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#80's indie
randomvarious · 6 days ago
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Tumblr media
Today’s compilation:
Take the Subway to Your Suburb 1994 Indie Pop / Pop-Rock / Power Pop / Twee Pop / Indie Rock / Grebo
Before I talk about this comp, let me talk about a compilation called C86. C86 was a cassette that was released by the UK music magazine NME in 1986 that showcased a new sound that was starting to gain in popularity in Britain at the time. This new sound featured bands who were reviving 60s-sounding pop melodies, but putting their own power poppy/pop-rock spin on them with things like jangling guitars. The movement came to be known as indie pop.
This particular comp then, Take the Subway to Your Suburb, consists of bands who provided that C86 indie pop sound, but never appeared on the cassette itself. However, fret not; this is still a fantastic set of songs, and it's got more than just jangling guitars on it; a little bit of twee from Bubblegum Splash, some grebo from Pop Will Eat Itself, and a bunch of guitar fuzz, too.
Plus, the opener, "Get Out of My Dream" by The Clouds, is hands down one of my favorite songs of all time. Just a 100% perfect piece of 80s music in that one. And you could certainly say that the rest of the comp isn't as good as that one song, but its opposite bookend, "Love Cuts" by The Flatmates, provides an excellent upswing to close out this release.
Some real golden UK indie tunes from the 80s here.
The Clouds - "Get Out of My Dream" The Rosehips - "The Last Light" The Flatmates - "When I'm With You" Pop Will Eat Itself - "Orgone Accumulator" Pop Will Eat Itself - "Like an Angel" The Groove Farm - "The Best Part of Being With You" Razorcuts - "Big Pink Cake" Bubblegum Splash - "Someone Said" The Rosehips - "Sad as Sunday" The Flatmates - "I Don't Care" The Groove Farm - "Crazy Day Sunshine Girl" Bubblegum Splash - "The 18:10 to Yeovil Junction" The Flatmates - "Love Cuts"
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