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Every character Molly Ringwald played was so whiny. “The popular guy doesn’t like me.” “They forgot my birthday.” “My mask is giving me acne.” Bitch bitch bitch.

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Tom Tone Okoto + Back To The Future Delat
@rodrigo.cordeiro.98 by @easy_repost_app
Bed of Roses é uma das baladas mais bem feitas na minha opinião, do disco “Keep The faith” onde o @bonjovi apresentou um amadurecendo músical gigante como banda.

Segue o solo que @therealsambora tocou em cima da montanha no clip! Hahaha melhor cena!

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Equipamentos: Pedal Okoto + Back to the Future Delay da @tomtoneefx
Guitarra Fender + Dimarzio


#bonjovi #bedofroses #guitarrasolo #guitarlick #guitarlesson #fender #tomtone #rtguitars #thundercats #80s #90s #okoto #distortion #backtothefuture #analogdelay

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This took soso long to finish but I decided to draw Princess Lei in dino stompies and “paws” to match her dino princess title

A small “video” with the picture + music is here too!

Enjoy!! 🌈🌈

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Cover of the very First NOW That’s What I Call Music compilation from 1983. I’m sure they’re somewhere into the 100s now for ones they’ve released, I thought they only released one a year so I’m not sure how it works tbh. But this was the original. Duran Duran, Culture Club and Kajagoogoo take Center stage, makes sense given how all three groups had a lottt of success in 83. It’s probably not too difficult to find the album on whatever platform you listen to music on, it’s a pretty impressive track list I have to say.

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