hand, or he reached out and hugged you before you both woke. But it did not take long for the feeling to spread into your waking hours. Life became numb at best, painful at most. The feeling only getting worse as you were with him. Some nights it felt like your entire body was screaming for the man you could not have.
But it changed one night suddenly. You had not even got to say hello or hi to him before he pulled you into his embrace, whispering words of defeat, whispering how he could no longer hold back, being apart from you for so long hurt him. He said that his very soul was hurting and he just needed to hold you for the night. And you caved. You caved and held him as tightly as he held you, hot tears slipping down your cheeks as you hiccupped the words you never wanted to tell him. You stuttered through devotions and dozens and dozens of ‘i love yous’, and you were overjoyed, bursting at the seams when he returned each with his own love confession, with his own devotions for you. And you only cried harder, finding yourself slowly being soothed by his rumbling voice in his chest and his calm words.
You both stayed like that. The night ticking by but moving slower than normal, or it could just be the quiet nothing of the world as you held tight to each other. Maybe it was just wishful thinking, hopes to freeze in time and never wake again if it meant staying here wrapped in the other’s soft love and body.
But….like each night come to pass, you found yourself being lulled and pulled away from the man you loved so forcefully. He could feel it too, you knew he could by the way his arms tightened, and as his final words were whispered into your ear before you were ripped apart.
“Mesh’la, my fierce love, I swear on the name of my ancestors, that I, Paz Viszla, will find away to reach you in daylight. I will come for you, cyare, I promise with all my being I will come to you.”
700 Fic Taglist: @shellyc9 @ben-is-a-hoe @mrs-ghuleh @moodsare @mysticalgalaxysalad @eri16 @elinedjarin @reverielibrary @bunny-fair @justnat15 @ollovaemisc @indycaelumskywalker @just-someone11 @peach-child @remmyswritings @gotham-city-uber-driver @mindidjarin @kirinpl @katie-sheep-111 @lovecatsnotpeople @3braincells @bunny-fair @phoenixhalliwell @skellylady @kikiinden @lothiriel9 @misguidedandbeguiled
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lizzy-l0cks · 26 days ago
Man??? 700 seguidores??? Gente é mt coisa scrr. Imagina 700 pessoas em uma sala, nem ia caber direito. Serio mt obrigada mesmo, eu n tenho palavras pra agradecer! Eu começei esse blog achando q ia dar em nada, mais olha aonde eu cheguei vey, 700 seguidores man. Nem acredito q bati essa meta. Obrigada tb aos haters q falam "smt" "flopada" mais me dá atenção, e cisma com meu nome, mais eu sei q no off é meu fã e curte meus posts (isso vale tb pra @froghjin, q está sofrendo um hate absurdo sem fazer absolutamente nada) obrigada mesmo.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝙎𝙥𝙚𝙘𝙞𝙖𝙡 700 𝙛𝙤𝙡𝙡𝙤𝙬𝙚𝙧𝙨 ~ 𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐘𝐨𝐮 (◍•ᴗ•◍)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
💭     !   𖧶    ˒  ᥣ꧐vᥱ ρᥣᥲᥴᥱ.  𖨂  𝘑𝘪𝘴𝘶𝘯𝘨 𝘩𝘢𝘯 𝘓𝘢𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘵𝘴
. ◇ · Psd by: @opulenceps
. · If you get inspired, give me credit!
. ☆ . Plagiarism is crime!   
❕Like or reblog if u save / / Don't Repost ❗
アーティスト ★  :  @froghjin @chu-stuff @c-erejitas @my-unniee @l0v3ly-kpoplocks @yericoffe @v4mpyuri @yabuk1 @joy-jinha @isakkklj @iseulgivoiryy @reblogs2 @ryu-softxs-reb @kthangell @liny-stuff @lisanako @lillyzita @you☕
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horrorxweasley · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello my darlings, thank you all so much for 700 followers! this is insane! I thought I'd do a fic rec to celebrate :)
Please please please, check out all the accounts I've tagged in this, they are all incredibly talented people.
Fics that include Smut will have * after them
George Weasley
Comforted Part 1 Comforted Part 2 * - @dracofknmalfoy
I'm Here - @midgardianweasley
Parent Trap Parent Trap 2 Parent Trap 3 * - @wand3ringr0s3
The Mad Hatter Series - @george-fabian-weasley
When I say so * - @comfortwriting
Meet me at Cabin 12 Series - @wand3ringr0s3
Romeo Romantic - @amourtentiaa
Love - @whipped-for-the-weasley-twins
Last Chances - @love-peachh
Fred Weasley
Determination - @meph1stophelian
Innocence * - @roonilwazlibimagines
Misunderstanding Part 1 Misunderstanding Part 2 - @serendipityharry
Teach Me - @vogueweasley
Radio Silence - @amourtentiaa
Freddie's Girl * - @sunflowerdarlingx
Isn't that just pitiful * - @babyjordy
Arm Rest - @obsessedwithbuckybarnes
After all this time - @fredsghost
Just like their father - @onlyfreds
Bath Time - @weelittleweasley
Fragile as Porcelain - @onlyfreds
taglist/mutuals: @amourtentiaa @love-peachh @pens-and-roses @rosietoesy @comfortwriting @famdomhideout @dracofknmalfoy @pandaxnienke @writing-wh0re @georgeweasleysbabe @skarlettmikaelson @escapingrealitybyreading @le-weasley-simp @midgardianweasley @sweetnspicysimp @sunflowerdarlingx @p-ro-tego
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lesbiandiaz · 8 days ago
for my 700 follower celebration @enbyeddiediaz requested the prompt “give me a brush. i’ll fix your hair for you.”
Eddie has been watching Buck wave a clipboard around for almost ten minutes when he decides to step in.
He approaches from the other side of the ballroom, which has been beautifully decorated in preparation for Maddie and Chimney’s wedding.
“Put the clipboard down, Buck”, Eddie says, reaching for it in an attempt to take it away. Whoever gave this man a clipboard clearly didn’t know what they were getting themselves into.
Eddie does manage to take the clipboard away and place it on a nearby table. With both of Buck’s hands finally free, Eddie takes them in his.
“Someone let you loose with a clipboard, huh?” Eddie jokes.
“I just- everything has to be perfect. It’s Maddie, you know? After everything she’s been through..”
“Hey, I know, I know” Eddie comforts him, bringing one hand up to cup Buck’s cheek. “It will be perfect, because they love each other, and all their friends are here, and you did all of this for them” He looks around the room, amazed at what Buck pulled together at such short notice.
Buck leans his face a little further into Eddie’s hand, and Eddie falls a little bit more in love with him.
“The only thing you need to do now is go get ready” Eddie remarks. Buck is still in his t-shirt and sweats, looking more like a disheveled wedding coordinator and less like the brother of the bride.
They make their way out of the ballroom and through the corridors of the hotel, into the elevator and up to their room. Their room, their very fancy room at this very nice hotel that they’ll be sure to make use of later.
Eddie sits on the bed as he watches Buck change into his suit, stepping in to help with the tie because Buck’s hands are shaking so much.
When there’s ten minutes until the ceremony and Buck is still standing at the mirror trying to perfect his hair (“It takes work to look this good, Eds”), Eddie decides enough is enough.
“Give me a brush. I’ll fix your hair for you.”, he’s in Buck’s space now, pressed up behind him. Buck passes the brush back and Eddie begins styling it the way he knows Buck likes, getting him to turn around so he can sort the unruly parts at the front.
When he’s done he reaches up to press a kiss to Buck’s forehead, “There, all done!” He turns Buck back around so he can see for himself.
Eddie begins to steer Buck towards the door, “We really have to go though, babe. I’m not answering to Maddie if you’re late to walk her down the aisle.”
Buck takes his hand, "Lead the way, Eds."
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juletheghoul · 3 months ago
Ok so first of all, congratufreakinglations on the followers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Second of all, and you should expect this from me, I had a thot about Domum....and feel free to ignore this if it's too much but after @ezrasbirdie and her Dave York rare fic, I've been thinking...Max can scent a few days earlier when it's about to be that time of the month, and it's the first time since he's moved in you know and he doesn't know what to do with himself and he's afraid he'd lose control so he's a bit distant and you notice and you confront him about it and he tells you and he's all shy and doesn't want you to be afraid of him but you just-
"Well you might as well anyway...but only if you want."
And it's like Christmas to him and well, you know how the rest goes :D
Okay. first of all BITCH. 💖💖
Thank you!💖 Lol and SECOND OF ALL HOW DARE YOU. This sent me into a spiral of Max FEASTING on you at that time of the month.
I know you're just as obsessed with Domum Max as I am so, a gift for you my love.
Pairing: Max Phillips x f!reader (Domum universe)
Warnings: smut under the cut (18+ NO MINORS) oral sex f-receiving, period pussy eating so... look away if that's not your thing, language, soft dirty talk
He was pulling away.
Max was a physical creature, he luxuriated in physical touch and he made it quite plain that he liked to be close. Practically purred when you scratched at his scalp, or ran your fingers down his back after a feeding. It had barely been two weeks since he’d moved into the cottage however and you knew things would ebb and flow so the first day he seemed a little distracted you ignored it.
By the third day however it started to worry you. He was distant and he spent most of his time outside, quite obviously ignoring you. This would not serve.
“Max, can I speak with you?” He jumped at the sound of your voice, looking half wild when you got too close.
“Yes my love?” His voice was calm, but you could see the tension in his shoulders and it was starting to vex you.
“Are you tired of me Max?” The words bubbled up, startling even you. It wasn’t how you wanted to start the conversation. His brow pinched in confusion. “You’ve been avoiding me, even now you’re keeping your distance.” You couldn’t hide the hurt in your voice and you saw his features soften at the realization. He was at your side in an instant.
“No, heavens no, I’m sorry my love. I’m not tired of you, I could never tire of you-” He kissed your hands and then you noticed the hesitation, whatever it was he was ashamed. “It’s just - I can smell that your moon-blood will be here soon and I can get a little… primitive. I didn’t want to scare you.” He was staring at your feet.
“You’ve been acting like this for a couple of days, you could smell it even then? Fascinating.” Your eyes lit up with curiosity, it made sense. He was a vampire, and you bled.
“You aren’t upset with me?” His voice was soft and you melted for him.
How could I be upset?
“Why would I be upset? Makes perfect sense. I’m really curious as to how you can tell.” You pulled him into the cottage, wanting to lay with him in your bed.
“Well, it’s a change in your scent, I suppose I’m smelling how fertile you are but I know it’ll be very soon, maybe even later on.” He was back to himself, his big palm on the back of your neck affectionately.
He was right, a few hours later you were cramping and the bleeding had started. Your cramps had always hit you like a cannonball the first day.
“Let me help you, my love.” You could tell he was ravenous as he lifted off your simple shift, as he removed your undergarments and the wool you usually used. You were a little hesitant at first but orgasms always helped and you couldn’t deny the desire he had for you. He settled you down in your bed, making sure to put a cloth beneath you.
“Let me lick you clean, pretty girl.” He was inhaling you and the sight of him gazing at your blood-stained sex so eagerly sent a hot spike of arousal through you.
“I’m a little embarrassed Max, I feel unclean.” You spoke softly, laying there so exposed. Your breasts tender, bloated and aching. He took your hand and placed it in his hair to guide his movements as he kissed at your mound. Worshipping you.
“Nonsense my love, you are a goddess - let me drink.” His hunger got the better of him and he dove in, gathering your blood and slick alike and drinking you down. The strong muscle of his tongue probing as deep as he could and you felt the tiny little nips of his fangs with each thrust. He was groaning into your skin, frantic to swallow every last drop of you.
He focused on your clit, sucking into his mouth while his hand kept your legs spread wide. His fervour melting into your very soul. You felt your blood drip out but it never made it to the bed, he caught it all, savouring the flavour of you. Your first orgasm ripped through you violently, making you clench - legs wanting to close around his ears but he wouldn’t let you. Iron hands kept you open and pulsing, throbbing under his tongue.
“Max, god Max you can stop…” The words died in your mouth when his fingers carved into you and you moaned almost obscenely, hearing the wet suck of your cunt around them.
“No.” He said simply, diving in again to catch whatever had gathered between his fingers and the second orgasm took your breath away. He didn’t stop there either.
By the third you were a whimpering mess, begging him to stop. He looked up at you, eyes wild with your blood and slick shining on his chin, fangs pearl bright in the soft light of your cottage.
“I don’t want to stop my love, I want to feast upon you until the sun comes up.” There was a predatory glint in his eye and when you said nothing, he continued.
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spookyluvvs · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Usual pinned post!
REQUESTS? Closed sorry my nigga
— In honor of me hitting 700 followers I decided to do an event! Thank you all for your love and support and a huge thank you to my mutuals! Now on to the event.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Give me a short (or long it’s up to you) drabble of you and a character from Tokyo Revengers , and in return I’ll give some headcanons of that character relating to the drabble you sent
The drabble can be anything, skin care, riding bikes, you being in a gang, having a crush on the reader, etc
But remember keep it sfw!
Tumblr media
This is a sfw alphabet option!
Pick some letters that are listed below, you can pick up to 3 letters per character. However you can only pick 2 characters per request!
If you pick 2 characters and want them to have separate letters you can do that, it should look like this: Can I get Takemichi for C, A, M, and Mikey for E, R, A!
Example: Can I get the letters A, I, R, for Mitsuya and Nahoya?
A = Admiration (what do they absolutely adore about you?)
B = Body (what is their favorite part of your body?)
C = Cuddling (how do they like to cuddle?)
D = Dates (what does their ideal date with you look like?)
E = Emotions (how do they express emotion around you?)
F = Family (do they want one? If they do, when?)
G = Gifts (how do they feel about gift giving? What are their habits when it comes to this?)
H = Holding Hands (when/how do they like to hold hands?)
I = Injury (how would they act if you got hurt?)
J = Jealousy (Do they get jealous?)
K = Kisses (how do they like to kiss you?)
L = Love (how do they show you they love you?)
M = Memory (favorite memory together?)
N = Nightmare (what is their worst fear?)
O = Orange (What color reminds them of their other half?)
P = Pet Names (what do they like to call you?)
Q = Quality Time (how do they like to spend time with you?)
R = Rhythm (what song reminds you of them?)
S = Secrets (how open are they with you?)
T = Time (how long did it take you to get together?)
U = Upset (how do they act when you’re upset?)
V = Vaunt (what are they proud of? Do they like to show you off?)
W = Warrior (how do they feel about you fighting? Would they fight for you, beside you, etc?)
X = X-Ray (how well are they able to read you?)
Y = Yes (how would they propose to you?)
Z = Zebra (If they wanted a pet, what would they get?)
Tumblr media
Pls reblog !
Tokyo rev taglist: @izvana @myhoodacademia @blackweebtrash @mypimpademia @morosis-haze @kazuluvr @angiebug101 @ccxiia @g0joluvrrr @xenhoya @jazziebae @kwrg @0risha @inkesmind @alessabriel
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ninievils · 2 months ago
Muito obrigado!!:(💗🌷,eu preparei 2 filtros do polarr(que eu fiz)para usarem!💕
1: link 2:link
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Agradecimentos a:@niniberry24 @lilly-locks @lily--web @ryu-hearts-stuff @ppkjmv @cisn6s @xuzitos @sourvie @kpop-hs @chwonie @hey-blackberry
Sou muito grata a todos vocês!😞💕
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whatshernameis · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
When did this happen 😭
I don't deserve that, you guys, I never though I would hit 100, and here is 700 😭
I... I probably should do some little event, although I'm swamped a bit with other writings and I have no clue what I should do.
Still... Thank you all ♥️😭♥️😭♥️😭
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alwaysfangirlingish · 3 months ago
I was just going to check on my drafts and then I saw this
Tumblr media
I wanna thank all of you, every single person who follows me, who likes my stuff, who reblog my stuff... I never really imagined I could reach such amount of followers when I first joined Tumblr, to be honest.
It makes me so so happy to know you guys like my writing, that makes all the hours and effort I put on writing worth it. I spend hours in my writing, searching words on Google, using the translator (since english is not my first language), reading TVDU wikis, and just trying to make all my works perfect, or at least readable.
I wanna thank my mutuals too, because they are the ones who inspire me with their own works, or make me laugh with their memes and random stuff. They're also the ones who always reblog my writing, and give me their opinion, which is something I value and appreciate. I really love how we all support eachother, so I feel lucky to have all these besties in here.
This time I won't be doing any 'event' for this 700 followers, just wanted to say thank you for all the support.
Love you, Kokol ✨💕
Tumblr media
Tagging some of my lovely moots: @brookeswhcre @bennettsslayer @known-as-naya @mikaelsonsdeservedbetter @s-r-amikaelson @avala-moon @nalledimessi @nikmikaelsonswife @ronniemikaelson @elijahs-wife @hellotvshowtrash @imaginearyparties @auroracalisto
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flowers-zombie-rob · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I had no idea until I checked this morning with a new follower, and I actually have 700 followers, what a milestone!!!
Oh my god! This is unreal! There’s no way I expected this in a million years, the support and recognition I've got from all of you is mad and the fact that people generally enjoy my content and keep coming back makes me so, so happy! I’m really struggling finding the words to talk about this, it’s just something I had no expectation for at all, I’m just stunned and speechless. We’ve caught up in follower numbers to some people I could never imagine being on par with, artists that I couldn’t even conceptualise being near in follower count and I’m just so amazed and shocked by how much you incredible people have supported me and given me motivation and love.
Thank you, honestly, so, so much for everything. Every one of you whether new or old, liking every post or a ghost follower, minor or adult, you mean the world to me, and I love you all for the amazing help and support you give me. Even when I was just starting off and a very bad artist, I could never have dreamed people getting me this far. Thank you. Every single one of you, thank you.
Now usually for follower milestones I would do an art raffle, but since I do requests rather than commissions, I felt it would be far more personal to include you amazing people in the processes instead to give you guys a real thank you for what you’ve helped me done.
I am holding an open collab raffle!
Basically, reblog this post with the words “collab raffle” and of the 10 winners, I will collaborate on an art piece with you! Whether you want line art to colour, want me to colour yours, you want ocs or head cannon egos of ours to be drawn in the same photo by each of us, or art of mine for you to edit, I will go for it! And if you don’t want to collaborate on it, feel free to just request me a drawing anyway if you win! I wanted to include you guys and your creativity and talent a lot more in this milestone because I feel like you guys deserve to be recognised for the amazing strides you’ve all helped me to reach. Thank you for all of you so much. Cheers to 100 followers.
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numberoneangels-blog · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Wow you guys! 700 followers! Thank you!
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akasuki · 6 months ago
Because everyone has been doing these writing events, I can't be worse, right ? 😏 So 700 follower writing event would be perfect here!
Basically I'll give you all beautiful creatures, fluff/angst prompts, and you can pick one (or a few!) and do them with a certain mcyt (in character or irl!), just write something with it!
I'm not sure if this is a competition or is it just going to be for entertaining purposes, but I'm sure you all will write amazing works and It'll be too difficult for me to pick one winner so for now it's just for fun 👁👁.
Here are a few people I would like to 'nominate' for this event (EVERYONE CAN JOIN AND THE PEOPLE I TAG DO NOT HAVE TO PARTICIPATE 💕): @gogywasfound @basilly @mayasimagines @sapdaddynotfound @disastrousdream @burntcilantro @punzxox @dysfunctionalcrab @losingvienna @chaoticinnit
How to send in your application for this event:
Send me in the ask the prompt and the person you want to use and I'll tag you under the prompt/prompts you used!
"Can you, and I say this with all due respect, shut up?"
- irl!Sapnap @burntcilantro 💕
"Stop being so goddamn cute, It's distracting"
- irl!Dream @suraki-87 💕
"You hurt my feelings, no kisses for you"
- irl!Quackity @basilly 💕 HERE!
"I'm not sure If I'm just tired, drunk, or high but your fingers are starting to look like gummy worms"
"Aww, come give me a hug"
"My mother will be hearing about this babe"
- irl!Karl @ttakinou 💕 HERE!
"Wow love, you look stunning!"
"I don't know a lot about this whole dating thing, but I wanna learn, with you"
- irl!Karl @dysfunctionalcrab 💕 HERE!
"You thought I really loved you? You are so naive, typical Y/N"
"All you ever do is walk around and be annoying, no wonder everyone left you"
"I think we need some space"
- irl!Sapnap @parsified 💕
"I'm so much better than you, go fuck yourself"
"You know what? If you were to leave right now, I would not care, at all"
- c!Technoblade @nobodywasfound 💕 HERE!
"Do not, and I repeat, do not show yourself here ever again"
"I hate you"
"Manipulating you was easy enough"
- c!Dream @gogywasfound 💕 HERE!
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juletheghoul · 3 months ago
I have a request, could you do something domestic Frankie or Marcus P. x f!Reader. Either smut because iam a bitch or just pure fluff is up to you ❤️❤️
Congratulations again. Iam sooo damn happy for you🎉🎉
Hi babe! Thank you so much!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
I've written a little sexy Marcus - hope you enjoy!❤️
Pairing: Marcus Pike x F!reader (Established relationship)
Warnings: Smut (18+ NO MINORS) language, alcohol, semi-public sex
His hair was a mess and his cheeks were pink, he’d had one beer too many but he was still okay.
His happiness was palpable; crinkly-eyed smile on display. The charcoal on the grill had burned down to embers, the food had been eaten long ago. The air was warm and humid, enough for shirts to stick and beads of sweat to form and roll down backs and brows alike.
These backyard dinners were made for this kind of weather, or maybe this weather made everyone want to have dinner outside- it didn’t matter. What you knew for sure is that Marcus is happy and you couldn’t help but smile as you watched him. His speech was animated, hands moving and beer sloshing slightly.
You tried to focus on his words, on the drink you were nursing but it was hard when he was so bright and happy. The flame to your proverbial moth. He looked at you with that big smile and even though he’d looked at you a thousand- a million times like this before your face flushed.
Was it the dimple? Was it the warmth in his face? The little mischievous glint in his eye? No - it was love. Pure and simple.
He had brought out a portable radio while he grilled dinner and he seemed to just register the music playing. He got up and walked over to you, arm outstretched and even though you rolled your eyes good-naturedly you couldn’t deny him. You could never deny him anything.
“Dance with me honey.” He pulled you up and held you closely, laughing slightly and even though the heat was heavy you couldn’t get close enough.
“Marcus, I think you’re drunk.” you whisper in his ear with a laugh, placing a chaste kiss on the skin of his neck.
“I’m not drunk, I’m happy.” He laughed and twirls you, bringing you back into his arms.
“Is that what we’re calling it now?” You smile up at him, your hand inevitably making its way to the nape of his neck. He laughs and you feel it in your belly and for a split second you think about how much you love this man and it scares you a little.
“Mhm, I’m just happy.” He fits his face into the crook of your neck and continues his movements, a little slower now, he’s a romantic like you after all.
“You smell so good honey.” You felt the change in him and a glimpse of that his intensity came out now. His tongue poking out to taste your skin, his hands moving from your wait down to grab greedy handfuls of your ass.
“Someone’s a little more than happy.” You giggle as he bites playfully at your jaw and you feel him pushing you towards the sliding door. “Marcus, what are you doing?” you breathed the words out as his hand palmed at your breast.
“Want me to stop?” He was slowly lifting up the soft fabric of your dress, ghosting along your thigh in the fading light of dusk. Your backyard was pretty secluded and you knew no one could see you standing there. You felt his hand cup your cunt while he waited for your answer.
“No, keep going.” You laughed as you raise your leg to wrap around his hip and all of a sudden he’s frantic for you, his fingers moving your panties to the side to dip into your wet center.
“I love how wet you get for me honey-” He brought his fingers up to his mouth, licking you off of them. “-taste so good.” He smiles; eyes black with lust and his desperation seeps into your skin. You fumble at his zipper and within a few seconds his cock is out, hard and leaking, twitching in your grasp. He lifted your leg higher and he wasted no time in sheathing himself in you.
“Oh god, Marcus baby - you feel so good.” You were whimpering the words into his ear as he lifted you up to grind into you against the wall. He was so thick inside you, the way he held you was putting the perfect amount of pressure on your clit.
“I’m not gonna last baby, you’re squeezing me so tight.” He was groaning with every grind and he pulled the front of your dress down to hold onto your breast. Your orgasm crashed into you, shocking you with its intensity and your pussy flooded around him. You couldn’t hold back your moan and he followed shortly after.
“Think the neighbours heard?” He was laughing guiltily while he lowered you slowly and as he fixed your dress, you realized that you didn’t actually care.
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