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#911 4x14
lindzhatesithere · 21 days ago
you know so easily in the firetruck after eddie got shot in 4x14 they could’ve so easily had buck say “you need to hang on eddie” but no they made him say “I need you to hang on” twice while fucking crying and i just think that’s amazing
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itsclolostinstereo · 6 months ago
Buck: I can’t help thinking that it would’ve been better if it was me
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fiona-fififi · a month ago
Can you imagine, though, the peace Eddie must have felt after Buck—with no true obligation, with others willing to care for Christopher, with no knowledge of the will—chose to leave Eddie's side to go to Christopher. Knowing that there was a chance he would never see Eddie again; surely desperate, after what he'd just seen, to stay by Eddie's side, to be there when he wakes, to make sure he's safe and cared for properly. But there's no question, no hesitation. Buck goes to Christopher because Christopher needs him.
And I don't think for a moment that Eddie ever would have doubted or questioned that, but to have that knowledge—in stark reality, not just in theory—to wake from a moment of near death to learn, without any shadow of a doubt, that the person you've entrusted to care for your child who doesn't even know he's been given this trust put aside absolutely everything to make sure that your son is safe and loved and cared for in one of the most terrifying situations a child can experience?
The peace that must have brought for Eddie.
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Buck : I think it would have been better for him if I was the one who got shot
Eddie, from his hospital bed:
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zeethebooknerd · 3 months ago
do y’all ever think about that long pause Eddie took in between “you act like you’re expendable……….but you’re wrong”
do you think it’s because the thought of Buck in that hospital bed is more painful than the wound in his chest, the idea that Buck truly believes that no one wouldn’t be affected if Buck had been the one shot
do you just think he’s watched Buck every day since the day Buck said those words to the day he was discharged, wondering how he was gonna make sure Buck really understands how vital he is
do you think it’s because he’s finally reached a point where he needs to let Buck know how important he is to them in words no less than that and he just doesn’t have the energy to keep trying to pretend that Buck isn’t the second-most important person in his life after his son
do you think it’s because he knows Buck’s spent his entire life looking for people who love him for him and even though he has them now, he can’t ever trust it, and Eddie knows that he’s got something that has even the slightest chance of easing some of that doubt
do you think it’s because the thought of Buck thinking himself as expendable hurts him somewhere he doesn’t really understand but he just knows that he’s gotta make sure that Buck knows that he isn’t
do you think “you’re wrong” is Eddie trying to stay firm and gentle and anything that will get the message to sink because he never wants to hear Buck say something like that again
do you just think that pause is Eddie’s way of carefully trying not to reveal too much because it’s like playing Pandora’s box with his emotions
do you just think that pause is him trying to find the most appropriate word he can for just how much he hates the thought of Buck throwing himself in the line of fire because he thinks he has nobody, but he’s got Chris and Eddie, and the guardianship is only one way for Eddie to show him that
do you think after the shooting, things change between them. Eddie’s more free with his words around Buck, and Buck’s more settled in his skin, willing to let someone else take the harder jobs at times
do you think it’s these choice words from Eddie that bring Buck back to himself, the way Eddie always seems to see him for who he really is, not these roles he plays
“there’s nobody in this world i trust with my son, more than you”
“i had to do it” “I know you did”
“it’s in my will, if I die, you become Christopher's legal guardian.”
[about the possibility of refusing guardianship] “you know I wouldn’t” “I know you wouldn’t”
“no one will ever fight for my son as hard as you. that is what i want for him”
do you think about how sure and sound Eddie is when he says these things to Buck, because he and Chris are Buck’s family, and Buck’s theirs
do you just…think
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mellaithwen · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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“I just want…” Buck mumbles once more, and Bobby turns to him, patiently waiting for him to finish, but Buck just shakes his head, as if whatever he’d been about to say was too much to bear.  He sighs, dejected.
“They won’t let me see him—” Buck says finally, sounding as heartbroken as he looks, staring up at Bobby with wide, tearful eyes as though his Captain might have the power to fix everything now that he’s there, and God, Bobby wished that were true...
-- Are we destined to burn or will we last the night? on ao3 (11,046 words)
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evangeline-118 · 14 days ago
ok ok so i saw an exert of this on here and HAD to check if it was real. IM GOING FERAL
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this is 4x14 buddie in a nutshell
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fiona-fififi · a month ago
Do you ever think about the fact that it's Mehta on the scene with them when Eddie is shot?
Because they kind of know each other, but it's in passing. They're work acquaintances but nothing more. Mehta knows nothing of the relationship between Buck and Eddie.
Buck has to stand there, watching Eddie bleed out, in complete and utter shock, and he has no one. No one who knows. No one to pull him back from the edge. No one but Eddie, dying in front of him.
They're moving around him, they're calling for help, they're doing the job, but they don't know. Eddie is just a job. And they're doing the job and doing it well, because that's who they are, just like Buck and Eddie and the 118, but they don't know.
They don't know that Buck's entire world is shattering before his eyes. They don't know it will be Buck who goes home to Christopher to tell him they might lose his father. They don't know that Buck will blame himself for not taking that bullet for Eddie. They don't know that Eddie is Buck's family. Not work buddy, not work family, but family family. A person whose loss will alter Buck's entire universe and leave an Eddie-shaped hole in Buck's heart too big to mend.
Mehta asks if he's okay, but he doesn't wait for an answer. Leaves Buck there, alone, covered in Eddie's blood and broken at the seams, held together by sheer force of will, but breaking apart with every moment that keeps Eddie from his sight.
And the idea that Buck had to go through that alone? That he didn't have Bobby or Hen or Chimney or Athena by his side to help ground him? That he had to watch the life drain out of the one person who means absolutely everything to him, completely alone?
That is absolutely fucking devastating.
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destialpal · 3 months ago
To this day I can’t believe Buck just picked Eddie up and threw him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes bitch what
That is a full grown man
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Ok but like....listen.
I just think it's so profound
So precious
So adorable
So moving
That the ONLY person that entire episode to physically console/comfort Buck, after watching his boyfriend bestfriend get shot which is clearly causing him unspeakable amounts of guilt and pain, is Chris.
Bobby, his father figure, never hugged him.
Maddie, his sister, never hugged him.
Carla, the queen herself, never hugged him.
Athena, his mother figure, never hugged him.
Taylor, his LI, tried to touch him outside the hospital, but it was brief and there was no comforting hug involved. And then when she did touch him for longer than 3 seconds, it was to KISS him rather than comfort him.
The ONLY person who physically comforts Buck and gives him the hug he so desperately needed after what he saw, was Chris.
Not "Christopher Diaz, the son of his coworker, just like he is to everyone else"
But "Christopher Diaz, HIS son. The one who he will be the legal guardian of if anything happens to his blood related father. The one who looks at him as a second father."
This just shows us how strong of a bond the Buckley-Diaz household is. They are most definitely a family unit of their own and honestly they have the best dynamic.
When Athena broke down, Bobby, her husband, was there to comfort her with open arms.
When Hen and Karen struggled with IVF and losing Nia, they comforted each other and even took a vacation to recenter themselves.
When Maddie admitted she needed help and broke down to Chim, he was there to hold her hand and promise to get her the help she needed.
And now we have Buck, who is devastated after watching Eddie, his partner, be shot in front of him. His entire world has been turned upside down. Nothing makes sense to him at the moment. The one person he counts on to keep him grounded isn't there and he's losing it.
But Chris, his unofficial son, is the one to console him and tell him it's going to be ok. Because that's what families do. In a way, it's an extension of Eddie letting him know it's going to be alright.
Tumblr media
That's. What. Families. Do.
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youthinkyoureexpendable · 4 months ago
You're at his bedside, I'm at his house taking care of his son. We are not the same.
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zeethebooknerd · 6 months ago
okay I have thoughts on the significance of Eddie, Christopher and Buck.
We see that much of Eddie’s purpose in life is to give his son the best life he can. He struggles with it, too, given that he wasn’t there for a good portion of Christopher’s life but he’s figuring it out as he goes.
In the last episode, we see Carla indicate that Eddie should make sure that he follows his heart, not Christopher’s. Eddie looks towards Ana and Christopher laughing together and he gets a weird expression on his face...
Because he would, right? He clearly likes Ana, but does he like her as much as Christopher does? Or does he like her because Christopher does, and he doesn’t want to uproot him again? Intention is important. Let me clear this up by saying that in no way would Eddie mess with someone’s feelings if he wasn’t all in. I just don’t think he realizes he’s doing it. It’s a natural impulse to put Chris first.
In Buck’s case...that’s different. Both Eddie and Christopher are stupidly fond of Buck from the very beginning, growing closer and closer. And while Eddie’s learned to open his heart up more, he still struggles with bringing those thoughts to his lips. Still there are two/three scenes where we have Eddie explicitly tell Buck how much he trusts Christopher with him but let’s talk about each:
Tsunami episode. There’s a helluva lot of gratitude for sure. Buck scoured the city bleeding and bruised for the kid, not giving up until his strings were cut. By some miracle Chris came to them, and Eddie pushed to reiterate that this has only deepened his trust in Buck. Not taken away from it.
Shooting. This is a combo of 3x15 and 4x14 because we have a mention of the well, and how Eddie knew that he needed to make provisions in case something like this happened again. So he went out, added Buck to his will, and gave him the most important piece of him - his son. Another miracle, and Buck found out from Eddie himself and not from a lawyer showing up after it was too late. Eddie loses the fight to stay awake immediately after he knows Buck isn’t hurt, and he’s not even concerned about Chris because Buck and Carla are with him.
I think it’s implied that if Eddie didn’t think Buck needed to hear it, he wouldn’t have told him. It’s insistent, the way Eddie says “no you’re not expendable” “yes you’re enough for us” “no one will fight for us harder than you” in these terms but I also think he kind of hides behind Christopher to tell Buck he loves him, and how much Buck means to them. These two things are confessions on their own, which is why I think this episode has HUGE implications for Buddie.
Eddie is a man of action. He comforts people by being a solid support, and showing up for them. He got Buck out of his head in 3x01 by giving him Chris, then again in 3x03 by showing him that his trust hasn’t wavered. Then countless other times, leading up to changing his fucking will even before season 3 was up. He could’ve said any number of things to tell Buck that he isn’t expendable, but he put money where his mouth by giving him tangible proof, knowing he won’t believe it otherwise.
When he knows Buck needs to hear something, he finds the words for him. Eddie Diaz, man of few words, finds a million words to let Evan Buckley know how important he is to them.
It’s Eddie’s way of saying, “hey, Buck, I love you.”
yeah I’m emo and will never stop talking about this what about it
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mattmaesonnatural · 6 months ago
Buck’s literally gonna say in passing “oh yeah and Eddie has me in his will to be Chris’ legal guardian” and Chim is gonna spit his drink all over the fighthouse while Hen tries to get Buck to spell it out but not pry to much incase the realization hits him too hard and Bobby’s just in the background just smiling. 
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