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#707 x reader

Seven w/ Stressed Reader

Masterlist1 Masterlist2

  • Makes you a nice warm bath
  • Spoils you
  • Favorite movies, snacks, takeout, whatever
  • Wraps you up like a burrito
  • Movie night
  • He holds you burrito form
  • Nestled between his legs so you can rest your head on his chest
  • Massage while watching movies
  • Burrito naps
  • Will even run his fingers through your hair so you can fall asleep
  • He literally deserts work for you
  • Vandy may kill him later, but at least you feel better.
  • So. Many. Kisses
  • Nose, lips, cheek, forehead, belly, everywhere
  • Just bask in his love and affection
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This has been sitting in my inbox for who knows how long, and then I was half way through writing it when I realized that it said headcanons and not oneshot lmao. I’m a mess, anyway-

Enough (Seven x Reader)


Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1,248

This was the last time. You had stormed out his place after…well, that was the thing. You hadn’t done anything to offend him. You didn’t think so, at least.

Seven didn’t have the best childhood, you knew that. So you tried to be understanding whenever he needed space or didn’t want to be around people sometimes. In fact, you’d be lying if you’d said you yourself hadn’t gotten like that before.

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a/n: i’m sorry this took a long time to answer and thank you so much! i also enjoy your writing darl, hope you enjoy this.

Yandere 707 Headcanons:

  • so your yandere is seven? goodluck with that there’s no fucking way you can escape him
  • since the moment he laid his eyes on you, it’s game over, you will be his no matter what, he will make sure of that
  • seven will put all of the highest tech securities in you apartment, watches your ever movements
  • he learns all of your movements, planning far ahead than you
  • seven is a paranoid yandere, he’s always afraid and wonder each time if you’re gonna leave him
  • even when you make no mistake or just silently sit there, he can become hysterical and plead you to not leave him
  • this lead him to be not just paranoid but delusional too
  • fearing you will leave him every second you stand there helplessly
  • fearing he’s not enough for you, and how if you find a way to escape?
  • seven can’t help himself but handcuffed you, locked you in cage, shock collar around your neck, anything to keep you from leaving him
  • you have to understand, he is doing this because he doesn’t want to lose you
  • you are the first lay of sunrise, the real angel of his life afterall

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Hey hey! You absolutely may request that!! This was very much a rollercoaster to write, I’ve been very stressed lately and this actually helped a lot with that, so thank you very much for the request!! Parts of it did very much hurt my heart to write because I’m very much a fluff writer, but I loved the challenge and had lots of fun!! I hope you enjoy!!


Empty Soda Cans and Doorsteps

Ship: Seven x MC

Word Count: 1,698

Genre: Angst to Fluff

11:07 am.

It started with a nudge. I just nudged his knee with mine, that was all. I didn’t even think he’d notice. 

Seven was sitting next to me on the couch while I watched TV, but his computer was on his lap and his headphones were up. He’d been working on this assignment for the past five days with no full nights of sleep, only a handful of power naps a day. I didn’t necessarily need his attention, I knew he needed to work on this. But I missed seeing his smile. I missed sneaking into bed with him late at night and just snuggling, basking in each other’s presence before dozing off. I missed his warm, loving hugs, and sharing bowls of cereal at midnight. Even when he had lots of work, he would always make time for me. He used to. But he was getting so distant, I really just wanted to coax him into just a little smile, at least. 

So I started with a nudge. Just a simple tap of our knees. I wanted to gauge how far I needed to go. I thought I’d work my way up from a nudge. But he scowled. He scowled. He never scowled. Something seriously must be up. And I was going to get to the bottom of it.

1:32 pm.

I walked out of our bedroom to go to the kitchen, passing through the living room to check up on him. Still on the couch. This time, I’d do more than a nudge. But something less aggressive. I stood behind the couch silently and pondered for a moment until an idea struck me. I grinned and leaned over, placing a small kiss on the top of his head. I barely noticed when he slightly jumped from surprise, then simply scratched his cheek and continued to work. It was my turn to scowl. Why couldn’t I get through to him? All I wanted was some sort of acknowledgement of my presence. Was that so much to ask for? I sighed and continued to the kitchen to grab two cans of soda from the fridge. I cracked one open and took a sip then proceeded to crack the other one open, quickly walking up to Seven and placing it quietly on the coffee table in front of him. Still no reaction. Not even a flicker in his eyes. 

This was going to be hard.

3:24 pm.

I rang out my now wet hair with a towel. Looking at myself in the foggy mirror, a new idea struck. I wrapped the towel around my body and pushed my hair back. Slowly and quietly, I gripped my hand around the bathroom door knob and pushed it open. I stalked down the hall, leaving behind a trail of water droplets on the ground. I quickly made my way over to the couch, claiming my spot next to him. I crossed my legs and placed my hands gently on my knees. I glared at him out of the corner of my eye, seeing no reaction. I groaned and started to get up when I noticed a small bit of soda on the dipped rim of the can. I reached forward and grabbed it, to find that it was empty. I looked over at him with a soft smile and made my way to the kitchen. I knew he was doing the best he could. This must have been a really hard time for him, but that doesn’t excuse his complete disregard for my presence! I shook my head and pulled another can from the fridge, cracking it open for him. I placed it on the coffee table once more before making my way back towards our room for a small nap.

5:46 pm.

Stretching my arms over my head, I let out a small yawn. I bounced off the bed and stretched my legs a bit. Satisfying naps aside, there had to be something I could do to get Seven’s attention. 

I pondered for a moment, figuring out my options, mentally scrolling through ideas. It had to be something that would make him smile, nothing aggressive, nothing scary… I finally had some semblance of an idea form and decided to just go for it. For the millionth time that day, I made my way over to the couch and plopped down next to him with a smirk. I snuggled up next to him and looked at his eyes. Still no recognition. Time for phase two. I snake my hand up his arm and to headphones, kissing his cheek as a distraction. I pulled up the closest side of his headphones and meowed in his ear softly. And I finally got a reaction.

A mumble.


He mumbled again, a little louder but still not loud enough.


“I said, what are you doing?!” He erupted. Absolutely erupted, like a volcano the whole town thought was dormant but finally erupts, shocking and killing everyone.

“W-what do you mean…? I just thought-”

“Whatever you thought, just stop. You know I’m trying to work and you’ve been bothering me all. fucking. day. Just leave me alone, please. I don’t have time for you!” His angered expression faltered, as if he was shocked by his own words. I felt my face get hot and my vision became foggy with the welling tears. I pushed myself back and slowly stood up.

“Okay.” I smiled at him softly and with tears in my eyes walked away. Not toward our bedroom like I’m sure he thought I would. No, I walked right out the front door. I didn’t go far. In fact, I never even left the door step. I calmly shut the door behind me and simply sat on the doorstep and waited. I didn’t know what I was waiting for. I didn’t expect him to follow me outside, he obviously had better things to do right now. So I just…sat.

6:21 pm. 

I sat in silence, lazily watching a little trail of ants walk by a few feet away as a few stray tears rolled down my cheeks. Until I heard a creak. And a gasp.

“Oh my-”

I turned my head to identify where the voice had come from and tipped it up to see Seven, his hand over his mouth.

“O-oh my god, you’re still here…” His hands shook. He quickly stepped in front of me and knelt down, grabbing my shoulders and my cheeks and my hands in his. They felt wet. He looked me dead in the eyes, and only then did I see how red and swollen they were. I felt a pang in my heart looking in his eyes, those eyes that were filled with so much pain and fear. I couldn’t take it, so I looked down. I looked at his feet, I looked at his hands that were wet with tears and holding mine, I looked anywhere but his face. Anywhere but his eyes. 

And then I felt him press his lips to my forehead. I felt his arms wrap around me and I felt him squeeze me so tight, like I was going to disappear. Like I was going to get up and leave him. Like I was going to never come back. He kissed my forehead again. And my left cheek. Then my right. He hugged me tighter and whispered in my ear so softly I almost didn’t hear him.

“I didn’t mean what I said, I…I don’t k-know what I’m doing or w-what I’m saying, you know I always have time for you, all of my time is for you…you deserve a-all the time and attention i-in the world and you deserve so much m-more than me…but…b-but just…” 

“Please…don’t leave me, yet…”

His voice was shaking horribly. I hugged him back, gripping the back of his shirt, balling my hands up into tight fists as I began to cry again.

“I won’t, I won’t ever, I won’t ever leave you…” I repeated over and over again. He pulled back to look at me in the eyes again. This time, his swollen eyes were filled with shock, and joy. That little glimmer of joy that I missed so much. 

“You…you won’t…?” He asked softly, the corners of his mouth twitching as if they wanted to form a smile but didn’t want to too soon. 

“I won’t, I promise” I gave him a soft smile through my tears. He smiled back. He smiled. He smiled and I was so happy. I couldn’t begin to describe how happy I was to see his smile. I started to laugh. I started to laugh through the tears and kiss all over his face. I kissed his forehead, his temples, his cheeks, his nose. I hugged him back just as tight. He chuckled a bit, just a bit at first. And then his laughter matched mine and he grabbed my hands in his once again. He stood up, bringing me with him. He brushed a stray tear from my cheek with one hand and then led me back inside with the other.

7:17 pm.

Laying in bed, I snuggled up close next to Seven. It was early, but we were both so drained that we decided to turn in early. God, I missed this. He rolled to face me and smiled warmly as I brushed the hair away from his eyes. They were no longer puffy from tears, they were no longer filled with pain that I never wanted to see again. I smiled contently and stroked his cheek. I kissed his right eyebrow, making him close his eyes, and then kissed his eyelid. 

“What are you doing?” He chuckled softly with a wide smile, but proceeded to do the same to me. I giggled and placed my hand on his shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. I tipped my head and placed it in the crook of his neck while I snaked my arm around his waist, pulling him close. Surrounded by his scent and his warmth and his love, there was nowhere else in the world I would rather be than right here.

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I match you with 707!

  • He’s extroverted, but also spends all his time in his room
  • He’s overly cautious
  • If you don’t feel safe, let him know, he’ll have tighter security or do whatever is needed
  • Mario Kart!
  • He loves playing games with you
  • He also loves your cooking
  • Seven will also sometimes paint with you, it might be stick figures but he loves spending time with you
  • Binging movies is the greatest with him
  • Pillow forts, blanket burritos, honey budda chips, fish buns, all the the best things
  • He built his own computer too!
  • Loves pimping up yours
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r u l e s ! !



Originally posted by calpicoboys

  • this is a sfw blog!!
  • i’m alright if you request the whole rfa in a request, or if you just ask for one or two characters
  • i will deny your request if i feel uncomfortable writing it 
  • this rule post may update, please check often:)

characters i write for:

  • jumin
  • zen
  • yoosung
  • jaehee
  • seven
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Okay so this is my first ever headcannon, and also my first time writing for the characters from Mystic Messenger so please let me know if they aren’t in character or if there’s anything I can improve on! Hope you enjoy!


  • Zen had noticed that you had seemed more paranoid over the past few weeks, clutching your phone tightly and always looking over your shoulder… he thought nothing of it at first but quickly realized that maybe there was something wrong
  • Once he realized something could be wrong, he was quick to take action. He spoke to you and you told him how you’ve been getting weird messages and how you’ve felt like somebody was following you, it was like the whole hacker situation all over again!
  • He was extremely angry at first and swore that he’d protect you no matter what and then hugged you until you calmed down, though really it was to try and calm his own nerves too, the thought that someone could take you away from him was terrifying
  • He went with you everywhere, keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity and made sure that he was always touching you some way or another when out and about, making sure that they stayed in public areas and never going down any suspicious alleyways, even if it was a shortcut
  • “Come on babe! Have you not seen any horror movies?! It’s far too risky!”
  • The stalker is eventually captured when a few of Zen’s fans point out on the web that whenever you’re out, in all your own and their recent photos there’s a weird creep in the background staring at them. The stalker is arrested after that and both you and Zen get a restraining order


  • When you tell Jaehee that you feel like you’ve been watched for the past few weeks, she gets incredibly nervous and worried, as a woman she knows just how dangerous it can be out there…
  • She immediately pulls you into a tight hug and whispers soft things into your ear, telling you that it’ll be alright. That she will be here for you all day every day and that if she can do anything to help you, she will. She begins to teach you the basics of Judo to help you be able to defend yourself better
  • She gets incredibly panicked, and her work rate drops because of it. She always has her phone right beside her, just in case you call… or the police calls, but she promised herself she wouldn’t think like that, if not for you then for herself and her own well being
  • One day on date night, you two are walking through the city when you reach a rather shady part of town, that’s when the stalker makes himself known. He corners you two in an alleyway and begins to stalk towards you before Jaehee freaks out
  • Before he can get anywhere near you, though, Jaehee pulls out a taser and just straight up zaps the guy before calling the police, when the guy’s arrested and your statements are taken, you two just hug each other for a few hours straight. When you ask Jaehee about the taser, she simply said it was for your protection and hers


  • When he found out, he cried, he cried and held you for hours. Honestly, he seemed more freaked out about the whole situation than you are, and you were pretty freaked out
  • He refuses to let you leave the house without him, terrified that he won’t be able to protect you. He’s completely panicking and doesn’t know how to fully protect you
  • He calls multiple police stations and ends up asking all the other members of the RFA to help, and begging seven to find out more about the stalker. As soon as seven got back to him, Yoosung went straight to the police again
  • However, they said they couldn’t do anything without any concrete evidence, he becomes panicked once more, refusing to let you out of his sight and he sticks by you no matter what, he becomes like an erratic and over protective puppy
  • So, when seven says he has a plan, he immediately agrees to it, making sure that you aren’t in any danger though. He helps seven set it all up, with the RFA members all hanging around the area keeping an eye out, and seven dressed up (very convincingly) as you, they prepare their plan, with you observing safely from a rooftop nearby
  • When the stalker approaches, he’s quickly taken down before officially arrested now that they have concrete evidence. After everything is all well and done, you and Yoosung can officially calm down and things can go back to normal, or as normal as life can be for you two


  • Jumin had taken no risks with your safety in life, he made sure the penthouse had the best security the world could afford, whenever you left you were surrounded with bodyguards and that wasn’t including the bullet-proof limo he had gotten specifically for you. But somehow… it still wasn’t enough…
  • When you told him that you had been getting weird messages, telling you all sorts of things, to meet up in suspicious places… he felt he had failed you. He grew paranoid, refusing to let you out of the house at all, and he stopped going to work, desperate to be by your side in case the stalker tries to make a move
  • Every night he is wrapped around you tightly, terrified that if he lets you go, you’ll slip away from his fingers. He gets barely any sleep, tossing and turning meaning you’re not likely to get much sleep either
  • He hires many private investigators and hackers, including seven, to find out anything and everything they can on the stalker, because of this it doesn’t take too long for things to get solved, but it still took a big toll on the both of you
  • Things go back to semi-normal after that, Jumin calms down and apologizes for how he reacted, and even suggests that the next RFA party can go towards a charity towards women’s safety and those who don’t have his resources


  • You didn’t even need to tell Saeyoung that you were being followed or getting weird messages, honestly, he’s actually the one who told you. Now as a rule, he didn’t like hacking into your phone, and he didn’t always watch you through the security cameras around the city… that’d be creepy, but he had a bad feeling in his gut the whole day
  • So, he just decided to take a quick peek, just to make sure your safe. But that’s when he saw the man, lurking just a few feet behind you. Just looking at him made the dark feeling in his gut darken, so he kept watching and started gathering all the dirt he could on the guy
  • When you got home, he immediately latched onto you and told you about what was going on, and begged you to start taking the taser he got you for Valentine’s Day with you if you hadn’t been already, if not for your safety then so it would calm his nerves down
  • Poor boy doesn’t get any work done until the whole situation is over, far too stressed out for you again. He keeps watching over you through the security cameras, following your movements through your phone. He had stopped all the creep’s messages to getting to you, so you didn’t have to read them and get worried.
  • The stalker is caught within days of his stalkiness, and Saeyoung may or may not have let Saeran beat him up a bit before turning him over along with all the evidence they’d need for putting him away for good. And once again the day is saved by the Defender of Justice, with him getting a big smooch from you as thanks
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“I know you haven’t done this before, but I’m gonna make you feel good. And if you don’t like it, just say stop, okay?” 

He kept his word.

You’re sure you look absolutely stupid right now, legs spread wide open with Saeyoung in between and you’re moaning embarrassingly loud. But it feels so good, the way his tongue flattens against your labia, his fingers pumping in and out while his mouth works its magic. 

He peers up, and his fingers are still exploring your wet heat and you nearly laugh at how casual he is about this. “Good so far?”

“Yeah,” you breathe out. “Really good. Way too good. Where did you even learn this?” 

Saeyoung puffs out his chest almost comically as he sends you his cheesy, stupid wink. “Not important. But let’s finish the show, hm?”

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RFA + Minor Trio with a tall Mc who is cared to hurt other people 

Hey! Thank you for waiting so long! Here you are, I hope you enjoy the Headcanon! Please tell me your opinion!



  • Your husband could spend hours watching you, his beautiful wife.
  • You were a very sweet woman who cared about others more than yourself.
  • Especially for him and for the RFA, who were just like a family to you.
  • You, most of the time, were scared to even hug Jaehee because you were taller and thought that you could hurt her, even though it wasn’t like that.
  • Your best friend told you tons of times, but no matter what, you were scared of hurting others.
  • You couldn’t even cuddle with Elizabeth out of fear you could hurt your husband’s pet.
  • ,,Mc,’’ Jumin always tried to tell you,
  • ,,You’re the most lovely person, you don’t have to be scared of hurting others if you want to hug them. Just do it. You won’t hurt them,’’ he laughed and hugged you to prove to you that you won’t hurt them.
  • You were tall, but you weren’t taller than your husband.


  • Tall and handsome and tall and beautiful were what your fans called you.
  • A lot of people supported your relationship, but there were also people who didn’t and instead made your life a bit harder.
  • One person asked you once on Twitter if you were scared of hurting people with your height, making you feel anxious.
  • Because of that, you stopped hugging people around you.
  • Zen quickly understood that something was wrong since you cuddled a lot with him but suddenly stopped.
  • When you actually told him, he laid over you, hugging you tightly and asked you if he was hurting you.
  • Of course, you weren’t in pain.
  • ,,See? Don’t worry about things like this,’’ he chuckled and cuddled with you.


  • ,,What are you looking at?’’ your husband asked you one day while you were looking at old pictures of the two of you.
  • ,,Just pictures of us when we first got together,’’ you chuckled.
  • Since then, seven years have passed.
  • In the past you were taller than Yoosung, but now it changed and you actually were at the same height.
  • ,,Remember when I stopped cuddling for a while?’’ you asked him with a grin.
  • ,,Yes,’’ your husband laughed and kissed your cheek, remembering how cute you were back then.
  • You stopped cuddling people out of fear that you could hurt them because you once hurt Yoosung.
  • ,,Actually, it didn’t hurt,’’ Yoosung laughed and remembered.
  • ,,It was just so strong that my nose was pressed against your breasts…’’ he blushed in a deep red and confessed, making you laugh loudly.


  • You loved to tap her head, praise your tiny girlfriend, and help her with everything.
  • You were so glad that she needed you and that you could support her with your height.
  • But sometimes you were scared.
  • Scared that you could hurt her with your hugs and cuddles.
  • ,,It’s okay,’’ Jaehee always tried to tell you, hugging you strongly to show you not to worry.
  • ,,I‘m not fragile. I mean, I studied Judo,’’ your girlfriend laughed at you, making you get rid of your fears…
  • And with her help, you could cuddle her normally and even other people without being scared anymore.


  • It was because of a dumb joke that you actually stopped hugging, cuddling, giving kisses, or jumping on him.
  • You were just as tall as he was, so once when you jumped on him because you were so happy,
  • he almost made you fall.
  • He actually said that you weren’t as tiny as a bunny.
  • It didn’t leave any scars, but you were scared you could hurt him since then.
  • It actually took him a while to make you feel comfortable at doing those things since you were a really cute and soft person who always looked out for other people, caring about them.
  • But Saeyoung was happy when you finally hugged him tightly again without any fears.


  • You were scared you could hurt him.
  • Since you knew that he was a bit weaker, it scared you.
  • You wanted to show him your love, but the only ways for you were telling him and showing him.
  • But just thinking that he could get hurt because of you made you feel weird.
  • What if your hugs were too strong? 
  • What if his muscles would hurt because of you?
  • But you quickly thought differently about this when he one day begged you to hug you strongly.
  • ,,I need to feel someone by my side right now,’’ his voice trembled when he actually found out that he failed at saving Saeyoung once again, leaving a big scar once again.
  • But you were there by his side, giving him the affection he needed.


  • Cuddling sessions between you and Lucy were Jihyun’s favorite things to see.
  • He was just so happy to see you, the love of his life, and his adopted daughter.
  • ,,Mommy, too strong!’’ Lucy once giggled, making you let go of her immediately and looking with horror at her.
  • Since then, you hugged her softly, but scared.
  • You didn’t want to hurt her, your little sunshine.
  • ,,It’s okay,’’ Jihyun always tried to help you.
  • Hurting people was a fear of yours.
  • You hated yourself for a long time because of it, but he could help you find love towards yourself soon afterward.


  • ,,So troublesome that you’re so tall,’’ you always heard.
  • It left a scar in you.
  • When you met Vanderwood, it was hard for you to hug him or cuddle him.
  • No matter how much you wanted to, you were scared that you could hurt him or that he could think that it was troublesome.
  • But Vanderwood was the softest boyfriend who hugged you and always told you how much he loved and liked you the way you were, making it possible for you to hug him and show him your love with that kind of affection.




16.05.2020// 02.21 MEST

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(saeyoung choi/707/luciel choi)

(*≧∀≦*) fluff (*≧∀≦*)


(i do not mean to offend anyone with this post, i am myself what my friends call a “part-time trap” and this was something just self indulgent)

warning: suggestive at some moments


  • When he first went to the apartment he honestly thought you were girl 
  • And when you later walk into the area he was working in to tell him goodnight he was : o 
  • “Wait you’re a dude?” 
    “I thought you knew… I-is it okay?” 
    “Y-yeah it’s fine, you look cute.”
  • [gay/bi panic]
  • Through out his stay with you at Rika’s apartment he finds himself taking quick glances to observe your outfits
  • He would be lying if he said he didn’t struggled to ‘contain the beast’ like Zen would say during those three or four days but he’s making sure to wait for the right moment
  • You’re just so pretty and a guy and he can’t help but think of all the cute sounds you’d make
  • When he was being cold and ignoring you he was :( that he wasn’t letting himself just cuddle you
  • In his eyes you look so cuddly and sweet and pure 
  • When he finally allows himself he won’t hesitate to pick you up and cuddle you
  • When he told the rest of the R.F.A members that you’re actually a dude most of them were shocked (like Zen and Yoosung) while some were chill (like Jaehee and Jumin)
  • Sometimes you’ll wake up to find him trying your clothes on 
  • “I don’t get how you can this on and make it look cute! :(” 
    “Sae, you’re putting it on upside down.”
  • When you’re in public and someone calls you a girl when you go out dressed up he finds it hilarious when you reply back to them in the manliest voice possible
  • Your contact name in his phone is ‘best trap’ 
  • He loves helping you style your hair 
  • If you have an account dedicated to your style he’ll take pictures for you 
  • He’ll ask for tips when he crossdresses 
  • He’ll go dress and clothe shopping with you
  • He loves and adores you no matter how you look 
  • In shirt and jeans? He’ll hug you and pepper you with kisses until you push him away. In thigh highs and a skirt? He cuddle you and make you sit on his lap until you have to get up.
  • He thinks you look amazing in anything 
  • But he does have a specific weakness
  • A short skirt, black thigh highs or stockings and a white blouse/shirt, aka a school girl outfit 
  • I mean he’s a young man in his 20s that spends nearly all of his time on the internet so he’s been able to discover loads of different things  

  • In conclusion, no matter your gender or appearance, he absolutely adores you and just wants to pepper you with kisses and affection 
  • He’ll also want you to dress him up and maybe force Saeran into it also


a/n: sorry for not posting, i’ve been struggling with course work + i’ve been debating on making a twitter for my nsfw art 

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Note: Hey all! I love this boy, so I wanted to write a lil fanfic for him

Words: 762

Warning(s): A lil bit of kissing, lot’s of fluff


The soft sunlight shines through the crack in the curtains, bathing the couple. They were both dozing, something that you could infer by the snoring that filled the room. It was a Sunday morning, and the two had stayed up until the early hours the night before- courtesy of Seven’s constant rambling. A cool breeze wafted in slightly, causing the girl to shiver. A ringing sound breaks the comfortable silence, followed by vibrations.

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I match you with 707!

  • Calls you Lizzy
  • He respects your alone time
  • Seven needs to recharge too sometimes
  • Plays video games with you
  • Loves cuddling with you while you read
  • Pokes fun at how short you are
  • Loves coloring your tattoos (if any of them are just outlines)
  • He likes to trace them with his fingers as well
  • He also loves playing with your piercings, especially if you have a lip ring
  • Helps you dye your hair because he loves all the fun colors
  • He will stay up as lomg as you need so he can help you study
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Your Letters | 707 x Reader

‘Your Letters’

Pair - Choi Saeyoung (707) x Reader

Description - Every Sunday, a boy named Saeyoung would give you a small handwritten letter. One day, those letters never came, a few years passed and you met the RFA but then the letters started to show up again.

Growing up in a religious house hold, you would always be dragged to church everyday. Your parents would always dress you formally as if they’re taking you to your coronation to be a ruler or something.

Going to church wasn’t bad, you tend to almost fall asleep sometimes but other than that it was good. Parents and their kids would come up and try talking with your family, you’d play with the other kids and have fun sometimes.

Until you met him.

A boy who seemed like he was a few months older than you. He wore a black jacket and had particularly red hair. He was the boy that always stood at the corner, trying to join in the other kids.

But he was always with a blonde girl who seemed like thats his older sister. Feeling bad, you went up to introduce yourself to him.

“Hi, I’m MC, whats your name?” you smiled politely, offering your hand to shake.

“Um…Saeyoung.” he awkwardly takes the hand shake, a small smile appearing on his face.

You noticed how pretty his eyes were, not only did he have bright red hair, his eyes are golden…and very pensive, always deep in thoughts.

Both of you grew close real quick though he doesn’t like to talk much about his family, you understand, of course! Its his right if he wants to keep something like family a secret.

He’s probably just a private person you thought to yourself and just shrugged it off thinking nothing of it and continued to play with him.

You learned that he’s always dreamed of becoming an astronaut, flying to the moon and marrying their significant other in the moon.

One day, you didn’t see him for a bit but, you did get a small handwritten letter from him. It was folded neatly and the nice blonde girl gave it to you.

‘Mc! I’m sorry I can’t come to church today :(,

my house is a bit…rusty so I had to miss church this week, but thats fine, I’ll be sure to go next week :), by the way, did you know I got baptised a few weeks ago?

it slipped my mind and i never really got the chance to told you! So I asked one of my good friends to give you this letter, sorry I couldn’t tell you in person…

I’d like to talk more but-

Oh shoot, my moms calling me to dinner got to go :(

see youuuu!

-Saeyoung💫 ‘

Every two weeks, he’d sometimes miss church but everytime he did, a letter would be given to you instead.

‘MC! I haven’t been feeling well lately and I caught a really bad flu so I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to church for a while.

But I’ll still try to write letters to you tho because I don’t want you to feel lonely!

Mc, thank you for all the fun memories in church even if it was short :(

Please live a happy life and I pray to God that you will!!

I don’t know when I will be back but just know I won’t be too far from you :D

Bye-bye for now!!

-Saeyoung 💫’

It sounded like a goodbye letter and you weren’t liking it. The next week, thankfully you got another letter.

‘Haha! Did I scare you? I’d never write an emotional goodbye letter to you.

Mc, how are you? I hope you’re doing well!! I’ve moved to a new school and made new friends, its fun! We learned alot of new stuff but I can’t tell you because its a secret ;)

I’ve been getting into computers lately and how interesting they actually are.

Like did you know that coding isn’t that hard? I learned how to write ‘Hello World!’ by coding and I’m so proud!!

Oh, I have to go back and finish some classworks and projects.

Wait for my next letter, okay?

-Saeyoung 💫’


Saeyoung was right.

He would never send an emotional goodbye letter.

Why? Because that was the last letter he sent before disappearing.

The woman who was always with Saeyoung disappeared as well. It was as if they never existed at all. You shrugged it off thinking they probably moved or something.

Fast forward to a few years passing and you were now a someone who’s looking for a job.

You looked at the convenience store to see if anyone was offering jobs.

A man behind you laughed, “Lady, if you’re not going to take anything, can you move so I can pass by please?” he politely said.

You quickly apologized bowing slightly and walked to the side, allowing them to pass and grab the item they wanted.

You looked at him for a moment and raised an eyebrow, he looks familiar, sort of.

He wore a black hoodie that covered his hair color. But something about his aura felt familiar like as if they knew each other for years.

You were about to ask them if they knew each other but he immediately paid the chips and walked out.

“Hey, are you looking for a job?” a man with white hair asks.

You nodded, basically you were desperate.

“Cool, I’ll explain the details once we have a short interview tomorrow, how about here?” he gives you a card that has an address, a phone number and a weird combination of numbers.

“….okay…” you say, hesitating slightly.

This is going to be fun, I guess..

The next day came sooner than you expected and now she’s heading towards the address, you check the place and see that its nothing suspicious. It was just a regular apartment.

You knocked on the door, no response.

Knocking once again, you didn’t hear a response so you decide to text the man.

‘…hello?’ you texted.

‘just enter the passcode i wrote on the paper.’ he replied.

you hesitantly typed in the passcode and just like that, you entered the room.

“Hello?” you said.

Surprise surprise.

No one’s there.

Suddenly, your phone lit up, saying a new notification has arrived, you clicked on it thinking it was the man.

But it wasn’t

“Congratulations, the RFA app has officially been installed on your phone.” you read it out loud.

You opened the app and checked what it was.

Was it some sort of virus?

While looking through the app, you didn’t realize it was actually a chatroom app with actual people.

‘Wait..I think someones in the chatroom.” a silver haired man says.

“You’re right!” someone who goes by the username 707 says.

Looking at the profile picture, you weren’t sure if it was the same boy from all those years ago..

And you were determined to find out.

‘Hello?’ you typed into the chatroom.

I’ll upload the next part next week!!

Happy Mother’s day everyone<3

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