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#9-1-1 s5
evaneddiediaz · 3 days ago
Things 911 writers took straight (nothing is straight about this) out of fanfics. Season 5 Edition.
5x05. So…
▪️Buck and Eddie being all weird and uncomfortable after getting separated.
▫️Yet they still manage to understand and work with each other without any words needed (chainsaw scene, the guy who tried to get fit too fast).
▪️Eddie being a bad driver and a good dancer. Read quite a few of those. But it’s officially a canon now.
▫️Eddie getting trapped in a fire with Bobby. More to the list of their bad luck when Buck and Eddie get separated.
▪️The whole table conversation. Eddie can get emotional and we’ve seen him angry, and angry at Buck. During the scene though - calm, sarcastic with his Btch please attitude.
▫️You’re stuck with Us = Have you stopped for a minute and thought what that can do to Us? = It won’t happen to Us. He wasn’t talking only about 118 and fire fam. Nope, him and Chris too.
▪️Who replaces me? okay, I read this one a while ago. But the idea overall is I will go whenever you go. You’re not leaving without me. You’ll always be a part of our family.
▪️Not to shame Taylor. Just read a hella lot of these. But really awkward BuckTaylor scenes, and Taylor not getting what kind of person Buck is and understanding how to act around him.
5x04 list can be found here.
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captain-im-not-dead-yet · 2 months ago
You know another thing that I really want for 9-1-1 season 5?
April Fool's Day.
The firefam pranking each other in between calls, whoopee cushions and sticking pictures of Bobby's ice skating days everywhere, down to the bathrooms. Them having to deal with idiots who took pranks too far, like that youtuber duo who nearly killed their friend. And Eddie, finally gets revenge on Buck for the whole Hildy and coffee maker shenanigan. Chim accidentally pulling the suspension cord in the showers and basically flooding the 118 station. Maybe Buck had been given the day off on April first but he'd come in anyway because he thought Bobby was pulling his leg.
Just, firefam on April Fool's Day
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mudpedestrian · 11 days ago
Chimney: *Breathing hard from anger*
Me: “Oh yeah, he’s angry. He’s gonna punch Buck in the stomach.”
Chimney: *Socks the shit out of Buck’s face.*
Tumblr media
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wrinklemcdinkle · a month ago
my reactions to new season 5 premiere of 9-1-1 this may be spoiler territory but idk so uhh yeah
yall what the world is going on with them phones 😳😳
the service providers gonna have fun with that i bet- why’d it lead everyone to the same route tho thats weird
“whats happening at 11 tomorrow?” next shot is a building that looks kinda like a dick
eddie my boi are u okay??!! did he jsut have a heart attack?? 😧 and in such a nice suit too- ok no heart attack but his heart was attacked emotionally
that guy in court (forgot his name) is such a prick >:(
planes really said “im a ghost watch this 😄👻”
umm this ransomware really chaotic is this how technology works???
oh lawd whos the mr anonymous that did this hack how are they destroying a city like this??
feelin bad vibes from that blackout bro uh oh
bro this new season is gonna be truly wild and insane and i cant wait lets goo-
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maddiebuckleyhan · 4 days ago
Eddie was going to work side-by-side with Hen and she went 🤨
Eddie, people who aren't Buck, like space when they work
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giraffesanddietpepsi · 4 days ago
even in his "everyone is getting replaced" headspace Buck was unable to compute someone replacing Eddie
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evaneddiediaz · 10 days ago
What I’m gonna say at the end will probably bring a lot of hate, but let me explain my point based on my own life. Coming from an older sister with a little brother and also a person who suffered from depression. Eddie and Buck’s conversation, and Eddie’s words, in particular, hit me the way they shouldn’t have. A perfect description of the difference in the relationship between lovers/partners (Chimney and Maddie), and siblings (Buck and Maddie).
When you think of your sister, you see this person you’ve looked up to. The woman who’s taken care of you.
My brother knows I suffered from depression. He knows I have been in therapy and seen a psychologist. Does he know the extent of it? No. It is something as an older sister I kept to myself. To protect him, not to make him worry about me. I raised him. I am his rock even when my own life is crumbling apart; I always wanna be protecting him from things our own parents can’t, and no matter what, he’ll always be my baby. Will I ever tell him how bad my mental had gotten? Maybe, but not everything. There are things that you just can’t share. Not with him.
But maybe that’s not who she is right now. This time maybe she’s the one who needs taking care of.
But during my depression… Two weeks in a dark room, barely eaten any food and been sleeping no matter was it the day or the night. I wasn’t the person my brother knew. I, personally, didn't even recognise myself. But my partner… He was the one who saw me through this. He’s the one who was with me after every therapy session. Not my parents and definitely not my brother (he was too young), but my partner was the one who was with me after my suicide attempt at 16. He held me after every mental breakdown, who was patching up my scars and stopped me from hanging(you know...). He fed me when even thought about food made me hate myself. He was the one who made me get up and leave the house without caring that I cried and directed my anger at him.
Was Chimney wrong by hitting Buck? Definitely.
Could have Buck handled Maddie’s wish to keep what he knew to himself differently? 100%
Are they both right though? Yes. In their own way.
Chimney is right because he’s seen the darkest sides of Maddie’s PPD, and he knows how bad her mental health can get. He was with her through the nightmares, all the therapy sessions, her doubts of being a bad sister and mother because of their parents. Especially after her parents visited during her pregnancy and the secret about Daniel got revealed.
Buck: he’s coming from a point of a person who knows his sister as this strong person, a fighter. He saw the sister even though she was going through her own grief after Daniel still had a strength to love him, to take care of him. He was the one who found her in the forest after Doug, and the first thing she told him was I didn’t give up.
Comparing these two story lines only from one perspective is wrong in every way. Both Buck and Chimney come from different places:
He just doesn’t know her the way I do.
Or you don’t her the way he does.
Both of them know different sides of this one person, of Maddie.
Neither is right or wrong.
Neither is a good guy or a villain.
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alwayseddietrash · a month ago
some mini wardrobe analysis
last time we saw eddie wear a suit in a romantic setting was this in 2x17
Tumblr media
until now in 5x01
Tumblr media
and we literally have not seen him in one since. And in 2x17, by the end of the conversation eddie is upset- but also underneath all that he is panicking cause he just brought shannon back into chris' life and she just said that she might leave again, even though it was in the context of them being a family, she said she could see herself leaving Chris again and now, with there being an implication that ana is chris' mother- eddie panics severely, and i dont think we know the root cause of all of it. But it is crucial that even though he is buying a new suit, he is buying nearly the exact same suit, and he this is what he is wearing in both of these moments. like we know that this man knows what he likes and sticks to it (mr. i own 10s of henleys) but wouldnt you think that maybe after that instance with shannon and 2-3 years he might shift his tactic with suits? especially if its the suit he also wore to her funeral?
ill have more later as it all percolates but this has stuck with me from the moment we saw clips of this scene, and rooted when we found out that ana was there, and blossomed in the context of the scene and the episode.
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mattzerella-sticks · 18 days ago
Would love for there to be a scene where, hoping to try and get Harry to "feel normal" again, Michael invites Chris and Eddie over for a play date. Harry and Chris go off to do their own thing, meanwhile Eddie and Michael sit to talk and share some coffee.
Eddie asks about Harry, and Michael goes off about how he hasn't been the same since the kidnapping - maybe Eddie relating with Chris and the tsunami, and recommending a therapist. Both boys have endured trauma - different traumas but trauma nonetheless.
Then, to get his mind off of his troubles, Michael asks Eddie about Ana and how that relationship is going. This then leads to some awkward small talk where Eddie tells Michael how it didn't work out and that Chris is upset with Eddie, blaming him for it not working. Michael will tell Eddie he doesn't mean that. Except Eddie will disagree, saying that "Ana was the perfect woman, and I couldn't love her back the same way she loved me."
So maybe Michael makes a joke, about how Athena was the perfect woman and "look how it turned out for me". He makes a sarcastic observation that maybe Eddie is gay, like Billy Eichner did in Colton Haynes's season of the Bachelor (ironic) and Eddie tenses because he never considered it. Michael stops laughing after a minute of silence from Eddie and the two lapse into more quiet awkwardness at least until someone or something interrupts.
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Buck is gonna realize that Taylor will ALWAYS prioritize her job over him, just how it was in season 2.
Eddie is gonna realize that Ana is not what he wants for himself or for Chris.
And who do you think they're gonna go to when they need to talk about it? Who have they always been the MOST vulnerable with?
Tumblr media
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maddiebuckleyhan · a month ago
Buck: Hey, what was with that doctor on the way in? Why is she asking if you're all right?
Tumblr media
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