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#911 5x02
fiona-fififi · 20 hours ago
Just over here thinking about:
He takes Christopher there all the time. Got the place memorized.
Oh, 'cause, uh, 'cause you don't? Come on, I know you watch them with Christopher.
And the way these are such lovely little moments that imply intimacy born of familiarity.
They're not secrets. Not things either of them are trying to hide, really. But they're things you don't learn unless you know someone. Unless you spend time in their space and exist in a different bubble from most others in their life.
And we know this is true because these statements, the way they happen, in the spaces they do, imply that these are things that Buck and Eddie know. They're not secrets, but the rest of the team is not privy to this knowledge until Buck or Eddie chooses to share for the other.
This knowledge they have of these lovely little things that feel small and inconsequential—and maybe they are, really, but they're also the things that build them; that get to the heart of who they are—unveils so much about just how entwined they are in one another's lives because they're things that only someone who truly knows another with that unique intimacy that comes with existing in their space would know.
And the fact that this knowlege is only shared by Buck and Eddie while the rest of the team—the rest of the family they chose—is in the dark..
Well. That says a lot about the family they built.
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lindzhatesithere · a month ago
everytime that i begin to lose hope about the writing team of 911 i just think that they did this (with a two season gap)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
like i wanna kiss who ever wrote the firetruck scene on the mouth bc thank you
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evaneddiechristopherdiaz · 2 months ago
Things 911 writers took straight (nothing is straight about this) out of fanfics. Season 5 Edition.
5x02. The whole episode was one huge fanfic, but let’s check each item separately.
▪️Silent conversation between Buck and Eddie after Bobby’s heart rescue
▫️Eddie’s heart eyes while Buck is rambling facts about zoo in the firetruck. And the smile? Have you seen this smile?
▪️He takes Christopher there all the time. Got this place memorized. It’s officially a canon
▫️Buck and Eddie being two little sh!ts during Bobby’s alpaca moment
▪️Also, have you seen their heart eyes and smiles few seconds later
▫️Christopher visiting his dads at the firehouse moment
▪️Eddie having another panic moment because Ravi (my love, my darling) called Ana his wife
▫️Buck and Christopher’s bear hug. Buck and Christopher’s bear hug (no, I’ll not shut up)
▪️Buck immediately seeing that something’s wrong with Eddie during their short interaction with Ana
▫️Eddie forgetting that Ana is there with them during the firehouse scene
▪️Buck and Eddie’s conversation. We deserved the tears. Well, we got ours
▪️Wiki Doctor Buck moment checking Eddie for symptoms. More of a parallel to similar moment with Bobby, but worried husband!Buck is a canon now
▫️Eddie admitting he’s with Ana because Christopher loves her. The amount of fanfics I read with this exact plot…
▪️Eddie being afraid of making a family with Ana while not seeing he already built a family with Buck (my favorite plot tbh)
5x01 and 5x03 lists
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buddiebeginz · 2 months ago
Some thoughts about the firehouse scene with Eddie and Buck
Buck goes up to Eddie and says “are you sleeping or just pretending?” Interesting choice of words there because I think Eddie has been pretending in his life for a long time. Like how he’s pretending to be happy with Ana, just like he pretended to be happy with Shannon, and how he’s pretended to himself to be straight.
Eddie is laying down at first when they’re talking and Buck has a clipboard almost like Eddie’s at the therapist.
Whenever we get a scene like this with them alone talking it’s hard to ignore the fact that Eddie and Buck have a comfort with each other that they just don’t with anyone else. Eddie talks about “sweating out of places he didn’t know he could” (why does this give me dirty thoughts clearly I’ve been reading too much smutty fanfiction 😝) and Buck starts bugging Eddie with questions about his health because he’s worried.
But it’s clear that neither one of them have to hold back when they talk to each other there’s no judgment and they feel safe to just be themselves. Contrast that to how Eddie is with Ana, how he handles her with like kid gloves and clearly isn’t being himself with her. There’s a definite difference in the way the show is presenting the two pairs.
Even as the convo progresses. Eddie feels comfortable enough to tell Buck how he’s feeling about Ana, he trusts Buck and Buck knows he can tell Eddie his opinion of the situation and Eddie will listen. There’s a natural give and take like partners with them.
Eddie: “You don’t give up do you?” Why do I feel like this line will come back into play somehow in this season. Like Buck not giving up on Eddie and them finally being together
Buck: “You need to tell me if something is wrong!” Buck doesn’t say you need to tell someone if something is wrong. He’s insistent with a direct emphasis on himself. They could have wrote that differently Buck could have said I don’t know what’s going on but at least talk to Ana or Bobby I’m worried about you. But the way this whole storyline has been written in the past two episodes Buck has been involved the way a partner would be. Like in the hospital in the previous episode Buck’s attitude was like a boyfriend who had been kept in the dark about something important. You have to wonder 1. Why does Buck care so much? 2.Why are they writing it like this?
Then there’s this part where Buck assumes the shooting is why the panic attacks are happening and Eddie is quick to tell him that’s not what it is. The music gets serious while they’re talking during this btw too. It definitely feels like Eddie is admitting something important to Buck.
Eddie: “If I’m being honest with myself I think it was Ana.”
Buck: "I thought things were great with her?”
Eddie: “She’s been a god send through all of this. Staying with Christopher, you know but I think that’s what’s causing the panic. Somehow it became a ready made family and I don’t know if I’m ready for that.”
While Eddie is talking about how he feels about Ana the camera zooms in on Buck who looks down and then back up at Eddie
Tumblr media
It definitely felt he was trying to hold back something.
Buck: “So what are you going to do?”
Eddie: “Think I’m just going to stick it out. Ana’s been the first woman I’ve wanted to spend this much time with since Shannon.”
Like others have pointed out I found the use of the word woman in the there interesting. It’s like he deliberately didn’t say person or man because he knows that the person he’s spent the most time with and who he’s wanted to spend the most time with is right in front of him. The show even reconfirms that later when they’re talking about the zoo on the engine.
Buck: “Stick it out. That’s not the way you talk about someone you’re in love with.”
Another line that really sticks out. Why have Buck word it this way and why have that line coming from Buck? Why have Buck be the one telling Eddie about how it should be with someone you’re in love with?
Eddie: “My kid loves her.”
Buck: “That enough?”
Tumblr media
Buck looks at Eddie like he can’t believe what he’s hearing. That Eddie would be willing to settle for someone he doesn’t love and simultaneously hurt them in the process. The funny thing is Buck is doing the same thing with Taylor even if he doesn’t realize it yet so I wonder if this conversation is going to come back and Eddie is going to say the same stuff to him. Will we get a parallel to this mid or end of season 5 where Eddie says to Buck, “is that enough?”
Buck: Eddie I have been Ana, I know what it’s like to be in love with someone who is not all the way in. Deep down you know it and it hurts, it hurts worse than the truth.”
When I first watched this scene I was thinking it was Buck maybe talking about his feelings for Eddie in some way but really he might have just been talking about past relationships like Abby. But Eddy’s reaction here is something. He’s hearing Buck talk about being in love with someone who isn’t in love with you and you can tell it’s making him think, he can’t even look at Buck. And then he just taps out of the conversation.
Tumblr media
Eddie: “This just feels like a lot man.”
Buck: “Well, go to sleep. No need to decide right now, it’s not like we’re going home anytime soon.” - Symbolism Buck and Eddie won’t be home together until Eddie figures out what he wants.
I know some people wanted more from this scene but I thought it was a great scene and there was so much there under the surface. Plus we’ve already gotten so much just in these two episodes so far. I can only imagine how the rest of the season will play out because 911 always uses the beginning and last eps to set things up and these eps are saying we’re in for some big things with Buck and Eddie this season.
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prettyboyandthekid · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Season 5 || Eddie's Past (part 1/?)
⤷ [insp.] -> post by @fruitydiaz , tags by @evcndiaz
tags: @archerincombat @eddiesbuckaroo @ethicalconflictdiaz @vampirebuckley lmk if you want to be added or removed from my tags list :)
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hollywooddiaz · 2 months ago
us: eddie doesn't want a future with ana
911: eddie doesn't want a future with ana
us: :0 r u shitting my dick rn?
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tibetianfoxz · 2 months ago
i love theorizing about how exactly eddie will realize he’s in love with buck (and it will probably happen through a long, healthy conversation with someone like hen, chris, or A THERAPIST) but i think it would be so funny if someone just. slips
chim makes a silly little comment about how buck and eddie are married/in love or something and everyone just laughs it off. except eddie who’s sitting there like this
Tumblr media
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evaneddiechristopherdiaz · 2 months ago
Imagine other firefighters during Buck and Eddie’s conversation being like not you two discussing private things in public places. again.
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gaybuckley · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
dorks <3
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moistired · 2 months ago
I was watching the first two episodes of season 5 with my roommate last night and after the Buck Talking About Animals In The Truck scene she turned to me and just went “okay you got me they’ve got to be in love. I thought maybe you were reading into things more than they were there but you got me with this one.” so jot down another passenger for the clown car everybody
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jackles-coded · 2 months ago
So there's definitely seven things I took note of for this scene just off the top of my head:
1) Buck never makes eye contact with Ana, not directly. It's almost as if she isn't there. And that's not Buck. It's also very odd since we hear Buck say later in this episode that he thought things were going great with Eddie and Ana and we saw them have that brief phone exchange in 4x14 and then her being at the welcome home party he obviously organized. (I mean, I get why the show is doing it but I am curious as to what Buck's official justification is for this, especially since this is your best buddy's girlfriend who your buddy may or may not be taking the next step with and it's getting serious) It made sense that Buck didn't interact with Shannon in season 2 but it makes absolutely no sense now that he's not interacting with Ana especially after the shooting and the legal guardian reveal.
2) Ana's laughs in this scene where Buck is involved sound fake and forced to me
3) Eddie is in a bubble which is why he didn't think to introduce Ana to Ravi - she's not there for him in that moment after seeing Buck and Christopher interact and then watching Christopher interact with Ravi and hearing Buck's joke, so he misses the usual social cue
4) Buck immediately looks to Eddie to gauge his reaction when Christopher says "Not yet":
Tumblr media
5) when Eddie kisses Ana's cheek he makes the same 'mwah' sound he does with Christopher - first Abuela type kisses, now Christopher - come on, man
6) there are three types of salads Ana brings: 1) bean salad; 2) tuna salad; 3) salad salad -- bean salad makes me think of beans (and even though I know these are different types of beans) it immediately makes me think back to the old West when cowboys ate that on the trail; tuna salad makes me think of 'many different fish in the sea'; and salad salad makes me think of a third option, that it's just regular salad -- the bean salad and tuna salad are in one bag & the other salad is in a bag by itself -- Eddie is the one to bring them up the stairs after Ana hands them to him -- this literally is symbolic of choices being presented to Eddie: Buck, Ana, or just himself (which honestly, as much as I want Buddie to happen, until things end with Taylor and Eddie stops trying to deny and repress and force things, this might not be a bad idea rn, just sayin') -- "I don't want these things to wilt" (because the choice has yet to be made, oh this universe is coming for you Eddie, it's coming for you strong)
7) both Buck and Eddie are smiling down at Christopher while Ravi waits to be introduced to Ana, neither of them making a move to do so (I'm telling you, BUBBLE):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Without saying it explicitly, the writers are literally showing us just what works for Eddie and what doesn't. Unfortunately for Ana, she's in the latter group. Which is why I think we get Buck later telling Eddie to stop forcing it and to let her go if she's not what he wants.
This scene is very loud.
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buddiebeginz · 2 months ago
This whole thing I’m about to write might be me just totally reaching but whatever I can’t help myself 😝
Tumblr media
Did anyone catch that dialogue in the beginning of the episode last night?
With the guys in the helicopter talking.
It’s weird
What’s that?
The place where this heart’s coming from that was a tragedy. But once we land this can turn into a miracle, right?
Yeah I like that. Miracle incoming.
It feels like there’s more symbolism there than just random dialogue in the beginning of the episode especially for a heart transplant that isn’t really connected to anything else in the episode. I mean it’s important in the helicopter rescue but that’s it and they really could have chosen any other organ yet they chose a heart. Which had to have been intentional because here we have an episode where Eddie is trying to figure out his heart and we get a big glowing heart in the intro.
When you look at how much focus the show is putting on Eddie this season it really feels like this dialogue was about him. His heart is coming from tragedy (Shannon) which I don’t think he ever fully processed.
Then there’s the line about “once we land we can turn this into a miracle” which feels like it’s about Buddie. In other words once they sort out what is keeping them apart they can be amazing together.
“Miracle incoming” - Buddie is coming
Welcome to my over analyzing Buddie obsessed brain. I see them in everything. 🙃
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sherlocking-out-loud · 2 months ago
Hey, Eddie, if being good to Christopher was a good enough reason to be with someone, you should have been with Buck for a long time by now. just saying.
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