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belovedtaylor · 13 days ago
i don’t want to be a contributing member of society !!! i just want to consume media and hold someone’s hand !!!
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diebythrs · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
i have no idea what possessed me to make this
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belovedtaylor · 18 days ago
please september i’m begging you. be kind to me
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arofrog-archive · 7 months ago
sending good vibes to loveless aromantic ppl today!
a lot of activism for arospec ppl will say "you can still celebrate valentine's day bcs it's not just abt romantic love!" but it's totally ok if you are loveless.
it's ok to be frustrated at a holiday focused on romance, and to be tired of ppl going on abt platonic love when you can't give that.
it's ok to not celebrate today. it's ok to celebrate and not feel love.
if you don't identify with the word "love" in any form, it doesn't make you any less of a person, or any less deserving of respect.
loveless aromantics this valentine's, i see you.
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diebythrs · 3 months ago
can't STAND horrible soulless minimalist rich people houses. where is the SPICE. where is the FLAVOUR. the STYLE. you have all that money and you use it it live in an inhospitable approximation of a home? a white cube? fuck you. gerard way knows what's up. mans worth 25 million dollars and this motherfucker uses it to live in a real life hobbit hole. the absolute cozieness. the hospitality. you fall asleep on that couch and you wake up clear skin, can't remember your shitty dad, AND your back doesn't hurt. the crystals. the plants. the books about plants. motherfucker has it figured OUT. look at this little asshole in his stupid ass overpriced jacket, living in my dream house. good for him. good for him.
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ghoulbrielle · 7 months ago
tonight my thoughts go to my fellow ace/aro folks reading and writing smutty or fluffy or extra romantic or just plain porn-without-plot fics because it's a safe way to experiment and try out different feelings and situations and to question and discover and learn about yourself without having to figure it out with another real human being
you are valid and it is perfectly normal to be turned on (or not) or to experience secondhand emotions (or not) from fictional stories with or without wanting to experience those things in real life
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creatorofchaos · 4 months ago
Dream out here collecting SBI favors like they’re solitaire cards or something.
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