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#9 1 1 s5 spoilers
thebuckleysalexmanesa month ago
Eddie was going to work side-by-side with Hen and she went 馃え
Eddie people, who aren't Buck, like space when they work
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giraffesanddietpepsia month ago
even in his "everyone is getting replaced" headspace Buck was unable to compute someone replacing Eddie
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911womena month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥擠idn鈥檛 know you鈥檇 decided on a specialty.
鈥擨 think I just figured it out.
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Buck is gonna realize that Taylor will ALWAYS prioritize her job over him, just how it was in season 2.
Eddie is gonna realize that Ana is not what he wants for himself or for Chris.
And who do you think they're gonna go to when they need to talk about it? Who have they always been the MOST vulnerable with?
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chiquititadiaz2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You're the guy who always keeps it together, no matter what life throws at you. You shake it off, keep moving forward.
[Image Description: 4 gifs from 9-1-1.]
Gif 1: From season 5 episode 1. Eddie is laying in a hospital bed. Offscreen, Dr. Salazar says, "Panic attacks can often present as heart attacks." Eddie briefly looks to the side and responds, "That's not what this was. It's not possible, I don't panic."
Gif 2: From season 5 episode 1. Christopher sits in an armchair in Eddie's hospital room. Offscreen, Dr. Salazar asks, "Because you're a guy?" Christopher grins and adds, "And a firefighter."
Gif 3: From season 3 episode 8. Eddie sits in the firehouse loft and says, "No, Christopher needs me to be in control. I'm the only parent he's got left." The gif is colored in black and white.
Gif 4: From season 5 episode 1. Offscreen, Dr. Salazar asks, "Have you experienced any lifestyle changes lately? Any new stressors?" Looking over to Ana, Eddie answers, "No, nothing. It's been great, right?"
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us-buddie2 months ago
Christopher is screaming for his dad just like the universe is screaming for Buck and Eddie.
There is a good reason to assume that Chris is Buck and Eddie's universe. That idea came from anon ask that I received in the last season. And I fall in love with this theory because it makes so much sense.
I think it's important to say that Christopher has a big role in Buck and Eddie's life and in their relationship. He admire both of them just as much as they admire him on the same level or even more. He can teach them more about the life then they are teaching him.
Therefore I think we all should be forced on his little comments about everything that relates to Buck and Eddie. It got me more attention to this especially from 5x02. Because what if Christopher's little comments are more then just a teasing. What if those are wake up calling?
I always sense that Christopher knows that his dad and Buck are pretty close and he always sees things that they are not aware of. So maybe he's just like his dad, want him to be happy and be natural about it but he is not fully understanding the complexity of this. Sometimes kids see things very simple, in the most honest and hopeful way. And I found it more beautiful and adorable and even refreshing because there's no hiding or being followed by some kind of rules. Most importantly they sense whatever their parents are feeling.
In the last two episodes, Christopher said those significant comments to his dad. The first one is after the panic attack and the second one is the cause of almost panic attack. I gotta be honest and say that I've been thinking about it since last week but I wasn't sure if it's has foundation well enough. And it happened again in this episode.
When Christopher said "and a firefighter " back in the hospital scene, I thought at first that it was about the allowance for being vulnerable in that position. Eddie is a hero for Christopher and maybe he was trying to remind him that it's okay to have emotions. Even Superman can cry. More so, it could be a reference to Eddie's wishes for Christopher as mentioned in 3x09 aka his therapy with Frank. It all can be true too but I want to add something to it after watching the newest episode and say that maybe it's a reference to Eddie's begin, back to his home after the argument with his parents. Eddie maybe did think about his son like he always did but this is the first time that he followed his heart. That is the wake up call for Eddie to remember his reasons for making their own futures without looking back, without asking for anything permission. Because they got each other and except each other for who they are.
When Christopher said "not yet" after Ravi was assuming by mistake that Ana was Eddie's wife. It was of course made Eddie a little bit freaked out. Because I think he was worried that Christopher may have thought about it deeply and maybe he was preparing himself to the next step. Sometimes kids and their parents have struggles with having a honest conversation. The fact that Buck was there is not a random choice and maybe that's what helped to Christopher to say it and to Eddie to calm down easily but also to finally face with his emotions. Because best friends share everything and they mostly know about each other more than themselves. This is a wake up call for Eddie to finally take a step and really follow his heart. Because "not yet " means "it's not too late ". It is a wake up call for him to do the best thing for himself this time. Time for him to be brave, to take risks and chances, to not be afraid of challenges. It's what Eddie need and even craving for. But most importantly this is what Chris crave for. Because he needs to know how real love looks like and how it should be . He needs to know that he can take risks and chances in order to have a better ending.
We all know that Eddie always thinks about Christopher and what best for him according to his parents' voices and the way he was raised by them but above all he always try to listen to him and do what he wants or needs without him having said it out loud. Now I think it's time that Christopher listen to his dad's wishes and be his deep voice that he had been so afraid of. Christopher will be the one who pull Eddie's true himself out.
Worth to mention that the welcoming scene is also a symbol of universe screaming for for buddie just like Christopher. Besides the hugs that were absolutely adorable. Christopher hugs Eddie on the right side and after that he hugs Buck on the left side. It only makes how much he loves them almost equally and how much place each one of them has in his heart also equally. Just like how a healthy relationship with the parents should be. Even the top that Christopher was wearing is there empower this symbol . Red and blue, aka the theme of the show, and yet again the universe itself.
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swiftiediaz2 months ago
you know what makes me wanna eat glass?? the fact that eddie diaz represses every feeling he has because that's how his parents raised him. the fact that he denies he had a panic attack, and while doing so the words "you'll drag him down with you" replay im his mind. i want to cry because he still feels like he isn't enough, like he needs to lose everything to feel anything.
"I don't panic" it's such a telling line because you can see how much he's trying to keep it together, even when he's falling apart. "i don't panic." he says even when his chest hurts and he feels the weight of the world on his shoulders. "i don't panic" because he's the guy who has everything under control, who makes things happen, the guy who's a single father and needs to be strong for his kid.
i just... i think about it and i wanna eat drywall.
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evaneddiechristopherdiaz2 months ago
Can we please talk about Eddie鈥檚 panic attack at the mere idea of Ana being a mom of Chris?
Such a huge contrast after You two have an adorable son. There鈥檚 no one in this world I trust with my son more than you. It鈥檚 in my will if I die you become Christopher鈥檚 legal guardian. No one will ever fight for my son as hard as you.
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thebuckleysalexmanesa month ago
Ravi: 馃ズ
Bobby: No child of mine will process their feelings alone.
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giraffesanddietpepsi6 days ago
Eddie, whilst Buck is worrying about his relationship with Taylor ending:
Tumblr media
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