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#9-1-1: lone star
canonlgbtcharacters · a day ago
Tumblr media
The canon LGBT+ character of the day is
Tyler Kennedy “TK” Strand from 9-1-1: Lone Star, who is MLM!
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williamaltman · 7 months ago
I'm so so happy for Ronen... I was already happy when he said he was part of the LGBTQIA community a little while ago, but for him to actually go and fully come out as bisexual is SO!!!!! The part where it says he's talked to Rafa and Ryan and that his girlfriend supports him... I'm not bi but I can't imagine how good it must feel to have your SO support you on when it comes to your sexuality especially in a hetero relationship... And most of all it's just kinda crazy that Tarlos are really both played by queer actors??? Like when does that ever happen??? It's so rare.
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shadesofdeviant · 3 months ago
For the first sentence, any pairing for this - "Do you need some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?"
"Do you need some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?" Fuck--Do I, is all Carlos can think as he watches TK parade around the condo in his new paramedic uniform, a toy stethoscope --a joke gift from Marjan upon news of his new job--around his neck that he playfully moves to pretend to listen to Carlos' chest every time his circuit around the room brings him within touching distance of where Carlos is sprawled in awe across the sofa. There is little difference in the two uniforms, the flag on his right sleeve is now the EMS patch, his shield now says 'Paramedic' rather than 'Firefighter', in fact, the biggest change is the word paramedic emblazoned across his shoulder blades like a footballer's name, but otherwise the rest is still the same; still the black fitted shirt that shows off his perfect frame, his name across his chest and the Austin FD shield and patch on the left-hand side, there's nothing drastically changed, and yet somehow it has Carlos trying to subtly adjust himself in his pants in response. Although if he's honest with himself, it's not the uniform, it's more than likely the way TK now holds himself that has Carlos reacting so carnally, the way the green-eyed beauty is much more upright and confident within himself, as if he's finally able to stand on his own and has grown six feet taller now he's no longer stunted beneath Owen's shadow. On his next circuit of the room, TK having an entire conversation between himself and some invisible patient and muttering things that Carlos has only ever heard Michelle and the other's say and has no hope of ever truly understanding himself, the Cop reaches out and snatches the new paramedic around the waist and tugs him around and down until he's straddling across Carlos' hips. "I'm feeling awfully light-headed all of a sudden paramedic, I think I need your medical expertise, right here." Carlos all but purrs, tapping at his lower lip and grinning as TK's beautiful eyes darken to rival the natural gems of the forest before the New Yorker leans in for a kiss.
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idealuk · 9 months ago
You know what I’m also not over and will also never be over?
Buck never actually hit on Marjan, he was just genuinely awkwardly in awe of her being “Firefox” (that is how both Oliver and Natacha played their interactions), but a canonically gay male character, T.K., did think that Buck was hitting on him because they shared a similar (though less kinetic) dynamic to the one that Buck has with Eddie.
... Or the fact that, despite them trying to make it look like Eddie was hitting on her (whilst smiling as he talked about Buck), at the end of the day, he just wanted a new friend, and a follow back for his man.
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911x911lonestarsmutweek · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello everyone, welcome to your week of smut writing: July 12-18, 2021. We hope you have fun and have fun reading. Your prompts for each day are as follows. Feel free to skip a day of you don’t want to and also feel free to be as creative as you like. There is a golden rule of no incest, pedophilia, or using any children in the shows. If you do have special kinks or things you want to use in your stories please just give the proper warning. As long as you make aware of what you are writing, we are fine with that!!
Day One: A scene from the show that you think should have added a sex scene before cutting, or a gap filler to what you think should have been there. You can also write to one of the scenes that did happen using your own visual...
Day Two: Handcuffs, sex toys, anything you want to incorporate into a pwp and/or have a plot too. ;)
Day Three: “I don’t know if you’re into that but...”
Day Four: Food of choice, chocolate, whip cream, ice cream, etc, anything your heart desires.
Day Five: Sex in a public place. (writer’s choice if they want them to get caught!)
Day Six: The most randomest place to have sex, ie: on the fire truck, in the police car, or the most random place you want. / + a little humor if you want to add, “I can’t believe we just did that...”
Day Seven: Writer’s Choice! Do what you will within reason, we trust you.
thanks for reading! we hope y’all will participate! this is my first time wanting to do something like this so i’m really hoping it’ll be a success. i can’t wait to see what everyone writes! if you have any questions, please direct message this blog.
Please either tag us in your posts or use the tag #911smutweek
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911verse · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Let me never be ashamed. Deliver me in thy righteousness. You protect the faithful and reward the good-doers as long as they trust in you.” Psalm 31. 911: Lone Star ▸ 2.09 Saving Grace
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savannahaliyah · 6 months ago
how good are tk and carlos at their jobs though? carlos dealing with tk very calmly at the firehouse and de-escalating the situation as much as he could. tk being so calm during the fire and knowing exactly what to do every time a new obstacle came. what kings
especially compared to how poorly the other was dealing with the situation. you think how upset and angry tk was, and then how disoriented and lost carlos was in the fire. our boys are a perfect match
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buddieshipper911 · 9 months ago
Can we talk about Judd teaching TK how to drive the fire truck thooo I feeel like they need more scenes together...
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shadesofdeviant · 3 months ago
"You don't understand...Carlos is in there!"
"You don't understand...Carlos is in there!" Judd tried to keep a firm grip on TK's thrashing body without hurting his brother as the young paramedic continued to scream and fight against him. They had been on a routine support call: an abandoned building that stopped being up to code years ago, but which a passerby had reported seeing a group of 'shady looking people' hanging around inside, and whilst on the phone with dispatch the air had erupted with gunshots. Naturally, police had been called in and had headed in first to secure the area, whilst they had remained outside waiting to see if medical or fire would be needed for any injured parties. Yet just as the other officers cleared the building and confirmed the ones who had been shot were beyond help, Carlos' voice had crackled across the radio, frantic as he warned of the smell of gas and to order an immediate evacuation. Before anyone could respond, the building ignited and exploded, glass and brick shattered, flames erupted to coil and lick towards the sky and those of the 126 waiting were thrown backwards from the force of it all. Caught between flashbacks of his time at the factory and the current situation, Judd would have disappeared inside himself if it hadn't been for the tormented howl of a scream from TK, the Texan quickly scrabbling to grab onto the paramedic before he could run inside. Yet as Owen called out to them, intending to organise a search and rescue team and drawing Judd's attention away, TK slipped from his grasp, and no matter how fast he lunged after him, all Judd managed to grab onto was air, his own scream echoed by the rest of the team as he watched in horror as TK--still in little more than his paramedic uniform--launched himself through the flames into the building.
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idealuk · 10 months ago
We clowned ourselves.
Eddie: Doing the whole ... you know ... ‘single dad’ thing.
Marjan: You did not build him a skateboard.
Eddie: No. ... Buck helped.
We were wondering what Buck and T.K. would bond over (and good on T.K. for assuming ... I mean ... enter Eddie right at that moment😏). It turned out to be about having Dad Captains. ... I await Christopher saying the words ‘Grandpa Bobby’.
I will never be over Nia saying "I made Denny pretty" or the proud look on her face as she said it and repeated it.
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