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#80s pop rock
eightiess · 3 years ago
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Beastie Boys, photographed by Glen E. Friedman in New York, 1986. culture
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unicornmowgli · 2 years ago
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“I met the amazing Freddie and the band in the lift of the hotel they were staying at in Melbourne during their concert.  My then husband and I stayed at the hotel for the entire time Queen was there and had tickets to every concert they performed in Melbourne.  My husband at the time was 6'7 tall  and a very good looking, charismatic person.  People noticed him and Freddie turned to him as we were huddled in the lift and said 'my, aren't you a strapping lad'? We all laughed.  My ex who was Queen obsessed said 'Freddie, we're going to all of your concerts here in Melbourne' and Freddie told the guy looking after the band to invite us to the after concert get together.  So both of us arrived and had the most amazing time talking with Freddie, Brian, Roger, John and Spike.  We even had drinks with them in the cocktail bar of the Regency Hotel another night.  Unfortunately my ex got the photo's of us all in the financial settlement lol. I think Freddie was quite taken with my ex-husband's physical looks plus he was a really funny guy who had the guys laughing a lot.  It was singularly one of the most wonderful things to happen in our lives.  Living it up with Queen at Rockman's Regency Hotel, now another hotel chain runs the site.  The entire thing cost us a fortune staying there for 5 nights in 1985 but you couldn't put a price on the experience.“ - PinkCherry Blossom’s comment on this video
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moonagedaydreamin · 2 years ago
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David Bowie polaroid for Tonight, 1985
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keelstunes · a year ago
music for the months
the month of January
the month of February 
the month of March
the month of April
the month of May
the month of June
the month of July
the month of August
the month of September
the month of October
the month of November
the month of December
a playlist for every month ((not necessarily curated, more like a random mesh of music))
~~hope you enjoy!~~
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