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#80s power pop
hearjessroar · 2 months ago
If Caleb gets to have a big showy number bc he's a big showy 20s magician man and Sunset Curve gets to be mostly electric guitar based bc 90s then I demand that when (WHEN!) Willie gets his own song that it be a synth-heavy 80s power pop jam.
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castillon02 · 24 days ago
“Lara Croft,” Camille said. Her thigh touched Eve’s; the squishy leather sofa in Eve’s flat could be a bit slippery. 
In any case, Lara Croft was a definite yes; Eve took a sip of her Moscow mule.
Camille smirked. “You know she’s a looting little gringa, right?”
Eve raised her hands in supplication. “Those arms, though,” she said.
“And those acrobatics,” Camille added.
“And that nice pair of...” Eve said, and made a gesture in front of her chest.
“Gadgets?” Camille sugggested slyly.
They both snorted into their copper mugs.
It was Eve's turn. "Wonder Woman," she suggested. "Hard not to have a crush on her."
Camille took a long gulp that showed off the pretty length of her neck. "The cheesy TV show and the movie version," she agreed. Then she grinned. "Camille Montes," she said.
Without breaking eye contact, Eve raised her mug to her lips and drank. “Need some proof?” she asked, licking the lime off her lips. 
“I could stand to be convinced,” Camille said, waggling her eyebrows, and this time Eve couldn’t blame the sofa when Camille leaned in closer. She climbed into Eve’s lap, resting her hands on Eve’s shoulders, and touched their foreheads together. 
For a moment, they breathed each other’s air, looked into each other’s dark eyes. Then Eve closed the gap.  
Camille’s lips, chilled from her drink, warmed quickly. Camille nipped playfully, licked forward and then pulled away to tease. She kept Eve’s attention seemingly effortlessly. 
At one point, their noses bonked together in an unsexy way that left them both laughing. 
That was okay. The Tomb Raider and Wonder Woman were great and all, but Eve would take Camille, flawed and beautiful, funny and human, over any kind of ‘strong female character.’ 
#007 fest#team00#castillon writes#camille montes#eve moneypenny#get ready for some CAMIPENNY!#meanwhile Camille is thinking that Eve---physically strong and a capable agent and now doing important secretary work---#is her own kind of Wonder Woman#I just have lots of feelings about how these two reflect each other with their similarities and differences#listen I know the usual route is for them to complain about Bond but lbr they have better things to talk about#like sexy ladies#also I was looking up female superheroes of color who might have been around in the 80s/90s when they were growing up#not in comics but in mainstream pop culture#and the lack was incredibly depressing :(#and about how Moneypenny had to have it all---field agent and dressed to kill agent and internal people-mover#but she had her own arc about getting over her guilt from shooting Bond and coming into power at Six#and Camille had her own revenge arc but she also functioned more transparently as a foil for Bond who was on his own quest for vengeance#it also seemed like camille was allowed to be more vulnerable (like Bond was too---spiky hedgehog of vengeance mode)#while Eve and Skyfall!Bond had to do a lot more stiff-upper-lipping#and in what ways was age/race/etc a factor in all that#and the way camille and eve are allowed to be human in ways that lara croft and wonder woman aren't in some ways#but is that just bc they're the side characters in Bond's own superhero story?#I dunno my brain is just spinning its wheels at this point
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bearsintreesofficial · a year ago
do u like: lyrics abt starting fires, house parties, losing yrself in the ~thrill of the night~, tik tok by kesha
do u also like: 80s power pop?
well, we have just the song for u.
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60s-90s-stuff · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I know I’m a day late but like I was honestly a bit too sad to post about it yesterday. because as we all know, yesterday (June 25th) it was 12 years ago since the world lost a true legend, a man with a big heart who cared for everyone, an angel and a true humanitarian. and I thank my mom for being a fan since ”Thriller” (and of course she has always believed in his innocence) so that I could grow up with Michael and his music, and so that him and his music have been a part of my life since I was a child. ❤️ and I’m not gonna lie, not a day goes by where I don’t miss him - because I miss him every day. but now, rather than being sad about his death, let’s all be glad that he existed and be thankful for everything he did when he was on this planet - both for his music and for his big heart and everything in between. ❤️
rest in peace, angel. I miss you. we miss you. I believe in you. we believe in you. I love you. we love you. thank you for everything. 💖👼🏻
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theunderestimator-2 · 3 years ago
“Barricade Beach” - Insect Surfers (1983)
Self-dubbed as "Planet Earth’s Longest-Running Modern Surf Band" (they are actually still active since 1979), this LA-based band hailing from Washington, DC, is so much more than a surf rock band, blending new wave and mod twists & turns with punk chords and psych elements.
This early-`80s single for example, at times reminiscent of The Stranglers’ "No More Heroes” or Martha & The Muffins’ classic “Echo Beach”, is a cool upbeat fusion of swirling `60s farfisa riffs and `80s power pop rhythm that only proves their talent to transcend any limitations.
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anniewaits · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳ Squeeze albums: Babylon and On (r. September 1987)
The seventh album released by British new pop group Squeeze. The group was a sextet at this period, with the addition of Andy Metcalfe as second keyboardist. This album spawned their biggest US hits “Hourglass” and “853-5937”, charting at number 15 and 32 respectively on the billboard top 100. The group appeared on countless TV performances, won MTV awards, and sold out Madison Square Garden for the second time around this period.
"I think the production that Glenn and ET Thorngren put together and the mixing of Bob Clearmountain made it sound like an American record, the songs were big, powerful, strong. It sounded great on the radio. That was exactly what we were looking for." - Chris Difford
“In spite of everything I’ve said [about pressure and falling out], I thought the band actually felt together at that point— It felt good to me” - Glenn Tilbrook
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randomvarious · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Today’s compilation:
Take the Subway to Your Suburb 1994 Indie Pop / Pop-Rock / Power Pop / Twee Pop / Indie Rock / Grebo
Before I talk about this comp, let me talk about a compilation called C86. C86 was a cassette that was released by the UK music magazine NME in 1986 that showcased a new sound that was starting to gain in popularity in Britain at the time. This new sound featured bands who were reviving 60s-sounding pop melodies, but putting their own power poppy/pop-rock spin on them with things like jangling guitars. The movement came to be known as indie pop.
This particular comp then, Take the Subway to Your Suburb, consists of bands who provided that C86 indie pop sound, but never appeared on the cassette itself. However, fret not; this is still a fantastic set of songs, and it's got more than just jangling guitars on it; a little bit of twee from Bubblegum Splash, some grebo from Pop Will Eat Itself, and a bunch of guitar fuzz, too.
Plus, the opener, "Get Out of My Dream" by The Clouds, is hands down one of my favorite songs of all time. Just a 100% perfect piece of 80s music in that one. And you could certainly say that the rest of the comp isn't as good as that one song, but its opposite bookend, "Love Cuts" by The Flatmates, provides an excellent upswing to close out this release.
Some real golden UK indie tunes from the 80s here.
The Clouds - "Get Out of My Dream" The Rosehips - "The Last Light" The Flatmates - "When I'm With You" Pop Will Eat Itself - "Orgone Accumulator" Pop Will Eat Itself - "Like an Angel" The Groove Farm - "The Best Part of Being With You" Razorcuts - "Big Pink Cake" Bubblegum Splash - "Someone Said" The Rosehips - "Sad as Sunday" The Flatmates - "I Don't Care" The Groove Farm - "Crazy Day Sunshine Girl" Bubblegum Splash - "The 18:10 to Yeovil Junction" The Flatmates - "Love Cuts"
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bloodyteacakes · 10 days ago
do you have any thoughts about the music tastes of various aa characters?
Oh yes!
When it comes to Phoenix, I feel like most of his music taste is primarily a tease to early 2000s music. He likes punk music and probably pop Punk. Granted I feel like he would also like early 90's RnB. He's the type of person to be like "oh you don't know nothing about this!" and then he turns on an early 2000s Usher song that everyone and their mother knows. He also given his theater kid roots probably likes a lot of show tunes.
I feel like Maya would really like Cyndi Lauper music. Just that whole era of bright pink and sparkly stuff from the 80s would be her Jam. 80s pop and power ballads seems like something she would vibe with a whole lot.
Miles likes a lot of different kinds of music but he doesn't really have the skills to dance to any of them. But he mostly stays in the line of old classical music or music that's more built for concentration rather than something you would dance to. Phoenix would probably be the person who has to expose him to new music.
Mia seems like she would enjoy classic rock honestly. Maybe with like a little bit of jazz, but she doesn't really have a favorite music genre she just sort of has a bunch of favorite songs on her playlist.
Franziska seems like someone who would like a lot of Euro pop, but I feel like she likes Madonna and stuff like that. But a lot of her music taste probably leans more towards early 2000s German pop music but she's likely open to any kind of music if she can find a particular song or band that she likes.
Personally I think Godot likes a wide variety of music, but I'd assume he'd primarily listen to predominantly black genres of music like rap, hip-hop and R&B. Possibly reggaeton now that I think about it.
Klavier has a lot of interest in primarily Euro Rock music. He's not very aware of a lot of American bands and artists. However, he is open to literally anything as long as it sounds nice.
I feel like Simon blackquill obviously likes My Chemical Romance and other early 2000s emo people music. I also would not be surprised if he liked Nightcore
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