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#70s manga
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Ok my general thoughts on 1991′s Dear Brother anime (via Retro Crush)

Not a bad show! 

SInce this is an Osamu Dezaki directed series, the animation and art style are limited and can feel stiff at times. There are the obvious ‘postcard memories’ or Pastel Colored Still Frames in every single episode and the repeating frames of animation 3 times. No lie, it was irritating sometimes but what I love about the series is the usage of frame within frame (trees lining the sidewalk of school girls, shadowy corners to put more emphasis on character’s faces, people peeking through keyholes or flower covered windows, etc) and the usage of metaphorical imagery in junction with the main story. The rainstorms, while incredibly frequent, are carefully placed for important dramatic scenes (hell Nanako even lampshades it later on!) and I love how French literature, music, and historical events clue in the viewer for future events.

I was interested in how Nanako would deal with the bullying and her interactions with the girls at her school. It was annoying how so many girls were acting so petty over the “Sorority” which, like real sororities and fraternities, is nothing more than a collection of people who act like they are better than everyone else in preparation to be financially and socially empowered over the general masses.

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Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone, I would like to thank everyone who followed us this year and followed the posts, thanks to you, the Kazeki fandom can grow and more content could be produced.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, regardless of how you will celebrate and with whom, I hope it will be a moment of joy. Thanks for the support, next year we will bring more content to this fandom that deserves much more love and recognition!

Stay safe and take care, Happy Holidays! ~ 🎄🎅🌲

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So I am a fan of shoujo demographic anime/manga.

Shows like Ouran, most of CLAMP’s works, and Fushigi Yugi were my first introductions to the anime fandom. But the first show that I truly considered a masterpiece was Revolutionary Girl Utena. I can rewatch, analyze, and feel overwhelmed by Utena’s story, drama, and symbolism about a young woman’s adolescence. But, other than a few references to classic shoujo, I hadn’t truly delve into what inspired Utena into existence.

And this is where Dear Brother comes in.

I will be marathoning all 39 episodes of the 90s adaption of Riyoko Ikeda’s 70s manga. One day I will get around to Rose of Versailles (the biggest inspiration for Utena) but Retro Crush has Dear Brother for free so yeah.

The only reason I’m watching it over Christmas weekend is because 1: I am broke, alone, with nowhere to go thanks to Covid and 2: I am trying to clear the massive backlog from MyAnimeList so why not start with a classic shoujo anime drama! And god is it ultra dramatic from episode 1!!!

Also, I want to start using this fan only blog to post my nerdy thoughts on shows that appeal to me. Can’t always draw or write long fanfics but ranting about shit I like is easy!

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Sunroom Nite (1970) by Keiko Takemiya

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Hakushaku Reijou (1979) by Chieko Hosokawa

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Some beautiful covers from late 60s early 70s horror shojo manga. Art by Akatsuki Tadashi, Macoto Takahashi and Saga Miyuki (from right to left).

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Poe No Ichizuku, 1972, Moto Hagio.

To celebrate the start of the spooky season, this is the “Poe clan”, a classical gothic horror manga that follows the story of a vampire family from 18th century, untill early 20th, dealing with death and life. It’s Moto Hagio, -one of the mothers of Shojo- we are talking about, so it’s guaranteed that her storytelling, art and characters are very well polished.

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