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#80's pop rock
grogudjarin · 3 years ago
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                                80′s BANDS 1 / ? ------- HALL & OATES !
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music · 2 years ago
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Music Spotlight: Amir Obè
This week has especially got us in our feelings, so we’re featuring Detroit-born singer, rapper and producer Amir Obé, whose music can be described as melodic and sensual, while also speaking to emotional sincerity and vulnerability.
We talked to Amir about veering away from what’s on the radio and what’s trending, what he hopes to convey through his new release and who inspires his unique but dark aesthetic.
1) Give us a 2-3 sentence spiel on something you are extremely passionate about.
I’m passionate about legacy & growth. I like to take leaps from project to project and I think that growth has been visible to the fans. That’s what keeps me going, the need to improve and refine.
2) What sets your music apart from the rest?
I approach music from an inspired place. I like to discover new sounds and create freely. It’s unique, I don’t follow trends I like pioneering them. Another important thing is my need to only put out art I feel is timeless.
3) What do you hope to convey in your new release,” Can't Be A_Here: Chapter 2″? How does it relate to your life - past, present or future?
I just wanted to be brutally honest. It was in the moment, I wanted to convey how I felt at the time. I think through the lyrics and production I captured those feelings. It was unapologetic, mostly to myself, I liked that it was a therapeutic process.
5) Who influences your overall aesthetic - from your music to your style to your fashion sense?
It varies, musically I’ve always been a fan of 80’s/90’s alternative pop/rock. I was a big MJ fan, Queen, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Radiohead etc. For fashion I’ve maintained a high fashion meets street wear look.
6) If there was one thing you could change about the music world today, what would it be?
To praise artists for their art other than force feed us empty music. There’s so many artists that don’t get the credit they deserve. Too much outside of the music dictates what’s played on the radio.
If you’re a fan or wanna hear more, check out his latest music video for “Romeo and Juliet” here, and follow him on Tumblr for some exclusive BTS.
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pancakeruby · 3 years ago
Alternative Bands You Need To Listen To Part 3: 🌻
Skinny Girl Diet🌹 (female nirvana. that’s it. fucking awesome)
Highly Suspect🔮 (awesome head banger music. that’s all)
Bloodboy💥 (good punk/pop - not some emo screamy shit, amazing voice and cool songs)
Blossoms🌸 (catchy, fun, upbeat + every song is a bop)
Moon Taxi🌚 (happy/energic sound, some of the best indie music out now)
Jake Bugg⚡️(ok if you haven’t heard of him yet…wyd.. but he’s so underappreciated and is a hidden rockstar GEM)
The Dose🔥 (90’s vibe… it’s good stuff)
Microwave🎛 (no microwave emoji stop judging me but SUCH an underrated band)
Spendtime Place🌙 (catchy riffs, reminds me of summer)
The Orwells📖 (best thing about this band are the cool unique drum beats in every song)
Greta Van Fleet🎸 (actual. rock. music. that isn’t shit)
DMA’s✖️(one of the greatest bands I’ve ever heard, Oasis vibes, highly recommend)
The Struts🌈 (retro rock, super catchy)
The War On Drugs🚬 (another underappreciated band, 80’s rock/pop vibe with a hint of folky stuff… they’re hard to explain {lol} but worth a listen)
Hippo Campus🌼 (traditional indie, easy going)
SWMRS🌊(right in between the indie and punk genre - anyways it’s catchy and super good music)
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ofools · 3 years ago
you: what's Loki's favourite genre of music
me, gritting my teeth as my last three brain cells have a knife fight while they scream '80's pop', 'classic rock' and 'the first part of Hooked on a Feeling with the OOGA OOGA OGGA CHUGGA bit’: I don't know I haven't thought about it
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singtotheskiies · 2 years ago
the one thing that makes me mad in this life is when spotify decides to put the one ad in the entire hour-long album BEFORE. THE. LAST. SONG.
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ashtonsunshine · a year ago
I've always enjoyed @theweeknd's progression album to album. 80's pop rock, night rider, leather pants, feelin yourself "Blinding Lights" is the shit I love. Here's a loose play along 🤘🏻❤🔥
via Ashton's IGTV. 6th March 2020
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randomvarious · 6 days ago
J.C. Lodge - “Telephone Love” What A Bam Bam!: Dancehall Queens Song released in 1988. Compilation released in 1996. Dancehall / Lovers Rock / Pop
From critic Steve Huey:
J.C. Lodge was one of the most popular female reggae singers of the '80s and' 90s, balancing traditional reggae with pop, urban soul, dancehall, lovers rock, and even country music. The owner of a high, girlish voice, Lodge often played the role of the coy flirt, with a teasing sexuality simmering under much of her romantic material.
It took a couple years for J.C. Lodge to eventually break out, but when she did in 1982, she became a sudden European sensation, achieving a #1 hit in both Belgium and the Netherlands with "Someone Loves You Honey," which was also crowned the bestselling single in the Netherlands for that year, too.
But it wasn't until March of 1989 that Lodge finally graced the US Billboard chart with "Telephone Love," a song that managed to peak at #95 in R&B. Now, it might not seem like much of a big deal to barely scrape the bottom of a genre-specific Billboard chart, but after "Telephone Love"'s showing, Lodge wound up landing herself a record contract with the famed hip hop label, Tommy Boy, to whose catalog she was able to add some needed musical diversity.
"Telephone Love" is a dynamic, warm, and hazy tune that can be correctly categorized under nearly every style that Steve Huey alludes to above: pop, urban soul, dancehall, and lovers rock. And I think that flexibility to fit within a number of different formats is partly what lends to this song's overall greatness. Well, that and just its sheer amount of power, too. I mean, on the surface, Lodge delivers her light and fluffy, high-pitched vocals, but beneath and in-between all of her singing, those deep and dubby, burbling bass stabs, as well as that sharp, skanking keyboard riddim, have a way of packing a heavy punch. And those two pieces also play as a nice contrast to Lodge's feathery voice. It's a successful blend of a simultaneous soft and heavy that seems to really do the trick on this one.
And yes, there's a music video. Come to see Lodge walk along beaches while holding corded telephones to her ear that obviously aren't plugged into anything; stay to see her open up a fucking watermelon(???) to answer one of her phones.
Awesome piece of late 80s dancehall here.
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chipscouchtv · 9 months ago
Bakugou and Kaminari’s song
so it’s basically canon that bakugou and kaminari hung out together a lot during the overhaul arc. so imagine with me bakugou and kaminari hanging out in kaminari’s room while the other bakusquad members were busy. 
present mic assigned an english project and partnered up kaminari and bakugou. 
they had a project on northeast north american culture which they finished early because kaminari’s mom is from there (he lived there for a couple of years too when he was younger) and bakugou is just a perfectionist 
they were listening to one of kaminari’s playlist it’s a mixture of 80’s-ish pop and rock (i’ve been listening to miley’s heart of glass cover (yes i know the song came out in the 70’s but whatever)) 
kaminari was scrolling through his phone and resisting the urge to text sero, kirishima, or mina because he knew they were busy 
bakugou was writing out notes for kirishima so they could go over them when kirishima’s internship was done 
Living on a prayer started playing and bakugou started to tap his foot to the rhythm and mumbling the words under his breath 
kaminari noticed this and started singing along soon kaminari got up and started dancing and was extending an arm out to bakugou 
“dance with me stupid”
“dude come on it’s only us here.” “you’re not going leave me hanging are you”
it takes bakugou a little bit of time to get into it but now him and kaminari are belting words at the top of their lungs and doing a little almost synchronized dance with it
“I didn’t know you were into music like this” 
“My mom loves this song so it was always blasting in our house. I also know how to play the drum part.”
“Wait you know how to play the drums? Since when?!” 
“My mom thought it would help me get out some of my anger.” 
they were in the middle of belting another line when iida barged in because he thought they were trying to kill each other (to be fair they were singing in that “im just goofing off with my friends” kind of bad (i think they could actually sing if they tried)) 
after convincing iida that they were good iida joined in for a couple of songs before calling it a night 
after the overhaul fight happens class 1a decides to hold a party and jirou brings out a karaoke machine    
kaminari bolts over to it and locks eyes with Bakugou 
kaminari: “bakugou it’s our song!” reaching out his arm 
bakugou: absolutely not
iida: oh this is the song you guys were dancing to 
kaminari: kacchan i know you wanna 
bakugou: fine whatever 
both of them giving a full out performance with choreography and everything (almost like they’ve done it multiple times 😏 )
This isn’t even a headcanon Horikoshi called me up on the phone and told me that they do this all the time. 
other headcanons: illegally blonde squad prank war , kaminari and bakugou on twitter 
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cinematicwasteland · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Primal Rage (1988)
A scientist at a Florida university inadvertently creates a "rage virus" while performing experiments on baboons, intended to restore dead brain tissue. When a journalist for the college paper breaks into the campus lab, he's bitten by one of the infected baboons; the virus soon spreads to a trio of rapist frat boys and a valley girl, all of whom go on killing sprees.
This movie actually has quite a bit going for it; pretty good acting, likable characters, corny comedy, fun gore, the scientist, played by Bo Svenson, sporting a tiny ponytail and a top notch soundtrack. The soundtrack is an awesome mix of 80′s rock, pop and frantic synths. Also, Claudio Simmnetti's score at times reminded me of his work for Umberto Bava's Demons(1985).
Everything comes to a head during the finale at a Halloween dance. Retro costumes, awesome band performance of the title song “Say The Word”, which is heard a total of three times during the movie. The infected people show up and shit hits the fan. 
I own the Warner Bros. VHS release, and the only other option I know of is an OOP DVD release from Code Red. So if you can obtain a copy, it’s definitely worth it.
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randomvarious · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Today’s compilation:
Take the Subway to Your Suburb 1994 Indie Pop / Pop-Rock / Power Pop / Twee Pop / Indie Rock / Grebo
Before I talk about this comp, let me talk about a compilation called C86. C86 was a cassette that was released by the UK music magazine NME in 1986 that showcased a new sound that was starting to gain in popularity in Britain at the time. This new sound featured bands who were reviving 60s-sounding pop melodies, but putting their own power poppy/pop-rock spin on them with things like jangling guitars. The movement came to be known as indie pop.
This particular comp then, Take the Subway to Your Suburb, consists of bands who provided that C86 indie pop sound, but never appeared on the cassette itself. However, fret not; this is still a fantastic set of songs, and it's got more than just jangling guitars on it; a little bit of twee from Bubblegum Splash, some grebo from Pop Will Eat Itself, and a bunch of guitar fuzz, too.
Plus, the opener, "Get Out of My Dream" by The Clouds, is hands down one of my favorite songs of all time. Just a 100% perfect piece of 80s music in that one. And you could certainly say that the rest of the comp isn't as good as that one song, but its opposite bookend, "Love Cuts" by The Flatmates, provides an excellent upswing to close out this release.
Some real golden UK indie tunes from the 80s here.
The Clouds - "Get Out of My Dream" The Rosehips - "The Last Light" The Flatmates - "When I'm With You" Pop Will Eat Itself - "Orgone Accumulator" Pop Will Eat Itself - "Like an Angel" The Groove Farm - "The Best Part of Being With You" Razorcuts - "Big Pink Cake" Bubblegum Splash - "Someone Said" The Rosehips - "Sad as Sunday" The Flatmates - "I Don't Care" The Groove Farm - "Crazy Day Sunshine Girl" Bubblegum Splash - "The 18:10 to Yeovil Junction" The Flatmates - "Love Cuts"
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hbothelastofus · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
iamgabrielluna: I wrote a song somewhat inspired by my play-through of The Last of Us parts 1 & 2, and my cuz/producer @mark_delcastillo helped me lay it down. It ended up having an 80’s rock/pop ballad kinda vibe and we dig it. The song is titled “They’ve Got Us Surrounded” and we are going to release it next Tuesday, 7/13! Thank you to everyone who has streamed and listened to our last song “Edge of Town” (link in bio) and we hope you enjoy this new tune. “They’ve Got Us Surrounded” will be available everywhere you stream music on July 13th! #theyvegotussurrounded #thelastofus
Gabriel Luna’s song “They’ve Got Us Surrounded”, inspired by The Last of Us, will be released on Tuesday, July 13!
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