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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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I heard Ralph Macchio talking about the show he was making that was a continuation of Karate Kid.  I was curious and it was on Netflix so I started watching it. Sooooo glad I did!  These times are tough and dark so I don’t feel like watching more dark, creepy shows right now. I want something fun and Cobra Kai is super fun.  It starts out a little cheesy with tons of throwbacks to the Karate Kid movies, but in like an 80′s cheesy way.  It feels intentional rather than a byproduct of bad writing or acting.  Macchio and Zabka do an awesome job in their roles as Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, stuck in the past, right where the movie left off.  Johnny Lawrence in particular is funny because he’s so stuck in the past, it’s almost like he was stuck in a time capsule all these years. 


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He drives the same car, wears the same clothes, listens to the same music, and makes comments that aren’t exactly PC these days.  It’s refreshing and funny and we truly enjoy watching it at my house.  I’m in the middle of season 2 right now and I can’t wait to keep watching this one for a while.

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You know films where kids who live in the same rural town get lost in the forest and come across a bear or some shit and one of them breaks their glasses and one of them hurts their arm running away and they all get hypothermia from the rain and they have to get back to the town so an adult can come rescue them?

Like what’s the name of that genre again?

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Today in anthology film history: on September 29, 1989 Jim Jarmusch’s Mystery Train was screened at the New York Film Festival.


Here’s a portrait of Nicoletta Braschi!

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The Hard Truth of being “OLD”

From what I see, most claim to be “old” because of the following:

You used an out of date reference (movie, music, etc) with someone who was probably a toddler when you were like a teen.

You saw a child star grow up…I know shocking that even famous kids grow up. Mind blown

You haven’t stepped out of the bubble of the 90’s and it’s pop culture.

Your music collection probably hasn’t gone past 2000, maybe 2005.

You do normal every day shit that people of all ages have been doing but because social media claimed it’s an “old” thing to do it has to be true, like “wow I’m just now drinking water on purpose after age 30”…guess what, people have been drinking water for ages, you just like sweet shit to drink and probably not health conscious.

Some of your favourite celebs who really were already old when you were in your late teens to early 20’s, got older then aged out and died.

Your favourite spot is gone or closing down…yeah that’s nothing new but y'all act shocked every time.

You did something domestic and correctly for the first time and thought “wow, I’m doing what old people do”…like yeah, because you finally bought your self a real bath towel or actual dishes is something you have to be “old” to do.

“I have grey hair”…yeah, a lot of people I know had grey hairs since childhood, some went full on grey by like late 20’s.

So basically you’re just making yourself “old” based off bullshit. Carry on but don’t add me to your bullshit. That’s you, YOU “old”.

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