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#90 day fiance

Y'all already know the soundbyte


M: You like the view?!

P: yes.

A: you’re my best view


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90 Day Fiance Stephanie Davison: Ryan Raped Me; TLC Watched & Filmed! (Vid)

90 Day Fiance Stephanie Davison: Ryan Raped Me; TLC Watched & Filmed! (Vid)

This week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance featured a disturbing scene in which Stephanie Davison gets very emotional after her Belizean boyfriend Ryan Carr lied to her about using a condom during sex. 

After the episode aired, an Instagram comment made by Stephanie in which she states that she was raped and plans to sue TLC began circulating online.

“These clusterf***s that work for this company are…


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Albany Capp, the original gold digger of the Sims 2 series.

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David and Annie blowing away the competition in Love Games #notsurprised

Tonight’s couples include Colt & Debbie #imean

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This week on 90 Days Bares All, Debbie revealed Colt can be jerk *gasp*

(Seriously though, Never Have I Ever will actually surprise you)

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90 Day Fiance
Season 8 - Episode 11: Three’s a Party
AirDate: February 21st, 2021, 08:00 PM

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jfc i feel bad for syngin. Tania is SOOOO hypercritical and negative towards him a lot of the time.

Also fuck colt, Larissa is a million times more tolerable without him lol

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Hi I’m Gail 🙋🏻‍♀️ let’s be friends

I like

  • 📺 the Office, Greys Anatomy, 90 day fiancé, the Bachelor Franchise
  • 🎶🎵 Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes
  • 🕹 Among Us, Coinmaster lol

Stoner 🍃 420 Friendly

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jovi’s parents are full of shit.  they can’t decide if yara is a scamming ukrainian woman that would latch on to any man just to get to america.  or if she’s some awful succubus that wants to drag their precious baby boy away from america

pick one y’all.  she can’t be both

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